November 2012 Crystal Connections


  1. And you saw RA so then you get Om’Ra :D. Love lisa

    OM RA – looks as a mantra, the wholeness
    Yes, I remember being told that we are about to reach a greater wholeness, Lisa, I received it as I was watching the craft nearing the Portal!
    Love You!

  2. Lisa – 14 November 2012

    I was curled up in foetus position, naked and lying in a darkness that felt fluid. I am lying in a fluid with crystal. I see that a white cord comes from my belly button and it connects me to the core of Gaia. I become more lighter and more crystalinne and eventualy pushed out by mother Gaia. Suddenly I am inside a huge, dark grey cave and I saw an opening that went outside into the light. As I went out a huge waterfall was coming dow. I think I met a positive zeta but I am not sure because his head is elongated, big black eyes and brown skin. The vision shifts and see a huge amount of water ( this morning I was dreaming of a tsunami) and suddenly through the heart I made connection with my crystal seeing people and cities inside of it and got through 0m’Ra. Maybe it is the name of my stone? I am not so good in the pendulum to verfy it. Anyway, love lisa.

  3. Crystal Meditation – 14 November 2012

    I closed my eyes and a Lotus Flower vision came immediately , the Lotus was opening its petals
    Then I saw the Rune GEBO in the Eye that became the SUN
    RA is assisting Us and is connected with us Now, I also had a vision with the Solar Eclipse today
    I looked through OLA and the Lemurian showed me more than three Beings of Light , they were looking just as Konstantinos has drawn them, Our Space Family and also I saw Konstantinos Higher Self
    I asked them to give Us a message, the message was short ” The time is nearing”, I saw a Big Crystal Craft moving towards a Portal and felt Joy and Happiness since the Craft was shining with White Crystal Light


  4. I saw a triangle portal and I was traveling through it, through space. I see that goldn light green valley again. I believe my other family is there. I walk through a forest labyrint with waterfalls. I see a fontain with crystals and lotus flowers floating on the water, i like to meditate there. Love lisa

    Dear Lisa, you made it! Do you remember the triangular portal that I saw in the Mother Ship above the earth, I could not enter because i was told that the dark ones are still here, tonight You went through the Portal! This means that the darkies are going away, my dear heart! WE MADE IT! Thank You, I also went through a tunnel and then through some other tunnels, the Path is clear now! Oh, I forgot to mention that i saw street workers paving a new path/way!

  5. Dear Hearts
    Here is my Crystal Meditation – 13 November 2012

    I saw the whole planet and some of the major spiritual places on Earth through OLA
    I was watching from above and I saw all places , from the desert Mexico area to Egypt, I saw Nile river and next to it the Great Pyramid, behind I saw Tibet and the Rune Gebo X was there in Tibet that means connection, a gift and cooperation, we are connected with Tibet and there I saw even more bigger Pyramid than that in Egypt, the Mountain is a pyramid
    I saw two human like figures and their heads were heart shaped, they were holding hands
    I saw an Angelic Being that in a minute I realized to be AA Michael, He was carrying another Angelic being and He was assisting the Earth, AA Michael was helping and Guarding the two Twin Flames that were sitting connected on Earth
    Then I was in the snowy mountain high above and I saw the Wolf singing his song and the Bear too, in fact the wolf and the Bear were One Spirit, there was white colour everywhere
    In one of my previous meditations some months ago I was connected with Jeshua and I saw this white colour, so heavenly, not simply White but Pure Heavenly Light and aether white, this colour is alive and is everything, it has its music and specific vibrations too
    Then I saw the Portals and started moving through them

    • Dear Lisa, the energies of Ascension are all around us, and we are breathing LOVE and our Hearts become eternal Sources of LIGHT that is flooding the Planet, we connect ALL since we Are All Connected , this link is eternal and IS Always Here, what is needed to Ascend is going into the Heart and feel the Source, now I realize what is this sadness, this is the LOVE that is opening all gates and portals for the endless Creation, Lisa, when You feel insignificant and in depression and lost, then You, my dear Heart are doing much more work , you Create, you are searching for the next Creation of Yours
      Love You All
      ( ( SUN ) )

  6. I wonder….. this article from Steve Beckow:

    I think it is relate what I experienced on the 11 November as I am also a gatekeeper.

    “He told me this morning, before the program, that he had not spoken of our role as gatekeepers very much. Then later, in the Hour with an Angel broadcast, he said that more than 100,000 lightworkers had ascended on 11/11 and would be returning Archangel Michael: Many, many went through the portal. And what we are suggesting is that it is about a 24-hour portal and so many are anchoring, re-anchoring today back in what they feel is some physical form. So yes, many ascended. Well over a hundred thousand. …

    What is happening with the gatekeepers, and the pillars as well, by the way, is that they have come and it is even first of all they have come to a much higher realm and frequency than simply the Fifth Dimension. Then they have anchored in the Fifth. Now they are floating back to the Third. How you note that is by substantial change. Observe your friends. Observe your family. Rather than even looking to the bigger scene. Because that is where you will truly notice or perceive a difference.

