Colors, Clouds & Choirs of Angels…

well, im a in the transition of all transitions… but I had a visit from some very persistent angels…

three musketeers. raphael… zadkiel… chamuel…
in the houssseee! violet flame everywhere. . .
no camera filters or tricks. . . plus a lil visit from jophiel

even when things get hectic… i am never alone!

i love you all



Leslee: Message From Adrial – 19 September 2012

(Note from Leslee: as I’m going through my WordPress files in my phone, I can’t tell if this has been published. Apologies if it’s a duplicate, or if it didn’t get published back in September!)


Leslee: Message from Adrial – 19 September 2012

(This message came after I had a discussion with a friend about whether or not our off-planet celestial friends understand the issues we face as humans on Earth… Adrial asked me to help the celestials understand, by visualizing and generating emotions to go with the images. I sent some images of how we find food and shelter, usually in dependence upon others and some form of currency, as well as how so much of this currently seems intertwined with 3D institutions…)

(The message also explains a little more about the roles of gods, creator gods, and ourselves in this grand appearance on Gaia.)

Yes, during your meditation, please show Us images how money, housing, and physical health relate to your beings. It is wonderful that you have Lhamo Dorje, Heruka, Ghantapa, Vajrapani, and others working with you. In many ways, We are all of the same nature. However, these beings you call “Buddhas” and “Angels” have especially long-standing relationships with Earth and Her inhabitants. Most have taken bodies countless times, whereas many of Us celestials have never experienced physical form.

As Their efforts ripen, this has raised the elevation of the planet’s vibration sufficiently for Us – celestials and beings from star systems – to step in and assist at this time.

When Creator generated the wish to manifest Earth (We won’t address the scope of the entire Universe at this time), part of the script called for this to happen in stages, like acts in a play. For each stage of Earth’s development, there is a cast, so to speak. From your human point of view, the physical beings of Earth are the main characters. And from your particular point of view, Leslee, the main focus is on human beings of Earth’s outer surface. You know about beings of Inner Earth, but until you have consistent physical contact with them, it will be difficult for you to share more fully their vast point of view.

In addition to humans, there are other cast members, and each of these groups of beings enters onto the scene according to cue.

In the early days of this era, this eon of Earth’s lifetime, humans, spirits, plants, creatures and elementals appeared on the stage. And these beings form the cast that appear in every scene. They play leading roles. It is all about what and how these beings interact with Gaia. This way, the plot unfolds. In this sense, when We say “Gaia”, we refer to the soul, mind, spirit, and personality of Earth, more than her physical body. The play unfolds according to how we all get along.

You all know about the supporting actors in the play: God, gods, Angels, djinn, Celestials, Enlightened Beings, Buddhas, Prophets, demons, delusions, distractions, scientists, healers, and teachers… the list goes on. The characteristic shared by these supporting actors is that they appear at various points in the script in order to nudge the direction of the action. They provide cues for the physical beings of Earth, to guide them along according to the script.

We would like to explain further that the very nature of this particular script mandates why sometimes We are not able to answer your questions in ways that are specific or precise enough to satisfy your curiosity. You have a convention called “Improv”, or improvisation. In this mode, the players follow a loose script or set of guidelines. The cast agrees to follow these guidelines, but all understand that each participant will add his or her creative voice as the act moves along, and this will affect the pace, the action, and (to some extent) the outcome of the performance.

Here on Earth, We are all engaging in a vast, profound Improv.

So when We tell you that things are moving along nicely, this means that We are all progressing in ways that follow the outline of the script. However, when We tell you that We cannot answer a question precisely, that is because the progress and outcome depend on the actions of others. The situation remains very fluid throughout the “production”. If you consider this big picture with some contemplation, you may understand more deeply what a beautiful and majestic job everyone does, despite isolated moments of confusion.

We’ll shift to a more musical analogy regarding Improv. Many of you can easily imagine and enjoy, for instance, the thought of two horn players creating some delightful improvisational jazz. Now, try to imagine an entire orchestra, made up of countless beings, playing countless types of instruments, playing improvisationally, all at once.

The word “cacophony” comes to mind.

