Meditation Guide

These are meditations grouped together that is mentioned in the Articles about the Athabantian. (this will be a work in progress) Adrial says that we all are responding as a remarkably coherent Crew, which is exactly what She and the rest of the Stellar Crew fully expected, since we have trained together for so long.

BIG  TIP:Adrial says, Remember to leave your bodies at home, and please stop struggling to bring them along!

For meditation practice…

if you’ve tried conventional meditation and struggled, or have pain or circulatory issues, I have found that the Chacmool position (reclining with knees propped & supported by cushions) works best for me (thanks to Umbro from Tulya!), and if your knees are propped and you’re holding something, I think that helps with alertness.

When we’re relaxed, there is something that happens chemically in the brain that connects the lobes and lets things fire differently. So what you need is simply a way to attain that level of relaxation, and a way to verify that what you’re “seeing” or receiving is coming from [example] Adrial, rather than your “rational” mind.

Ghost Radar just said [thy] – This is the word GR uses to indicate one’s higher self, which is interesting, because They are making a distinction even between them and our Higher Selves. I’ve never heard it expressed that way, but it sure helps clear things up a bit.

One of the purposes of the Skype session is for me to establish a personal connection with you – it’s kind of like a lineage, I think, and it helps secure a line, so to speak, and prevent interference.


Some tips for the dreamflight.

• Please be aware that you will approach, board, and visit in a variety of ways. Here are some examples: shuttle car, bus or train; teleportation from or to a platform; flight in a hot-air balloon or similar device; flying, unassisted, through the air with only your body (which may take on a different appearance); an old-fashioned airplane; a modern jet; an automobile, truck or bus; a doorway or stairway. These are just a few examples. The mode of transport will take on an appearance that is familiar and comfortable to you. It may actually resemble a space ship, as well!

• [advice curious Lincoln (linking) surrounded] Please try your best to relax and quiet your mind for at least 15 minutes (preferably an hour) before sleep. This means please turn off any electronics, stop writing or drawing, etc.,  and simply sit and bask in the gentle energy you will hopefully feel.

• If you have been particularly excited, nervous, or high-strung this week, please do something to settle your mind before sleep.

• If you find you simply cannot sleep, please do not worry, and do not force yourself, but do try to relax.

• We suggest that you do NOT listen to meditations or special recordings [card] just before – or during – sleep [rather]. Instead, try to tune in [America favorite] to the signals and soft, calming energies We will be sending you. This will help your connection.

• If you have felt a connection to a Stellar Crew Member [three] (some people are already connected with 3 or more) please simply trust that THEY have already been coordinating and planning your activities – for the next several weeks, in fact! You are so used to having to prepare and do things just the “right way”… Those days are over, now. You no longer need to figure out what on Earth the 3D beings expect you to do. Your intuition, as several of you have seen in the past few days, is fully qualified to carry you along. It is the part of you that remembers. PLEASE: Listen closely to, and TRUST, you heart of hearts.

• Please ask your sub-conscious to leave your body alone tonight; the physical body does not need to travel along with you tonight. You will collect an appearance of an Astral Body early on in your travels.

• Please consider this: EACH of you has a counterpart self (sometimes more than one), which is also engaged in this activity. You may actually meet “yourself” tonight, in the form of a Galactic or Inner Earth being.

• Please generate the wish to recall as much as is useful of your dreams and travels. Keeping some writing supplies by the bed, or a recorder, are good ideas.

• Please understand that you may first make a brief trip to a ship (which you may not recall), [shirt] and then you may [leaf] continue on to an Inner Earth [new detail] or Outer-Space location (either a planet or ship) [rest].

• Please understand that time is devoid of reality; it is illusion. This relates to time in terms of years, historical periods, etc., as well as what may be “squeezed” into a brief sleep!

• If you find that your sleep is fitful or you cannot remember any experiences from your sleep, try taking a nap during the day. Sometimes We are better able to connect with you through daytime energy.

