Konstantinos: My synchronicity experiences while I was away since August 15th 2012

Hello dear friends. Glad to be back with all of you (-_-).

I wish to describe and share my ‘extraordinary’ synchronicities that I had while I was to my grandmother’s house, who by the way, she’s aware of the New Age and she’s a true treasure and ally to me.

Aug 15: It was afternoon and I was discussing with my grandmother how much I would like to watch the movie K-Pax, which is about a man (Kevin Spacey) who sais that he is from the planet K-Pax in Lyra and he has been put to the madhouse…I totally recommend this movie, you won’t regret it. Later at that night, I was zapping on TV and suddenly, THERE IT IS! The NET Channel started to show this movie! I didn’t know anything about it, I hadn’t read any TV programme magazine that week….

Aug 16: It was midnight while I was zapping on TV and thinking about telepathy and other similar abilities and then, there it is the scene of a movie where the doctor sais to the patient about the 3rd eye and his growth, regarding his telepathic abilities…

Aug 17: I was thinking about numerology and while I was zapping, I fell on the movie ‘the number 23’ starring Jim Carrey…

Aug 18: It was nightzone and I was zapping again thinking about Spirituality and visions and right after that, I fell on the movie ‘Danica’ which is about a woman who cannot understand if the things she sees are visions or hallucinations ….

Aug 19: I was outside with my grandmother and someone asked me to drw for him a creature from the world of Elves, Orks etc. You will see later why I am mentioning that. While we were walking back at home, we were discussing about AAM and Light Beings and right after that, we saw in front of us a big shiny signature of a store with the word ‘EΣΤΙΑ’ (HESTIA=HOME)! This sign felt that it was straight from Home indeed (-_-). Later, while zapping on TV, I fell on a movie which had to do with magic, spells, Elves…I was shocked again of course.

Aug 20:  I was outside with my grandmoter and we were talking about doppelgangers..later at 12:45 pm I fell right on a movie scene, where two men were discussing about the theory of the doppelganger syndrome!

Aug 21: Syncronicities with numbers.

Aug 22: As you can see, my most syncronicities here, include TV. Same goes for this day too. I was zapping again and I was thinking about ETs and Disclosure, when I suddenly fell on a movie which had to do with an ET female hybrid who was discovering her powers with the help of her doctor Earth father. Some minutes later, the particular channel saw the trailer of the next day’s movie ‘The Mothman Prophecies’ starring Richard Gere, depicting a true series of events about the prophecies of an extra-dimensional entity…

Aug 23: I was thinking about channelers and mediums and then I fell right on the theme of the TV series ‘Medium’! What can I say…

Aug 26: In this and the next case, I don’t think they have t do with syncronicities, but anyway, I’d like to share these incidents too. On Aug 26th, I asked for help, regarding a specific area of my personal issues, while I was holding Doreen Virtue’s book about the Ascended Masters. I closed my eyes and I opened the book…guess what. I got right on the entity who had as a speciality this specific area! (Pleasantly) Shocked again…

Aug 27: On that day, my computer didn’t appear any picture of the screen and the files, although it was turned on…for 10-15 minutes my father and brother were trying to fix it, but nothing…so, I prayed to AAM and after 2 seconds, my brother said ‘Finally, it works!’….yes, it works indeed (-_-). Thank you AAM.

Well, these were my syncronicities in the period I was away. I also got two channeled messages, the one from Iltheos and the other from AAM. I connected with AAM, after some minutes from the time I heard an inner ringing on my left ear..quite amazing! I’ll post these two messages later.

Much Love and Hugs to all of you, my dear friends.

PS: I use Skype now, so whoever of you uses Skype too,it would be my pleasure to communicate with you through video conversation (if you have time and you’re in the mood for it, of course).

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  1. Wow konstantinos, that is indeed synchronizations. I notice I have this with my dreams, that when I wake up from my dream, I see all over, tv , on the road, some symbols i was dreaming of. I also noticed on last friday, when I went to apply for temporary residence for my family, I kept on seeing everywhere 444. We were at 8 am at home affairs and left at 4.30 PM.

    Yes , K-pax is an awesome movie and I have the dvd of it. Also I watch the tv series: Medium and I thought the “mothman” was a scary movie.

    Love Lisa

  2. Great dear Lisa.Glad you enjoyed my experiences. Also, I’d like to add that I had 3 dreams, Aug 23rd-25th, where I was seeing people in shelters. I was moving between them and asking them how they were doing. They didn’t seem to worry. Also, the place initially, seemed like a military base, but I didn’t feel any danger.

    Much Love to you, Lisa and to the rest of our wonderful team.

  3. What an awesome experience you had dear Lisa and i think this had nothing to do with synchronicity but more with 5D 🙂

    Why i say 5D? Well we all know that in 5D our thoughts and desires will manifest as soon as it pops in our brains right.And i think this is what happened to you.You said you were thinking about it and then it showed up on tv various times.Can you see the connection here?

    I think you just had a bit of taste of how 5D feels like or you are with on foot into 5D and the other one in 3D 🙂

    So yeah we are getting closer and closer and we need to be careful with our thoughts because they will manifest sooner than we can expect and that is because we are getting closer and closer to 5D.

    I also had a similar experience this august that marked me and my friends while taking a trip to Hungary and i will soon share it with you too.I too had a bit of taste of what 5D feels like or maybe we all getting close and that’s why this things happens.

    • Glad you liked the experiences I reported, dear Feanon. Aslo, Lisa and many others have experienced (and continue to do so) these kind of situations. You are very right about 5D. Waiting to learn about your experiences.

  4. Dear Friend Konstantinos , thank you for sharing this, it is amazing proof for the Law of Attraction and the power of thought 🙂
    I also have been experiencing many similar things
    Love and Light

  5. Indeed dear Tauno! It’s wonderful (and pleasantly shocking some times). Glad you and dear Babajij enjoyed my report. Much Love to both of you .

  6. Welcome Back Konstantinos!…Interesting days indeed…for You & those who have Skype, my username on Skype is: babajij2…i haven’t totally figured out the SkypeCalls,yet…bit i do instant message on there…Feel free to add me

    • Konstantinos, there are two listed in Skype… One with a picture and one without. The one with the picture is from Thessaloniki…. Just searching for Konstantinos brings up 200… LOL… Popular name, Eh?

  7. Hey John. Glad to see you (-_-). I am the one with the picture and I am from Thessaloniki. And yes, many people have this name in Greece….but I guess you found me, since there are two in Skype. Love and Light to you.

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