This is what is transpiring on Earth right now. We are at a point where a few players have wandered from the guidelines enough that that director/conductor (Earth, your hostess) is stepping in to dominate the activity long enough to get everyone back on track… or at least to remind them of the guidelines.

So, the Free Will concept may be likened to each individuals freedom to improvise along the script. Yet, that free-will improv must take place within the general guidelines of the script. We all agreed (previously) to follow those general guidelines. We also all agreed that if anybody is became too absorbed in their own “solo” and began to dominate excessively or stray too far from the guidelines, the others would be allowed to step in and re-direct.

The performance is progressing nicely. As has happened often throughout the various scenes with many of the players, darkness has had its solo, and now it is time for it to step back and allow the other players and forces to take the spotlight. Since We are all nearing some crucial scene-changes, now some of the supporting cast may step in and hit their cues.

Let Us return to our original response to your question. Your understanding of some of the great spiritual teachings from this age of Gaia may help others better understand the personal inner foundation required for Ascension to the higher dimensions. So yes, We would like for you to do what you can to present and explain some of this material in ways that are accessible, understandable, and free from association with organized religion.

Organized religion and darkness often work very closely hand in hand. As darkness leaves the stage, so will organized religion, as a natural outcome. Once Light predominates again, the concept of organized religion will appear superfluous, and since beings will flow gracefully within their Light, constructs will naturally wither and fade from experience.

At some point, the novelty of the prospect of experiencing a New Earth filled with and supported by Light will become familiar to a wider range of the beings of Earth. For the moment, this concept still feels quite new to humans; the second generation of holding this view is still quite young, and excited by the sensation of feeling “special”. As others rise into these awarenesses, Light Holders will become more mainstream, and those for whom this is new will turn expectantly to those who have more experience.

At this point, you will need to know much more than how to spot an orb or ship in a photograph, or what the latest channeled message reveals. You will need to know how to operate within this new world as an example. For this, you will need a firm foundation of the fundamental disciplines – yes, disciplines – required for bringing in and holding Light. You will need to have deep personal experience and realization of the understandings passed down from generation to generation by Light Holders.

The first of these is Compassion. We mention only this one for now, because it is most familiar, and many other understandings build upon Compassion.

This presents a challenging undertaking, because many who would hold the Light carry painful memories of injustices performed against them by others who were representatives of organized religion. It will take some time and careful, patient explanations to reveal the kernels of Truth that in many cases became shrouded in layers of deception, manipulation, and fear. However, We see that this truth-sharing is possible, and this is the next step.

Finding oneself receptive to new points of view on “old” topics will be an essential requirement to moving forward into New Earth. Those who have the dedication to face this opportunity with an eager, passionate heart will find themselves progressing quite swiftly.

Thank you for staying with Us throughout this somewhat wide-ranging message. We are delighted to see that the scene-change approaches at an ever-increasing pace. This means that Our “cue” to appear and work with you all more directly will be her before you know it. We chose these last words quite carefully; please consider their various possible meanings.

With many blessings,


SaLuSa ~ October 1, 2012

SaLuSa 1-October-2012

You enter another month, and look back and see how time has passed so quickly. During that period you have as Lightworkers done so much to lift the levels of consciousness, and a grand awakening is taking place. It is a great achievement against the background of the efforts of the Illuminati to distract you and create fear. You have not seen extensive arrests take place as expected, but nevertheless all the changes previously spoken about are proceeding. The delays have shown how much you have learnt, by keeping your focus upon the more important matters concerning your own evolution. It is not selfish to think about self, as no one else can prepare you for Ascension, although you can find plenty of advice.

The outer happenings are not essential to your progress, but present to you an opportunity to understand what the future holds for you. It is your entitlement that you have earnt by raising your vibrations, and reflects your greater upliftment into the Light. You cannot just decide you would like to ascend and be successful without first putting in the needed effort. It is unnecessary to absorb reams of information, although there is much available that will help your understanding. What is important is how you are inside and whether you have been able to look outwards and accept that you are All One. That will go a long way forward to helping you create a higher consciousness level.