    It is not that these people, these gatekeepers are to be noted so much as different, but they know that something very substantial and deep and irrevocable has taken place within them. And that their sense of mission and of purpose has truly come to the forefront. With a sense of confidence, yes, but also with a sense of … we will not say desperation … but of urgency, that they must do their mission and purpose, that there is, in terms of the human realm and the human experience, … no time left to be prevaricating, that they must get on with it, and that that sense of directness, there is no more curved highway, it is a straight line, and that they truly must reach those they have volunteered for. And for some it is one by one by one, but for most it is massive groups.”

    What do you think Tauno?

  7. Crystal meditation 12 November 2012

    The only thing I got was i was standing on the hill overlooking a valley, on my right a mountain ridge, is was all green. It seems to be late in the evening because the light was golden orange. Vision changes and I am flying over Antarctica, over a group of penguins and reached the entrance of hollow earth and seeing a city coming up, the people of inner earth coming up from the entrance. Then i had a dream that something was coming and then a big black blanket came alive , got on top of me and starting to crush me, i really could feel the weight. I screamed, not out of fear but give me more fighting energy to fight it and I won

    Love Lisa

  8. Crystal Meditation – 12 November 2012

    I saw two sitting Human figures in front of a rectangular gate/portal, I asked my Guides to give us a message and the crystal shined with a flash of blue Light
    I could see the same forest of Light as I saw it in one of my previous meditations, the trees gradually took shapes of arches and gates of a huge Palace of Light and yet it was a forest, the Light was Golden
    I saw a Being of Light that looked like Jeshua dressed in White and holding an object like a ball or disc in His left hand, I saw a giant Hand behind Him and I felt that Ashtar/the hand/ is co working with Jeshua now and they are involved in a common task
    I saw the top of the Lemurian , three surfaced and with two visions there – on the right there was a land in that I saw a fire and a desert land at night, on the left I saw a mountain with snow, I saw the mountain from above
    Then I had a vision of the surface of Earth and a huge Mother Ship anchored above it, the Ship was crystalline or transparent as it was simply the sky, I saw a triangular portal in the craft and a pyramid into the portal, and also I saw the number 6, I saw actually three spheres into this portal and received ” the dark ones are still here, this is the time of cleaning” and that is the reason I am still on the verge of this portal, I could not enter , just saw it, I feel this is connected with some cleaning still needed
    End of meditation

    Today I felt strange negative emotions coming up on the surface, they were not mine, but connected with me and I think this has past life connection, all negative from all our past lives emerges to be observed and then to let it go, just to pass, I let it just be and re leashed it

    • Hi Tauno,

      We did it again. A synchronization with the forest and the Golden light and the light city. That is really amazing. I have the feeling that there is a specific theme to our meditations.

      Love Lisa

    • About the astronaut, if you get a chance to see the recent Dr. Who series, it is highly recommended. There is a series of strange episodes concerning the astronaut… it is River Song, she was raised as a weapon to kill Dr. Who, but turned into his wife. As a child she was mistreated but realized her true power and rebelled against her captors.

      Regarding Santa Muerte, this is for you to feel in your heart, if you feel it is her, then it is. πŸ™‚ ♥

      • You are right, Troy!
        This is definitely not Santa Muerte, I was thinking about this Being a few minutes ago and I feel I met the Duality Herself
        She was as a negative and positive together, when She was White, the mask was dark and when the mask became Light the Being in turn became dark
        BUT ! The most important IS that Duality has taken off Her mask! This is the news from this meditation

  9. Lisa – 11 November 2012
    I saw a feline and she was smiling @ me, she had a light brown fur. She was pointing up and I saw all the pyramids took of the planet leaving earth. I was inside in one of those pyramids , lying in a crystal pool and I got upgraded, I felt a portal opening inside of the pyramid above me and we went right through it ending up in space. As I look too Gaia , it feels different, like different vibration, parallel universe? 5 th dimension ? Love lisa

  10. Crystal Meditation – 11 November 2012

    I saw an astronaut outside the Space Station “Peace” and he was trying to repair something on the Station , next to him I saw a Being of Light that was holding a craft with hands, this Being was so big and Shining and carried the vibrations of Ancient Greek Gods, I think of Mercury , The astronaut did not see the Being of Light but this Being was giving him a protection and Light, then I saw the astronaut half in the spere of Light of this Being, as if the astronaut was moving into a higher vibration and the higher dimension, I could see the astronaut in one of his previous incarnations there, He was a monk dressed in black and head covered with a black hood
    Then I saw the Earth Surface and Angelic Being in the Sky
    I was in a building, I entered in and I could see a corridor, then stairs with a mirror at the base of the stairs, I went up the stairs, the building was very narrow and high, all rooms and corridors were narrow and high, I could see a man in a room below, I was watching him from the ceiling, he was sitting in front of a table and writing, he was the Arabian!
    Then I saw a gathering of a family , all members were of Light and there was a Huge Angel of Light with them too


