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  1. Hi, everyone, I created this post for the continuing crystal common meditations
    Lisa and Troy , please, could you make it as a sub-post or page under the first one created by Leslee, because cannot cope with this ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank You
    Love and Light

  2. 30 September 2012 Crystal meditation

    I was helped by two Lemurians, OLA, ALGIZ, Amethyst cluster and MaiOwta
    I saw humans Ascending, I received “Ascension is taking place Now”
    OLA showed me a room, there were two doors one near another but the portal was in the corner between the doors and over them, I was about to enter the portal when I decided to return and look for something into this room, the room changed into a corridor, then a room again with low ceiling till I realized I am inside a pyramid, the corridor got narrow and high, there were stairs downwards and at this moment I saw ibis head on the left , the head was over me and coming from the wall, TOT connected with us again ,I asked ” Tell me, Great Spirit what is your message to all that are connected now?”
    I was able to see both inside and outside of the pyramid that became crystalline and down the stairs there remained the older vision of a pyramid`s interior/as you know it from various videos made inside the pyramids/ I looked outside and I saw the Earth from above, Giza pyramid was there, I saw the Earth and above Her the New Reality , a craft shaped as rectangular or octahedron, then from the surface of Earth I saw a Giant MotherShip over the Earth, I was able to fly under It and the sighting was amazing, the MotherShip was crystalline, She was beaming Light towards the Earth`s surface and I saw the coming of other craft too
    Then I saw the underwater land of Lemuria, Light was shining both from Inner Earth and from the Earth`s surface
    Then I was in the same mountain desert of very high rock points and I saw a man walking there then He became a Giant and less physical, more like aether
    I saw the Roman, then Konstantinos picture from his gravatar in STC

    I did the cleaning by calling the Holy Violet Flame and
    I have sent to all of you and to the Giant Lemurian crystals my Love and Healing White Light
    While I was calling the Holy Violet Flame I felt warmth in my fingertips while holding the crystals
    Thank You ALL

  3. I think I managed it Tauno, Under meditations I have group meditations and then I’ve posted the two recent group crystal posts… Looking forward to more and will try to link them when they are posted. Lovely work here… ♥

  4. Hi, my dear hearts, a connection with TOT again and view from Abi-Qor

    Crystal Meditation, 1October 2012
    “Tell me, Great Spirit of Light what is your message for us who are connected now?’
    Angel appeared
    I saw three figures moving upwards
    Then I saw a Being with a head of a monkey/one of the images of Thoth, it turned into the figure of a Man standing next to a very high rock and there was abyss beneath Him, the rock was on the right, I found myself flying on a Space Craft, then I saw the high rock again with the figure of the man standing next to it but this time the rock was on the left
    I was allowed to visit a council of ALL HIGHER BEINGS of LIGHT at the top of an aether mountain, I received Olympus mountain , All Greek Gods were there, I saw Native American Chief too as well as Nordic Gods as they merged into one another, first He was Odyn, then TIR/ a clue -Victory/and Thor, TIR I feel was standing tall from the base to the top of this aether mountain, I saw a bird on the rock over a sea, an Owl that turned into a crow, that is why I decided to include Troy to our conversation , the crow is connected with Odyn while the Owl is connected with TIR, since the owl represents the knowledge, we will be victorious due to our knowledge
    That is why Thoth came to communicate with us
    I saw the Eye again – RA and above this Eye I saw an eye of an OWL , RA/Eye/ is considered to be a son of Thoth/Owl/
    I saw Abi-Qor just like Leslee has shown it in her painting, a round area surrounded by a mountain chain and there was a shining place in the center, I think it is a lake, fountain or a portal to other world
    Then came the visions from very ancient times, many drawings on stones, pre-historical ones, I saw a pre-historical giant bird flying, the drawings then turned into pictures like these of the Early Renaissance in Italy, a human figure on a horse and many figures beneath, a Godess and other figures, a lot of flesh and at the same time grace in the figures
    I also got engravings and some of them showing Golgotha, this particular Lemurian crystal that I use for recent meditations definitely holds information from ancient times and at the same time in combination with ALGIZ can show through OLA many other things connected with our explorations

