SaLuSa 8-31-12…”You have so much to look forward to”

The dark Ones really thought they had won the day, and the New World order was in their reach. However, they reckoned without your resilience and determination to stand up to them, and in the relatively short period since your present century started, you have exponentially increased the Light on Earth to defeat them. They still make noises and believe that they can still interfere with the plans for Ascension, but the fact is that they are now no more than a minor irritation. They no longer have the power or support to achieve any real measure of success, and are witnessing the demise of their empire.

What we are dealing with now is the system that they set up that still functions. It does for example stand in the way of Disclosure, but with each day that passes their obstruction is being removed. Once Disclosure becomes officially approved, it will open the floodgates to many other aspects of our ongoing relationship with you. Open contact has to be seen as a separate issue, but will take place before Ascension occurs. The way must be first prepared for such great revelations, because many people are still in denial of our existence let alone ready to receive us. However, the truth must come out as your future is very much bound up with ours, because we are All One.

Our arrival will not signal any intent to take anything away from you, and it is quite the opposite as we have so much to give you to help you leap into the New Age. That of course is not the end of it as you will then join up with us on an equal basis, and together we will serve others who are needing the type of experience that we can give. Your future will bear little or no similarity to what you have been experiencing, and will be totally different but also very acceptable. We might say that you have not lived yet, because your lives have been served in a false reality. It is one that you were given freewill to create as you wished, but was taken over by the dark forces.

Your freewill will not be taken away from you, and whatever you choose will be your new pathway that will commence after this present cycle ends. In these circumstances, there is no point in trying to persuade others to do differently, as they will not feel comfortable out of their depth. Furthermore, there are no such things as deadlines where your evolution is concerned. You progress at your own pace, and if souls choose to stay in the lower dimensions then quite clearly they are not ready to move on. In all probability they will not need to stay in them for very long, as like you they can call upon their earlier experiences.

Whether the media care to report it or not, we are progressing very steadily and matters are building up for a grand finale. The new financial situation is taking shape and the necessity for great change is being accepted. It cannot therefore be very long before some announcements about it are forthcoming. It will certainly be the beginning of the end of the Illuminati. Without control of the money supply they disjointed and unable to fund their various activities. We are in any event recovering vast sums of money, bonds and valuable metals that will be returned to their rightful owners or placed into a worldwide Redistribution Fund.

Dear Ones we are very busy overseeing our allies activities, and the more we work together the more success we are achieving. After Ascension our relationship with you will become even more personal, and you will quickly become Star Beings as you were eons of time ago. For that reason you will take to it very easily and feel at home with what you will be doing. It will all be very purposeful and aimed at bringing you fully into your new lives. How nice it will be for you to know that everyone you meet will be trustworthy and sincere in their activities. Honesty will be taken for granted, as in the higher dimensions there is no place for anything less.

So hold on for while longer as whatever your problems whether they be physical or otherwise they will be solved. We know that many suffer the physical ills associated with life on Earth, but rest easy in the knowledge that all of them will be put right. There is absolutely nothing that cannot be remedied though our healing methods, and as a Being of energy you will find that sound and colours are very central to them. Crystals are also very much involved and can be used in ways that creates the most powerful energies for transformation and cures. In fact crystals will play a very big part in your lives in future. These concepts are by no means new to you, as many of you were in Atlantis in the periods that they were widely used.

We believe you are beginning to understand why you are so highly thought of, because your levels of consciousness were much higher in the past. The lower vibrations of duality have made it difficult for you recall those times, and it is only recently that you have started to awaken to your true selves. Your potential is unlimited and you will soon find your true place in the scheme of things. When you get to know us you will see yourselves in us, and that is because many of you came from the civilizations that are members of the Galactic Federation of Light. When you meet your own you will know immediately that they relate to you, and what a reunion you will have. Indeed, there will be celebrations when we can openly meet you, because you will realize that we have always been close to each other. It will be the most natural coming together of souls who have worked together for eons of time.

You have so much to look forward to, so do not waste your time or energy worrying what will happen to the dark Ones. You will certainly be informed who has been behind the plans to take over you and your world, and who has been responsible for the atrocities committed throughout your history. Naturally you will be more interested in those that have occurred in your own lifetimes. There will be many shocks as people that you may have respected will be revealed for what they really are. Let the information clear the air of the speculation that surrounds tragedies such as 9/11, but please do not use it to seek revenge against those involved. Leave those matters to the higher authorities who know exactly what to do, so that you know justice will prevail.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish you success in preparing for Ascension.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

[Next SaLuSa message will be available on 8th September. Many thanks for your good attention.]


