Colors, Clouds & Choirs of Angels…

well, im a in the transition of all transitions… but I had a visit from some very persistent angels…

three musketeers. raphael… zadkiel… chamuel…
in the houssseee! violet flame everywhere. . .
no camera filters or tricks. . . plus a lil visit from jophiel

even when things get hectic… i am never alone!

i love you all


9 comments on “Colors, Clouds & Choirs of Angels…

    • wow thats a coincidence!! yea, i have tons of photos and videos of orbs, hundreds actually!! one of my first projects when i get internet and a computer that works is to put together an ebook of my cloud and orb pictures!!

  1. Dear Stasha, it is amazing, I had a similar experience when I took a picture of the clouds, on the photo appeared a Violet Being of Light, I can send it to you if you`d like to see it
    Thank You for this video
    Love and Light

  2. You are not the only one undergoing an intense transition Stasha!! I have never felt better lately, as I can feel the energies of the higher realms and have re-forged an undending and continual relationship with these infinite realms. It has been nothing less than miraculous!!

    Much Love dear friend! 🙂

    Wes 🙂

    • thank u so much dear wesley i have missed you so much! im finally in ireland and with my family again… a new adventure is afoot!!

  3. I have sent it to you and when zoomed the photo I could see a scheme, signs there, letters, the Rune GEBO there too that mans cooperation and a gift, all are organized and linked in a sophisticated net and I have no idea what is it!
    I remember a dream I had before, my brain was upgraded, the light was green in my dream, I saw how new schemes were installed in my brain, somehow this photo made this memory emerge

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