  11. Lisa – 10 November 2012

    In my connection I saw the wolf and fox playing together. Then I hear a pack of wolfs howling to the moon. I see a shaman native american saying to me to let go. He begins to sing and I have a vision in a vision of the white buffalo returning to earth. Followed by a vision of the thunderbird. I see earth from space in a pink bubble and the song ‘ love lift us up where we belong, where the eagles fly on a mountain high’ love lisa ps: i have a terrible flu, headache, stuffed nose , sore throat and a bit of fever. Hope it is going to be better tomorrow.

    • Dear Lisa, I am so amazed by your visions since I also saw White Tatanka in some of my meditations, I wear a necklace of moss agate these days and I was connected with Nature Spirits, I will send you a song that I received from Native American Spirit in one of my meditations, here it is”ILLEIEE “, the first 4 letters are sung and pause and then the last 3 of the letters/the stress is on the sound I for each of them/, then repeat and repeat the song , I think it is a kind of mantra, I believe that the song is connected with Runes , because the Runes have also rhythm and can be played by Shaman Drum and also can be sung , although I know many things about the Runes I cannot say that I know everything, it is a huge Knowledge and I know only a tiny bit of it
      Love and Light
      Lisa, I Am sending to You my Healing White Light Now

  12. Dear Hearts
    here is what I have received

    Crystal Meditation – 10 November 2012

    I saw the Deer, Bear and Wolf
    Then I saw Ascended Master that was carrying Mother Mary`s vibrations, but She was in the distance and I could not see Her face but only Her figure and I asked if She Is Mother Mary – the answer came as another vision through the crystals, A Man appeared next to Mother Mary and I saw He Is Jeshua, He was giving Us a Blessing and I saw other figures, a kind of Students below that were listening to Jeshua/Lisa, do you remember that meditation in which I asked about our past life connection with You and I had a vision with two Jeshua Students in Jerusalem in Biblical time /. I asked Them to give Us a message and I was shown this
    I saw an EYE , over the surface of Earth, then the EYE turned out to be a craft with a shape of an Eye, I saw a shining ….stick …in the craft and I saw a crystal city from above it, there were some tall buildings like skyscrapers there
    and then I was in a strange mountain, this was in fact a high rock and the abyss there, the abyss is the place where Human Souls dropped after the fall of Atlantis and I saw the evolutionary path of a Soul as a sequence of , a chain of human figures, one over the other, like a chain and each next figure was over the previour one, up and up from the abyss along the rock, humans evolved
    I received ” Remember to send Your LOVE and LIGHT into Gaia now”
    I closed my eyes and relaxed and in my third eye there came a LIGHT, I saw a beam of Light that came through me into Gaia, I became a link between the Sun and the Earth and this LIGHT is so wonderful experience, You feel aware of what is happening around You and at the same time You Know what are the Higher Vibrations, You become a bridge between the worlds and time lines ! This is What All of Us are doing Now meditating, dreaming and visualizing!


      • WOW, this channeling resonates with what I feel and with some of my inner knowledge and…..Lisa, the wonderful children in the SUN, is is possible I am one of the facets of this Ascended Soul ? I will keep my spiritual eyes open to find the answer soon
        Thank You for sharing, my sister
        Moss agate is strongly connected with plants and gardening and healing too
        Love and Light

  13. I was reading an article about Daniel Q&A:

    And found this quite interesting because in my meditation of 7 November I saw three pyramids with almost a white sun above it.

    “Patricia: If/when the sun does go dark [temporarily], I will be enormously grateful for the understanding of what is really happening. Thank you, Daniel. Also, it is already obvious to the naked eye that the sun is significantly more white than yellow, and larger.

    That is obvious to me, too, when I look in the sky at the sun. But then, most people miss the obvious! I used to watch sunspots through my welding glasses–a very dark red–but now, using the same lens, can’t even look at the sun. Just too bright.”