Aurora Dreamflight Update for Sat. 1st Sept | AuroraDreamflight with Adrial

Please click here to listen to the Audio

Bullet Points:

– We will continue with 5D creation classes
– Some of us will go undersea in order to work on “cleaning” the ocean from radiation and pollution. Also work will be done underwater on the area of Isaac.
– On the healing chamber, we will work on our past relationships with beings who have been loved by us in this life, but also in past lives, on Earth or on other planets.

Thank you.

Youtube video will be added in a few hours :)

Aurora Dreamflight Update for Sat. 1st Sept | AuroraDreamflight with Adrial.

Galactic Lightship Dreamflights Invitation: 1SEP2012

You are invited to join the next Galactic Light Ship Dreamflight this Saturday night (1SEPTEMBER2012) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Light Ships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Salycz
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”)
GLS Nine (Password “09991″)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Athabantian, and GLS Eui

(For Athabantian and Eui, no password needed; intent to join is sufficient.)

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Astral travel / Dreamflights may be posted to this post or to Astral Travels (September 2012).

Konstantinos: Archangel Michael-‘Creating by Heart is the proof for your God Origin’

The synchronizations in your life are not random. You receive messages from the Holon which, as you can understand, includes you too. Do not try to rationalize , at least not very much, everything.

The ‘ask and you shall receive’ process has its scientific side, but this does not mean that its whole explanation for this or a similar case, can be limited to a linear way of thought.

That is why we tell you to be ‘open’…accepted…clear. By listening to your Heart, you hear Us and the Creator and vice versa. You are the ones who go through ‘difficulties’ and you are very honored for your courage to choose the creation of experiences to dimensions of low frequency.

But for a specific number of years, this frequency continues to increase more and more. You continue, and some others have just begun, to remember more of your origin and your relationship with the ‘Plan’.

There are no mysteries, but only temporary blanks of memory. Recovering them, steady but effectively, you can see this which you so eagerly dignify to the ‘Angels and Saints’. Agonizing deaths are not necessary, in order for you to return at Home.

Do not forget that ‘martyrdoms’ and generally any kind of unpleasant situations that you experience, YOU are responsible for them…and the Law of Attraction. Of course there are many more factors that are included here.

The main thing for the human of the New Age is to live, think and act by the Heart. THEN, your real crystal clear sight begins to return and THEN it is the time that you start facing  everything with the perception of the Spiritual Light…of the Unconditional Love.

Be Blessed Everyone…awakened and unawakened. It does not make any real difference, because no one wanders to the Darkness forever.

Archangel Michael.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here are the links:


3 Chicchan, 13 Uo, 9 Eb


Dratzo! We return! At present, we are waiting for the date to begin the preliminaries that are to take place prior to bringing the new banking system on-line. This period will be swiftly followed by the formal announcement of this new global financial system, which by its very nature will create a situation that makes it impossible for the dark cabal to subsist. It is the subsequent new governments which will allow the prosperity funds to be delivered. Long ago, your world was prevailed upon to accept not only that the irrational Anunnaki worldview was ‘real’ but that no other reality was possible. This belief will be shattered by the new financial system which will open doors that have been kept firmly shut by the dark cabal. The upcoming, vast transference of funds will remove the lockdown on progress that the dark has…

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Magatha from Agartha ~~ The Intense changes are having place, you are almost there ~~ 24/08/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont

Greetings, beloved brethren of Earth, this is Magatha of Agartha speaking to you. We apologize as it has been a while now since our last channeling was shared. This is due to the fact that much is transpiring and our beloved channeler had to personally undergo enormous shifts. It’s all good news though for the inhabitants on the surface of the Earth.
It is becoming quite obvious that many humans are now also experiencing these intense energies and shifts which take their toll on them. The physical body is under a lot of stress nowadays as it progresses one big step upward towards Ascension, undergoing umpteen changes in the process.

The lightcodes, which we mentioned briefly in an earlier channeling, are doing their work now with regards to the execution and the manifestation of the lightbody and the physical body has to adjust constantly to this and must evolve to a state that’s much higher than this 3rd dimensional density.

