November 2012 Crystal Connections

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  1. Crystal Meditation – 15 November 2012

    I meditated with my eyes closed and I had many visions, first I saw a triangular gate, one triangle and then another and numerous triangles were forming a tunnel I was going through, I saw pyramids too
    I saw a boat or ship sailing in the ocean and then a Light Ship shined in the sky
    I saw my father
    I saw my mother watering a plant, the water was so pure and so much
    AA Michael, He turned into a Dragonfly and an Eagle
    Jeshua I saw dressed in White, I saw His feet and robe and He led me towards a corridor, there was something like a labyrinth and Jeshua took one direction, I saw a girl with blond hair and light blue dress that was lost , she did not know the right direction and was wandering into the labyrinth, Jeshua came from the labyrinth and He was over it and there was a path of Light behind Him, He was walking up towards the SUN and after Him there was a Light Path, He entered the SUN
    I saw a Light in my third eye and a column of Blue Light, I received this Light and grounded it into Gaia
    Thank YOU!


  2. This was today while I sat in my room. The house was quiet.
    We are standing in a circle we turn to those standing behind us holding out our left hand for them to join in to our life circle. We now stand holding hands as one collective of the Universe many races many kinds in joint meditation as above us the final veils fall and we see the true sky above Gaia. We begin to levitate to the sound of Angels around us, looking on are the Ascended Masters. A column of pure white light now radiates into our circle from central sun which has expanded to encompass the whole of Gaia. It is now that we begin to rise with our beloved family from the stars and Gaia into the fifth where we become the caretakers as the New Humanity begins their next level in peace, Love and Infinite light as One. Many cultures blend ,many schools of learning and study are prepared as we take the next tentative steps in joy. It is now I realise the crystal pool of my previous Meditation is on the New Earth and the Ascended Masters waiting at the top of the stairs are awaiting Humanities arrival. The doors with the carvings represent the five major Religions taught that have clouded the truth of who we are and from where we came.

    The Masters are returning to fill the heart with divine truths.
    The five Religions are Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism.

      • πŸ™‚ Tauno thank you. I felt unsure of where my connections come as I have yet to be given names of my guides,Angels who constantly nudge me along in a beautiful way πŸ™‚ of which I am thankful. Toms music is wonderful I did not know about Aethos and will read some more or the Hathors today. Much love dear sister Suzanne

    • Hi, Les! I hope everything is OK with you, my Heart!
      I am waiting to read more from your Spiritual Discoveries
      Today I was thinking of all of us here, we are in fact doing a Scientific Spiritual work and perhaps we can regard ourselves as Scientists of the New Era
      ( ( SUN ) )

  3. Hi everyone,
    Wow Suzanne, what a meditation, and thanks for explaining the crystal pool, for some time I see myself floating and in meditation in the crystal pool. Leslee, I wonder if Abi-Qor has a crystal pool?

    Tauno, it seems connecting with me spirituality gives you the flu too, because I had the flu last weekend. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ and we seems also together (Suzanne and you Tauno and me) we spiritual connected because of the amazing synchronizations we had again.

    I was struggling this meditation as I was falling asleep, then my breath stopped and woke me up to breath again. So I fell a sleep without meditation and woke up a bit later in the night and thought to do an experiment and did a meditation, reaching back how I felt around half past 9 , visualized Leslee, Tauno, KP, Suzanne and Troy and got following connection:

    I was standing in a mother ship, on a viewing deck, looking at earth beneath me.

    But this feeling was quite real, I really felt standing there and hearing/feeling the ship , as I was really there. (I wonder if this multidimensional thinking, as I could perceive myself on the ship and the same time I knew I was meditating in my bed on 3D Earth?) And I was observing what was going on on Earth. The vision shifts, and first I thought I was in the Triassic period of the Dinosaurs, cause I was standing in a tropical forest with huge trees and even plants and I saw a sunset, beautiful soft pink and orange, coming up. I then realized that I was at the beginning of a new dawn, a New Earth and that we are rising out of 3D duality. I also saw an image of a huge pyramid.

    Love and Light Lisa

    • Hi, Lisa πŸ™‚
      Yes, I did not feel your presence yesterday in meditation but I knew you are connected and so you are
      The pyramids also appeared in my vision
      Oh, no worries about the flue, I use the crystal healing pyramid and the medicine of LIGHT
      Perhaps we have to do a HUGE CLeaning, my dear
      I feel attacked daily by all kind of negative and I feel the dark ones are doing their best to cause harm to me these days but no worries, their time is almost over
      The swirl down cannot affect Us any more since we awakened for the Reality
      Love You, Lisa!