    Love Lisa

    PS: new post 9 November Crystal Connection:

    • Dear Crystal, what an amazing connection, you were one of the People that were in the pool like Lisa! You do not stop anything, my Heart, please, do share your meditations here, we connect each evening at 8:30 Bulgarian time zone
      Everyone of us , my friends, who wants to connect with us is welcome to join us πŸ™‚
      ( ( SUN ) )

  14. Lisa – 9 November 2012
    When I was driving home I was waiting in traffic in front of a robot to get green and i noticed this advertising for a car saying ‘ change is defined by the one who drives it’ as I was pondering I suddenly got a vision of a bear coming out of his wintersleep and see that the world changed a lot while he was sleeping. Tonight I went down with the flu. Even greatly disturbed I got some images from my meditation. I saw first a red rose then a grey Heron flying up to the big white moon. I see mount fuji ready to blow, out of it comes a stream of wind carrying lotus flowers and landing @ a baobab tree, in the desert. As the flowers fall on the sand , grass begins to grow very fast. I see a suneclipse and the word ‘reset’ comes to mind. Ending with the ying/yang symbol. Love Lisa

  15. Crystal Meditation – 9 November 2012
    Dear Hearts, I was holding the crystals but I used my third eye to connect, it was a quick meditation but I felt as I am asleep
    I saw a Fairy with transparent big wings, She was sitting on a rock over a lake
    Then I saw people and my talks with them , they were like a movie recorded, Spirits and Beings I am connected with wanted to see my interactions and the conversations I had with people with lower vibrations, I saw how I was having conversations with these people as a movie and as a kind of a dream.
    Then I saw Abi-Qor, the place was covered with clouds/mist and I could see the steps carved into the rock
    I had a feeling of being near a large pool or lake
    I also had a sense of Portal and steps towards it
    I opened my eyes and Leos showed me a portal and another one – the same SUN portal with the shape of a human figure, me and Lisa are familiar with this Portal
    … as I am writing the visions continue, when I closed my eyes I found myself flying above the ocean and then swimming under water, under water colours were brown, golden, orange, yellow and red – of the sea bed, and I saw a portal there too, as a tunnel

    Love and Light

  16. Oh, I forgot – the Arabian and Roman appeared to be One Being and I feel this Being is connected with TOT
    Les, I hope this answers many questions

  17. Hello, everyone
    The attacks continue against me, negative vibrations coming from people I work with cause me tiredness and sadness and health problems too, my old pain came again due to the stress I experience these days
    I had troubles to concentrate and had this vision

    The Snake came first
    A Native American Men that were hunting, I saw a Bear and a Rabbit as big as the Bear, A Human figure climbing the mountain I saw
    Then an Angel looking after two humans on Earth at the same time /my feeling is that these are me and Lisa/, the Angel gives us Protection
    Then I saw a human sending a beam of Light to the core of Gaia while this human was raising up to the Angel above the Human and this Angel was sending Light to the Human
    Then I saw a giant Fish

    Love and Light

  18. Wow, beautiful Babajij, thanks.


    As I went to sleep, I was giving my intent to visit Blaze to do some portal duty πŸ˜€ and I also asked if I could access the Akashic records. I had a very tumultuous dream, as always. I woke up and asked again about the Akashic records, at that moment a little airplane flew over our area and instantly I got WW 2 through and a vision of airplanes flying over a landscape.


    Love Lisa

    • Dear Babajij, now I see that you meant my previous dream as far as the dark ones are concerned
      I have been transmuting a lot of negative energies recently and these energies are coming from outside and I just try to turn them into Light, I sometimes feel as a mirror, reflecting back this that is sent to me and I think this builds a protection around me and when I feel rising of Light in my Heart I simply transmute, accept and burn , like the SUN using the Holy Violet Fire for transmutation
      ( ( LOVE ) )

    • Der Friends
      here is what I received although I am so tired today since I was attacked by strong negative energies

      Crystal Meditation 7 November 2012

      I saw the pyramids, but aether ones all around the world
      I saw Native American Chefs and met the Spirit of Grey Eagle, I could see the feathers very near to me, dark brown with red dots and the Spirit of the Eagle was above this chef
      he was holding the Pipe of Peace and I was at a gathering of the Chiefs that I met before, the Chief gave me the pipe of peace and I accepted , this way our communication began …I am already sure that they call me Two Feathers and the Chief started with the words ” Many moons from now we were living on Earth….” I heard the name Navaho and I saw a Native American woman that appeared as a vision, I asked about the Lotus and the Lotus Portal we opened, I was told that Lotus is connected with Wisdom and it carries female vibrations and the woman in ash-blue dress I saw yesterday in the void is connected with Lotus, the female force is passive and it gives intentions and the male force is that force which is active and makes things happen. Male and female energies when balanced are making a Divine Oneness and work in synchronicity and that is why the Lotus Portal is so important now when the Heart Chakra of Humanity is opening , this opening goes hand in hand with the raising of our understanding and growth in consciousness

      I saw the Inner and surface earth , both were shining and between them in the layer that separates them I saw a Huge Being, a Giant that was moving and stretching muscles as if this Being has been sleeping for ages and now is awake

      I saw the Bear , She was watching me and was in the mountain , the Wolf was there too
      I saw the same Golden Light of the Sun Portal where me and Lisa went into, the Portal was Human Shaped Portal , Shining very strong and I received ” YOU ARE THE PORTALS”
      Thank You!

