1. Fukushima Meditation – 31 January 214
    I sensed an energy beaming out from my third eye Chackra, as if my head was beaming white energy that looked like cubes of ice and pyramids and octahedrons of white ice towards Fukushima, I saw nothing else, just this beaming and the bricky- red space around me, like I was in a void
    Then a Turtle Spirit came, a giant flying turtle of energy , the turtle took me with it and we started floating towards Fukushima, I was above and watched the region and I started sending Golden Light through my Crown Chakra down to Fukushima, everything below was white
    I called for more Light and I found myself floating high over the clouds and rays of rainbow colour penetrated the clouds and went down to Fukushima to heal the region
    I thought ” I Am Ascended Being that came here to help Fukushima and this is my wish Now, I do it consciously through my Power of Light”
    When I did Namaste gesture I saw a gateway in the far distance everything was golden , a platform in front of it and a Being of Light appeared, he was golden and with golden robe and he had Japanese look , he was holding a scepter like a king and I felt his gratitude
    I sensed Light around my head and saw myself as my Higher Self while I was doing

  2. Fukushima Meditation – 28 January 2014
    I concentrated on my heart beaming Light from within and I sensed my Light was being absorbed by someone in need, I saw yellow and black colour, the energy came out from my heart in yellow colour and it was in contrast with the space around me and so I saw yellow and black colours and the energy of yellow moved like a spiral out of my heart in two or three streams
    I felt Gratitude and the more energy was absorbed through me the more energy I was given directly from the Source
    The Source is everlasting and ever flowing and it is in truth NeverEnding
    Yellow and black are the colours of the sign – Attention! Radioactive waste!
    Then I connected with a Lady Elf dressed in White, she was in a green Forest and was giving Healing
    I saw green stream and the water was like ice and below there were colourful flowers and water lilies, the ground was yet soft under my feet and I sensed deep Love to Mother Nature and to the Earth
    The Lady in White of Elven vibrations was giving blessings and then I sensed I am flying in another direction and I sensed violet colour around me, I was on GLS ALGIZ and we were flying together again amongst the energies of higher frequencies
    OLA was very active in my hands and I sensed her soft Light beaming out in all directions the energies of the Healing Light

  3. Fukushima meditation – 27 January 2014
    I experienced the connection with Devas again into the underwater world around Fukushima, I was just observing and sensing the energy movements and sent my focus to the Natural Spirits so that to give them Strength and Power , I sensed how the Light was penetrating the water and came down into the ocean through two rays that gathered over the water and formed a triangle just like a triangular gate of Light over the toxic waters
    Love and Light

  4. Fukushima meditation – 26 January 2014
    I saw a pastoral ancient sight, elven like Beings were walking next to and out and inside a Gate, a gate of grey stone decorated with living plants and grapes , grapes everywhere in beautiful green clusters, the Sun was giving warmth and pale green and golden Light
    Then I was connected with Devas – the Great Spirits that created the living world on our Planet earth and seeded the seeds of plants, Great Devas were working with energies and I saw clouds of violet, golden , white and pink Light into Space
    And I saw a Light beaming object in Space but it was not the Sun, it can be called Pale Sun because it was giving soft and tender pale Light and rose is the colour that fits with it as the salmon colour too
    And along with the Devas that have not got bodies/they can dress with a body whenever they like/ I saw Jeshua sitting in contemplation watching how they are working with energies, I thought of Fukushima and I got a feeling that there is nothing wrong with it, Fukushima is just in the future and the tragedy might simply not happen
    Then I remembered how People get a body and come down to Earth for their service, brave and holy souls of Light WE ALL ARE, this thought was given to me when I connected with Devas, human beings are so brave and many spirits look at us with respect and love for this courageous hearts of ours, now we dressed in violet and came down for the last time, we are protected but still vulnerable while our feet touch the ground and this is our time , this is our mission to walk the path that still remains
    Love You all
    ( ( SUN ) )

  5. Fukushima Meditation – 25 January 2014
    I was in a Forest of Elven vibrations and I connected with a Lady that has wings like a bird, the wings are of pale green and golden colours and I saw Her rotating and the wings covered the Forest , I asked Her to help Fukushima and to send Light to the area
    Then I saw a park, a path and I realized I am again in the same forest but the Lady was not there, I could only feel the higher vibrations of this place, I sensed Power of Golden Light within and I started beaming Light
    Then I sensed waves of energy and I was in the waves like I was in the ocean, the waters of Fukushima , I sensed rotation, there was energy that rotated as the healing was sent to the region
    Love and Light