    • Lisa thank you, wow this picture gave me goose bumps, I felt I was standing behind with others watching something unfold. I have been looking toward Earth in a few dreams. In one I was beside an older women holding her grandchild and we were smiling. much love dear sister Suzanne

  4. Hi, Lisa, thank you for reminding me I want to get back into the Abiquor model and explain and show more! I have seen a huge clear pool on which the landing platform floats, and there is a huge womb-like water chamber below, as well as other places with waters and crystals. I understand the water chamber to be where beings arrive from various dimensions, and it acts as a buffer while they prepare to move into the other spaces of Abiquor…

  5. Yes, the days just fly by! I have been trying to meditate in morning and evenings, since the days are so busy… Not sure where the time goes! Love you all, and hoping to post some new things s**n! πŸ˜‰

  6. Dear Hearts, here is my meditation

    Crystal Meditation – 16 November 2012

    I saw humans dancing in a circle of Life dancing, the direction of the rotation of this circle was counterclock and that is why I say – the circle of light, to the Heart
    They were beaming Light and providing Light and the center of this circle was shining
    I saw two couples of Twin Flames, one of the couple was in one and the same dimension , the other couple – the Male was in the higher dimension while the female Soul was on Earth but She was aware that her Twin is watching from above and in fact the connection was conscious
    The next vision was of four human figures sitting on the ground to connect/ I am not sure if they were meditating or talking /, they turned into Native Americans and then into Totem Animals
    I saw the White Bear raising His right hand and an Eagle flying towards the White Bear/ I got the feeling AA Michael assists the White Bear – Me/
    The other animals were not clearly visible, one of them has a long tail like a mouse but it was bigger than a mouse,It was big as a dog, also there was a Bird at this gathering
    Then I saw a Portal, I entered in
    I saw TOT again, over TOT there was a Portal and out of the Portal there was a Light Ship and I was Flying with this Light Ship till I saw a Planet of Light, aether or crystalline structured Planet
    Thank You All!

  7. Lisa – 16 November 2012

    Before i went into meditation i sent you tauno violet,pink, blue and golden flame. Then i felt the light again going true my higher heart, acting as a portal & anchoring this light into Gaia. I open my third eye and I seemountains, the light is so bright I dont see the peaks. The vision changes and I am in a city underneath the water. Looked a bit like the underwater city in Star Wars. Then I see the Lotus portal and behind the sun portal, it is a double portal and me and tauno go through it. We come into the city of light and we meet our ascended master ,’Jeshua, to hear that we both going again , together follow lessons from Jeshua, our path is together. I see also Leslee , that almost follow the same path as us. Then i feel a heavens portal open , huge one, above me and I feel this heavenly white light going through my heart and through my body and feel so happy.
    End connection. Love lisa
    the word Om’Ra came back ibn my mind and tried it as a mantra
    Forgot also to mention when i closed my meditation i saw AA michael holding his sword , point on the ground, beautiful light and bowqing his head. Love lisa

    • My dear Sister Lisa!
      We both were connected with AA Michael
      It is wonderful, I saw Him as an Eagle flying towards the White Bear
      Love You!

  8. Hi, All, I tried a connecting meditation this afternoon. As I began my meditation, I asked to be shown how these connections relate to those I am making elsewhere, and how all of this relates to the changes throughout the “Universe” (wishing to see the “Big Picture”)…
    I also asked for Teo’Na and Adca Mupea to accompany through Ghost Radar.

    I began by visualizing the letter HUM… Rainbows… transformed into AAM’s sword piercing veil/atmosphere around earth, driving into North Pole, piercing Gaia, injecting powerful cleansing, purging light…

    Then saw a shriveled walnut, still I side shell & husk. No sign of lack of vibrancy from outside. Nut fell from huge tree, landing into Gaia, taking much time to decompose and return to earth… Looking back at branch, trace along limb to trunk of tree, roots buried in Gaia, but Gaia is also another walnut, falling from a branch… And so on.

    I feel the lesson is to release our conceptions of what we feel is concrete and has any absolute qualities… All is relative, all is interconnected, all nourishes (or shrivels) in dependence upon the health of the whole. And the whole is ever-expanding, and far more vast than we can imagine or describe.

    Ghost Radar words were: [burst acres August California peace Kristin (crystalline) finger]

    Teo’Na says we heal Gaia by healing ourselves, and working to dispel our experiences of negativity and separation. The shriveled walnut symbolizes lack of wisdom and remaining in ignorance, while enclosed in the shell of limited vision and experience. We need to perceive the entire tree upon the ground of the nut which hangs upon the tree upon the ground of the nut, etc.