      • Lisa – 7 November 2012
        I was visualizing golden light around me and visualizin connecting to you all. I saw 3 pyramids stacked behind each other and a white sun/circle was shining above giving the pyramids a weird kinda of lighting. The vision changes and i see the tree of life bearing lotus flower. I get the message my heart is the lotus flower portal. Then it looked like a thousand white butterflies came out of the tree, picked me up and lifted me up in the sky. I am the gates of the light city in the sky, everything looks so brilliant and i feel like crying because i miss it. I see a lot of light beings coming towards me, certainly about 30, standing around me and giving me light and love. It felt so great and when i came out of my meditation, i felt like i was floating in the air and so relaxed. Love lisa

    • Babajij, This is Him – the Grey Eagle, He came into my visions and meditations and we smoked the Pipe of Peace

      • Hi Tauno, i read Ur Meditation,below…and a bit shocked to hear that You were astrally trespassed against…Please continue to protect Urself…It seems that the Warriors are on a Mission and Ur Strength at this Time is all Important…Take Time to Rest and Move According to Ur Fine-Tuned Intuition…Bear is with You

        • Thank you, Babajij πŸ™‚ You Are a Blessing in My Life ! Yes, I was attacked today, this was a serious danger but I feel the POWER of LIGHT inside of me and the Divine gives me help and support
          Nothing is stronger than the LIGHT/TRUTH
          I will share with You something that really happened, when the things got worst, I sent a quick prayer to GOD to help me and looked in front of me through the window – I saw an ORB of White Light, this was for me πŸ™‚ an answer
          Thank You, GOD!
          Thank You, My Guardians, Guides and Friends πŸ™‚ Thank You, Babajij
          Now it is time to Heal the World
          Make it a better place
          For the entire Human race

  19. Lisa – 6 November 2012

    I saw an eye , then the eye wwas in a circle plate. On the top there was a landscape developing, pine forest, mountains with snow tops. On the bottom appeard pyramids and they became crystal. Then the plate became gaia and i saw million ships beaming light to earth. I am on the ocean, beach and look @ the sun. It expands and comes closer, i see me and tauno inside the sun, lauhing and having fun. We were on 5 d earth. Then the light engulfed my whole body and i felt the portal opening inside of me. Love lisa
    Forgot to mention that the light that was coming true me from the sun, i anchored it into gaia

  20. Crystal Meditation 6 November 2012

    Before the meditation I saw the Wolf and in meditation I saw the Wolf again
    I was in the void concentrating into my Heart, in this empty space I met the Woman and the vision was of blue colour, the woman was with long ash-blue dress
    Then I saw the Bear , the Wolf and the letter K that turned into Rune GEBO and I also was shown the Rune TYR, the message is – we are connected , Konstantinos is also involved and the victory is Ours
    Then I saw some Higher Beings, one of them was Ashtar, He was giving Us a Blessing , I was connected with Mother Mary and El Moria too
    I saw the Portal over our 3D world, this world was separated as it was inside a closed box and the Portal was unable to reach the inner space within the box, then the shift happened, I received ” You have to shift Your reality to connect with the Portal” the shift in consciousness that we are making through our common work formed a strong and Powerful beam of LIGHT and very fast the Portal and Our reality became ONE

    I saw a land, a mountain landscape and a high grass , many people were walking forward one after another, in a row, they were about to reach the rocks and pass through the rocks, I have a feeling of this land being Abi-Qor and at the same time the earth`s Surface, I also felt the upcoming of Agarthians and their gathering with us
    I received “The Cities of Light are approaching”


    • I forgot to mention that I saw the battle between the Light and Dark
      The Light won the battle and I saw a Native American Chief with many feathers and head of an Eagle above, When I searched the net I found photos of White Eagle, Grey Eagle – Chiefs that were incarnated on Earth
      Love and Light

  21. Lisa – 5 November 2012
    I saw first many blue orbs colliding, explosion and turning in a big energy ball. I see then again the lotus flower risong and it glows a soft orange/ pink color. The scene changes and an eagle soars over abi qor. I am standing now between an encampment of tipi’s looking @ the stars, there is a gathering going on. I see a lady, blue skin color, looks japanese and looks like she is wearing japanese clothes. She was smiling @ me. I got the message i will be working on the lotus (flower) portal tonight. Then i set my intention to visit athabantian and blaze and with closing i saw adrial, she looked she was in sparkels. Love lisa.