    Thank You Angels, TOT and All of You

  5. It is interesting to mention that when the vision of Abi-Qor faded I wanted to see it again and adjusted the crystal in its previous position in which it showed me Abi-Qor but this time I could not see it, another proof that Crystal has consciousness and we have the ability to connect with this consciousness, and in fact ALL is connected

  6. you are going deeper into visions now Tauno and getting so much information that I can see in my minds eye it is beautiful:) Thank you for sharing.

    • You mean Golgotha appeared because it is connected with Ascension, Troy ?
      If so, well, an interesting discovery…suffering – Ascending, the Whole Humanity is experiencing Its Golgotha at this moment /poverty, illness, criminal activities against it, loss of human rights/ so that to develop and wake up from its slumber and Ascend, suffering these circumstances we evolve in consciousness reaching Christ Consciousness and the understanding that We Are All ONE
      Thank You, my Brother for helping me to de-code this message

        • Skull – skull sculptured crystals help connection Human-Crystal, Thank you for this another clue, Troy! The place itself is symbolic as far as this shape is concerned, very interesting issue to think about
          Love and Light

  7. Meditation flight 1 October 2012

    I was flying like an eagle in the sky, up the winds and down the streamโ€ฆ.and beneath me I see a landscape that looks familiar. It looks like I am flying over Pagosa Springs. Then I see a face, and Native American chief and I am a shaman doing some kinda of ritual, talking in a foreign language to me (Native American). I look up to the sky with my arms up, smoke is coming up from a fireโ€ฆ. end of meditation.

    • WOW, Lisa, you were where I was in my previous meditations and met the same Beings, perhaps YOU ARE or at least you are connected with this Native American Shaman Woman I met with the wolf head on Her head and the wolf fur over her dress
      And the Eagle, yes, I was also following it while flying between dimensions
      We are on target!
      Hugs of Light

      • Hi Tauno , that could be very true…. I also saw the eagle flying high up in the sky in my last dream flight that I posted on astral travels September. It seems that our meditations are really taking on the flight. Meaning of eagle: Eagles

        To see an eagle in your dream symbolizes nobility, pride, fierceness, freedom, superiority, courage, and powerful intellectual ability. It also represents self-renewal and your connection with your spirituality. You will struggle fiercely and courageously to realize your highest ambitions and greatest desires. Alternatively, if you live in the United States, then the national bird could represent your patriotism and devotion to country.

        • Lisa, we are connected energetically, exactly the same spiritual experience ! Words are not enough to explain my feelings
          ( ( SUN ) )

  8. PS: I forgot to mention over the weekend I bought a new crystal during the weekend, as I was led ….and had just enough money to buy it. The lady that sold it to me says it comes from Madagascar.

    With kind regards,

      • Hi Tauno, this is the crystal I have, it is a clear one.


        And it feels so strong, stronger then the other ones. This one vibrates on my level ๐Ÿ˜€

        Love Lisa

        • Clear Quartz I think, just like OLA, yes the crystal type helps connection because of the same crystal vibrations
          Thank You, my dear Heart
          Love and Light