  9. crystal meditation – 17 November 2012

    Many times the Rune GEBO X appeared, in all layers of my astral travel while in meditation, We Are given a great help and assistance, we all cooperate well , balance is achieved
    I rushed through a dark tunnel with a great speed, the tunnel curled and I was traveling through it . I saw Yin-Yang symbol, then I saw a sword of Light with Blue and White metallic colours – AA Michael was cutting the veils, He cut a circle into two pieces and the line between then was shining
    Then I saw two human figures
    I stood up and sat in front of the computer and switched on a sound meditation
    ( ( BA RA SHEM KA ) )
    I saw an Orb of Golden Light
    Me by my own will felt Appreciation and Gratitude in My Heart, I filled my Heart with LIGHT and each cell of it, the whole space between the cells I filled with this feeling of Appreciation and Gratitude, I filled all my body and cells with Appreciation and Gratitude and I expanded this energy outside my body and felt i am fluid, I felt like air, there were no limitations and barriers between my body and the air around me, I was sending Love, Appreciation and Gratitude in all directions and my Aura Field covered a great area, I saw Cosmos, I saw a Galaxy, there was no limitation, I was like water , like air and was sending Love, Appreciation and Gratitude to All
    I saw a Light into my third eye and a ray of Light connected with my Crown Chakra
    I was holding OLA and Lemurian in my hands and with hands opened I formed a Lotus
    I raised my hands/Lotus with the crystals over my head on the crown Chakra and asked for more Light , I raised my hands few centimeters over my head and felt the Light going through all my chakras and through my feet into Gaia
    Thank You!


  10. Lisa – 17 November 2012

    Can’t stay awake , to tired of doing a BBQ today. Saw only gates in my connection opened by a star key. When I realized I fell asleep I suddenly opened my eyes and saw a double pyramid flying up between my daughters beds. Sleep well. Lisa

  11. Dear Friends
    The Rune TYR appeared
    I felt rather disconnected and unable to concentrate , but I had a few visions
    A crystal Pyramid and inside there was a mountain, a beautiful mountain landscape inside the pyramid, I saw an Angelic Being sitting next to the Bear that was giving birth to another Bear
    I saw the Wolf singing and the stars shining at the background


  12. Lisa – 18 November 2012
    I was looking again @ the valley with the golden light and fog that was weaving itself through the mountains, I feel this could be home. Then is see stargates in the sky, one after each other forming a lotus shape, turning each seperatly, spinning in different directions. The gates are alligning to each other activating a powerful with light that beams directly to my heart and body and I absorb it, channel it through to Gaia’s core. The portals merge and they flip, upwards to the sky beaming their light into the sky and outside in space the beams connecting with other portals over the world, encompassing the whole world in this divine energy. A wave of white light is sweeping over earth transforming earth, new forests, clean oceans, rivers, crystal buildings appear, old buildings, cars , factories dissapears, new animals, see people hit with this light, see their lightbody, see them transforming into crystalline, and I see it happen all over the world
    All over the world. Wow what an amazing experience to see this transformation. I see Tauno, Leslee, Troy, KP, Vee and all the oothers in the city of light and we were all huging, and laughing, having fun. Before I closed my meditation, I got the words ‘get ready’ . Love lisa
    Forgot to mention my meditation ende me seeing a with diamond shape, crystal double pyramids, shining the white light, just like I saw yesterday.

    • Now I see the meaning of TYR that yesterday was half reversed, I put all of my energy to pick it up and the Rune raised and showed us a victory
      My weakness today was foretold by the Rune but Our LIGHT is strong/the message of the Rune is that it is our own Power of Light that will make the difference and give us the Victory/, also Hilarion speaks today of past problems and emotions that are now emerging for cleaning
      Lisa, the Victory is OURS! All of Us!
      Humanity is LOVE

  13. Dear Hearts
    Here is my Crystal Meditation – 19 November 2012
    Before the connection I listened to OM sound meditation and I had a vision, an extremely green colour and at the center a spot of White Light, then I was standing in front of a huge crystal multifaceted ball, this ball was shining so bright
    I sat with the crystals and closed my eyes, I saw a dark one reaching out to grab the sphere of Light in its claws, it was holding the sphere of Light when a beam of Light came into the sphere
    I asked my Guardians and Guides to give me their protection and to give me Healing
    The vision shifted and I found myself in 5D forest, as I was in a fairy tale, a small jolly hedgehog was looking at me between the branches , it was on a branch of a bush, then there came the squirrel and there were some yellow and red small sweet birds, the forest was so green and the Light there was so wonderful

    Thank You All!