    • WOW, we are about to open the Lotus portal, dear Lisa! I will try too πŸ™‚ and I also saw the woman, wow
      ( ( SUN ) )

  22. Dear Hearts
    I could hardly concentrate and my body feels full of electricity and I can hardly sit and write, I feel strange but I received a quick update
    I meditated concentrating on my third eye
    I found myself flying over a mountain – Abi-Qor, it was so beautiful there and I could see the many colours of the mountain
    I saw a Being, a woman`s face that seemed to be drawn in the air with smoke or cloud of white/grey colour, the woman had a vibration close to the vibration of the Stone woman I saw yesterday in my meditation
    I saw some faces in this meditation too and was taken to another realm of Buddhas and I saw meditating Buddha/or a Being with similar vibration and the Being was sitting in an opened Lotus flower – pink and violet Lotus
    I saw quite vividly an Angel, a Beautiful Angel that came to me , this Angel was very kind and caring and I felt as a little child in front of the Angel, mostly female vibrations were in this Being
    I asked about a message and I received a vision
    A Human was standing on a high rock, beneath there was the abyss and the sea under the rock and a strong Light came from above and the Human Ascended
    I received ” You will be saved at the verge of the abyss”
    Thank you all!

  23. Hi everybody, I am making a post of 4 november meditation and hope that you don’t mind if I also put your meditations in it. After I closed the meditation yesterday , a few minutes later as I was relaxing I got an image/ vision again , and when I looked it up on the internet, oh boy… much information is tied to this single image I got….so worthed to make a post from it.

    Love Lisa

  24. November 4th 2012 (approximately 1:20 am)

    Iltheos showed me a gold pyramid. The space behind the pyramid had a violet color. He told me to imagine a big eye with a light blue iris.The eye would be on the pyramid’s centre. He told me to not connect it with the NWO. Like svastika or other things, the symbolism of the eye of the great architect has been used for not so good intentions too. Anyway, he told me to focus to the white dot of the iris…the iris had a lilac color. I felt a very huge trubulent energy transmission…my whole body was shaken and instantly, after some seconds, I got up. This was a taste of my Light body. The eye is a portal for Arcturus, but this method can also be used for the connection with other worlds, because I have learned that Arcturians are responsible for the construction of eathereal portals that lead to other dimensions and worlds. Iltheos confirms that (-_-).

    • Tauno
      October 30, 2012 @ 2:19 pm

      Dear Hearts
      Here is what I have received
      Crystal Meditation 30 October 2012

      I saw a path leading into a huge EYE and I entered into the eye
      I saw a land, the place looked like Abi-Qor. There was a human figure there on the rocks and below I could see the flat surface with grass
      I closed my eyes and concentrated on my third eye to have a vision. I found myself flying above the Earth,I could see the ocean below, the land too, I was moving very fast helped by my Guides and watched the Earth from above and on the left there was an energy that was not from this planet. It was like a sphere, orange golden and not transparent, there was something mysterious about it, something I felt I am about to explore, the New that was waiting for me, for Us, this thing/energy I do not know but I feel it is not here by chance and all will be well.
      I am now in space flying along a craft, I know this craft and I am not interested to enter in because I know what I will see and that is why I fly outside the craft till I enter the sphere of orange golden Light, this is something new for me….the void, there is nothing in this sphere, only endless potentials since the sphere is full of energy. I feel as a Creator of a reality of my own, I have only the feeling of my Presence and my experience and Knowledge, this is the place where the New reality is about to take shape, I have to rest for a while in this empty space, to connect with it and let the Heart leads me with my new Creations, I have to connect with my true essence in this void sphere..this way I will be connected with this energy that is the cement of All Creation – LOVE, everything except LOVE is called Learning because Love is unbreakable and non-destroyable
      I see some dots in the sphere as the first cells of this new reality are already into existence , the colour changes into blue-green as in the ocean but more lighter colour and I feel my Presence


  25. Also, yesterday evening (evening of 3 November), while Konstantinos and I were chatting on Skype, Iltheos asked him to visualize a golden pyramid, with violet light behind it, and an eye on the pyramid, with a blue iris. And to focus on the white light in the pupil (I’m writing this from memory, so I hope I am reporting it correctly…). I will leave it to Kosta to describe his experience, but when he told me about it, I went inside and looked as well. We had been talking with Iltheos, and about out Arcturian friends. I had been given a connection by Tashina, and felt there was another connection being made.

    I saw the golden pyramid, with the lilac-colored light of Arcturus surrounding it. Near the top was an “eye”, which to me appeared more as circle with blue shutters (somewhat like those of a camera) which opened as my vision approached nearer to it. As it opened, golden and white light poured out, and it was as if I was floating into the portal, in the heaven, between two layers of beautiful fluffy white clouds. These were much like the clouds that Tashina had shown me, and I realized that this is a portal to connect with Arcturus and our friends there… It was my path home!

    It was incredibly beautiful and familiar, and I hope to remember to use this portal as I am meditating or falling asleep. It feels like it is an express route!

    Namaste, dear ones!