  9. Crystal Meditation – 2 October 2012

    I saw a crystal “highway” and entered in ๐Ÿ™‚ then I saw all of us, there were five or six people connected , the sixth One was a Being of Light
    I asked “Tell me, Great Spirit , What is your message to all of us that are connected now”
    I found myself flying in space, then I saw a shore, the sea and the shore were forming a picturesque landscape and then the Eagle came again, the shore took a form of a Giant Eagle , then The Eagle became a craft and was flying with a superspeed,I was again in space watching how the dark ones escape from Earth on a Jet ๐Ÿ™‚ and I saw Earth Shining , then I was under water observing a place on Earth from under water, A hill/inside of it I saw a pyramid and two houses near the hill, the mountain behind the houses was in the shape of a pyramid too and I saw another pyramid /like a mountain formed by pyramids/
    Then I saw a flying ANGEL, SO ENORMOUS that covered the sky, Gigantic Angel, the Angel/s was/were the same two/I saw one and then another one Angel, they were two in fact or even more/the same ANGELS that I saw before when we began Astral flights with ALGIZ, they were carrying human Being/Humanity?/, a little smaller than the Angels/Humanity?/
    This time the Angels were heading on the right
    Then I asked if this is AA Michael and I was immediately answered , I saw AA Michael and He merged with ibis headed Being of Light – Thoth
    I found myself between two giant crystals and the abyss between them was so deep that it reached the core of Gaya, from the surface of the Lemurian there came LIGHT and this Light was directed towards the Core. I saw Light coming out from of the abyss
    I realized what AA Michael and Thoth wanted me to do and I did it! I sent my Love and Healing White Light to the core of Gaya to heal Herself and Transmute all negative energies that still remain

    Blaze Blaze Blaze
    The Violet Fire
    Transmuting all shadow into
    Light Light Light

    Thank You All , AA Michael, Angels, Thoth, Lisa, Leslee, Konstantinos and You who connected with me


  10. Meditation flight 2 October 2012

    I was standing in front of a waterfall in a part of the forest that is quite dense. But there is still enough light coming through to give the place a light atmosphere. I am at the bottom of the waterfall, @ the pond that the waterfall created. There are huge plants and flowers & I see fairies buzzing around me. The forest is filled with beautiful bird songs & other animals. I turn around and follow a path, which was easy to walk. I come out of the forest & I am standing on a ridge and I am looking over the forest below me. There are 2 pyramids. one for healing and one for learning. There are a lot of people there. Then I am floating in the water & something is happening in my heart. I am receiving a violet flame through my heart and then floating for a while in the black void,relaxed. Then suddenly I am swimming in the ocean, I am a mermaid and I having fun, diving into the clear salty water. I can breath under water and see a beautiful sea landscape under water. The water is kinda of green-blue color.
    Suddenly I am walking a path again & I am walking into a temple/pyramid. I am holding a crystal and inside the pyramid is a big room. There are other crystals, sitting in half circle. Put in certain ways it gives different healing. I put my crystal in on of the slots. Also inside is a large round swimming pool with crystals in it that will give you energy ( like in the movie cocoon) I go inside the water and swim in it. I feel so relaxed. They just wanted me too relax.

    Tauno at that time sent me a Violet flame. I only knew it after I posted my meditation and read hers after it. We are all so connected.

  11. Meditation 3 October 2012

    First image a yellow bright sun. I see a very colorful paradise bird. Then I am back in the forest meditating on some seeds I have in my hands.

    Now I am standing on the edge of the forest looking over a big and wide field of grains. In the field there are several pyramids standing there, in different sizes. It is dark but bright because of the full moon. Something is about to happen. I get the words ‘ the beginning and the end. Full circle’ I see beams of light coming out of the pyramids & seems to align with the stars above. A milky grid is being created, multiplying in strands of energy, braiding a network all over the world. A kinda of mist comes down and it looks also like laser beam sweeping over the land. It sweeps over me and I feel anything that was negative in my body taken away. I get the words ‘ make decisions with the heart. ‘ end of meditation. Love Lisa

    • Hi, Lisa! Beaming Light pyramids came into my visions many times before., we are doing a wonderful job together!
      I was not on-line all day yesterday because of thunderstorms here
      Last night I was very tired and did not do the usual meditation with the crystal combinations, I did the meditation about one hour later when I had the opportunity to relax, I used only OLA
      Here is what I saw, there is a synchronicity with your meditation again