  14. Lisa – 19 November 2012
    I saw first the moon, then a davidsstar and then i got full circle. I find myself in the crystal pool again and a crystal was lying on my 3th eye. It felt so real. Then i was flying over the golden valley again. The vision changes and we are in a dark forest, its winter and the stars shine bright. Babajij was lighting up a peace pipe and smoked it before passing it to Troy, Tauno, Leslee, me and others from stc. It was a quiet evenig. Love lisa

  15. Lisa – 20 November 2012
    I am a bit tired couldn’t concentrate much. Bright sun, white sun, brighter and brighter. Lotus portal opened. Then a crystal ball and inside I see the forming of new earth. I saw a double turning slowly, white piramid. Love lisa

  16. Wow, Lisa!NO WORDS TO SAY
    I have sent to your daughter HEALING LIGHT and OLA Shined
    My crystal ball OLA , I connected so powerfully with her and sent LIGHT and Healing and I had a vision of Angel reading a book
    Before the meditation saw a Being with Wings and very thin threads/beams of Light like rays were coming out of me
    That is all for today
    Love and Light

  17. Thanks so much for sending Healing to my daughter. It is so amazing that I catched this with my third eye. Wow is indeed the proper word to say πŸ˜€

    She is almost better now, she has a lowe fever now.

    Love Lisa

  18. Crystal Meditation – 21 November 2012
    I saw Lisa connected with me through OLA
    I saw a path, a rough rocky path and a human figure standing alone high in the clouds and winds of many energies and timelines and dimensions

    I was in a cave and there was a dividing “wall” and from each side of this wall I saw Beings, the Dark ones and the Light ones, the dark ones were two and they were fighting with a Light Man that weapon was a strong Energy of Light coming from His left Hand, He was with long blond hair and Viking outlook, behind him I saw a human like Being of Light from another planet and Angelic energy at the background and there was a portal too, I entered into this rectangular portal
    I saw a Huge Giant`s profile, the Giant was crystalline and inside there was a figure of a woman from Biblical times , looked like Mother Mary and I saw Her Higher Expression above Her, Her Higher Self and I received the word “OVERSOUL”

    Then I saw Leslee siting , she was in a not very high mountain , the colours of the Sunset were amazing – brown, red and orange and I saw Les connected and comunicating with Heruka and then I saw another Being connected with Leslee till the vision changed and I saw very clear the Spirit of the Native American Chief White Tatanka, He appeared in the sky and was so clear and I felt AWE, I asked ” Please, tell me, White Tatanka, What is Your message to all of us?”
    I saw a mountain separated into two parts and between then was a huge abyss, there I saw a Rock horizontal one that formed a bridge between these two mountains, the bridge connected the two of them ” You made the bridge, You made the connection between dimensions and worlds, Now you are free to move forward, this is Your Path”
    I saw the mountain shining more and more with Pure White Crystal Light


  19. Lisa – 21 November 2012
    Before the meditation I saw an Polar bear. Connection: I saw the double white pyramid again. Then suddenly I see a huge mother ship that looks like a big eye. The outside looks like bee grate shape. I find myself in the ship, on the observing deck, and at the same time in the crystal pool in the pyramid and meditating and connecting with Tauno and Tolan, and also in my bedroom meditating. Everybody (all the ships) are getting ready for the opening of the Stargate. I can feel the energy building up. I see white little orbs coming out of the waters, earth, trees, making a light grid. The sylphs that I saw this morning (see post: Sylphs: what a beautiful morning) I see them again and they carry a code to upgrade my body and coded mission details. I see the white dove and Polar bear together. Vision changes, I am at a big space port waiting for you guys (STC) to come through and meet each other. Also all the pyramids are activated tonight, make good use from it.

    • Dear Lisa
      You were connected with me and the connection is with one of my previous meditations , I see the Eye very often and I saw the Eye as a Portal that I came through
      You continue the journey through this portal
      Love You so much

    • My soul found this site and stopped me here, with you and “The Mother’s” and I am grateful. I can ONLY imagine how hard it was for you to do this, as the mother’s kept eluding to it and I hope NONE find the time to judge you,as the message resonated with me completely….as an “Angelic in training”, I am grateful for that! Thank you SO much! May “God”, “The Universe”, or whatever you choose to call it continue to Bless you! Until we meet face-to-face…I love you! Misha

  20. Hi everybody,
    here the link to the crystal connection 21 nov:

    Tauno, I forgot to mention when I was in the crystal pool I was connecting with you and Tolan.

    The reason why I make posts because when I type my story onto the keypad of the cell phone, my fingers get quickly tired and I write it in a very short style, not mentioning the feelings I have or other things. So in the posts I can eleborate and go further, examine it.