    • This is so beautiful, my Friend Les πŸ™‚
      The way home,
      I forgot to mention the vision of rocks -Beings, one of the rocks was with covered eyes and it was a beautiful woman and she was smiling as if She knew that something wonderful is ahead although her eyes were covered

    • YES YES YES! I saw you in a vision with exactly that hat, dear Les! This was when you were searching for job in Pagosa and you could not write to us for so long and I missed you ! It is amazing! I have shared it somewhere here that I had a vision and I saw you with a winter hat, the same model,WOW WOW
      It is a shocking experience even for me
      Love You

  26. Here is my meditation from November 3:
    Hi, Dear Ones!

    I managed to join you, if a bit early, today! (By the way, I’m not sure if I’m including everyone who would like to receive this, so if you see someone is missing, please add them, thank you!)

    Just to share some context with you… I’ve been touching on several different realms of light lately, hoping they will converge… These have included local elementals, my Arcturian family (both through Konstantinos/Iltheos and Tashina, whom I met at the conference in August:
    as well as my Buddhist roots, Inner Earth connections, and of course our crystal and plant friends…

    I meditated with a wand and a cone that each have many different materials in them, as well as a local pine cone and OcaTAwa.

    I was asking to connect, in particular, with my Arcturian family, to receive whatever information would help me feel more energized and productive.

    I saw, quickly, a swirling angelic/astral figure, as if an angel were spinning around to look at me… A beautiful shape, almost like a conch shell. I then saw this as an image I might create, in which the “shadowy” areas of the drawing would be filled with images of leaves and flowers and rocks and plants and crystals, and the rest would be light… Rainbows and colors as well as white.

    Then I saw a Spider Grandmother, crawling on her web, and realized that she shared the form of the constellation of Arcturus (Bootes?):

    This dissolved, and suddenly appeared a figure I did not recognize. (I will try to draw this too…) this sounds a bit strange, but I will describe it, and offer Iltheos’ explanation. A very tall male figure, who is an Archangel, however, instead of his wings spreading from his back, they spread out horizontally, like a vast, curved plane, beneath his feet… He is standing on them. They are like a firmament, or a veil or boundary between “dimensions” or “planes”… This surface is slightly curved, and it’s edge has three gently curved points, like scalloped shapes. Each point reaches into a different “world” or dimension. The color green is prominent in this angel (I had just been looking at this image, which I believe is AAM?) :

    And I understand the angel I saw to be my own guardian, whom I met a year or two ago, named Darphamael. Like Nathaniel, with whom I also have a strong connection, Darphamael is closely related to fire, but in his case it is the fire of Life Force and things growing…

    When I finished the meditation, I picked up my journal, and thought of my recent frustration about wishing to understand better what I should be “doing”, and how I could best help with Ascension, and I clearly heard, “This is exactly it: simply absorb, dissolve, hold the light, extend your awareness, and be present.”

    Oh, in case this appears for some of you: for several days now, planes have been spreading trails in our area. This is so constant and frequent that the sky, which is clear in the dawn, is completely overcast by early afternoon. It feels as if this is to prevent snow by holding the moisture in the high altitudes. Every minute there is a new plane/trail outside my window (not exaggerating!). The locals are quite anxious for the ski season to begin, and if it doesn’t soon, many people will be affected significantly. I feel like I’m here as an observer, strangely enough… Just watching.

    I look forward to reading about your results today!

    Much love to you all!

  27. Lisa – 4 November 2012
    These days i have hard time to concentrate and feel tired and pain all the time that makes me mad. Also meditating is not easy. I bought today some moss agate. My medidation, i was seeing with my third eye and opening vortex opend and then i saw a mayan piramide and i was wealding the power of the portals. Got the message again to go to blaze and work on the energy portals from/too Gaia. Love lisa (will sent you all a mail tomorrow we more explanation.

  28. Dear Friends, before I go in meditation I had a vision again
    I was in Abi-Qor , on the ground, there were high plants and it was a bit windy and I was running along the high rocks, I felt the speed and the wind

    Crystal Meditation 4 November 2012

    I asked my Guides to give me protection and a message
    I found myself in a snowy mountain watching the tops from above, it was a glorious sight, I saw the Wolf there, then the polar Bear lying on Her back with legs up, the bear was calm and was relaxing on the snow
    I had a vision of meditating people forming a circle and holding hands
    I saw the rays of the SUN , they were coming from a portal, we went through this portal with Lisa in one of my previous meditations, this time at the portal there was an Angel, I felt AA Michael`s energy and asked Him to give us a message, He was AA Michael and Jeshua at times, I saw a tree that was alive, the tree had eyes, nose, mouth with teeth and I could communicate with it telepathically
    I saw a portal in a cave, the light was golden, beige, brown and I entered in, I felt that I was visiting an astral realm of the dead ones, I saw many Souls there, they were not moving and stood as statues – mummies, an ancient queen, warriors, I felt I was watching all my previous incarnated facets, the crystal turned and with every turn I stepped one step higher and was watching the next incarnations on the linear scale of time, up and up and up with each turning of the crystal till I reached the current Earth`s surface, I could see the sky above me and there was no step higher , only the Space above, I went out of the cycle of rebirth and felt free, the earth shifted and Shined, I saw the Light beams from the Earth towards the Space