The physical body is blossoming into a beautiful shining sphere of light consisting of pure light energy and love ; in short, more into the original state of being.
Do not misinterpret what has just been said as you will not, all of a sudden, at the moment of Ascension turn into a light sphere or an orb which is the form of most of the higher light energies such as for instance planets and stars.

Afore-mentioned transformation into a star or a light sphere implies lots of evolutionary processes which, as you already know, is an infinite evolution in the eternity of the Higher Realms. You haven’t reached that stage yet, it will await you in a much further phase of your evolution.

What you can duly expect now is that you, as well as your physical body, will undergo a huge change on your evolutionary way to that original light source that you are in essence. You may expect to see your physical body becoming more and more ethereal, lighter in substance, less heavy in weight and density.

Moreover, your physical body will radiate more light but will nevertheless consist of a visible light contour which in essence is the inner light expanding outside of your physical body. Behold the first signs of these emerging lights as they begin to reveal themselves to you. It is paramount that you meditate each day to the extent that it’s possible.

This will improve your perceptions and grant you a crystal clear vision on yourself as well as on the changes your physical body is undergoing.
There are various ways to behold those visible signs depending on your present state of consciousness. What you might try out is intently staring at your reflection in a mirror and noticing how your aura and lightbodies are expanding and becoming more visible to you.

They converge in one point, in one Self. You can see your aura and lightbodies through your third eye chakra, your inner eye. With practice it will become all so much clearer. A further method is to stare intently at yourself or close your eyes and try to behold those visible signs in a meditative state, Or go to your inner self and make contact with your Higher Self and contemplate your inner light, your beautiful expansion of your divine spark of love.

This makes you unique, one of a kind, exceptional, your own characteristic feature of who you really are. That’s how we can distinguish every soul: we look at their inner light and colour. Remark how your etheric self and your energetic waves follow you with every movement you make. My channeler has experienced this many times already : when she walks she sees the colours/energies splash off of her, following her in all her movements.

Try to observe it, beginning with 1 body part, let’s take your arm as an example. Move this arm sideways, slowly and than faster meanwhile beholding how something impalpable follows that movement. This is you! Can’t seem to get it right yet? Keep on trying, you will succeed in time as the speed of evolution differs from one soul to the next.
What we also want to discuss with you are the immense changes taking place worldwide. Beloved Gaia has started to free Herself gradually from the illusion, that’s why She has to shake off all illusory aspects from Her beloved Self. This implies many efforts and requires lots of energy on Her part so we assist Her in this process from our underground civilizations.

You are already in the know that the pole caps on your South – and North poles are melting resulting in the fact that the entrance to our underground civilizations becomes more and more visible. This does not mean that everyone will see us, as this is naturally dependent on the state of consciousness of every soul.

We are here, that’s for sure, you will begin to see and feel us. Our arrival and presence on the Earth’s surface draws closer and very soon we will be able to introduce ourselves to you and intermingle with you. We are just awaiting the final removals of the very last negative energies in order to emerge once again and show ourselves to you.
Our numbers are much higher than you can conceive : not just our civilizations were kept secret by us but also those of many other civilizations dwelling in the Inner Earth and on the surface of the Earth albeit that they are residing in another frequency field than yours. For many amongst you, we and the others, are invisible to you.

However, the time has now come in which the planet as a whole will reach a higher frequency level that is equal to the one on which we reside, resulting in the fact that we will become visible to you. We will be most pleased to welcome you all and we will assist you whenever we can. We, the Agarthans and I, Magatha, send you our heartfelt greetings.

NOTE from Méline: I can recommend you to watch the movie “The Celestine Prophecy” on It is a movie about the energies emanating from your physical body, it can give you a clearder view. You are all free. Love Méline.

Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

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Konstantinos: Iltheos-‘Awareness and Change’

Your world is changing. It’s like the palms of your heart. You can feel them, but for some, the feeling has been taken for granted. Consequently, some people do not live with awareness of themselves, of the ones around them and of their environment.

Respectively, some get ‘on the air’ a feeling that something ‘big’ is about to happen, but then, this shining of their intuitive abilities goes away, because their spiritual eye is not get exercised, as it happens in the case of  a  muscle of your body. Remember, that the change comes from (your) INSIDE.All the world, every world is a cellular of God. And that is the less that can be said. The Infinite Multiverse exists in different  morphes and scales. Same goes  for the ‘kinds’ of the Creators too.

