Accompanied by Slyphs

As an air elemental, the Sylph’s domain is the skies, wind – the air and all it encompasses.

Following pictures are taken in Margate – Kwazul-Natal

The following two pictures are made on our way home to Johannesburg

The next set of pictures are taken at my home in Johannesburg

Ships sail away!!!

When you look at the two first pictures (left) I noticed some clouds in the shape of a ships, especially the clouds on the left of the picture. The two pictures on the right , is the same cloud. But you see that the first one I took has more smoother edges and looks like a rectangle that the second one I took.

Imagination or not?

As I was posting my picture of the tree Palm trees on the new channel of Salusa 30 may. I noticed something around the sun. Is this because of the effect that it has on your phone camera when taking the sun? Just tell me what you see in it? You can click on the pictures for a bigger view.


The first picture: the shape of this cloud: Blaze ? And the second picture: a shape of a heart? Our Hearts Desire? Or is at an arrow? Or is it Blaze too, from a different angle?


Yesterday I was pretty sick, and I went to bed to sleep for more then 2 hours, a really deep sleep. After I woke up, I felt that during my sleep I had a meeting and an upgrade (just intuition feeling). I looked out of the window when I saw this dramatic cloud formations.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With my head in the clouds


  1. ~Wow,Lisa!…Ya got the Same Looking Feathered-Clouds over There too!…I only Started Seeing/Noticing Them just after the Venus Transit…Clouds with feathered tips!…Amazing!!~

  2. ~I Just Love the SlideShow,Lisa!…The Rectangular Pattern in Clouds is Very Thought-Provoking…Like Something is in Them…Keep Pointing Ur Camera UpWards,Lisa…SomeThing is Bound to Be More Evident!~

    • Thanks Babajij, these days is as I am guided to take the pictures. It is so nice to have a camera on my phone, makes it easier to have it at hand when it occurs.

      I will keep pointing 😀

  3. ~Howdy Lisa!…This Is So True what Ya Say about Treating Each Other with Higher Frequencies of Acceptance,Support and KinShip (like Brothers & Sisters)…I Guess that this the Way that We are Being Higher Dimensionally “Treated” by SaLuSa,Sananda,the Pleidians and the GFL…By Their Words in Messages,We are Offerred Opportunities to Truly See Who We Are…Loving Beings who Live on Earth… 🙂 ~

  4. Goodmorning Babajij,
    I didn’t want to influence anyone, but when I looked at that pinkish orb closer, I could see a face in it. Indeed this year is going to be interesting, I always imagine how it would be like when we meet our star brothers and sister in person and when we don’t have to live in fear and poverty. I read long time ago about an experiment they did. They took the most unpopular girl at school and asked the kids to treat her like she was the most popular girl in school. She transformed within a year a became indeed the most popular girl and she also gained so much confidence. You see what happens when people treat each other with Love and kindness instead of fear and strive and anger.

    About the sun with the rainbow colors it reminds me of one of the articles of Lisa Gawlas where she speaks of a rainbow in our energy field.

    Love and Light Lisa

  5. ~Great Page!…Indeed Lisa,the Photo that You Just Placed Up There with the Sun and Pinkish Orb Beside It,Looks Like a Portal…The Close-Up Shows an Energy in It…Last FriDay,I Saw a Cloud Right Beside the Sun with a RainBow Colors in It…This Year Is Gonna Be Interesting!… 🙂 ~

  6. These are wonderful, Lisa! Blaze is everywhere!
    I have a lot of recent pics too, but there are so many I haven’t wanted to post them all here… I love the slideshow! It solves that issue! Is that the sort of thing that you can share the code with us and we can plug in the filenames? I understand if that’s too much to ask… Is it a WP plugin, or Flash?
    I’m inspired to go back through my photos and find Chimera – she’s been very elusive to me!
    love and light, dear!

    • HI Leslee,
      Thanks, indeed Blaze is there, that is why I felt maybe I had a download or upgrade?

      This plugin is already here in wordpress. I made instructions on the page some wordpress instructions with the title how to insert a gallery or slideshow into a page. I have put it on the bottom because of lot of screenshot to illustrate. I hope it is clear enough and look forward to your pictures.

      Love Lisa

  7. I was batteling with word press to get the pictures and text on the right place. Eventually I was the winner 😀

    Hope you enjoy. I always was attracted to the sky and the clouds.

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