My Awakening, Minus Fear

I have spent most of my adult life drunk, serving or bar-tending, blowing my money in bars and focused on superficial crap. I’ve never finished anything I have started, and I just kinda floated around this life waiting for something to happen to me instead of making anything happen. I have basically always been afraid to be me and do what I want to do.


That was before I “woke up”. I was not awakened through a dream, vision, messages or any phenomena I experience regularly now. I was awakened by a flesh and blood man who meant to find me and do just that.


One day, a new guy showed up at work. He greeted me warmly, and I felt comfortable talking to him immediately. We connected on several levels through shared beliefs, and the desire to do something about the state of the world. He offered me a way to make a difference, so I started researching for him. My directed researching quickly graduated from corrupt humans and their tools, to the Anunnaki.


My research got weirder, as did our conversations. I was spending most of my time outside work with him, discussing amazing concepts I was afraid to bring up to anyone else. He knew so much about subjects I was always interested in that I found myself being there with him as much as possible. Once I started questioning where this knowledge came from, our direction changed again.


He told me that we were part of the Anunnaki, way back in Sumerian times, and I was his best friend. He said he stood up to Enki during a council meeting, demanding humans be treated as equals with their “Gods”, and for this was cast out to the earth to suffer for all eternity. I was cast down with him to suffer because I was always at his side. Apparently we had wings back then, which were taken, essentially making us “fallen angels”. Another name he told me he goes by is “Lucifer”.


So here I am, going to work every day with Lucifer, then hanging out with him after work for hours. This was all hitting me pretty hard and I had a lot of doubts. I told him I thought Lucifer was a bad guy. He says he is misunderstood. The Illuminati believe that as well, and I don’t like them, so I became uncomfortable around him, but I kept hanging around because I was changing for the better, regardless of his intentions.


Through YouTube music videos, and guided meditation, something was happening to me I couldn’t describe. He told me all about the End Times, Ascension, etc., and he always was telling me to “Wake the f*** up Jason!” rushing me along. Speaking in strange languages to something in the sky and bragging to that being in the sky about finding me first. We were also planning to be roommates and get a house, which would mean leaving my sick parents.


I was finding lots of information online about love, light, and happiness. He was telling me how he would be the one to rip the Earth apart and take lives (Armageddon), and I am the one that will rebuild it as it should be. I have always been compassionate, and he is very angry. It wasn’t working.


My home life had become extremely strained because of this relationship. Everyone else has an adverse reaction to being around this guy. The hate and pure rage he is capable of is frightening. My mother told me she sees the devil when she looks at him, and can’t stand being around him. I was ready to move in with him. He left his wife and child to spend more time working on my awakening. A decision had to be made.


I decided that I was going to stay with my parents to help them. I was also very uncomfortable around him now. He would try to start fights with others to involve me in. He tried to get me to drink several times, saying he wouldn’t let me get out of control, which is always what happens if I drink (I didn’t). He didn’t want me to research Anunnaki history. His story didn’t fit with the printed stories I found, which only added to my discomfort. Even though this man had infinite answers for me in any area I had questions, and he promised he would never do anything to harm me, I decided I got what I needed and it was time to move on. I gradually ended contact with him, and found STC.


I had used Ghost Radar with him because of a Jinn presence that was pestering us (Marduk) and it freaked me out and I deleted Ghost Radar. One night at home I felt compelled to use GR again, and the words that came up led me to, where Leslee posts a lot about GR. So now I am constantly bombarded with positive messages of love and light through STC and the network of related blogs, rather than the negativity and blind anger I was dealing with to try to find my way.


Leslee found time to talk to me and help me figure out I was in the right place now. I am eternally grateful for her warm welcome which eased a lot of fear I had about my whole life situation at the time. I have also connected with Michael who has helped tremendously in showing me different views on my situation. My spiritual growth has been accelerating rapidly since finding my new online home.


Yesterday, while on the phone with Michael I realized the idea of “Lucifer” applies to not just a man, but to the Anunnaki rulers that are responsible for the oppressive system humanity has struggled under for so long (Illuminati control). Since I was a part of them so long ago, “Lucifer” applies to me as well, THEN, not NOW. All this painful stuff I’m having to go through and clear may very well be karma from back then. I am full of love and light for all that is now.


I have felt drawn to study the darker things throughout my life, but not practice them. I never understood why I felt drawn to dark, Luciferian books, music, etc. in the past. 13 years ago in a rush to turn in an art exam, I drew Michaelangelo’s David. I couldn’t get the feet right, so I drew him with cloven hooves instead. I turned the drawing in that way. David Wilcock’s last article exposes this work of art as being a reference to Lucifer, and there was another sculpture in the article depicted once with hooves. That blew me away that I put hooves on David so long ago without understanding why, but I understand now.


