Shamanic Healing with Stasha…

Since my last post, I have had quite a few more experiences with healing intertwined with my new channeling abilities.

Here are a few videos sharing my experiences with all of you… RELEASING and FORGIVENESS is everything right now.

Also staying clear minded… and a balance of heart/mind math is everything!

Enjoy …I love you all

xox Stasha

Shamanic Healing for a Trinity of Souls:

Shamanic Healing: Reflections…

Sealing the Healing:

A final Ceremony for the souls:

More to come





i’m bacccck! with lots of info & new abilities

after months of struggling with browser issues, i am back!

it feels good to be “home” again.

ahhhhh, ok soooo. this is whats been going on… too much to talk about, so i am just gonna post the videos which are pretty self explanatory. i was first gently nudged, then eventually and persistently BEGGED by spirit to open myself up to channel which is something I have been afraid of for a very long time due to many friends of mine who were infiltrated by lower dimensional dark entities, spirits, tricksters, dis-tractors (as i like to call them). However, with faith and negotiation (using my telepathy & repeating the messages i “heard” in my intuition, rather than allow the being to enter my physical body) with divine discernment, grace and ease i began to receive messages from a very divine source… or sources rather 😉 who like to be called “the mothers”, who had many many words…of divine importance for us humans at these times…

i hope you enjoy these messages as much as i enjoyed receiving them.

xo stasha

the motherhood collective: an introduction

talking about channeling, telepathy & intuition:

second channeling with the mothers:

this then was followed by a few healing ceremonies and another channeling…

but i will leave this with you all for now. i appreciate your feedback

much love xo stasha

and the collective motherhood:

(mother mary, quan yin, isis, seshat, white buffalo calf woman and ma’at)

but as mary would say “it is mostly mary :)”

p.s. archangel raphael comes thru a lot, with jophiel, michael and chamuel. others such as matthew (biblical character) thoth, as well as the presence of hathor and sehkmet, they come thru to show support, but do not speak to me through messages. they feel like allies or simply put “family” :) the videos are a bit long, but total of all 3 is only 2 hrs and for the amount of messages involved, i highly suggest taking them all in. if ive waited THIS LONG to channel, u know it was packed w important info… these women have a LOT to say ;) im learning more and more from them every single day xo

i’d die without you… past life memories

i’d die without you… past life memories

it started with a past life memory:

then a dream:

and a track:

best song of the 90′s… maybe EVER. pm dawn wrote it, i give them full credit for the original.
however, THIS track was produced by stasha (dats me):
then my video was born a compliation of all “feels” involved

footage is live cloud footage from my kitchen window. i did nothing to manipulate the images apart from the basic “posterize” effect. there’s messengers and messages in der.
what will happen next, lads?? stay tuned!
xo stasha/ seshat

blessings & beats! xo stasha


Well lads… Ive finally landed on this island full of history and mystery.

It was a rough journey, but ive landed in one piece.

When studying the history of the quiet little

beach town Ive gotten a house on, I remembered the tale of Loftus hall.

I can see it from the small hill I live on known as Hook View.

Its a bit of a long story, but Ill keep it short. (from wikipedia):

Loftus Hall is a large mansion house on the Hook peninsula, County Wexford, Ireland that is said to have been haunted both by the deviland by the ghost of a young woman…

Charles Tottenham and his family came to live in the mansion in the middle of the 18th century. Charles Tottenham’s first wife had been the Honourable Anne Loftus.

Charles came for a long stay in the house with his second wife, and his daughter Anne from his first marriage. During a storm, a ship unexpectedly arrived at the Hook Peninsula, which was not far from the mansion. A young man was welcomed into the mansion. Anne and the young man became very close. Then, one night they were in the parlour; when the young man dropped a card on the floor and Anne went to pick it up she glanced under the table and noticed that the young man had a hoof in place of a foot.

