Important from Laura

Ladies and gents, I have small bit of poor news.
Following a few threats on fellow lightworkers of late and also various issues concerning my studies, work, personal and family life, there is a big chance that I will close all my blogs and activities until further notice.
It may be a case of me being able to open a new blog, totally unrelated to my previous blogs some time into the future.
I wi

ll have to see how the situation develops over the coming days and I will ask for guidance of course.
There are a few other aspects which I cannot openly speak of online or in private, except to a few of you who I know for a long time and who I have contacted by email.
I very much would like the Aurora dreamflights to continue however, there is one person who has volunteered to take over from me. So please don’t be surprised if Aurora continues with a new channeler for some time.
I hope you can understand, and I am very sorry if this is a disappointment for some of you. I am sure you can understand however.
If you no longer see this blog or page, you know i have taken them off line. I may come back online in a few months or so I hope.. Hugs to everybody. Laura

Please share this meditation with your friends… it feels like we have a great opportunity to make a difference in the next few days!

Up 2 The 5th

One step we can make, closer to DISCLOSURE…

Adrial has shared with me that there is a tremendous Galactic Light Show that is preparing to unfold. Please be aware that this will happen gradually, over time, as the power of the Light Show meditation increases (please see meditation guidance below)…

We believe that our Friends’ ships are cloaked… What I learned last night is that we are actually cloaking Gaia, also, and we can now meditate to release this cloakand be able to see our brothers and sisters in the skies!

I’d like to share what I was shown, in preparation for meditations that we can all do between August 16 and August 18, to help our Star Families reveal themselves…

I’m still on  my trip to Pagosa Springs, so I will just share a brief chat below… please ask questions through comments if you like. This original…

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Beloved Brother & Sister, 
Indeed, There is no need for apologies to anyone, for working so hard on this beautiful concept of Life on Earth, as We are doing  this for others, and asking nothing in return… as we all are, for years of our awaken life… as this is a concept of Love for Life… 
This is a concept of Life without guilt… This is a concept of love Unconditional, even if hurts a little… This is a concept of asking others nothing yet giving all you have in your heart… This is a concept where is no guilt or doubts any longer… This is a concept where we only are what we allow self to be… This is a concept where we receive all and more, not from one we just serviced, but from Universal Creation, from One Source… 
When I realized that I am doing the best…

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