    Love Lisa

    • Lisa, I meditate with the crystals that I saw in connection with the Atlantis couple of crystals
      the Amethyst with the shining silver particles and Lemurian, you are connected with TOLAN and connect with me through these crystals
      I hope to receive more information about the other 4 couples but it seems we cannot do it without the help of more people, this is a common job
      Love and Light

  21. Hi Tauno, I was reading an article from Fran Zepeda: Sananda: Hold the Light and Go Forth : Read more:
    And then I was reading this sentence: β€œYou are the ones that have made this possible and so much more awaits your eyes to see and your hearts to sense. Imagine a lotus flower blossoming in time-lapse photography. See it in your hearts and see it in others? hearts and everywhere on Earth. That is what the opening of your hearts look like as we view you.”

    And I was thinking about our meditations with the Lotus Flower as our heart portal. This is a nice validation of what we are doing in meditation.

    Love Lisa

    • This happens always, Lisa, I am more than sure when I have visions and in a few days I see the proves in a channeled message, photo or in something that happens
      Everyone has got the same skill like us when he/she is true to him/herself and when connects through HEART/CENTER, as far as my experience is concerned, I made a connection between my Heart and Mind , this is to think with your Heart
      Everyone can do it when concentrate in the Heart and by will is in a state of Appreciation and Gratitude
      This way You feel LOVE , this is the Unconditional LOVE to all Life, this is the Source and the Holy Fire that is in each Heart
      LOVE YOU

  22. Dear Hearts
    Here is my Crystal Meditation 22 November 2012
    As I closed my eyes I saw the Lotus portal and inside the Lotus there was a multifaceted crystal ball
    I felt the Wolf connecting with me
    I felt some tense vibrations and surrounded myself and my connection with Light
    Void, nothing
    When I gazed into the crystal I saw a Ray of Blue Light and felt AA Michael`s presence, then I saw Jeshua
    I saw Jeshua, He was very big in comparison with the people around Him, He was giving Healing and Blessings and there was an incarnated Being of Light among the people too, she was shining – Mother Mary, I saw the two students again, Jeshua students, I saw the face of one of the people
    The vision shifted and I saw a portal, a cave , there were two humans sitting in the cave
    I saw a Being, a human reading a book, I recognized the same face that I saw near Jeshua, this Being was sitting on the ground reading a book and there was an Angel next to him, in front of the human there was a ladder leading upwards, the Angel was trying to make this human stop reading the book and notice the ladder but the human continued reading and the ladder was there
    Now I remember that someone\perhaps Leslee\got a message that we should act now to reach our goal Ascension rather than look back into the past
    The vision changed and I was in a mountain, I felt Abi-Qor and I saw a Huge Ray of White Light there , at the center
    Love and Light

  23. Above picture: boy in papyrus boat

    Crystal Connection 22 November 2012

    I was sitting in an Egyptian Papyrus boat on the river Nile. The water was calm and it seems to be a bright morning, with still some dusk colors in the sky. I am leaning forward and I am scooping out a pink Lotus Flower out of the water. I sit down and I hold it up high so that it will be in alignment with the pyramids I see. This is done to open and align the portals to the pyramids. I feel the unlocking of the Lotus Flower through my heart.


  24. Crystal Meditation 23 November 2012
    I am very tired and tried to concentrate
    The first vision that I had were some threads merged together and forming a scorpion
    Then I saw a Human figure, the vibrations were these of Thoth, Arabian, He was incarnated on Earth and over Him there was a Higher Being of Light that was aether one, I asked Him to tell me his Name and received OM, I asked OM to give me a message for us and I saw another Being of Light, smaller than OM but still bigger than Thoth and these three Beings were in fact some facets of One Soul
    I was in the mountain again and I saw a Giant, He was trying to open a Portal in the mountain with His Mighty Hands as if the mountain was a curtain in a theater, this was a hard job even for a Giant but He did it! next to the giant I saw a Huge white RabbitThe Portal is open and free to enter, I entered and I saw an elf there
    I saw the Rune Gebo, woman`s face of a Higher Being and Native American Chief whose vibrations were that of the White Eagle from one of my previous meditations
    I heard strange signals in my ears, they were coming from inside of me and yet I felt them as an encoded message, I have to learn more about this type of sound/machinery/telegraphic communications


    • Crystal Connection 23 November 2012-11-26


      The first thing I saw was a huge purple butterfly with blue eyes painted on the wings in front of my third eye. I also saw a big eye looking at me. Now I find myself in space and I see a yellow/white spiral energy tornado sweeping over the surface of earth.

