Our global isolation from the multidimensional universe (the veil) is a personal matter. Intimacy, our willingness to share ourselves fully on a personal level, is the gateway to telepathy, access to our own higher nature, and access to the whole of creation. When we fear that we have a deficient part of ourselves, this fear becomes a judgement. We fear that if people knew about it, they would turn away and we would end up alone. Or that they would ridicule us, see us as less than them and not worth their time. So we hide that part. Many people hiding parts of themselves creates a global structure of hiding and maintains our isolation.

Hiding, even the smallest part of ourselves, from one person, is… Read more

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The Value of True Intimacy and How to Fiddle with Your Tender Bits


I love you all so much Above and Below.


Went outside to sit with my coffee and then something told me to look up 🙂


Yesterday I asked if they were there and they popped up for a second above the storm clouds rolling in. Then an Orb came to visit in the next photo.