  6. Fukushima Meditation – 24 January 2014
    I connected my environment, my physical body and my Light body joined and I felt Powerful Light within and this Light was beaming out as I sent my wish to connect with the polluted region so that to bring Healing
    I was shown three Runes
    THURISAZ that means the Gate towards the New Beginning, the old is left behind and it means Luck and Victory in combination with
    TIR the Victory , do not give up Rune of the warrior of
    ALGIZ the Divine Light
    I was given a very positive sign and I know the mission will be successful
    Then I felt an urge to turn to the very Creators of our Planet earth – the Spirits of the Oceans and the earth , their names came to me by a book but in fact these Spirits are nameless or have many names in the different cultures
    I called them three times
    I am calling You Now to take the toxic substances in Fukushima and its waters and transmute them by the Holy Violet Flame of Transmutation
    Pure Light
    Thank you

  7. Fukushima meditation – 21 January 2014
    I saw a big flower made of little crystals of pale rose purple and yellow colours, there was a ray of Golden Light above the flower and the energy was pouring down to the center of the flower, the Rune SOWELU appeared that means SUN and Victory
    I started absorbing the Light feeling Ascension, I was being raised higher and higher and after me there were little red crystals – the petals of the flower
    Then I sensed myself as a Powerful Being and I was holding OLA and the Fukushima reactors in my hands in OLA
    I started the healing sending Light into OLA and Fukushima inside the crystal- I did it the way I do my regular crystal charging, then the Rune TIR appeared
    The message of the Runes is – Victory for the LIGHT
    I then was in the water and saw a giant Whale in the ocean and sent Light to the whale
    Then while I was doing Namaste I got a vision , OLA turned into a big Eagle, two eagle wings appeared and OLA was the body of the eagle
    the eagle was waving with wings of grey and brown colour
    Love and Light

  8. Fukushima Meditation – 20 January 2014
    OLA showed me an Angel of White colour
    Then I saw a Pharaoh with heart shaped face and wings around the face where the pharaoh`s crown is, then the image of the pharaoh turned into a tunnel- portal and I went into meditation, I called the Angels to help Fukushima, I raised my hands and there was Light coming down to me in a ray of Silver and Gold Light, I sent the Light to Fukushima, I saw the surface of the Earth at Fukushima region and there came an Angel of White with wings , the Angel was standing in front of the damaged reactors and then there came some other Angels and they started working on Fukushima so that to help the people there to cope with this hard task of disabling the facility
    a vision of a Pyramid came to my attention, the pyramid was transparent and was hanging in the air
    Love and Light

  9. Fukushima Meditation – 16 January 2014
    I saw a circle, the Yin-Young symbol, rotating, the energies moved in a circle and it was Fukushima region I was connected with,I remember a DNA strand rotating, gradually there appeared 4 strands in the DNA spiral
    I saw the Golden rays coming from the portal above as a Powerful waterfall of energies showering the area, the clouds opened and there was Light in Powerful streams towards the Earth and my Heart opened and started beaming Light in answer, I was beaming Light , Golden Light as the Sun and took Fukushima facility together with the area around it in my hands
    I saw myself as a Huge Being of Light sitting in meditation and holding Fukushima in my hands and embracing it with my Light
    Sensed a Powerful Energy in my solar Plexus Chakra and I was burning like a Sun , all around me was of Golden Light
    Saw a Being – a Nature Spirit from Fukushima – the being was calling for help and healing and turned to me and I sent Healing and Light to this Being

  10. Fukushima Meditation – 15 January 2014
    I connected with very high energies and was embraced by Angelic song, the song of the Devas , I sensed Light and I just resided into this ocean of Love , the Rune TIR appeared, then I saw triangle connecting us all- Lisa, me and Tuula with Egypt and this line formed a triangle since we are connected with Troy from America, then I saw two more triangles situated on the north-east of Europe and they were pointing to our triangle
    Saw Fukushima region and a mountain of White colour over the blue Ocean
    Love and Light

  11. Fukushima Meditation – 14 January 2014
    I was holding OLA in my palms forming a lotus bud and I sent a prayer to Angels, I heard the Angelic song around me
    I was in a forest by a river and saw green colours, then blooming cherry branches with little white flowers appeared and I was under the cherry trees, then it was night by the river and I saw a white swan and it was about to fly and connect with the upper world, the waves of the river in the night were shining under the Moon
    Then I saw a flat landscape and the Fukushima facility in the distance, things from everyday life emerged in my mind and the meditation gradually ended
    Love and Light

