Mark Kimmel: Athabantian/Abiquor Update – 30 September 2012

Abiquor - partial aerial view
Partial Overall Aerial View of Abi-Qor’s Surface Facilities



Re-Posted from Cosmic Paradigm on September 30, 2012, by Mark Kimmel

Greetings, I am Taugth, a celestial aboard Athabantian, speaking for the many. We wish to speak with you this day about the creation of Abiquor.


The manifestation of Abiquor is an event that has never before been accomplished. Let us explain as follows. The density of Earth is unusual – much more dense that that which occurs in Andromeda. While the Andromedans have manifested all manner of structures and starships before, this undertaking is beyond anything they have attempted.

When we celestials look at things from your perspective we can well imagine that you see this project as audacious, outrageous, or impossible. How can anyone manifest something so large as multi-story buildings? How can anyone manifest a whole community, a community with surrounding farmlands?

When viewed with 3rd Dimension eyes, such a manifestation event is clearly impossible. However when see from the perspective of Creator, nothing is impossible, after all Creator manifested this entire universe. So we are simply involving the energies of the Godhead, of prime Creator, and why not, since we are one with the Godhead?

A collective effort such as we celestials, along with the Andromedans, are undertaking – you notice we did not say the word, “attempting” – requires the participation of many creators. Some are the same beings who create individual worlds; others are the humans aboard Athabantian On the one hand we are tapping into the creative energies of great beings of light. On the other hand we are utilizing the focus of your brothers and sisters from the worlds of Andromeda. We are employing the power and intelligence of those who are masters of this type of endeavor.

Yes, we have previously manifested great structures. Yes, we have manifested great starships. These have been done with the collective energies of many beings focused on a particular effort. There is no question about the ability of great beings to manifest such a grand project in physical form, because many things have been manifested in physical form. In fact all in physical form has been manifested from the non-physical.

Though your work with Archangels, Mark, you have acquired the ability to know. You now “know,” without question, without words, that the manifestation of Abiquor can happen. You know that it NOT just within the realm of possibilities, rather it is truly doable. We are sure this changes your perspective.

The physical form of Earth is changing. Earth is slowly moving herself to a higher, lighter density. The evidence for this is coming to the consciousness of all who are aware. It will accelerate over the next months. By the end of your year 2014, Earth will be in a lighter density. As this is achieved, as far as Earth’s physical form is concerned, there will be a point when Abiquor can be manifested. We look upon this as preparing the soil for a new crop. By this juncture, the appropriate physical location for Abiquor will be finalized.

The next step in this process is to move from “knowing Abiquor can be done” to “knowing that Abiquor will be done.” This entails the continued focus of all aboard Athabantian plus those of you who are anchoring Abiquor. By anchoring we mean that you, humans of Earth, intend that Abiquor will be manifested, AND that you are focusing your attention on such a manifestation on a regular basis. Manifesting is always a joint co-creation; it occurs between individual beings and the Godhead, for the Godhead is involved in all creation.

In the case of Abiquor, this co-creation process will take place with myriad celestials, those aboard Athabantian and elsewhere, Andromedans in physical form and non-physical aboard Athabantian, and the humans of Earth who are focused, plus, of course, the Godhead.

Make no mistake manifesting Abiquor and its surrounding support facilities is a monumental project. The structures of Abiquor are quite large, a building to train up to 1,000 students at any one time, residential facilities to house students, teachers, and support staff. Then there are surrounding buildings to provide food and other facilities.

Abiquor will radiate its energy of transformation, training, reorganization, cleansing, and oneness throughout the universe. In addition to training Caretakers to reorganize everything, it will train those who will go out to the other planets of the universe to show them what has been accomplished.

In the larger perspective, the transformation of Earth from a very dense 3rdDimension to a 5th Dimension is an exciting and important adventure. All within the universe are aware and watching. Never before has the 5thDimension been bought into such a dense level of existence. Yes, the density of your planet and it residents is being raised to accommodate 5thDimension energy, like meeting it part way. However, it still remains that the 5th Dimension is being brought into dense physical form;  Abiquor is an important part of this.

One key to all of this is to understand that you are a great being of light. Yes, Mark, it is true, when you hold the 5th Dimension, you are a great being of light. So are those who offer their energies to the manifestation of Abiquor. Each is a great being of light. I, Taugth, am a great being of light, as are all aboard Athabantian, as is the vast majority of the universe. None are better than you, for the 5th Dimension is a collective of vast numbers of beings of light. To have individual humans of earth accept that they are great beings of light is essential to the manifestation of Abiquor. More than any other, that is the process that will occur over the next months, achieving that knowing is what will uplift the humans of Earth to the lighter densities.

Now that you “know” it can happen, all that remains is to intend it and allow it to happen. Do not attempt to force it to happen or become anxious. We invite all who read these words to join with us in co-creating Abiquor.


On behalf of all aboard Athabantian, we love you more than you know. We support your transformation, and await your joining us. Blessings.



  1. Look at the round sea, there is a shining crystal in it, this is what I saw in my meditation with you today 🙂
    Love and Light

  2. Thanks Leslee, did you read my latest dreamflight. I was an architect and i think I was helping with building/desiging Abi-Qor. I have put it on astral travels and on my blog dreamflights.

    Love Lisa

  3. Leslee, I have been wondering if Puma Punku was:

    a) Manifested
    b) not a temple but a space ship

    I would be curious to hear Mark’s perspective on this. Perhaps if there are “concrete” examples we can look at (such as the pyramids) it would make the task seem less difficult to achieve, or act as a source of inspiration.

    Or would this make the task more difficult? 😉 I understand that sometimes examples can serve to limit the imagination of what can truly be achieved. On the other hand, we have to start somewhere!

    • Perhaps Puma Punku has a parallel in the ‘cities of Shem’ as starships becoming part of Shambhala? In the esoteric tradition and ancient wisdom, they were spaceships that came to Earth with Sanat Kumara 18 million years ago (He is the Logos, and came to direct the occult evolution of mankind). Then there is the theosophical notion that Shambhala existed etherically (I think this corresponds to the ascended state and 5th dimension) above the Gobi desert and that originally the latter was a lake or sea with a sacred island that was the first cradle of civilization before Lemuria and Atlantis (perhaps the name originally had ‘LHA’ in it, i.e. ‘ShambaLHA’ for an association with the ‘Lhas’ as the latter is a term for legendary ‘gods’ to the Tibetans). The variations for Sham/Shem include the ‘Kum’ of Kumara. Sham may somehow be related to the ‘shem’ of the tower of Babel story, and the ‘shem’ which egyptologists say was a capstone or pyramidion, as well as some capstones of Tibetan tradition said to be a technology of extraterrestrial origin, i.e. the Chintamani stones or capstones believed to have been brought to Earth from Orion (refer to N. Roerich). They emitted rays and could effect a transformation in consciousness. There was one at Giza, and Shamballah, as well as on a pyramid on the last Atlantean island of Poseidonis. The Shemshu-hor priesthood of Heliopolis also claimed their shem or benben had fallen from heaven. ‘Fallen’ in more ways than one? Precipitated from a higher vibration, like manifested? And Shamballa is believed to exist below Tibet with tunnels linking Tibet to Egypt. Perhaps the ‘cities of Shem’ were placed in the Inner Earth at a later stage as Shambhala is believed to be in the Inner Earth, isn’t it, and to be distinct from Agartha? These were my thought, Dreamwalker, when reading your comment on Puma Punku being manifested and possibly a spaceship!

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