The Universes inside you are like the Universes that seem to be out from you. And each one of you, is the Creator of his/her inner Creation. Respectively, the Universes ‘out’ from you, are the ‘inner’ Creation of the Creator, who is responsible for the creation of All and Everything. And at the same time, All and Everything are the Universal Intelligence which consists the Creator of the Holon. And that is the less that can be said.

So, when a change happens on you, in you, this influences the Multiverse ‘inside’ you and simultaneously, it is reflected to the Multiverse ‘out’ from you. You have heard this again in different ways. So, implement it (if you choose to do so)in a way that it will be beneficial to you. As for the ones who already do this, please continue as the Gods you are.

There is no difference between us and same goes for the so called ‘Dark Ones’, who move through a path in which the ‘currently virtuous ones’, meaning the ones who have chosen a different path, have also experienced on ‘previous’ lifetimes. God does not make distinctions, as the Uncoditional Love He/She/It is, and same goes fot the Beings of Light, who feel and act normally the same way.The same ability and nature exists to you too,dear people of Mother Earth.

The torch of your inner flame is ready to shine more than ever, as you are getting nearer to the end of this year. Ad there are many reasons for this. Some of them are known to you and some others, you are going to discover in the imminent future. And that is, because you have pulled it through your Intention. Continue like this.

With Great Love and Respect,

Iltheos from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here are the links:

Konstantinos: My synchronicity experiences while I was away since August 15th 2012

Hello dear friends. Glad to be back with all of you (-_-).

I wish to describe and share my ‘extraordinary’ synchronicities that I had while I was to my grandmother’s house, who by the way, she’s aware of the New Age and she’s a true treasure and ally to me.

Aug 15: It was afternoon and I was discussing with my grandmother how much I would like to watch the movie K-Pax, which is about a man (Kevin Spacey) who sais that he is from the planet K-Pax in Lyra and he has been put to the madhouse…I totally recommend this movie, you won’t regret it. Later at that night, I was zapping on TV and suddenly, THERE IT IS! The NET Channel started to show this movie! I didn’t know anything about it, I hadn’t read any TV programme magazine that week….

Aug 16: It was midnight while I was zapping on TV and thinking about telepathy and other similar abilities and then, there it is the scene of a movie where the doctor sais to the patient about the 3rd eye and his growth, regarding his telepathic abilities…

Aug 17: I was thinking about numerology and while I was zapping, I fell on the movie ‘the number 23’ starring Jim Carrey…

Aug 18: It was nightzone and I was zapping again thinking about Spirituality and visions and right after that, I fell on the movie ‘Danica’ which is about a woman who cannot understand if the things she sees are visions or hallucinations ….

Aug 19: I was outside with my grandmother and someone asked me to drw for him a creature from the world of Elves, Orks etc. You will see later why I am mentioning that. While we were walking back at home, we were discussing about AAM and Light Beings and right after that, we saw in front of us a big shiny signature of a store with the word ‘EΣΤΙΑ’ (HESTIA=HOME)! This sign felt that it was straight from Home indeed (-_-). Later, while zapping on TV, I fell on a movie which had to do with magic, spells, Elves…I was shocked again of course.

Aug 20:  I was outside with my grandmoter and we were talking about doppelgangers..later at 12:45 pm I fell right on a movie scene, where two men were discussing about the theory of the doppelganger syndrome!

Aug 21: Syncronicities with numbers.

Aug 22: As you can see, my most syncronicities here, include TV. Same goes for this day too. I was zapping again and I was thinking about ETs and Disclosure, when I suddenly fell on a movie which had to do with an ET female hybrid who was discovering her powers with the help of her doctor Earth father. Some minutes later, the particular channel saw the trailer of the next day’s movie ‘The Mothman Prophecies’ starring Richard Gere, depicting a true series of events about the prophecies of an extra-dimensional entity…

Aug 23: I was thinking about channelers and mediums and then I fell right on the theme of the TV series ‘Medium’! What can I say…

Aug 26: In this and the next case, I don’t think they have t do with syncronicities, but anyway, I’d like to share these incidents too. On Aug 26th, I asked for help, regarding a specific area of my personal issues, while I was holding Doreen Virtue’s book about the Ascended Masters. I closed my eyes and I opened the book…guess what. I got right on the entity who had as a speciality this specific area! (Pleasantly) Shocked again…

Aug 27: On that day, my computer didn’t appear any picture of the screen and the files, although it was turned on…for 10-15 minutes my father and brother were trying to fix it, but nothing…so, I prayed to AAM and after 2 seconds, my brother said ‘Finally, it works!’….yes, it works indeed (-_-). Thank you AAM.