      I saw the SUN, He was beaming streams of LIGHT as Waves coming out of His sphere
      Then i saw a craft , it was a disk and from time to time the shape changed and formed octahedron, the craft was shining with rainbow colours, the SUN was at the background behind the craft, I received – Athabantian/Les, could you ask where is Athabantian situated now, I feel they are near our SUN/
      Then I saw another craft that was in a process of materializing, the craft was a kind of shining particles that were gathered and formed a rectangular under Athabantian
      Then a really interesting thing happened
      Athabantian started beaming even stronger LIGHT that was in Rays and waves and I saw the craft became double as if there were two craft sicked one to another
      Later I was watching the evening sky sending LIGHT to All of Them that are of LIGHT and are waiting for us
      In the morning I was given some signs from ANGELS, in my kitchen, then I looked at the morning sky and I said WOW ! Clouds representing just what I have seen in my Meditation before – GIANT flying ANGELS directed on the right and carrying the Humanity with Them, Mighty Cloud Angels, the picture I saw was exactly as my crystals showed it to me a few days ago

      Thank You , my Hearts!

      • Hi Tauno, again we seem to connect, we see both the sun and , me the paradise bird and you seeing rainbow colors. Indeed it looks like we compliment each other. Also the Athabantian beaming stronger light and waves , is familiar with my pyramids sending light and creating waves over the planet. Maybe the ship was sending to the world and the pyramids were sending to the ships (stars) and that created a stronger light grid. What do you feel about this. Connecting the dots.

        Love Lisa (you know yesterday I felt before I went into meditation, that you weren’t there…and now it was true….)

        • Dear Lisa/I also feel when Leslee is not at the other side when we meditate, I felt your Presence last night and that is why later I connected through OLA, these meditations are very special to me /, I agree with you, we both co-work with you and this time it was in different locations with a common center – the SUN, when I was watching the SUN the waves looked like a giant human skin, as fingerprints, as if there was a link SUN-Humanity/ Athabantian-Pyramids/Cosmos-Earth
          Love You, my dear sister of Light

      • 12 Ahau, 8 Tzotz, 9 Eb

        Dratzo! We come today, knowing that a great many things are approaching the point where they can begin to take shape before your eyes. Our Secret Sacred Societies aided by our Earth allies are working hard to complete a broad spectrum of activities which will create an astonishing new reality for you. We watch with much merriment as these many projects come to fruition, knowing that they are the start of what is to make disclosure possible! We intend to take this opportunity to make a series of announcements to inform you of the enormous scope of what has been undertaken to get Mother Earth and humanity to this point, and to detail the many changes that will be proclaimed by the leaders of the new caretaker governments. These formal statements will shape the framework for the introduction of new technologies, our first interaction with you, and a basic schedule of what is to take place just before and after our mass landings. We have adjusted the content of these broadcasts in light of what we have been told by the leaders of your new governance, and will therefore also modify aspects of the timeline that we are going to share with you.

        It is important to us that our interactions from the very beginning be open and flexible enough to adapt to any judicious changes to our schedule that are deemed necessary. Our primary reason for coming here is to be your mentors and to use our abilities to make your transition to full consciousness as swift, smooth, and comprehensible for you as possible. Under this edict we have continually adapted our mission according to what was decreed to be divinely possible. Our liaison personnel constantly provide us with a flood of information regarding your different consciousness groups and their various, ever-changing programs. We then use this data to shape and reshape our mutual mission-goals. Our purpose is to move you toward full consciousness within the divine plan set up for your world by Lord Surea and the realm of AEON. This sacred realm is the reason behind what we do. The divine plan for this time specifies the termination of Mother Earth’s and your internment by the dark, and your joint return to full consciousness.