Once you are on the path to becoming a Lightworker, you are well on your way to fulfillment. That does not mean you need become a teacher or administer to others, but that by your example become a shining Light. This way you can uplift others wherever you are with a kindly smile or word, and it has much more impact than you might imagine. You do of course have to make friends with your ego, that will still try to maintain the “old you” least you forget how you used to be. That is where your big changes occur as you are lifting out of the lower vibrations, and all that is part of it. It may even mean carefully choosing new friends, who are more compatible and understanding of the changes in you. Those souls of the lower vibrations are often very coarse and indulge in negative actions, and can be uncomfortable to be with. However, as you rise up you will also learn how to protect yourself against them.

Through the Law of Attraction you will naturally find yourselves gravitating towards souls of a similar vibration. These are friendships where you will help each other progress and that will most likely continue through Ascension and afterwards. Sometimes such attachments can be very strong and may indicate that you have been together many times before, and come from the same Star Family. Bear in mind that every soul has come to Earth from another civilization, and you are as much extraterrestrials as any others. Indeed, for that reason you feel very much at home with the idea of meeting us. You will be introduced to your true family in course of time, and they have followed your progress and will be overjoyed to meet you once again.

The Earth has been your testing place, and with its low vibration has had little chance to allow you to know your true self. Like any other soul you have at times become completely immersed in your life, without realizing you have been cut off from your true reality. That in fact was intended so that you fully experienced the lower dimension and all of its challenges. It would have been distracting and even depressing, to know about the life you left behind when you first incarnated upon Earth. Now it is different because you have moved back into the Light, and understand your true origin as a powerful soul with immense creative ability. When you have ascended you will be able to use those powers again, having become a trustworthy and knowledgeable soul.

So Dear Ones, press on with your upliftment and do not be deterred by what is happening outside of you, All is in reality proceeding to bring you completion of this cycle through Ascension, and you will benefit from all that has been promised. Do not waste your energy worrying about other matters, as all will come to a perfect end according to God’s immaculate plan for you all. Rest assured that the cleansing of Earth is taking place even if you do not see or hear much evidence of it. There are joint actions occurring between us and our allies, and not only are we keeping the balance upon Earth but preventing damage from escalating. Soon progress will speed up immensely as new devices are making there way into the public domain, and will be even quicker once we arrive on your Earth.

As you can realize, we are still very much pushing for a result from the work our allies have put in to get the dark Ones out of the way. They can no longer put off the time for admitting that they have lost the battle, but arrogantly proceed with military actions that still cause death and destruction. We wonder how much longer your leaders need to understand that wars have never solved a problem. They simply enlarge it until as has often happened, a world war ignites with the loss of an immense number of lives. The answer to it is to send you Love and Light wherever the threat exists, and in particular to the leaders that are directly involved. It certainly does help and that it is where your total faith in the power of Light comes in.

Love is the most powerful energy of all and at your present level you have seen it in action for healing purposes, and in spite of the presence of the lower energies, it works. You need faith and understanding otherwise it will not carry the maximum power you can give. A mothers love is known to be healing and another example of what it can do. Each of you have a degree of healing ability within but often doubt it, so that it does not carry the full intent it might have done. Be positive and do your share to help uplift the Earth and all life upon it. Remember that you are to ascend with Mother Earth, and many other life forms are also ready to go forward. Not least of all are the animals, many of whom are your pets or have been domesticated to serve your needs.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and send Love and Blessings on behalf of all of your friends and family on board our ships.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey

Mark Kimmel: Athabantian/Abiquor Update – 30 September 2012

Abiquor - partial aerial view

Partial Overall Aerial View of Abi-Qor’s Surface Facilities



Re-Posted from Cosmic Paradigm on September 30, 2012, by Mark Kimmel

Greetings, I am Taugth, a celestial aboard Athabantian, speaking for the many. We wish to speak with you this day about the creation of Abiquor.


The manifestation of Abiquor is an event that has never before been accomplished. Let us explain as follows. The density of Earth is unusual – much more dense that that which occurs in Andromeda. While the Andromedans have manifested all manner of structures and starships before, this undertaking is beyond anything they have attempted.

When we celestials look at things from your perspective we can well imagine that you see this project as audacious, outrageous, or impossible. How can anyone manifest something so large as multi-story buildings? How can anyone manifest a whole community, a community with surrounding farmlands?