  12. Fukushima Meditation – 13 January 2014
    A lizard jewel of copper with glass crystals of dark blue colour, then on a green cloth I saw something like bracelet or belt or necklace made from a soft material and representing leaves on a strand
    I saw a giant Being that has got huge wings, like a bird but it was not a bird from Earth rather a Craft or Cosmic Being from other planet, at the place where the heart might be there was a blue crystal or stone – looked like Sapphire, the Being was white and had high vibrations /like a King or Knight of Light/
    Then I connected with Fukushima region with an intention to send Light and Healing and connect with the Nature Spirits in the area, saw an Elf/ male energies/ with beautiful make-up covering half of his face , the Elf looked at me and then I saw other creatures there – shorter and smaller than the Elf , but strong, marching with bulls` heads , they were marching on the green ground next to the Fukushima reactors and I was watching the facility from below, I watched to the sky above, the facility seemed black because of the shadow there in contrast with the bright golden sky above
    I called the Light to come down and a ray of Golden Light started pouring energies down to the ground and the whole region, then I was watching the area from above and called the Holy Violet Flame of Transmutation to embrace this place and the ocean waters too and to clean the area

  13. Fukushima meditation – 12 January 2014
    I saw the Earth form Space, the atmosphere was light blue over the planet and I was standing above Fukushima region in my Divine Presence, then I started incarnating and going down right into the facility in the affected region in Japan, I saw a baby of Light going there from above to bring Light and divine energies, I was in a wide column of higher energies
    Then I saw the Fukushima facility as a silhouette shining with white light in the darkness of the area and then White Tatanka appeared, the Spirit of Sitting Bull came to me to assist, I saw the Chief that was doing a spiritual ceremony and dance, he danced with hands in a position as if he was holding a baby, he was dancing with the baby and then did a round movement with his hands leaving the baby and then he got a wand of some stick and I connected it with the image of a clock although I do not realize why
    I heard the Angels singing and energies were very strong into this area and then I saw myself with a broom in my hands doing a floor cleaning, I was doing a cleaning and was a cleaner and this caused me feel joyous and happy, I could sense my movements and muscles doing that job of cleaning….remember also a palace with high iron fence that was an art work , the palace looked like those old palaces in Russia, then I saw Japanese men throwing heaps of soil on the crashed reactors, Russia can help because Russia has experience with Chernobil reactors. It is time to gather all our forces and knowledge in order to help Fukushima and this job we do for children, for people and for us
    Love and Light

  14. Crystal Fukushima meditation – 9 January 2014
    I went to the region of Fukushima near the reactors and send them Light for cleaning, sensed energies and felt the talk of the Nature Spirits, little beings of Loving vibrations, they are ill and their Power to recover is lowered by the toxic atmosphere, they feel pain and despair and I sent them Power and a Violet Flame, I prayed and asked the higher Beings to send Light and I saw a wide beam of Light directing towards the reactors, there was a ray in it that was shining with rainbow colours, then the beam came vertically right from Heaven to the reactors and the ray was Golden
    All the time during the meditation i felt Great Love in my heart
    ( ( SUN ) )

  15. meditation of 8 January 2014
    I started Fukushima sound meditation and I was embraced by Angelic energies, so loving that I sensed my tears dropping down
    Energies, I was floating in energies of Healing and Love and I focused my attention on Fukushima region and entered in a state of Prayer, I was sitting on my chair fully aware that I Am Now My Higher Angelic Self and I stated my intent to clean Fukushima region from the radioactivity for benefit of all the living Beings on Earth and for me as a human being, for Mother Earth that i love so deeply and Unconditionally , for All life
    I noticed some Beings connected with me – Nature Spirits from Fukushima – they were White and looked like spiraling spheres – rotating like the galaxy and leaving white traces – you can have a better idea of how they look like if you remember the old plastic music records of early 20th century while they are rotating and making spirals in the center
    Then an Angel appeared high above, the Skies opened and an Angel came over the area and White Light came there too from the Portal
    Love and Light

  16. meditation of 5 January 2014
    I was sending Light to Fukushima and was in a state of prayer and attuned to the Presence of Angels, soon I sensed White Light, the Light that is Jeshua and I saw Him dressed in White coming from above on a Light pathway as if he was stepping down on a lather and He went down over Fukushima and a mantle of white colour was waving behind Him

  17. meditation of 4 January 2014
    I saw the area and the facility again and I have a vision of the Russian Chernobil reactors that are covered by a cement coat so that to isolate the toxic emissions from the facility, it is possible to cover Fukushima facility with isolation but there is a problem with underground waters that are affected and go into the ocean

  18. The second time I visited this land I experienced a connection with the nature Spirits – first there came something like a blue balloon but it was a being of light blue colour and round shape although it was quite flexible

    I saw white energy like stream going from Space above into the facility and bringing energy
    the energy was circulating again and I saw a white bird flying there and clapping with wings – a Spirit Bird of Crane
    Then I saw the ocean waves as they were coming to the coast and sent to the area the Holy Voilet Flame of transmutation

  19. The first Fukushima meditation I made was an introduction with the very area where the facility is
    I was floating high in the sky above and saw green land, the colour was green
    the energies were circulating like a slow tornado over the region and formed a circle
    The nature Spirits of the region seemed that they have not noticed me yet but I got familiar with the region

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