It is said that Anne screamed and the man went up through the roof, leaving behind a large hole in the ceiling. Anne was in shock and was put in her favourite room in the mansion, which was known as the Tapestry Room. She refused food and drink and sat with her knees under her chin until she died in the Tapestry Room in 1775. It is said that when she died, they could not straightin her body as her muscles had seized and she was buried in the same sitting position in which she had died. A rumour states that the hole could never be properly repaired, and it is alleged that even to this day, there is still a certain part of the ceiling which is slightly different from the rest.”

The story has been called a myth among other things, but never the less, the island surrounding my new home has an eerie feeling indeed. I was speaking with Trevor (dreamwalker) about this via email when I first landed an began reading the stories late into the night (as you do as a woman alone in a big empty house on a hill at 3 am) the minute I began reading about it… the storm of all storms rushed in, The rest of what transpired is in the following videos… Enjoy 😉

taking on the loftus storm part 1:

defeating the storm part 2:

the storm… aftermath:

the conclusion:

I can see it is going to be interesting here indeed.

I am also quite intrigued about all of the connections that Ireland has with Egypt and the Pharaoes.

I believe lisawolfke and others were speaking about this with me once.

I am interested in hearing others thoughts about Scota and her being buried on the Tara mound.

I plan a trip there soon… I will def be bringing a video camera with me for that one too.

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.




Irish Legends …. Calming the Storm

post- fall equinox ritual: letting go & finding balance…

happy fall to ALL here at the train… i wanted to share this with you.

this is a video showing the results of my fall equinox ritual.

since i have come a long way spiritually over the past year,

i realized that as far as the material world was considered, i still had some things to let go of.

i realized this when a job i had been working on for over a month that was funding

the majority of my trip to ireland, fell through 5 days before I am set to depart…

(now only 3 days) it reminded me of the tower card in the traditional tarot… 

sometimes things have to fall apart in order to be re-built. 

as i was sorting through all of the things i had lying around, so that i could sell to help make up for the money i lost… i felt a call from spirit to give these things away instead, to people who had helped ME over this past year.

it is crucial to give thanks to those who have helped you and also to let go of things we hold on to… in order to allow the space for new love to flow in… i hope this touches & inspires some of you… enjoy! and please know that many of you have also touched me & will be getting a care package of your own soon 😉

xo stasha



Howling Wolf Spread – (couldn’t help but think of the sisterhood here, no?)

this was a reading my friend casey did for me for the equinox today as a random gift

(we often swap readings back n forth) the other day she asked if i wanted a reading & i was like…

ok. sure! i don’t have any questions at the moment… just use your intuition”

i kinda forgot about it…then BAM! here it came!….

i cant help but think this is a message from our sisterhood again, esp after i posted that story today about my grandmother & the wolf… i got shivers!!

also, casey isnt on the internet & i hadn’t even told her about all the lovely messages that had been coming thru yet… synchronicity or what?


your daily dose of zen, from ME to you…


your daily dose of zen, from ME to you… 
When you open up to the ultimate, immediately it pours into you. You are no longer an ordinary human being – you have transcended. Your insight has become the insight of the whole existen

ce. Now you are no longer separate – you have found your roots.
Otherwise, ordinarily, everybody is moving without roots, not knowing from where their heart goes on receiving energy, not knowing who goes on breathing in them, not knowing the life juice that is running inside them. It is not the body, it is not the mind – it is something transcendental to all duality, that is called bhagavat – the bhagavat in the ten directions ….
Your inner being, when it opens, first experiences two directions: the height, the depth. And then slowly, slowly, as this becomes your established situation, you start looking around, spreading into all other eight directions. And once you have attained to the point where your height and your depth meet, then you can look around to the very circumference of the universe. Then your consciousness starts unfolding in all ten directions, but the road has been one.
Osho Zen: The Diamond Thunderbolt Chapter 9
The figure on this card is being born anew, emerging from his earthbound roots and growing wings to fly into the unbounded. The geometric shapes around the body of the figure show the many dimensions of life simultaneously available to him. The square represents the physical, the manifest, the known. The circle represents the unmanifest, the spirit, pure space. And the triangle symbolizes the threefold nature of the universe: manifest, unmanifest, and the human being who contains both.
Now you are presented with an opportunity to see life in all its dimensions, from the depths to the heights. They exist together, and when we come to know from experience that the dark and the difficult are needed as much as the light and easy, then we begin to have a very different perspective on the world. By allowing all of life’s colors to penetrate us, we become more integrated.
thanks to: for the tools to express my guidance.
visit me here:
happy longest day, ever!!!

i am stasha… (well, i am now anyway) an introduction.