  29. Crystal Meditation – 3 November 2012
    I closed my eyes and I saw running horses, many horses that were running and jumping – representing the Humanity in its way to Ascension, they were running in One direction and some of them turned into Dragons

    I saw an Angel/Elf like Being , the Being looked as a child with wings and I could see the profile and talk with this being, I asked about the name and received Athenon
    Then I asked about a message to all of us
    I found myself flying in Space under the cover of a huge Angel of Light that looked like a craft, I saw nothing, just the Being over me and the empty Space full of Light

    I saw the Earth`s surface and below the surface there was a land of Light and beings that supported the Earth, they were holding the surface with their hands so that the surface would not fall down,
    On the surface I saw Human figure that was directing towards a portal, I saw a shining portal above the surface and I gave to it my Light
    Then the portal got bigger and more powerful and I saw Jeshua there, He was welcoming us through the portal, I saw Angel/Jeshua

    I opened my eyes and looked at OLA in my left hand together with LEOS, I felt I have to give them the programme again
    Ascencion, Ascencion, Love, Light, Peace, Harmony, Joy, Happiness
    OLA and Leos were forming Abi-Qor in my hand and I saw the LIGHT coming from the crystals – Golden Light around OLA and LEOS, my hand was shining with golden Light and I felt a great Power, I expanded the Light in all directions giving energy to Abi-Qor to manifest
    May this Light welcome Our Family of Light from the Stars on Earth Now in Peace and Love and Harmony
    It is time to go Home together!


  30. Lisa`s meditation – 2 November 2012

    I see a lotus flower in the heart and out of the flower heart comes another flower that opens its petals, an another, and so on, and the heart was shining yellow bright light. The vision changes and i am standing on a lake , it is night and the lake is in the forest. The stars are twinkling and then blue electrified big orbs come out of the lake floating 1 meter above water, and not only in this lake but also out other lakes, seas, oceans, ponds , rivirs, canals and so on, connecting a light of blue light beams with each othr all over the world. The the sunflares of the sun was also joining the linking up of the energetic boost for gaia and all the people. Love lisa

  31. I forgot to tell you that I saw Abi-Qor from above , I was very high above this place and it was shining with white crystalline Light
    Love and Light

  32. Crystal Meditation – 2 November 2012

    I was connected with Native American Spirit
    I saw a Chief on the left , then another native American Chief came on the right, I saw some Chiefs and they led me to a gathering, it was a gathering not only with Chiefs but the Spirits too, I saw the Wolf, the Owl, the Bear, the Eagle and these Spirits were also taking part in this meeting, one of the Chiefs stood up and turned to me , He said “Two Feathers”, I felt this as my name in this gathering, I heard ” Free Your Spirit” and I saw a spark of Light that flew out of me and as a racket went into Space and was flying at a great speed into the Galaxy
    I also received that the Bear is me, I have many dreams connected with the bear and these have been since my childhood.
    then I saw the bear fighting with another animal and eating an animal, it was a big bear and she was so wild and bloodthirsty, finally the bear was dead and I remember watching her eyes as she was dying , the Spirit of the bear came in/to me and connected with me
    Then I saw the Wolf, the Wolf was running so fast, a beautiful animal that was running in the night and over it there was the night sky with clouds and stars
    Then to our gathering came a beautiful Angel like woman with a shining robe , She had Native American look and I felt She Is The New Earth


    PS – for two days I have been receiving an image of one of my facets, you know the statue of Thoth looking like a monkey, I see myself this way but not the monkey head but a human head with a face of a child and very sweet eyes, vibrations are from a higher dimension

  33. Dear Les, Kosta and Lisa
    feel free to change the picture on this page with some of your drawings of your visions
    Love and Light

  34. Crystal Meditation – 1 November 2012
    I did the meditation but felt a bit disconnected
    I was in a place that looked like Abi- Qor, I saw Light between the rocks
    I also saw a child standing on a high rock and looking up to the sky
    Then I saw a portal, triangular, a dolphin, next to it a human and next to the human an Angel were opening the portal and at the top of the triangle the wings of the Angel were touching the wings of another Angel from the left side of the portal
    I came in and I saw a crystal mountain landscape
    I asked ” Tell me, Spirit, what is your message to all of us?”
    Then I saw an opened Gate, a Portal to 5 dimension – the portal is here and we are free to enter, I could see a blue Light there then a land I saw and Sunrise in the New Earth


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