      Suddenly I pondered how Ascension would feel like. I find myself crumbling into light particles, and picked up in a helix spiral little tornado and I got infused with heavenly love. After this infusion I was lovingly put back together. Man, I feel so much light emanating from within.

      I am floating close to a ceiling and I see myself down there floating in the crystal pool. I see a white energetic umbilical cord attached from my belly to my belly that was floating there in the pool. Now, I see that this cord is also connected to my past/future and parallel selves. The vision changes and I see myself standing up and vibrating into the past and into the future. I see it becoming less and less and find myself vibrating in the NOW and in ONE.

  25. Hm, I can find only zodiac meaning of scorpion , but I feel scorpion as magical, mysterious and wise as is the snake, it vibrates with the female energies and also I connect scorpion with protection and also inner Light

  26. I closed my eyes and I saw Jeshua holding a crystal sphere in His hands and calling us to Ascend
    Then He raised hands and sent a Blessing and Energy to us
    Then I saw a gathering of people, it was a huge hall with many working places, like a parliament but the seats were not in rows , they were here and there , freely placed in the hall, a big decision was being discussed
    Then I saw again the two sitting one next to another humans from Biblical times, behind them there were some humans and they were standing side by side
    I saw at the beginning the Rune Tyr reversed and I sent it energy, the Rune took the right position, when I gazed into the crystal I received GEBO and saw Tyr in its right position

    Love and Light

  27. Crystal Meditation – 25 November 2012

    I saw TYR leading me forward onto the Highway
    I used my third eye because gazing into the crystals takes me more effort and energy
    I was in Abi-Qor, on the rock, I felt the presence of a Higher Being of Light near me, the Being jumped down to the land below because there were many people there that needed the Light that this Being carried, I felt myself shining as a SUN with Golden Light, I had to jump too to bring the Light to the people but I knew that the jump is risky so I preferred to go down the rocks and to reach gradually the people
    The vision shifted but I was in a mountain again, this was Rila mountain in Bulgaria, the sight carried the same feeling of Abi-Qor but it was Rila
    There were many people gathered to wait for the Sun rise, they all were dressed in white but the Light was Blue and so they looked blue because of the Blue Light, I felt the Presence of Beinsa Douno and AA Michael, I saw you, my friends, you were also there at this gathering sitting and waiting for the Sun rise

    Shining crystal ball in the center of Abi-Qor I saw when I received – Create from the Heart


  28. Crystal Connection 25 November 2012-11-26

    I decided for the 24 November meditation, to not participate. I felt I needed a rest.

    Before I entered the meditation I saw first the brown bear, the eagle, the wolf and the fox. In these order. Then I saw circle and this circle became a portal. I saw stars around, so this portal was in space. The portal opened and water came through forming a waterfall that was falling onto earth. (cleansing?) I followed the waterfall down into the lake on Earth, onto the bottom. On the bottom of the lake, I saw a bright white shining crystal diamond, the 11th gate activated through the divine of Gaia. I saw Tauno, Leslee, Troy, KP, Vee, Babajij, me and all the others of STC standing around this Crystal Diamond Gate and waiting in anticipation. I see AA Michael standing in front of me and he is sending the blue and violet flame energy through my Higher Heart and I anchor it into the core of Gaia. But something extraordinarily happened, the beam of the blue and violet flame was also connecting with first Tauno, Tolan and then the rest of the Spirit Train Travelers.

    • What a great connection we made again!
      The Light from this picture is just what I saw when I was with AA Michael on the rock and as I think about it, I felt myself Shining like a SUN and maybe I absorbed the Light coming through the Portal and went down the mountain to give it to the people that were waiting down there
      Also the crystal ball that was emerging from the lake/pool at the center of Abi-Qor is in synchronicity with your vision of all of us forming a circle, Lisa!
      I also received the Blue Light from AA Michael and saw this Blue Light that embraced all the people waiting for the Sun to rise in Rila mountain!
      Thank You from my Heart

  29. Crystal Meditation – 26 November 2012
    Lotus , Buddha sitting there
    I was connected with AA Michael and Jeshua
    A huge Owl was flying and carrying something on her wings, also She was carrying a Being in her neb , The Owl was a craft that was leading me towards
    the Portal of Golden Light, I entered through the Portal, I saw the Blue Woman there, that Lisa has drawn and I heard ” Welcome”
    I saw a Being in the mountain that looked like these humans from Biblical times, over him/her i saw an aether Higher Self in the shape of a dolphin and another higher than the dolphin Being that does not need a form for self expression