Hello, I am Stasha… Well, that is who I am NOW, anyway 😉
I am a 7th Generation Cherokee of the Wolf Clan… 
I come from a long line of Warriors, Leaders, Medicine Men and Women, Shamans & Healers. I was born without a veil, yet with time I learned to cover it up in order to blend in with society.

I realized that most could not “see” the things that I experienced every day. 

I kept the veil on for as long as I could, but when destiny called in the form of messages from my 7th Grandmother, Nanyehi (Cherokee: ᎾᏅᏰᎯ: “One who goes about”), Known in English as Nancy Ward; to “live your legacy” You must listen. Keeping a veil on is one thing, ignoring Spirit is another. 

One thing I cannot deny is TRUTH. 
I am an ambassador of TRUTH and JUSTICE.

Her birth name was Wild Rose; On this day a white wolf appeared on the horizon.

This was very significant to the Cherokee people, as “white” was the color that symbolized “peace”. She had visions of helping spirits when she was growing up (as did I) and was renamed “Nanye’hi” (“One who is with the Spirit People”). Nanyehi was a Ghigau, or Beloved Woman of the Cherokee Nation. This was the highest position a woman could have. Believing in peaceful coexistence with the European-Americans, she helped her people as a negotiator. Leader, Ambassador and Leader of the Women’s Council of Clan Representatives, and a Member of the tribal council of Chiefs, Nancy was one of a kind. As a teenager, she accompanied her husband, Kingfisher, in war against the Creek Indians in the 1755 Battle of Taliwa. She knelt by his side, chewing the bullets to make them more deadly. Sadly, Kingfisher was killed. Nanyehi took his rifle and led the Cherokee to victory. She was then honored as a “war woman” and was given the right to sit on the War Council. She learned the art of diplomacy from her maternal uncle, the influential chief Attakullakulla (“Little Carpenter”). She was granted a power not even given to the Chiefs; determining the fate of captives, whether they were killed, enslaved, released, or adopted into the tribe. She wore a shawl of white swan feathers, which remained a symbol of her authority the rest of her life. 
With the wave of a swan’s wing, she saved lives.
In 1781, when the Cherokee met with an American delegation led by John Sevier to discuss American settlements along the Little Pigeon River, Nancy expressed surprise that there were no women negotiators among the Americans. Sevier was equally appalled that such important work should be given to a woman. Nancy told him: 
“You know that women are always looked upon as nothing; 
but we are your mothers; you are our sons.
Our cry is all for peace; let it continue . 
This peace must last forever. 
Let your women’s sons be ours; our sons be yours. 
Let your women hear our words.” 

For many years she tended to the wounded and cared for the many orphans left behind. Nanyehi entered the spirit world in 1822. Witnesses say that a white light rose from her chest, swirled around the room, took the form of a swan and flew out the window. The swan entered the sacred mound located in her beloved land of Chota. She explained to me the importance of the Sacred Pipe Ceremony and that in order to truly embrace the Shaman’s path I must begin with the sacred pipe ceremony.
Little did I know that the woman I had dreams of being was the one who brought the sacred pipe to the tribes of our ancestors. Nancy told me that The White Buffalo Calf Woman…was me. Every single day another petal in this tightly wound lotus flower opens… 
Thank you for joining me on this journey…
Stasha Eve
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Beloved Rose Dancing Crow
Cherokee Wolf Clan