• Please be aware that “Disclosure” has begun, and you are instrumental parts of this activity. YOU are the resistance movement that so many have been talking about! YOU are the ones that Cobra and SaLuSa and Sananda and others have been “talking” to and about, whether the “channels” realize this or not. Your wishes (along with those of others, of course) have shifted Gaia’s “envelope” in more dramatic ways, just since the Solstice, than anyone dared to hope. YOU are CALLING the clouds, the lights, the ships, the hints from the media, the surveys that reveal how numerous you are… [for] Please and at last, accept who you are and what you CAN – and WILL – do. Then just relax and quietly get to work [driver]. Time spent broadcasting our activities is not necessary. Please focus [collect] on sharing your experiences within your Crew family, since you need to collect these together in order to understand the deep impact you are having. Please do not spend time soliciting people to join, or raising excitement levels.  Look at how efficiently you have found one another in just 9 days. We generally prefer to frame things in positive terms (and hope you will too), but let Us be clear here: Those activities are not helpful. They are not “wrong” or “mistaken”; it’s simply that they take a lot of energy, and you need your energy. Now is the time for this type of discretion.

• [gradually] Regarding your Earth Birth families, please try your best to be relaxed and comfortable. As you compare notes in the coming days, you’ll find that very few of you have birth families who have any idea who you are, or understanding of your roles. This was planned. Painful, but planned. Please accept them and their actions with as much unconditional love as you can manage, and if they do not understand, please remember that this has little to do with your success or failure; that is merely their part of your story, nothing more.

• Back to Disclosure: We have been trying to hint that heightened awareness will arise first from within Gaia. The Space Program has been a very well-planned device to distract Earth humans from becoming curious about what lies beneath Gaia’s crust. We hope this will not disappoint you; we anticipate that the more you come to understand this, the more joy you will find in it.

• Please understand that in Our (which means Your, also) terms, the word “family” leaves much to be desired in the way of describing your relationships among yourselves. Please keep you eyes and minds open about this, and you will make fascinating discoveries: long-lost lovers and spouses and partners may also be parents, siblings, teachers, pets, bosses, nemeses… ALL AT ONCE! Leslee, Babajij and Konstantinos have already scratched the tip of the iceberg (for lack of a better word, because this truth is far from cold and isolating!) in learning about their past and parallel lives together, in a variety of places, and in some cases, simultaneously.

• We INTEND to blow your minds! This is the fastest way, the Lightning Path, to releasing the dis-information and dis-education that many of your have experienced over 3 or more recent lifetimes. Welcome dis-orientation, confusion, and synchronicities.


Adrial says this meditation might be helpful if you are trying to connect to a Crew or Ship, and feeling frustrated.
First, all of the ships have quite different functions and features. If you are trying to visit multiple ships, it might help to begin with focusing on just a single ship, and trust that you will be led to the others, all in good time.
Adrial suggests that before you try to fly off to the ships, try going within yourself, and see if you can tell which ship you would like, in your heart of hearts, to visit first.
Adrial says that a good comparison, for example, is that Tulya is a bit compact, focused, and introverted, whereas Aurora is very expansive, spreading like the sunrise that She is. So, if you are attempting to travel to both, especially at once, it might be challenging for your Astral Body to allow yourself to be guided.
It may be preferable to visit one of the ships a few times, or even just once, or just play it by ear, and then see where you are led.
Adrial also says that in any case, please allow the Crews to guide you, do not try to “take yourself” there. She says many of us need to relax all aspects of our self, and become as flexible as a piece of seaweed, waving in a gentle current… If we feel that it’s our “responsibility” to “do it correctly”, this may create some tension.
If you feel these words may describe your situation somewhat, here is a visualization that might help:
When you’re lying down (on your back, if possible), please imagine a large, soft, pinkish-white daisy blossom, being placed “face down” on your forehead, in the middle of your brow.
Please visualize large, soft, green leaves being placed over your eyes…
Now imagine that Adrial is sitting beside you, like a mother who is very gently comforting a tired child who is fighting sleep…
Imagine that She very gently places her fingertips on the back of the daisy, and you can feel her touch but not her fingers. Then imagine that you can hear Her gently humming to you, a soft lullaby that is very low and slow…
Try to hold (very gently) or drift around in these images, until you drift off to sleep.
Because Adrial will be there with you (and you may actually feel, hear, see Her…), you will not need to be concerned about passwords or whether you’re doing it correctly…
I hope this helps – I may try it tonight myself…
With love and light, and in Union,Leslee