    I knew that the right time has come to send LIGHT to ALL
    This was the most powerful experience that I have ever had, the strongest and purest LIGHT that has ever come to me, OLA was just Shining and I could see Her aura of Golden Light to expand into my hand and I connected with this LIGHT and sent Light and healing to ALL, I sent Energy of LOVE and Light to Our New Earth that Is Now Here

  30.  Quetzalcoatl

    It was hard to concentrate on my meditation but I saw a bright sun. I can see that I am standing on a yellow beach and in the distance like a fata morgana, shimmering through the city of light. Then I see a Mayan Temple, and I am standing almost in front of the steps,but not to close. There are some people going up the steps and on the top of the pyramid a priest is holding up something to the sky. We are celebrating the return of Quetzalcoatl. There is a big crowd and a lot of festive going on. Suddenly it gets dark, but not of a sun eclipse but a huge ship going in front of the sun. Everybody is exited.

    The vision shifts and I find myself in the pyramid again, floating in the crystal pool, and through the point roof comes a blue beam of energy going right through my heart , and I anchor the light energy into Gaia. It feels so good and strong.

  31. Crystal Meditation – 27 November 2012

    Before the time of our connection I was doing a sound attunement and I had a vision, this vision was very bright, I saw a Portal of Light and Jeshua was sending us energy through the Portal. He was working actively to send us as much energy as we can absorb

    I closed my eyes and asked for a message, I saw a kind of crystal room or a cave and AA Michael there, There was an Official ceremony, A Being of Light was sitting in a Throne, He was dressed in White , AA Michael was performing a knight devotion there and I felt myself as a Knight , AA Michael was giving a Blessing
    Then the Knight/King was standing under a Portal and there was Strong Light pouring from this portal over the Knight, the Knight was with Blue Mantle and wavy shoulder length hair of light brown/blond brown/hair

    I received that last night I was flying with the OWL – the GL Mothership OcaTawa, OcaTawa is the White OWL Spirit

    I saw also a Human Angel in a mountain tied with a rope to a rock and his mouth tied with a cloth, then this human took the image of a Native American also tied for execution but there was a Huge Bear over him as a Guardian Spirit, the Bear keeps them safe and is giving them a protection and this bear turned into Wolf


  32. Crystal connection 27 november 2012


    I have a bit trouble to concentrate at first. I see a high mountain, and when I am following it to the top I see a red sun rising. (Japan?) The vision shifts and I am looking from space directly at Earth. A diamond shape is covering the Earth completely and inside this shape the energy is building and building on Earth. I can see the bright white sun behind Earth and it is a beautiful sight.

    The vision changes and I am in a Baobab forest and see a crystal path leading up to a bright white light city.Before the city I see Jeshua, Sananda and AA Michael standing and smiling at me. I come closer and they put their hands inside me, in my belly where I have lots of pains and put healing energy in me. It is a blissful experience.

    Then I see you Tauno, coming out of the bright white light giving me her light heart to me (light knight). I take it and put the light into my heart. When it is filled with energy, I take my light heart out, turn around and give it to the next person behind me. I see it is Leslee. I see that we are standing on bright energy and we are almost on the top. As I look down I see that every step was occupied by a human light being, giving through the light heart down, down the pathway, as far I could see. End of meditation.

    • Lisa! We did the wonderful connection again, my Heart! I was also connected with Jeshua and AA Michael, I felt myself as a Knight that was given a Blessing from My Guardian and Guide AA Michael
      The red roses you saw is the Music from my Heart expressed through the beautiful vibrations of the waltz I have sent to You ! You heard it with your Heart and responded with a vision, I know you haven’t had time to hear it all but the vibrations are received well from Your Beautiful Heart
      I feel this is it! The time for our Celebration and the Great Dance of LIGHT ! Together All of Us Opened All Gates and Portals with the Power of LOVE

  33. Crystal Meditation – 28 November 2012

    SaLuSa I called! I saw the Earth Shining and a Being connected with us from Space
    I saw a Higher Being that was carrying both AA Michael , Christ and Santa Muerte`s vibrations, then I saw more beings of Light coming down to us from the high crystal mountain,each on steps down and down to us and the nearest to us Being was very tall and thin and Full of Light, looked quite like the Lemurians
    I saw a Portal, in fact two big portals and one smaller Portal, I entered into the central one that was shining with the strongest LIGHT, I saw a big crystal Face there, a Woman with strange haircut, received Japanese

    I saw many Knights of Light holding hands in a circle around the World and Keeping the Planet


  34. Crystal Connection 28 November 2012

    lava landscape

    I had an interesting connection, visualizing heart connection with Tauno.
    My vision takes me to the inside of a volcano and see the flow of the red magma going around. The vision changes and I am standing outside watching the volcano erupt, spitting a long …. of fire out connecting with the massive sun flare. The landscape I am standing in, looks black because of the Lava, as far as I can see. But there on the ground I see green grass coming true. The process accelerates and I see grass coming up very fast, and trees and plants and before I know, everything is green and lush. I am standing at a small lake looking at the water. Nearby I see a crystal cave.