Well, these were my syncronicities in the period I was away. I also got two channeled messages, the one from Iltheos and the other from AAM. I connected with AAM, after some minutes from the time I heard an inner ringing on my left ear..quite amazing! I’ll post these two messages later.

Much Love and Hugs to all of you, my dear friends.

PS: I use Skype now, so whoever of you uses Skype too,it would be my pleasure to communicate with you through video conversation (if you have time and you’re in the mood for it, of course).

leslee hare

remembering to go within, when the without makes not much sense…

These words came to me this morning as I was chatting with a friend.

I thought, Wow, where did that come from? And it is so true right now.

It seems I’ve been on the road and barely connected for three weeks or more now, and I woke up this morning feeling a little down, a little sad, a little overwhelmed.

I went outside and said hello to the morning, knowing I needed to go within, and all would be well. I put my feet on the earth, and just sat and absorbed some sun filtering through the leaves.

I’m still faced with a bit of packing, a lot of loading, loads of uncertainty, miles of driving, and who knows what else, as I make my way back out to Pagosa Springs.

As I sat, trying to listen

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Turn the World Around

We come from the fire 
 Livin' in the fire 
 Go back to the fire 
 Turn the world around 
 We come from the water 
 Livin' in the water 
 Go back to the water 
 Turn the world around 
 We come from the mountain 
 Livin' on the mountain 
 Go back to the mountain 
 Turn the world around 
 Oh, oh so is life 
 Oh, oh so is life 
 Oh, oh so is life 
 Oh, oh so is life 
 Do you know who I am 
 Do I know who you are 
 See we one another clearly 
 Do we know who we are 
 Oh, oh so is life 
 Abatee wah ha so is life 
 Oh, oh so is life 
 Abatee wah ha so is life 
 Water make the river 
 River wash the mountain 
 Fire make the sunlight 
 Turn the world around 
 Heart is of the river 
 Body is the mountain 
 Spirit is the sunlight 
 Turn the world around 
 We are of the spirit 
 Truly of the spirit 
 Only can the spirit 
 Turn the world around 
 We are of the spirit 
 Truly of the spirit 
 Only can the spirit 
 Turn the world around 
 Do you know who I am 
 Do I know who you are 
 See we one another clearly 
 Do we know who we are 
 Oh, oh so is life 
 Abatee wah ha so is life 
 Oh, oh so is life 
 Abatee wah ha so is life

SaLuSa August 27 2012

SaLuSa 27-August-2012

Some people ask what shall they do when they have to make decisions that will take them beyond the 21st. December. The answer will always be to follow your intuition, as whatever you do it will not affect your Ascension. What is however important is to settle any differences you have with friends and relations. It can be done if you accept the need to start the New Age with a clean slate, and realize that some old relationships will end and new ones begin. There will be more partnerships rather than marriages, as you will come into groups that will work together for each others benefit. You will in fact have more freedom than previously, having reached a higher level of consciousness. You will be able to travel freely and reach out to the Galaxy to go wherever your desires take you.

Part of your immediate growth is from lifting your thoughts up so that you can focus on the future. Your present cycle is ending and with it should go any attachments that could hold you back. Have no regrets as you have had hundreds of lives that have speeded up your evolution. You are in line for a much better life without the drawbacks that duality has confronted you with. Yet all of your experiences have been part of your upliftment, and you will always benefit from them. Duality has been a time of fully experiencing the senses and emotions and learning to control them. You have the ability to keep negative emotions in check, and you cannot excuse yourselves if you fail by claiming that is how you are. You must make the effort to change, and this will benefit you in many ways, as you will feel much better within yourselves. Anger in particular has a debilitating affect on you, and when it repeatedly occurs it is damaging your body and can bring the onset of illness.

Dear Ones the point is that as you become more of the Light your attention is drawn to the harmonious things in life, and as you progress it does become easier to maintain your peace and calmness. That is you becoming more in alignment with your Higher Self, which is your ultimate objective. What you were is not the real you, and duality is not your true reality. It is all an illusion that has been created by you all since you dropped down into the lower vibrations. Since then you have had your highs and lows, but as the Human Race you have never reached such a point as now, where every soul has the opportunity to ascend.