        When we arrived here in your Gregorian year of 1990, you were under the thumb of the Anunnaki and were supervised directly by their on-planet minions. These groups of minions were plotting to violate the conditions stipulated by Heaven concerning their temporary control of this reality. We were then advised by Heaven that our mission here was to be carried out according to directives issued by Lord Surea, and were also fully informed about what the dark intended to do and how it planned to accomplish it. Pursuant to this we set up a command post on your world in Agartha and asked the Agarthans to propose an optimum plan of action. Working together, we created a joint command and began to engage with a number of groups that were committed to returning this world to the Light. The complex logistics of this combined operation changed significantly with the Truce of Anchara, and since then we have carried out a lot of restructuring to keep the mission within the bounds of both divine directives and contingencies on the ground.

        This multiple restructuring has brought us successfully to the present. The provisions spelt out in a range of signed agreements are close to being realized and any remaining final preparations are being wrapped up. Liaison personnel embedded in many vital places and groups are updating us with a steady stream of information which we are using to evaluate what to expect once these groups are installed in the transitional governments. We wish to work with them harmoniously and to contribute our abilities to prepare your realm for its short, final journey to full consciousness. The Agarthans likewise intend to employ their own embedded ones to guide the new leaders in a higher form of governance and to prepare all of you for your new responsibilities. Our intention is to create an environment that encourages you to joyously explore the exciting new world that Heaven is so graciously opening up for you. The time has come for a very big leap in consciousness into an amazing new reality!

        Blessings to you all! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to announce that a series of blessed events is shortly to manifest in this reality! Long ago the dark was given specific responsibilities concerning their activities in this realm, which included recognizing when to return this reduced world back to the Light. This stipulation has been totally ignored by the dark cabal and its numerous minions around the world. This is why AEON has brought, from its glorious realm, the seven grand Seraphim. These Mighty Ones are here to orchestrate a transformation of this world to the Light, and to set to rights any events that have, in any way, delayed the manifesting of the divine plan for this realm. In accordance with this we are encouraged to do what needs to be done to permit our associates to complete the changes that move your reality out from under the clamp placed on it by the dark cabal. At present, the dark is staging a whole spate of contrived scenarios to hold on to its dwindling power.

        Already this dark chokehold is being loosened by the Seraphim. The ways of Heaven are, first, to wait graciously for those so chosen to learn that their ill-gotten ways can no longer hold. Then Heaven acts in such a manner that unequivocally demonstrates to these ones that it is indeed time to let go of these various ‘ways.’ This is now being done by those from AEON. We have prepared ourselves for the sacred blows and the relief that is to follow. In addition, the many elements of the Galactic Federation are acting in tandem with these most sacred ones. The moment arrives for a new day in this realm. The great Light of Truth is to be cast upon this dark place and a most needed cleansing is to happen! This is why there is greater joy in our step and a rising song in our collective Souls. This time is to be the beginning of many things that welcome the Light to our new realm.

        As we prepare ourselves for this parade of events, we pray joyously to Heaven and to the divine plan which have so Lovingly permitted this realm to experience again the utter joy of full consciousness. The Divine is readying the various means that will deliver us from an evil that was only temporarily cast in our path. It is time to reset our energies and to sense once again the feelings that accompany our return to sacred service as one of a host of physical Angels who unfold the blessed glories of Heaven throughout the entirety of physicality. This wonderful condition is something you have not experienced in over thirteen millennia. Your Soul is now to return to its natural state, and you will then fully know the bliss that is the direct tie to Heaven and your sacred lineage! Be in Joy and great cheer, my fellow Sisters and Brothers, of utmost intensity!

        Today, we continued our series of messages which aim to help explain the grand shift from dark to Light. This sacred journey has taken you through multiple reincarnations. One generation has followed another, in a grand swath that is now to bring you back to the heart of your Soul’s immortality. Be in joy, and ready to accept the gifts of Heaven! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

        Tauno – WOW! I also saw the cloud ANGELS-GIANT Beings of Light with an immense power carrying Humanity, two days after this message, I have just read the message ! I HAD THE VISION OF ANGELS THE SAME DAY WHEN THIS MESSAGE WAS GIVEN! And I have read it just a few minutes ago

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