When viewed with 3rd Dimension eyes, such a manifestation event is clearly impossible. However when see from the perspective of Creator, nothing is impossible, after all Creator manifested this entire universe. So we are simply involving the energies of the Godhead, of prime Creator, and why not, since we are one with the Godhead?

A collective effort such as we celestials, along with the Andromedans, are undertaking – you notice we did not say the word, “attempting” – requires the participation of many creators. Some are the same beings who create individual worlds; others are the humans aboard Athabantian On the one hand we are tapping into the creative energies of great beings of light. On the other hand we are utilizing the focus of your brothers and sisters from the worlds of Andromeda. We are employing the power and intelligence of those who are masters of this type of endeavor.

Yes, we have previously manifested great structures. Yes, we have manifested great starships. These have been done with the collective energies of many beings focused on a particular effort. There is no question about the ability of great beings to manifest such a grand project in physical form, because many things have been manifested in physical form. In fact all in physical form has been manifested from the non-physical.

Though your work with Archangels, Mark, you have acquired the ability to know. You now “know,” without question, without words, that the manifestation of Abiquor can happen. You know that it NOT just within the realm of possibilities, rather it is truly doable. We are sure this changes your perspective.

The physical form of Earth is changing. Earth is slowly moving herself to a higher, lighter density. The evidence for this is coming to the consciousness of all who are aware. It will accelerate over the next months. By the end of your year 2014, Earth will be in a lighter density. As this is achieved, as far as Earth’s physical form is concerned, there will be a point when Abiquor can be manifested. We look upon this as preparing the soil for a new crop. By this juncture, the appropriate physical location for Abiquor will be finalized.

The next step in this process is to move from “knowing Abiquor can be done” to “knowing that Abiquor will be done.” This entails the continued focus of all aboard Athabantian plus those of you who are anchoring Abiquor. By anchoring we mean that you, humans of Earth, intend that Abiquor will be manifested, AND that you are focusing your attention on such a manifestation on a regular basis. Manifesting is always a joint co-creation; it occurs between individual beings and the Godhead, for the Godhead is involved in all creation.

In the case of Abiquor, this co-creation process will take place with myriad celestials, those aboard Athabantian and elsewhere, Andromedans in physical form and non-physical aboard Athabantian, and the humans of Earth who are focused, plus, of course, the Godhead.

Make no mistake manifesting Abiquor and its surrounding support facilities is a monumental project. The structures of Abiquor are quite large, a building to train up to 1,000 students at any one time, residential facilities to house students, teachers, and support staff. Then there are surrounding buildings to provide food and other facilities.

Abiquor will radiate its energy of transformation, training, reorganization, cleansing, and oneness throughout the universe. In addition to training Caretakers to reorganize everything, it will train those who will go out to the other planets of the universe to show them what has been accomplished.

In the larger perspective, the transformation of Earth from a very dense 3rdDimension to a 5th Dimension is an exciting and important adventure. All within the universe are aware and watching. Never before has the 5thDimension been bought into such a dense level of existence. Yes, the density of your planet and it residents is being raised to accommodate 5thDimension energy, like meeting it part way. However, it still remains that the 5th Dimension is being brought into dense physical form;  Abiquor is an important part of this.

One key to all of this is to understand that you are a great being of light. Yes, Mark, it is true, when you hold the 5th Dimension, you are a great being of light. So are those who offer their energies to the manifestation of Abiquor. Each is a great being of light. I, Taugth, am a great being of light, as are all aboard Athabantian, as is the vast majority of the universe. None are better than you, for the 5th Dimension is a collective of vast numbers of beings of light. To have individual humans of earth accept that they are great beings of light is essential to the manifestation of Abiquor. More than any other, that is the process that will occur over the next months, achieving that knowing is what will uplift the humans of Earth to the lighter densities.

Now that you “know” it can happen, all that remains is to intend it and allow it to happen. Do not attempt to force it to happen or become anxious. We invite all who read these words to join with us in co-creating Abiquor.


On behalf of all aboard Athabantian, we love you more than you know. We support your transformation, and await your joining us. Blessings.