Before you reach the 21st. December many opportunities will be given to those who are unaware of what is coming. Also to those who have decided that they have no interest in leaving your present Earth, so that they have no regrets afterwards. As we have told you previously whatever decision you make is upheld, and what is most important is that you proceed with your evolution at a level that is exactly right for you. So when you reach that stage after Ascension and realize that some people known to you have not ascended, it should not be a time of sadness. In some cases you may later choose to work with them by acting as a Guide, so your link with them will still be quite strong.

With relatively little time left before the closure of this cycle, there is much taking place and all will be prepared in time for it. As you now understand, most of it relates to various forms of cleansing, and the removal of those dark Ones and their power and influence, that is now breaking up. There is no way back for them and much about their operations is coming into the public knowledge. It is necessary that you know how you have been duped, and you have no reason to feel guilty about it as the dark Ones have wielded great power in the past. It goes back a very long time from when the negative energies were first attracted to Earth. You have in fact carried out a great service for the Universe by helping transmute them, often at great cost to yourselves.

Set yourselves free from the lower influences and stand up for you beliefs, because as the truth comes out you may have to explain your position. It is not however necessary to convince others that you carry the truth, or convert them to your ideas. When people are ready for it, it will be recognized for what it is, and much of what has stood for the truth is now being revealed, and it will make people re-access their beliefs. Before very long the Masters will return to Earth, and with those already here will ensure that the false teachings and historical records are either corrected or removed. The truth is not just something written into your records, but an energy that lifts other people up and brings them to a true understanding.

Just think for a moment how as visitors to your Earth we are maligned and deliberately shown as monsters bent on enslaving you, and stealing your lands. We are described as aliens when in fact we are your true family, and have never lifted as much as a finger against you in anger. Any such activities against you are not by members of the Galactic Federation of Light, but by other Extraterrestrials or by your own forces. It is of course all done to make you fearful of us, and is not helped by some religious groups who claim we are devils. We would ask that you wait until we can walk amongst you and then you will feel our auric emanations, and know that we come in Love and Light.

We know that many of you who read our comments already understand our position. You are our vanguard and there will come a time when your knowledge will be invaluable to us. We cannot be everywhere at once, and you will be on hand to answer the questions from those who are new to the whole idea of Ascension. It is quite something to grasp and accept, particularly as the idea of the end of time has a connotation of losing everything you own and are familiar with. It can be a frightening thought, but is acceptable once it is understood that it is but a new beginning. One that propels you into a wonderful realm of peace and harmony, where you can forget all of your worries. In truth you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and leave you with my love for you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey


Three platforms have been connected and reconfigured to enable the complete Ascension Platform for Gaia. These platforms are 1) Inner Earth awakening, 2) sufficiently stable 3D-4D Earth platform, 3) Higher Consciousness Awakened Humanity.

Although some question the necessity of 1), this awakening to their Higher Call was essential to the finalization of the Ascension Platform for Gaia.

Stable 3D-4D platform, namely, planet 3D structure, undermined for millennia, has been sufficiently stabilized for the next steps to the final Ascension Platform.

Higher Consciousness Awakened Humanity is now complete. Sufficient individual awakened beings now present upon Gaia 3D surface to proceed with final steps.

These steps are to be unveiled in precise order, in precise timing with each of the Light Working Community which has been called to participate. They know who they are.

They will succeed. As Gaia has decreed.

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My Awakening, Minus Fear

I have spent most of my adult life drunk, serving or bar-tending, blowing my money in bars and focused on superficial crap. I’ve never finished anything I have started, and I just kinda floated around this life waiting for something to happen to me instead of making anything happen. I have basically always been afraid to be me and do what I want to do.


That was before I “woke up”. I was not awakened through a dream, vision, messages or any phenomena I experience regularly now. I was awakened by a flesh and blood man who meant to find me and do just that.


One day, a new guy showed up at work. He greeted me warmly, and I felt comfortable talking to him immediately. We connected on several levels through shared beliefs, and the desire to do something about the state of the world. He offered me a way to make a difference, so I started researching for him. My directed researching quickly graduated from corrupt humans and their tools, to the Anunnaki.


My research got weirder, as did our conversations. I was spending most of my time outside work with him, discussing amazing concepts I was afraid to bring up to anyone else. He knew so much about subjects I was always interested in that I found myself being there with him as much as possible. Once I started questioning where this knowledge came from, our direction changed again.