    The vision shifts and I am inside the crystal cave sitting on the edge of a water pool where Koi fish are swimming. It becomes very bright in the cave and see the walls light up light blue. The water becomes a deep water blue and I dive in. The pool becomes the ocean and I am swimming between the whales , tropical fish. fish butterflies and leaping fish. I feel so free. When I come up and shoot up to space and I see a galaxy being newly reformed, it is our galaxy and a wave of new creation is spilling through the Universe, I see birthing of the New Earth. I end this meditation with seeing blue butterflies flying in all directions, taking with them the New Earth to see all over the Old Earth.

    Love Lisa

  35. Hi Tauno,
    I am fine, I just couldn’t text you because my husband decided to sleep with me and girls at the same time. I had to wait until they were asleep to text you but I fell asleep myself and then it was to late for me to sent messages. I hope you alright too? Love Lisa

  36. I had a strange experience last night. There was a strong intuitive urging that something wanted to connect with me. So I sat down at the computer and opened up notepad… but nothing came through. I felt this really heavy energy, about the size of a spaceship, all around me (or come down from above and surround me). It was like the air all of a sudden had a great deal more mass. I asked questions, “what is your name, where are you from”, and “my name is Troy, what’s your name”? This energy didn’t seem to be able to communicate in “human” terms, but it felt like it really wanted to communicate. Anyone skilled with a pendulum who would like to explore this thing further?

    I also felt an understanding this morning that we are the creators of these different civilizations we are coming in contact with. Even though they may have already existed for billions of years, we are their creators… and we created them so that they could engineer our environment here on earth.

  37. Hello everyone!

    I had three visions yesterday morning. I didn’t mention the third vision because I couldn’t remember. I just remembered, here it is:
    I see a man, he is facing me (I have no body). I believe he is an African. I got the word shaman. He was shirtless, with I think, a feather in his hair and other trinkets. He also had beads and other things hanging around his neck. He raised his hand cupped and blew something out of his hand towards me. That’s it, the vision ended.
    Love and light

    • Hi, dear Vee:)
      I did not meditate last night because of the low vibrations due to the attacks of the darkies towards me , I will connect today
      You had an amazing vision, my sister, this shaman has a message for you and it seems this is in connection with our common search here
      ( ( SUN ) )

  38. My dear Tauno,

    I envision you engulfed in a golden light of protection. Love and blessings dear sister.

    You are so right Tauno about a message for me. Last night I experienced an amazing “awakening!” I have earned the right of passage for healing (I believe that is the message the shaman was giving me) and also working with crystals to access Atlantiean records. During my lifetime in Atlantis, I worked with crystals preserving records.

    I have learned so much more and received confirmation about so many things. I’m still processing everything I am getting. Also, I have received an invitation to go on a Starseed Crystal Quartz dig in Arkansas. I am very honored because these invitations are extended to very few people. After getting the information about Atlantis and the Crystals I went into my closet for something and suddenly I felt pressure in the crown of my head. I began to rock back and forth as the energy passed through me. I was tensed and something told me to relax and go with it. It seemed to last a few minutes.

    I am being guided to learn more about crystals and working with them extensively. I look forward to more revelations.

    Love and light

    • Dear Vee, you are an essential part of the net that links me, Lisa, Les, KP, Troy, Babajij and all connected
      Me and Lisa were connected with two of the Atlantis crystal couples, perhaps you are the person who can find another couple and connect with these crystals for activation and healing , these crystals need cleaning and I feel we are working for this, this is one of our tasks now
      Love You and thank you for sharing
      And , yes, while me and Lisa were unable to meditate last night, you did it! An amazing continuation of the process
      The Spirit does not want us to stop

  39. Crystal Meditation 30 November 2012

    I had a headache and concentrated gradually, saw many Beings, a Being with a child holding hands each other, them more human like figures gathered and standing in a row on the surface of earth waiting for something, then Beings of Light gathered I saw and a portal that was shining

    I was repeating mantras ALGIZ and OM and I had a vision
    I finished work and I was going home after a long working day and at the exit I saw a colleague of mine/real person I know and work with in my everyday 3D life/ that remains in the building because she has more hours to work, she has not finished her working day and she told me that she wished going home too, she was very tired but had to stay. I understood her tiredness and felt sympathy and wanted to help her but I had to go

    Love and Healing

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