The draw I felt was trying to get me to process these old feelings of guilt and pain from my past when I did terrible things. I also have a lot of fear left in me, especially regarding why someone would be searching for me for thousands of years to wake me up, and what might happen if I don’t play along with their agenda. This has all happened this year, and the person is still around. I suppose I may run into him around town some day, but I no longer fear him, the Anunnaki, Illuminati, any of the people that have been watching me since I woke up. I am free, and far stronger than I used to be.


I have truly come full circle in this journey, and am excited for our future. With this post, I release all my fears. I am truly happy no matter what is happening around me or to me, and I know in my heart that I am where I should be now. I’m no longer lost or alone. I’m so happy to be in contact with all of our brothers and sisters we can’t see yet! I am thankful to have their help as well.


I love you all!


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  1. Jason, BRAVO! BRAVO! I have tears of joy in my eyes for you right now my brother. I am so happy for you, and I am so happy you decided to make this post, overcome your fears, and open your self to others LOVE. I love you so much, and I am so proud of you! Never again will you be afraid, and from this moment forward you will make huge leaps and bounds spiritually. Congratulations Jason, my brother, my friend.

  2. Bravo, indeed, brave soul… for taking back your power and becoming your self, again. Lucifer surfaced for me, too, during my earlier journey. He is not one to fear, but to forgive and move on. You have taken a strong step on your journey forward. Blessings and love, Elizabeth

  3. Jason, thank you for sharing this part of your path. It occurred to me while reading it that many of us have had our share of the “catalyst” archetype thrown at us, in much the same way… someone who is very sure of themselves, and has seemingly infinite knowledge…. but is also an antagonist in the full sense of the word, and takes great pleasure in this role. So although our paths have been different, there are some very clear similarities as well.

    And truly you are an earth-angel, and I am honored to consider you a good friend. Do not fear the unknown, for the unknown is now for us to create. Honor, light, and love. ♥

    • Thank you Cheri! Mike, DW, Tazjima, Thank you all. I appreciate the friendship right now more than you know. A lot going on at the moment and your kind comments help tremendously.

  4. Jason this bought tears to my eyes. You are indeed a brave warrior of light emerging from your chrysalis. So proud and much love and beautiful light dear brother 🙂

  5. As you know, the Latin for ‘Lucifer’ is ‘Bringer of Light’. Ironic when ‘one’ considers the havoc these energies have manifested in the Human experience. The shadows of the Lucifarian Rebellion have touched all aspects of duality, & with the energetic vampirism of the Annunaki adding to the cause, Humanity has been kept in mental bondage far longer than was ever ‘intended.’ The works that have been put in place to counterbalance this Spiritual transgression go far beyond ‘current’ Human understanding. As our 12-Strand DNA continues to regenerate, thereby enabling us to remember the full story, we find ourselves at a unique, unbelievably powerful tipping point. So profound that our Galactic Brethren & Sistren have gathered around our Planet to take part in the paradigm shift. A Spiritual Domino Effect that will be felt throughout the Omniverse. It is not just the Gaian-Matrix that is Ascending… ALL ‘Life’ is involved in this Divine process. Ultimately we learn more from our greatest challenges, than our greatest victories. The benefits from Spiritual Work it’s taken us to get to this point in time will rightsize the Dark Cabal & their agendas which simply no longer serve. We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience… & we stand on the cusp of a ‘Return to our Belonging.’ This Ancient battle draws to a close… the Dark must be stamped out for the Glory of the Light! Welcome Jason. The Time Is Now! Thank you for b e i n g You.
    ~In Lak’ech Ala K’in 555


    • Wow. Thank you Stick. Powerful message, and video. I own the Criterion edition of “The Last Temptation of Christ”, and I think I may be watching it again tonight. You just made me remember some things I need to piece together.

      • No worries Jason. & Yes… ‘Last Temptation’ is a more significant film than many ‘real’eyes. In some ways, I feel it was ahead of it’s time. From my perspective, it has incredibly meaningful ‘clues or amplifiers’ for the ‘Initiated & Uninitiated’ alike. Enjoy… I’ve returned to it many times over the years and continue to find more depth and weight to it’s ultimate message. Freedom Calling 247! ~InLight

        What Is Fear?


        • This film carries more significance with me than you may realize, or maybe you do.
          I have watched it many times, in different states, for different reasons. I have only watched it alone, except for once. You made me realize who I watched it with long ago. Thank you.
          Oh yeah and the scripture my friend got tattooed on his shoulder that his wife showed me today, inadvertently, that has everything to do with the clip you just linked.
          Plenty of 555 and 222 as well. ;P
          Light to you

  6. Or maybe you just showed me that I don’t realize the significance of “Last Temptation”, and I should watch it and “real”eyes what it really means now. 🙂

  7. Was just referring to the general controversial reaction to film when it came out… unfortunately much of that stigma has followed it to this day. Always good to find someone who resonated with the film, I’ve been meaning to get the Criterion edition… I actually still have the DVD version. It’s pretty worn out at this point 🙂
    -Nice Enigma track… Deja Vu indeed. ~InLight

    ~’TheFeelingBegins’… classic track from the film 🙂

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