He told me that we were part of the Anunnaki, way back in Sumerian times, and I was his best friend. He said he stood up to Enki during a council meeting, demanding humans be treated as equals with their “Gods”, and for this was cast out to the earth to suffer for all eternity. I was cast down with him to suffer because I was always at his side. Apparently we had wings back then, which were taken, essentially making us “fallen angels”. Another name he told me he goes by is “Lucifer”.


So here I am, going to work every day with Lucifer, then hanging out with him after work for hours. This was all hitting me pretty hard and I had a lot of doubts. I told him I thought Lucifer was a bad guy. He says he is misunderstood. The Illuminati believe that as well, and I don’t like them, so I became uncomfortable around him, but I kept hanging around because I was changing for the better, regardless of his intentions.


Through YouTube music videos, and guided meditation, something was happening to me I couldn’t describe. He told me all about the End Times, Ascension, etc., and he always was telling me to “Wake the f*** up Jason!” rushing me along. Speaking in strange languages to something in the sky and bragging to that being in the sky about finding me first. We were also planning to be roommates and get a house, which would mean leaving my sick parents.


I was finding lots of information online about love, light, and happiness. He was telling me how he would be the one to rip the Earth apart and take lives (Armageddon), and I am the one that will rebuild it as it should be. I have always been compassionate, and he is very angry. It wasn’t working.


My home life had become extremely strained because of this relationship. Everyone else has an adverse reaction to being around this guy. The hate and pure rage he is capable of is frightening. My mother told me she sees the devil when she looks at him, and can’t stand being around him. I was ready to move in with him. He left his wife and child to spend more time working on my awakening. A decision had to be made.


I decided that I was going to stay with my parents to help them. I was also very uncomfortable around him now. He would try to start fights with others to involve me in. He tried to get me to drink several times, saying he wouldn’t let me get out of control, which is always what happens if I drink (I didn’t). He didn’t want me to research Anunnaki history. His story didn’t fit with the printed stories I found, which only added to my discomfort. Even though this man had infinite answers for me in any area I had questions, and he promised he would never do anything to harm me, I decided I got what I needed and it was time to move on. I gradually ended contact with him, and found STC.


I had used Ghost Radar with him because of a Jinn presence that was pestering us (Marduk) and it freaked me out and I deleted Ghost Radar. One night at home I felt compelled to use GR again, and the words that came up led me to, where Leslee posts a lot about GR. So now I am constantly bombarded with positive messages of love and light through STC and the network of related blogs, rather than the negativity and blind anger I was dealing with to try to find my way.


Leslee found time to talk to me and help me figure out I was in the right place now. I am eternally grateful for her warm welcome which eased a lot of fear I had about my whole life situation at the time. I have also connected with Michael who has helped tremendously in showing me different views on my situation. My spiritual growth has been accelerating rapidly since finding my new online home.


Yesterday, while on the phone with Michael I realized the idea of “Lucifer” applies to not just a man, but to the Anunnaki rulers that are responsible for the oppressive system humanity has struggled under for so long (Illuminati control). Since I was a part of them so long ago, “Lucifer” applies to me as well, THEN, not NOW. All this painful stuff I’m having to go through and clear may very well be karma from back then. I am full of love and light for all that is now.


I have felt drawn to study the darker things throughout my life, but not practice them. I never understood why I felt drawn to dark, Luciferian books, music, etc. in the past. 13 years ago in a rush to turn in an art exam, I drew Michaelangelo’s David. I couldn’t get the feet right, so I drew him with cloven hooves instead. I turned the drawing in that way. David Wilcock’s last article exposes this work of art as being a reference to Lucifer, and there was another sculpture in the article depicted once with hooves. That blew me away that I put hooves on David so long ago without understanding why, but I understand now.


The draw I felt was trying to get me to process these old feelings of guilt and pain from my past when I did terrible things. I also have a lot of fear left in me, especially regarding why someone would be searching for me for thousands of years to wake me up, and what might happen if I don’t play along with their agenda. This has all happened this year, and the person is still around. I suppose I may run into him around town some day, but I no longer fear him, the Anunnaki, Illuminati, any of the people that have been watching me since I woke up. I am free, and far stronger than I used to be.


I have truly come full circle in this journey, and am excited for our future. With this post, I release all my fears. I am truly happy no matter what is happening around me or to me, and I know in my heart that I am where I should be now. I’m no longer lost or alone. I’m so happy to be in contact with all of our brothers and sisters we can’t see yet! I am thankful to have their help as well.


I love you all!