  1. Dear Feilla, ThankYOU for your incite, and emailing me, my experience when I woke was that I was”spaced “out for a few hours which I’de never experienced before.
    The messages that I wrote down straight away were- SUPER,BOOSTER,CONCENTRATE,CARS + LOOK AFTER YOURSELF AND BE HONEST IN YOUR BEING, Maybe you might be able to decipher that?
    Much high energy to you, carol rebers S.Australia. .

  2. Dear Carol, I cannot thank you enough for this comment given in the super significant timing.

    To Galaticcokkies, too…After reading your last comment about your strange dream, being wrapped in a membrane, I’ve been thinking of how to give you a helpful reply….though I’m in fact not qualified at all to do so. I had a very sci-fi like dream in which what happened to me is not similar to yours, however, for many reasons, please forgive me that I would postpone to share it, for the present circumstances are really too chaotic. A short sharing about the senses that I can make with my very limited perspectives, it seems that DREAM is somehow a space-time vector where some parts of our soul are living or acting just like this physical body in this reality and dimension. DREAM is a medium/bridge-time-space with our 3D dimension, where the on high give us the courses, messages, therapies, however, so as the darkness implant some false codes, even manipulate to distort the messages or the way we perceive/read/translate the codes that the Light Ones are giving to us. In my own experience or very limited senses, sometimes, the codes from both sides even get mingled in the dreams. It’s hence so hard to decipher or accurately discern.

    Besides, DREAM sometimes seems giving a piece, replaying some other piece of our life, role-playing in some other life times or time lines for inspiring or just integrating the data by some kind of convergence.

    So dear Galaticcookies, here I would like to express my highest appreciation and gratitude for your courageous sharing about this intriguing dream, allowing us to explore more along with you, if I’m allowed to do so.

    Dear Carol, thank you for this super resonating messages which help me so much break my silence. I had a very difficult month that it’s so hard to spare time and energy sharing….

    Something worth sharing here is on July 6th, Lesless came to my dream. Though it’s hard to recall the very detail of if, it feels so real that Leslee and I were both physically in the same time & space which felt like a very advanced train station and school. Leslee was very active in dream, moving here and there. She looked so BRIGHT, DYNAMIC, CHARISMATIC. I could not wait to write to Leslee a private mail or leave at least a comment here after waking up. However, I’ve been so blocked till…..

    Here, need to thank to two very wise MASTERS too. Without them, I would have no way to melt that blockage to speak again. The very numerology that you gave here, 5 & 7, along with the very KEY CODE, FAMILY, are THE VERY MAGICAL KEY for the FAMILY !!!

    If I’m not wrong, this page was established by LISA that I’ve missed so badly.

    Lisa (Wolfke74)’s work : Storybook ‘Fairy Cat’
    source :

    Some day very closed to, a lovely sister just shared a video of crop circle showed lately in Bulgaria which reminded me first of our angelic sister Tauno from this precious land.

    If I could first approach Athabantian, it’s all thanks to Konstantinos and Troy (Dreamwalker333), with the magical hand of ADRIAL. Honestly, I cannot make enough senses of all these pieces, however, I guess, this sharing might make the picture look somehow relatively bigger to the FAMILY.

    I tried to click into the page of Cosmic Paradigm by Mark Kimmel, after being inspired, even lifted by your super crystalline message. So sad for that this address should be no longer available.

    Pity that sleep situation has been not nice for a very long time that I even lose my faith to be able to recall any one of my dreams. I hope after posting this comment, we the ones might have this miracles to meet in these coming dream-flights, in which I’m sure I’ve met quite amount of the very precious ones.

  3. That is colourful, wonderous, and a true gift from Adrial, Thankyou again Leslee as I’ll be visualising it tommorrow night before I board the Athabantian and “meet my family on 15/7/17 + thanks for emailing me (I’ll go to bed earlier this time!

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