Dreamwalker: Meditation: Connecting with Mona Lisa

  Cube transforming to merkaba transforming to fireworks (Aeterna?)


Eye of Horus

Feathers Falling

I see Horus


Winged predator/ hawk

tornado / vortex

Asp / snakelike vortex

A seashell

A large petal-shaped temple, somewhat like the middle part of the Baha’i temple in India.

It is a stone ship.

I see mona lisa, she is breathing. She is waking up, opening her eyes, she has not breathed in so long

Looking around at her surroundings

Mostly white surroundings, she is still wearing her white astronaut outfit.

She has been awoken by the light vibrations surrounding the planet at this time, and the vibrational energy of the planet itself. A heart is beating.

She …. vibrational energy radiating energy….

>Where are you?

M. “I don’t know, but I am here as a very real part of disclosure. I will find a way out of here, it is easy. I am comfortable, this is good surroundings / environment. I do not feel my keepers will understand me but this is not relevant, they are not in a position to help. There are a few here in this place, I can feel, who may be able to receive my thoughts, I do not know if they will heed my call.”

…Showing me a tunnel network on the moon, deep underground. It appears somewhat like the human settlement underground in the Matrix film, with warmly-lit caverns, underground gardens.

Mushroom cloud

>why are you showing me this?

M. It is a truth of long ago, a truth we share.

>What can I do?

M. You are doing it already.

A small white moon.

Near a large planet (Saturn?)

An octopus/ dalek creature.

M. This was once their home but it is now their prison. The overlords here on earth still run the program relentlessly but their masters are now contained. It is simply a matter of breaking free of the program. Dark vibrational energy is being transmuted at this time. Understand that you (lightworkers) must take on some of this energy. The KEY is that as you have already discovered, energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed. This is EXACTLY what you are doing and more negative energy is taken on as you are able to do so. It is a gradual but a very NECESSARY thing at this time. Do not feel sad or bad it is just necessary. Someone has to do it, and it is only a minor discomfort to your daily routine.

M. Troy, thank you for your connection. I understand you are not in a position to help me break free from my prison but you are working partially towards this goal, and do not be concerned for I am not in any prison I can’t (physically) break out of, when the time is right.

>Mars? (I see an image of a red planet)

M. We are getting closer to the truth now. It is really quite extraordinary that there is a robot on mars. It is a good thing the camera is pointed downwards.

(end meditation)



This started off as a meditation but turned into a channeling session. I was not expecting / trying to connect to anyone in particular. What I note here are my observations. My goal in meditation is to initiate the process of embracing nothingness, and then initiate the process of receiving information from a fairly high vibration, especially where that information is followed by a series of energy band visualizations. This information does not always make sense until it can be seen in a larger context. All of it is open to discernment and further interpretation.

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Konstantinos: A Message of Love from Equasax, an Enlightened human of the Reptilian Race

Link: http://awakeningtothedivine.wordpress.com/2012/10/11/konstantinos-a-message-of-love-from-equasax-an-enlightened-human-of-the-reptilian-race/

[ Hello dear friends. Since, the previous week I was feeling the urge to try to communicate with some or at least one of the benevolent beings of the Reptilian Race, but I wasn’t sure if that would be appropriate for me. I was asking for a sign. This sign came yesterday, when dear Laura Tyco made a question to the readers about this matter http://2012indyinfo.com/2012/10/10/reply-to-reptilians-question-from-laura-please-give-your-input/#comment-32106. Thank you dear Laura. By asking the protection of Archangel Michael, as I always do, and using the pendulum and crystals, I received the picture of a male reptilian being who looked very gentle and was waiting patiently for me  till I was completely ready to finish his portrait and to receive his  following message.]


I am greeting with Love and Respect the Earth and her residents. My name is not easy for you to pronounce but the most close to your language version of it, is Equasax. Me and my people are currently on and originate from the world which, among the many names you use, you call Bellatrix in the constellation that is known to you as Orion.

I am a Being of an energy frequency between the fourth and fifth Dimension. Same goes for my people. I am this which you would call a scientist and my job is the construction of energy accumulators. Through these devices, we receive small, but sufficient, amounts of energy from the closer stars and also, from the  core of our world.

The reception of these amounts of energy is done after the permission that we are given from  the Spiritual Hierarchy of each star and source and each amount of energy is specific, in order for us to not cause any damage to those worlds which offer us a part of themselves. Nothing is without Life.

The ancestors of  the Reptilian Race were influenced from the teachings of their creators. This happened billions of years ago at the same time with the creation of the first human from the people of the Feline Race. The bird formed creators of the Reptilian Race were teaching as ‘truth’, that our species has as a birth right, the expansion and conquest of every residential world they would meet.

The first contact of their scientists with the first people of the Human Race in the constellation of Lyra, signified a wonderful union between the two species,  which caused the wrath of the draconian archons and as it was expected, the first galactic conflicts were triggered, after the destruction of many locations in Lyra. These have been transmitted to you with many other information through different sources. Intentionally, I am repeating some of these.

And that is because I wish to point out that part of these beings of our race, who united with people of your race very long ago, were separated  from the conquerors. They expanded to other locations of the Universe, setting as their task their personal evolution and secession from those who weren’t used to show Mercy or Love even to their own children. To them, the only relationship is this between the highest and the lowest, the strong and the weak.

Part of the races of the Reptilian species who wanted  to make a new start, is the people of my world too. Many members of our species that wished for a harmonic coexistence with other worlds, were integrated to the new formed forces of that period which consisted the new-born force that you know as the Galactic Federation. All of us were reluctant for the Galactic Peace and since then, we do whatever we can to postpone the plans of the aspiring conquerors.

Their battle has been lost and they experience sentimental and psychological confusion, regarding their defeat and also, the fate that awaits each one of them. Like attracts like and so, the things these souls created through their actions are now coming back to them. Very few of them seemed reluctant to make a new start. The main ‘problem’ for you, in your world, are the human representators of these souls. But as the first ones, so these individuals can feel in their bones the collapse of their empire.

We, along with the rest of our partners from the other worlds, have gotten away those of our species and also, those from the species that you call Zeta Reticuli or Grays. But these Grays, have no relationship or any similarities with their ancient members who are beings of great Wisdom and Compassion. All of these matters will be specified in due time.

We hope for our appearance to not stand as an obstacle for the union that we wish between us and you. Do not let yourselves to get influenced from propagandas of any kind, the purpose of which, is the brain washing and the transmission of fear. You are protected. After the first formal announcements for the existence of your Galactic Brothers and Sisters, to who we hope that you will include us, you will know formally too that the nightmare has come to an end. The Galactic Forces consider us part of them and perceive us as family. We hope for you to do the same thing.

We have to learn many things from each other. We admire you as we also admire our Galactic Brothers and Sisters and partners, because many of you have shown the miracles that arise from the use of your Right Hemisphere. Mind and Heart in Ballance and Harmony are the things that have highlighted the importance of civilizations, like the Sirians, the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Andromedans and many more. We will be very glad to interact with you, when it will be appropriate, and make visitations to the world of each other.

I leave you for now and in the name of the Universal Love and the Intergalactic Harmony between Everyone/thing, I and my people wish to you a wonderful and full of miracles Transition, for you and your beloved planet We anticipate with great Happiness your integration to the Federation Of The Worlds.

With Appreciation and Respect,

Equasax from Bellatrix.

As received by Konstantinos.


PS: If anyone wishes to read the previous messages, here is a link: