Astral Travels (September 2012)

Buddha statue at Niagara Falls Bird Sanctuary

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  1. Dream flight 29 September 2012

    I set my intention to join the dream flight.

    I dream that I was being trained to be an architect. My lady boss tells me that I wasn’t fast and good enough, so she fired me. I am now with a different company and my boss asked me to do a joint architect project. It seems that it was with my old boss. So when she saw me , she said to my boss… I don’t want her. My boss defended me and said I was the best in the field. So we put some drawings on the table, it is a big building. I provide some good advice and admire the work. It was two buildings , next to each other with considerable space in between and the line of the building was slightly curved to the outside. The space in between was a path that lead to another building that had a lot of layers to it. Then the dream shifts and see a long wall with little domes on top. It seems to be in some Arabian country. The sun shines bright and the sky is blue.

    The dream shifts again and it is in the middle of the night. I made my bed in the middle of the road. When I realize that, I quickly grab everything to get it off the road. Then two cars came along the road and I ran to the sidewalk, but some of my bedding’s stays behind. The first car stops and a woman came out. She asks me why in the hell I put it in the middle of the road. I asked her why she was driving without light in the middle of the night. She backed up and said nothing. I see on the horizon that something is wrong. In the distance I see lightning and I grab Sarah and we go. We pass a lot of people who are packing their stuff too and somebody gives Sarah something.

    We are climbing a stair, Sarah in front of me and I turn around asking the white like dog animal if he could company us. But he had to be careful because my little girl was scared of him. (he looked just like Falkor, the lucky dragon in the movie “The never ending story”, but with blue eyes. As peaceful and understanding as that from Falkor)

    I am now in my old school when I was young and we are out on the playground. There were other people standing there and talking. A big tall guy comes up to me, it seems (I feel it) that we are good friends. Suddenly someone points up in the sky and I see an eagle soaring by in the sky. End of the dream.

    Love Lisa

  2. Man I slept for 12 hours today, I was really out of it.

    First dream was in Victoria at my parent’s place. I was with my son Dylan playing in the back yard. There were this group of 4 teens, for some reason they were walking to our backyard but when they saw us they ran away. My son started fearlessly chasing them, I was saying to myself, jeeze Dylan just let them be! So he chased them down the road and they turned to stand him down, fortunately I caught up with them at that was the end of the dream. I was awoken by my alarm at 6:00.

    So Dylan then woke up and he was hungry, so I gave him some breakfast and then I went back to sleep.

    Second dream, I was at a forest, with a trail, this may have been a mountain of some kind, I was hiking with some friends but it required little effort, we were exploring for quite awhile. This place felt different, I felt as if I was in the Inner Earth, although I don’t know why it felt this way. It reminded me of the forest next to the Norweigan / old european town I was in previously, with the river running next to it, stone paved roads, and a mountain on the other side of the river with a castle on top of it. Maybe we were walking to the castle?

    Next dream, I was in a house with Wendy, a friend of the family from when I was a child. She has a husband named Colin who I knew in Victoria, and they had a daughter. We were visiting them at their home on the Gulf Islands outside of Victoria. My two boys were playing with their girls, we were in the kitchen, and Dylan had jumped on the girl that was about his age (I have never met their girls). I grabbed him and said get off her, even though he was just playing I didn’t want him to get too rough.

    That was the end of the dream. I woke up at 11:00 am.

    • Troy, I also was in my back yard where my garden is and I saw the nice green high grass and the garden cottage
      Love and Light

  3. Good morning, everyone 🙂
    Here is what I remember from my dream of last night

    I was taking part in a family re-union and it was very colourful event, there were my cousins, my aunt and uncle and many others there, my aunt was about to give us presents but the dream shifted

    I was in my garden, I have been there many times in my Astral experiences, what I saw changed was the garden cottage – brand new and the grass green and high, a lovely sighting for the eyes, so nice and idyllic …green grass, cottage and the Sun shining bright over the green 🙂
    I was in the vegetable garden and among the vegetables I saw many colourful flowers, they have already have seeds and I was taking the seeds and spreading them everywhere in the garden 🙂

    Love and Light

  4. I had this dream over the past weekend.

    I was in a wide open space that seemed misty. Then I found myself in a kitchen area and there were others there but I could not see them. My sister Kim was there sitting on a counter top. I could not see her face but I could see her swing her legs and I could see her hands. We were happy and talking. It was great! In my dream I was excited that she was there and a part of this.

    • Wow Vee that is nice you got to visit with your sister. Sometimes the nicest thing we can do is just hang out and feel comfortable being ourselves. I believe the same is true of other dimensions as well.

  5. Dreamflight 22-09-2012

    I put out my intention and got following dream:

    My first dream was really abstract, and was about rules. What to do and what not.

    The dream shifts and I am in the train station and see my nanny going to the toilet with my youngest daughter Nolwazi. I hear Sarah calling out my name. I realize that she is alone in the room. (The train station has little rooms to rent). So I go down the stairs and I see Marleen standing in front of our door. (Marleen is a old friend, who lived on the first floor of the apartment block) She asks who is shouting so hard. Then I open the door and introduce my daughter to her. We are standing still in the train station but now I see Linda (also an old friend) standing there with a stroller and in there was her daughter. I tell her how much her daughter looks like her. Then I meet someone’s mother and then I meet the daughter. She looks familiar, long black hair and I tell her how much she looks like her daughter.

    Now I am sitting outside on a table on a terrace with my parents and a man. The way I am sitting, I am overlooking a green valley with wine gardens on the left and on the right I see odd shaped buildings. (Like my daughters painting). My parents asks this guy where the best place is to do some sightings. He recommends the area around Carmel (California). The dream shifts again and I am walking with my parents in a city, on the street. They tell me that they booked a long trip to America and if I was interested to come with them. At the moment I was doing some art school and was just about to write exams. I asked them how I would pay for it, if I don’t finish my school degree, I won’t find work. They agree with me. We are heading to a festival and we are standing on a bridge. On the left, close to use is a church and the doors are open. The procession is lead by a priest and the first one to enter the church. Then the dancers came holding Christmas ornaments. Followed by inflatable dolls that looked like politicians. The dream shifts again and I am applying for a loan for to go on holiday but they refused. Opposite the bank I see a store and a man comes out, wearing military uniform and guns in his hand, imagining shooting around.

    Next I am in a working place in front of my PC and I have a locker just beneath me. My team leader is saying I have to take good care of my PC. I agree. I look into my locker and I see brown boots with red shoe laces.
    The dream shifts again and I am now on a boat that is sailing on a river. I am in bed with my husband, but I can look out, because it has a glass dome over our bedroom. It is night and full moon so it is very clear to see outside. In the distance I see a cloud in the shape of a mermaid. As we come closer I see that the cloud contains of a million tiny water bubbles. And then she disappears in an instance. End of dream. When I woke up I was dizzy for 30 min. The room was just spinning.

  6. My Dream. (Aurora)
    The moment many felt or sensed something, a shift, the universal stirrings of an as yet space within that is still out of focus.
    A group sitting quietly eyes closed focused on the bigger picture feel this same stirring in union with the universe.
    Feel yourself as part of this Universe peel away the layers that have accumulated like centuries old wallpaper year after year strip away the conditioning of rigidity and control based learning. Later on I was standing in front of the fire and sensed my physical body unzipping revealing my light body similar to the way the women in cocoon revealed herself to the human who was in the pool with her. This was my stripping away.

  7. I woke up feeling pretty bad and sad, not remembering anything. Was like that all day. Is that usual or something went wrong?

    • Not “usual”, but I think sometimes our moods may reflect the dreamflight activities. For example emotinal clearing may leave us feeling exhausted. Or doing cleanup work might leave us feeling defeated. If there isn’t another reason you can think of, there may be a connection there…

      • I have something going on in life right now that i find hurtful but i also think this is all part of a clearing. i did feel defeated, giving up even… but i have been undergoing his process for a while, and what resonates from what you wrote is that might be residues from clearing the attacks and some things done onto my energy body when i was very young and it is a sort of completion… if this makes sense at all. and faith issues too 🙂 thanks.

        • It does make sense, this is indeed a “great time of clearing” though some of us might think that it is perhaps not so great…

          We are complete now, whatever troubles you is only a memory, as painful as it may be… it no longer serves. If your trials are in the present may they be swift and painless. And may your days from this point forward be bright and full of love. You are an incredibly strong be-ing. There are angels all around you. This is an observation, not a mantra. 🙂

          You posted at 5:55!

          From Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers:
          Buckle your seatbelts. A major life change is upon you. This change should not be viewed as being “positive” or “negative” since all change is but a natural part of life’s flow. Perhaps this change is an answer to your prayers, so continuing seeing and feeling yourself to be at peace.
          I might add, “change” is a very good thing, as it is “chaos” energy. The template is chaos>love>light. God bless. (-_-)

    • I’d like to add, Olivera, Leslee reminded me there is / will be quite a bit of electromagnetic energy coming from the sun. Since our bodies are electromagnetic systems, some feel these waves have an impact on our overall well-being. Also we are coming “down” off the “high” from the equinox. I realized that yesterday was a “down” day for me as well, so you are not alone. ♥

      • Thank you very much! Indeed, even today something happened that showed me I was right in my doubts of who is doing things to hold me back! Do not know what to do about it, though! And thanks for the observation, I do have an ability to work with Angels and more but am not sure yet how! And have been praying for love to come back lately a lot!!! Btw, we are 6h ahead of you here 🙂 But thanks for the encouragement I needed it. ❤

  8. When I last saw my mother alone I told her to find a tree and sit beneath it see the flowers and smell their fragrance as you close your eyes and let the warmth of the sun bath your face, In my heart I knew she would be sitting under this tree in Eden. We will return to Eden (Gaia) in all her pristine beauty. When others have spoken of death I have from my heart told them I will not die. Some may think this is ego talking. But I say this from my heart, an inner knowing/feeling as the Christ essence flows through me more profoundly each day. Thank you Tauno and Ute for a glimse of Nova Terra. much love and light to all this beautiful morning. Suzanne

    By Ute Posegga-Rudel

    Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012

    Watch on Youtube (recommended)
    Dearest friends!

    YES! New Earth, called “NOVA TERRA” exists! It is in the making. Our new home is waiting for us and is being prepared for our arrival when the time is right!

    I have been blessed with an invitation to visit and experience the wonders of this New World. And there is nothing to worry about for us, who desire with the inner Essence of their Heart which is pure Love and Joy, to exist in this new and most beautiful world soon!

    Dearest friends! NOVA TERRA is being prepared for us by the Divine Forces of Light, our Beautiful Beloved Galactic Family, the Ascended Masters and all the Archangels!

    And this is how it started for me:

    A dear friend, lets call him “C”, from the other side of the world, contacted me and said:

    “I am receiving guidance to take you to NOVA TERRA! I’m sure you have heard that it was created and now it’s ‘under construction’!
    They ask you to report your experience to the people of the world, to give them hope and inspiration!”

    Of course, I was excited and told, I would be prepared over night for the visit. And the next morning, C and I would go both together. No, not with a space ship, but using a kind of simple astral travel.

    The very amazing thing was, that just the two early mornings before visiting Nova Terra, I have been awakened by a bird’s song so unique and beautiful, that it seemed to be NOT of this world! Still half asleep I tried to figure out what bird it was, and to remember its wonderful melody. But each time after I was fully awake, I just had fully forgotten it!

    I had no idea what was awaiting me with this visit, and I also did not try in any way to make presumptions or to figure anything out! I only felt immensely blessed and was in a state of childlike curiosity and innocence.

    I knew this journey, this visit, had primarily nothing to do with mental projections or visualizations. It was about pure discovery, and this discovery was only possible with the eye of the heart!

    And so C and I started our journey, accompanied and protected by the presence of beautiful Angels.

    The moment we arrived on Nova Terra, everything changed. It was like sunrise in the morning, when all things start to magnify and brighten up! It was an immense opening, a widening of perspective of the usual point of view!

    How to describe a Divine World, dearest brothers and sisters. Our language is not good enough, but still I try!

    Yes, what I saw first, was a huge water, a lake probably, and in the distance mountains. And a light, that was not coming from the Sun, but which was the light in which this planet has been created, and which was radiating from within all the elements and the landscape before me.

    But what was most heart-overwhelming was the discovery, that not only Light, but the feeling of Infinity Radiates here in all things from inside out. And forms are not enclosing, but they rather are an expression of space itself! And this seems to be a paradox! But in the higher dimensions paradox is the norm.

    At the same time, all elements are emanating Love, being an expression of Love Itself, and the vibration of Love is surrounding us. The air! It is thick with it!

    Everything is fully alive, is absolute conscious, everything is a “personality”, a person, all things, all elements, air, water, mountains! There is a great Divine Presence everywhere in all things!

    It is the Glory of Divine Consciousness Itself that lives palpably all things here, and forms are simply Its ornament!

    That is how Nova Terra greeted me! A Divine Conscious Being of unspeakable Beauty and Perfection! A Being Who’s Vibration is Pure Love, Showing Her Divine Body, as She always wanted to show It to us – if we would have let Her!

    I felt elevated and expanded to infinitely above. It is so easy to feel that way, simply by becoming One with that One Being, Alive with all Her Creations, Who is Nova Terra and Her High and Sparkling Vibration.

    I try to avoid the word “wow”, but it is the only word in English language, I know, that describes the unspeakable and that which cannot be described! (And my heart releases still a flow of “wow’s” in greatest awe and wonder!)

    Now C, in his function of my tour guide, needed to remind me, that some other surprises would wait for us. And so we were lead to a nearby waterfall, to clean off the remains of our 3dimensional home. Of course, this pristine water was alive, it showed itself to me in sparkling rainbow colors. And fairies, whose transparent wings reflected the many colors, were flying and dancing joyfully around the sprinkling and refreshing water, and right through it.

    Then we were told that flying horses would take us to a City, they wanted me to visit. I couldn’t see the horses really, they seemed to be very transparent, like a breeze of air, but in C’s description they looked like Pegasuses, and completely white.

    C told me that he has been here a few times, and each time he came here, he has been shown different aspects and parts of Nova Terra. They would prepare It quickly for us, building for example a City in one day, so that everything would be ready for our arrival when we ascend!

    Then we arrived with the flying horses at the City! What I saw were pyramid- and obelisk-like buildings, pretty high. They wanted me to have a look at the material they were built with. My first impression was, that this material was breathing and alive with consciousness, made from light. Something totally “organic”, a living substance. But then I was asked to have a “microscopic look “ at the texture.

    And what I saw was amazing! Something unimaginable in our world! First I had really a hard time to describe it! The material was a mixture of living, microscopic small, naturally, and like spirals, growing plants, and sparkling crystals, bursting with energy!

    Now, I didn’t perceive this as “material”, separate from myself, but it seemed to be one with me, we were One in Consciousness and Energy! There was a high level of conscious presence from which I was not different!

    As I put it in words, it might appear to you that this was easy to describe. It seems so, AFTER I was able to integrate or better adapt something “unknown” with our familiar experience and perception! We tend to “objectify” things immediately when we give them names. Whereas the material of the buildings was subjective consciousness! Now “think it”, what only can be felt and translate it into our alienated and intrinsically from Reality separated point of view! I had to go back to the “old” perception in order to describe what I saw.

    To me the paradox of these buildings appeared as a perfect integration, a marriage of living Mother Nature with the science of geometry in the form of the shapes of pyramids and obelisks.
    And C added, that this mixture of plants and crystals was an expression of perfect harmony between Mother Nature and technology too! And that this integral harmony would be the basis on which all things on Nova Terra are being built, serving absolute balanced and harmonious living (non-polluted!) for all of us when we arrive here!
    I experienced the next paradox when I was asked to enter one of the buildings!
    When we enter a house on our 3dimensional planet, we immediately get the feeling of being enclosed, which we might even find “homely” and cozy. Here we can relax, if it is our own home, and we can feel protected from all what is “out there”. But the ceilings are separating us from the sky and we might unconsciously have a claustrophobic feeling, as if our connection to our energy centers high above our head seem to be cut off.

    This came to mind when I entered the building on Nova Terra! Because the space inside seemed to be even more expanded than outside of the building, and the feeling of infinite height was not measurable with the actual height of the room!
    A sense of being cut off from nature was not there. Just the opposite seemed to be the case, as if the building was serving as a focus lens for the powerful presence of nature which seemed to be even magnified in this room and concentrated! As I said: a sheer paradox!
    There was an incredible Joy in the air, and C said that Joy was the “material” everybody is encouraged here to create from, a Joy that exists in the air and everywhere. He said, Joy would be the vibration of the New Earth!

    We left the building and our horses were waiting for us on a square. And there I noticed the next paradox: although the place was actually a square, it appeared to be a circle at the same time. It was both and none of them! It seemed that Nova Terra had perfectly mastered the famous squaring of the circle! The usual linear mind could not function here.

    C explained that the reference points we have on 3dimensional earth wouldn’t be of any use here, because we would see on Nova Terra only the true form of everything.

    Then we left the City and the white Whinged Horses brought us to a field that emanated powerful golden rays upwards into all directions. They were very warm and embracing. This was the place where Sananda was welcoming us.

    I have a very long standing galactic connection to Him. But I met him first in this lifetime many years ago at a sacred fireplace in the Himalayas, dedicated to the Divine Mother. When He entered the place, it was unmistakably Him, although He only showed me His Feet! I was heart-broken by His Love and was crying, I don’t know how long! Since then I have met him several times.

    So I felt honored and very happy to meet Him again on Nova Terra in this beautiful Golden Field! Sananda appeared to me as a powerful, and at the same time sweet and radiant field of conscious energy/bright light, with silver in it.

    This time it was C who “channeled” Sananda’s words to me. I was here to receive! He gave me a personal message and then He said, that I came here in order to bring the good news of Nova Terra to the people who read my Messages of Light for their upliftment and celebration in their hearts!

    He said:
    “You place the seeds of the New Earth into their souls and they will grow wonderfully like big trees of Light and they will shine all over the earth, being able to raise the vibration for themselves and others.”

    I thanked Sananda and my heart was singing!

    He then took us into a crystal dome of light with sparkling bright crystalline energy particles coming from above, which were very energizing, filling the room with immense joy.

    When asked, I said I felt that these energy particles were meant for creation. And so Sananda invited me, to create what I desired from the depth of my heart.

    And I did! Sananda was very pleased with my creation and explained that in the moment of creation it was already done, there was no time between expressing the wish and its fulfillment! But that I also would now have a responsibility of living the example of what I had created!

    No! I understood! Our creations are not separate from us!

    Now the time had come to say good bye! Sananda blessed us and I was given permission to return whenever it felt right for me, requiring an adjustment to the elevated light, love and joy on Nova Terra!

    What I experienced, and what had felt like a full day to me, was just one hour of our earth time. It was but a taste of the totality of Divine Terra Nova who is waiting for humanity to arrive during the ascension process. She is being in a constant process of creation as we speak to be ready for us when our time comes.

    The most important part of my adventure was the more than wonderful confirmation that our New Earth is Living Love and Joy and is experienced as such with our own Love and Joy, our true nature and inherent quality of the Heart.

    Everything Divine is naturally lived by the Planet Itself, for us to join and to directly participate as One Being.

    This is the proof to me that Terra Nova IS REAL and not a phantasy in the land of short-legged mind. The eternal peace, beauty and harmony are the clear signs of a creation that has been initiated with Divine Consciousness and that is pervaded by this Consciousness!

    Furthermore, Nova Terra is the perfect Marriage between Consciousness and Energy, between the Divine Masculine and Feminine, which inspires all other creations so that an ascended humanity can enjoy Divine Perfection in all areas of an enlightened life as a galactic civilization.

    It has been said, that this is the first time, – an experiment -, to ascend directly with a body. If Nova Terra is the result, this experiment is being incredible successful!

    The until now unseen and unheard: Divine Consciousness absolutely outstandingly obvious in all forms and as all forms, as the predominant characteristic of creation is overwhelming my heart, because of its Beauty and Perfection!


    I have been safely delivered back to my home in Australia, so to speak, through the roof :), by the beautiful Angels and in the company of my dear friend C.

    So grateful and speechless, as I was, I could not wait to write it all down before the fresh memory would fade away. But miraculously, it is not fading! And I know why! Because Nova Terra is alive in my heart and inseparable from it. In Reality, I am always there. We all are! And just the surface of our being is existing here still in 3D land.

    In the light of this Good News, lets celebrate the Truth of our existence, which is Joy, Love, Happiness – just everything Divine!

    And so – dearest family – now you know what is awaiting you all soon! Keep your expectation high! Discover Nova Terra in your own Radiant Heart!

    And after all, She can be discovered already right here on 3dimensional earth! Divine Consciousness is all-pervading without exclusion. But It appears to be hidden in our present reality beneath the layers of distorted creation trying to hide the Truth. It is only that on Nova Terra this Truth is completely Obvious, because there are no false layers.

    With so much love,

    Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
    Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

  10. Good morning, everyone 🙂
    Here is what I had last night in dream state

    I was involved to take part in a large mission, there was a huge gathering of people- conference or other big event and I was delivering all that is needed to provide people`s needs, although I could not see packets or tons of food or other supplies the feeling was that i was taking care people to be provided.
    Next – many craft were coming towards us, landing on the ground, I was with a child in front of me and I was standing on a vast desert area ….no trees, no plants, only dust and sand and I was able to watch myself from above, the craft that were coming were all kinds, strange shaped, it was landing and then floating on the surface and exploring the area, one of the ships had a means that was in a shape of a beautiful woman`s hand – black, it came nearest to me and I thought that the hand will take some of the ground with me and the child , but it did not happen, the hand was smoothly touching the ground as it was caressing it

    End of the dream

  11. I found myself in a large hall with rustic wooden construction, like we were in a church at a summer camp. The place was set up for a service, with two rows of chairs facing the front, with a podium, and candles. A Roman Catholic service was about to begin. Everyone was waiting politely for the service to start, the atmosphere was somewhat formal but also laid back because it was a summer camp. There were 3 priests standing at the front in black robes, and the current Pope, Benedict XVI was coming to the front through a door that opened near the podium. He was wearing red and white robes. Everything was fairly dull and somewhat dimly-lit.

    As the Pope placed his books on the podium, the podium collapsed, sending his papers everywhere. The other priests scurried to protect the Pope and hustled him back into the room beside them, as if he were having a heart attack, and put him on a white couch to recover. The door remained open so I could see what was going on. But the Pope seemed pretty happy not to perform the mass, and sat up with a great big grin on his face (like a child). He then raised his legs and a great big fireball shot out from under him like a rocket engine, or there was a rocket underneath the couch he was sitting on. Fortunately he didn’t go anywhere.

    So the service was over, and there were several flats of lemon-filled doughnuts beside me. Scarlet Johansson and a friend of hers got up from the chairs and walked over to where I was sitting at the back on some benches. I offered her and her friend a bun (there was lots!), and we talked about her schooling, and then someone called her on her cell phone.

    That was the end of the dream.

  12. I read Sues dream earlier was wonderful and yours is so in tune with hers. cant wait to hear more from you both much love and light Suzanne.

  13. Hello everyone!

    Just wanted to share the dream i had last night cause it really was an awesome dream.

    But first i want you to read this,that if you did not do it already :

    Now i have to tell you that im working with Sue and the Arcturians on something called 5D Leaders Groups.I can’t tell you more about this because we really don’t know yet were this will lead.I will keep you posted as soon as i know more about it 🙂

    Now onto the dream.As Sue dream about the landings 2 nights ago i had kinda like the same dream last night.I don’t remember much about the dream though.I only remember that for me it was not landings that i saw but mass sightings all over the sky.It really was an awesome view.The sky was full ships,all kinds of forms and colors.I do remember that the military was in the air too with all kinds of planes and aircrafts,dunno if they were trying to stop them or not because i got up 🙂

    This really was an amazing experience and as i type this i can feel that feeling i had on the dream when i saw all those ships in our sky.It truly felt wonderful.

    Love and Light

  14. Hello everyone!

    I don’t remember my dream, but here is what happened.

    Before falling asleep Saturday night I set my intention to board Aurora and to remember my dreams. I awoke around 6:00 a.m. Sunday morning and I vaguely remembered dreaming. I was disappointed but I closed my eyes and immediately I received a message that I am moving away from duality. I acknowledged the message and understood that a brief memory of a dream I had during the week had to do with my progress.

    One night during the week I remember the following from a dream:

    I was in an open space of light and I could feel others around me but I could not see them. I was walking holding a white piece of paper that I had to deliver. I wanted to read to whom the letter was addressed but when I looked at the writing on the paper, I could not understand it.

    Love and light

  15. dream from the 17 of September 2012
    I saw a young sleeping girl/teen age/ she was beautiful and she was sleeping……in a river, her body was half in water, her head was among the flowers and plants on the river bank, then i saw her mother , the mother decided to wash her sleeping daughter so that the girl to wake up, she started taking water from the river with her hands and wash the face of the sleeping girl…then the same river turned into a sea, stormy dark grey sea and I saw a giant Viking ship coming, the Vikings were gigantic and scary and with rude manners , they were coming home after a fight and I could see their leather clothes and their weapons, the mother was excited because she was waiting her husband /Viking/ to return….the Vikings got off the ship and were coming to the shore through water
    The dream shifted and I saw the same woman – the mother as a younger woman in recent times that was a seller by the road, she was selling cherries and was dressed in red and white short seller`s uniform and she was crying because her husband /Viking/has not returned after the fight, the cars were passing by, the Sun was shining bright and she was crying by the road….
    Les, the similar road from the photo where Jason took a photo of the orb
    Love and Light

      • Yes, I also think so , when I saw the ship I felt my presence there among the vikings but I was not a warrior, my energy was male/as far as I felt/ and I was smaller than the big figures and was a kind of invisible to them, when I saw the woman crying I was watching her from above, it was so with the mother and the daughter, in this dream I was not identified with anyone of the people

  16. I Love you too, dear Lisa 🙂 next time the party is in my garden , we can listen to the music of the German band – I connect them with our Star Brothers and Sisters who are already in the town 🙂
    Everyone is invited to the party !
    ( ( SUN ) )

  17. Hi Tauno, I did a quick look up of the dream meaning of finding shoes with chocolate: To find shoes in your dream suggests that you have regained your foothold on life. You are back on the right path again.

    To see chocolate in your dream signifies love, celebration and self-reward.

    It seems to be that we met again in Astral world.
    You know next time we bring cake and coffee/tea
    haha 😀

    Love you my dear sister 😀 😀

  18. Hi Tauno,
    I had almost a similar dream. Remembering being in a classroom doing some exams. It seems I was doing the test in a computer room with other people. Some one was tiding up the cables of the PC because we had some inspection coming. Then I was outside talking to my grandmother that I did some exams but I had to go back. Then behind a wall I find two pairs of shoes filled with chocolate 😀 That is only what I remember. I also remember my smallest daughter was also there.

    Love Lisa

    • Hi, Lisa
      It seems we met again in Astral world, you have quite a clear connection with me and can see even things that I have not mentioned here, this is Amazing!
      And now i know who has hidden and filled my shoes with chocolate Haha, you sweet little girl 🙂
      LOVE YOU and I Love chocolate too 😉

  19. Good morning, dear friends
    I had a dream again with a colleague of mine, she wanted to thank me for a favor and I was wearing a beige/brown skirt

    Then I saw my father switching off the monitor of my PC
    My aunt has come to our house to stay for a few months, then I was in the garden without shoes, only socks and the socks were torn
    I heard a music, a German band was in town giving a concert, the music was nice

    This is what I remember

  20. FROM CRYSTALINEBLUE (she said this was posted in the wrong section)


    I am in bed in a high rise apartment, looks a lot like Hogwarts. I have been in pain all night my legs ache and I keep having cramp in my thighs (when awake I am in this pain also). In laws have arrived and I must go down stairs. I arrive down stairs just in time to stop my mother-Inlaw giving my daughter medicine. I grab the bottle from her and ask what she thinks she is doing. She tells me my daughter is unwell. When I check her temp she is fine and tell my mother Inlaw no medicine is to be given to my child by anyone except me.

    Shift of dream to the outside around me there are trees and I feel this is a park like setting there are people here walking around. Suddenly there is a loud explosion and everyone is running when I notice two boys by a long object realising it is a bomb I run to them and grab them yelling to others to run and get down. We find cover when there appears a metal type thing on wheels with what looks like a camera then these small robots appear rounding people up. When others try to grab them they are given a kind of electrical charge. We are locked up in a town of some sort.

    I walk into one of the buildings here and what looks like a scientist is beside himself, his cat has been soaked in water again as I go to touch it he yells it needs to be dried out. A man who seems familiar to me comes in I tell him about the cat. He grabs something I am not familiar with off the bench and does something to the cat then tells the other it is dead. What was strange was this cat did not have fur it had feathers.

    Shift of dream to a women running yelling her son is stuck in the drain again. I look toward a body of water which has concrete on both sides. Dam? the water is rising rapidly. awake end of dream.


    There are dishes everywhere in my mind I am saying I wont do them! I look for the taps and find one but it is hard against the bench. I try to turn it on but it wont work , Corrie comes in and asks where the block is What block? He pulls the tap up through the bench for me to hold while he finds another block.

    I grab the dirty glasses out of two sinks and put them in the other two sinks which are clean and they sparkle like new. I look around and all the dishes are gone the area is clean.

    Next I am outside Jay is there looking at a book she shows me the picture of her favourite noodle soup and goes to look through a cupboard for it. I tell her this is my favourite tea to drink and go to the bar to get one. The familiar man is there again with his shirt off. He is smiling at me as he warms milk for my drink. I tell him you don’t have milk in green tea to which he spills it down his rippled stomach. For some reason I am drawn to him but I walk away shaking my head. As I look up I realise I am in Thailand.

    I had two other dreams but they were to do with this life time where I confronted, listened, and let go of negative emotion which I had not realised I still had not released. Woke up and pains had gone.

  21. I had an excellent one last nite. Lasted a long time, and the “negative” part of it either went on a long time or while in that phase I remembered a long period of the negativity and fighting and dischord. Then things switched. The overall feeling was “We Won, We Did It” and that lasted a long time, too. In fact, I remember being aware of times that it felt like it should come to an end, but another phase of the celebration began. It all started with a small group of people, but eventually there was a very large party going on. The fact that it kept going on made it feel much more like an alternate dimension or timeline than just a dream. I woke up during the party phase, and my first thought was, “Now, THAT was an Ascension Dream.”

    • The table is set ready for celebration. Pete sounds like you have had a glimpse of what is to come lovely dream 🙂 love and light Suzanne

    • Pete! It is wonderful and I am so happy because the celebration will gather us all because we all did our mission 🙂
      I LOVE YOU, Folks 🙂
      Hugs of LIGHT

  22. Wow, what an amazing dream you had. I had also a dream on Friday about a baby as also Tauno, and also when I read some dreams at the Aurora page, it is all about mother earth birthing into new existence.

    Love and Lisa

    • Hi, dear Lisa, yes, the mother and the baby I also connect them with Mother Earth and the New beginning
      In my dream the mother was painting…..Lisa, in fact you are an artist… means that you are connected with Mother Earth, I want to help and also I think of OcaTawa
      Oh, and another strange fact
      In this dream when i first saw the mother she was with brown hair, then when painting I saw her with blond hair-like a hair of a doll – she has changed, the baby has grown too fast, time is speeding up, the mother takes action
      the doctor was the same woman – from Tulya`s crew/that was pregnant, now I saw her as a doctor, also, the same hairstyle and Troy, I also think of the ticket seller that I saw on Aeterna/, she was giving a recepy for curing the mother, it means that TULYA is helping, we are helping and Mother Earth takes action
      WHAT An AMAZING PROOF of all the messages of LIGHT and of Our connection! WOW, the meaning of the dream has emerged just at this moment to me

        • Definitely, Troy! I know that you know what it means
          the old Earth is melting or getting smaller or falling behind while the New Earth is getting bigger, more powerful and manifested as it is the Divine Will and we are assisting the New Earth to take form 🙂

    • Lisa and Tauno When I saw the universe full of light and the colours I knew in my heart this was the new universe. That Earth had made the transition rebirth we are so close 🙂

      • Yes, this is true, my dear Friend! I can see your LIGHT and feel your energy in your written words! Thank You!
        Love and Light


    Before me I am being shown a solar system, The central Planet I see is beautiful. She is the most beautiful blue a sapphire of blue with wisps of pure white cloud dancing across her surface. As I pull back I see two suns brightly shining and other planets dotted among the stars which sparkle like luminous diamonds, what is so captivating is there is no darkness here there is just light.

    Then the dream shifts

    I am in a smock that is familiar, looking up a women approaches with a smug smile on her face. I close my eyes and I am at home with my granddaughter in the bedroom getting her dressed when the phone rings. As I go to pick it up it stops ringing and I hear my daughters voice, I tell her I have it. A women asks if this is Suzanne I say yes it is ,she asks if I am sure! Ok yes I am sure closing my eyes I am again in the factory I use to work listening to the women on the phone telling me about a job which will pay me per kilo-meter. Then I see my old work mate approaching me again only this time she tells me you have enough money take the job we don’t need you and your job here is done. I say to her you know I need this job and have no money but she just laughs as I realise everyone is now looking our way. The dream shifts and we are all outside in the hills around Christchurch when I see glowing balls hitting the land around us exploading, as I turn around I see Rocks of fire shooting into the air. The women with the smirk takes off leaving everyone else to fend for themselves when I hear her scream, shaking my head I say Karma is an unpleasant bed fellow. I see others heading for water and yell NO! there is lava now pouring over the sides of the Hills and the water will boil but I am too late. There is a man beside me with a baby. I look around and find a large piece of flat board and lay down in an area that appears safe. We stand on this and wait but he places the baby on its back on the board and I quickly grab the child up flip the child over and carefully take of its top saying it is hot and the babies back has been burnt. Luckily it is not really bad. The Lava is now flowing in three directions away from us. I then realise my daughter is not with me and my son is working around here and begin to worry about there were about’s. What seems like hours later I see people coming through a cut in the rock some with suitcases, some covered in black dust. I run over searching the faces for my son then I see him, He runs to me and I embrace him telling him he is safe now. From another cutting another group appear and there is a man carrying two young ones thinking one is mine I pich the child out of the frontpack and quickly put it on the ground it was Vuldermort and he slithers away down a crack. Then I hear my daughter. Dream shifts again There are a number of us in a large white building the interior is White and around the top of the walls are statues and symbols. It is an Ancient place similar to the huge church’s of centuries ago. On the floor there are beds for us all. I am talking to two men when a third one approaches and pulls me aside. He asks if that is my partner I ask who and he said the one I was talking to. I look over to where the two men were and see one has gone. I turn back and I ask him where the other one has gone. He said he just left with a beautiful women. Suddenly the missing man is beside me asking if there are any plastics. I begin to laugh turning to the man I was talking to and say an immature man like this who is only interested in one thing I think not and walk away. My son and daughter are now in bed . As I get in I look up and the once still statues and symbols begin to detach from the walls, falling toward us they begin to fold themselves up and settle on the bed. I wake up.

  24. Lyrics “we are the world”
    There comes a time when we heed a certain call
    When the world must come together as one
    There are people dying
    And its time to lend a hand to life
    The greatest gift of all

    We can’t go on pretending day by day
    That someone, somehow will soon make a change
    We are all a part of Gods great big family
    And the truth, you know,
    Love is all we need

    We are the world, we are the children
    We are the ones who make a brighter day
    So lets start giving
    There’s a choice we’re making
    We’re saving our own lives
    Its true we’ll make a better day
    Just you and me

    Send them your heart so they’ll know that someone cares
    And their lives will be stronger and free
    As God has shown us by turning stones to bread
    So we all must lend a helping hand


    When you’re down and out, there seems no hope at all
    But if you just believe there’s no way we can fall
    Let us realize that a change can only come
    When we stand together as one

    [Chorus: x2]

    (PS: I was crying my eyes out when I was listening to this song, Love Lisa)

  25. Dream 07-09-2012
    I was dreaming that I was running away from my parents. I find myself in a strange city, it looks like a French city and I see the cities name “Addepp “and a second name behind it, but I forgot. To make some money and survive I am selling some paintings of my daughters. I miss them very much. A lady wants to buy them, but because it was only half of paintings she didn’t want any. Then another lady stops in front of me with a car. She says she wants to help to get me to my parents. The dream shifts and I am walking with friends in a metro tunnel going outside. Beside me , two men going out on a side door. When we are walking I notice that the ceiling has black tiles and they are starting to crack. I yell that everybody should get out as fast as they can. I am running to but don’t make it on time. The tunnel collapse on top of my legs and half of my upper body. People starting to dig me out. They called an ambulance; the people put me on a stretcher. But instead of putting me in the ambulance, they just leave me there. The dream shift again, I am sitting in a wheelchair looking for a hospital. I ask people which way but they same to direct me in the wrong way. After a wrong direction again, I wind up at a Canadian embassy. The receptionist feels for me and she calls the hospital, to come and fetch me. I am in the hospital now, in a doctor’s room. The doctor seems very old and not sure what he is doing. He is collecting urine from patients. He is a chiropractor and tells me there is something wrong with my back. The nurse gives me some of those sample bottles and tells me to go to the toilet to give them a sample. But the toilet is not nearby; I have to go down, pass restaurants and going a very long way. Finally I got it. The dream shifts again and I find myself in the theatre and they were casting my legs, feet and arms and putting weights on it, lifting me up in the air. They also want to wrap my head but I prevent it. Somebody quickly grab a baby and put him on top of me.

    Now the dream shifts again and I am standing in a sort of classroom with other people and we start to sing. It sounded a lot like the song “ We are the world”. So we are all starting to sing and dance together, a happy feeling sweeps through me and is very contagious. Then I start to sing solo and sing my heart “earth” out , to people who are sitting on the balcony, that they matter and that I and the world love them. End of dream.

    Dreamflight 08-09-2012
    I only remember partially of the dream after setting my intention yesterday.
    I remember it was a starry night and I am floating in the ocean and I was talking to somebody next to me (Babajij or Troy, I can’t feel clear on this?) and we were looking at the stars and trying to see if we could make something out of the stars. My friend sees an eagle and I see a whale. Under us is an UFO under water, spinning very fast. If I look at it in a special way, I can see the core of the UFO.
    The dream shifts and me and my friends are running from something and we need to hide. There is a Japanese lady who wants to apprehend me but I shoot here with my paintball gun. We find a hidden blue room and there we relax on big couches.
    The next thing I remember is being in an old storage room/warehouse and there were a lot of file cabinets. And I and my husband were looking for something. End of dream.
    And I am ending with my birthday song today.
    What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong

    • Hi, Lisa
      I see a coincidence with the town , wandering and the hospital, the baby, the dangerous situations, too
      there are two aspects of one astral experience we were part of, the song We are the World is one of my favourite, too and makes me cry and uplifts my Spirit, actually this was one of the Biggest Sparks of Light at the end of the 20th century

  26. Hello everyone 🙂
    I dreamed a lot last night but I remember only small parts of the dream

    I was in a town and my feeling is that I have been there before, not very big town, many people there

    Next – I and the presence of my sister were to a doctor, the doctor is a young woman with short dark hair/she looks quite like the pregnant woman I saw on TULYA before with the white astronaut costume/, but this time she was not pregnant and was a doctor, we have to take some medicine for my mother and the doctor was talking to us and writing the list of pills on a paper …we did not remember a date, the date of our previous visit with the doctor , it was in connection with some pink pills for calming the nerves

    Next – I was visiting a young mother with a new born baby girl
    Next – the same mother with the baby has climbed on a building that was in a process of making and the mother took the baby on a scaffolding and then she took a brush and started painting with a white paint

    I got concerned about the baby left at this dangerous position on the scaffolding and looked at her, and I noticed that the baby has grown very rapidly since the previous day

    End of the dream remembrance, I cannot remember other things from the dream

  27. I was in the Astral version of Victoria, I was taking my son to a class field trip, a place downtown that resembled the National Zoo in Washington, DC… But it was a zoo for crystals with lots of caves to explore. After dropping him off I boarded this covered platform with seats that hovered above the ground, many others were riding it. The covering was a yellow and red awning. During the tour we slowed alongside another platform coming the other way, and we passed some treats to the other passengers. Some of my coworkers were there too. These reminded me of the people movers in The Smoky God book.

  28. when I asked to go on the ocean water trip to help out I heard a No ,I thought it was maybe because I do this work often any way .so I went to sleep and when I woke up I remember this dream travel, First I need to share that we had been out of water at our camp for over a week as we had no rain and our spring dried up.I dreamed that a large group of people had arrived at our camp and I was told that I was in charge of keeping the toilet water clean [LOL] not a pleasant job but a very important .LOL

    • Oh I forgot ,they also told me to say Allahbastar 3x and when I did my heart arrhythmia stopped and was beating normal ;0)

  29. There are three Pods in front of me I am told what each one contains but on waking cannot remember so I am assuming it is not for public knowledge. Some one is telling me to make a choice. There is a sense of urgency as someone is coming. I feel rushed but I am also aware of what the repercussions could be if I make a mistake. This person tells me not all Reptilians are bad as if I did not know this.

    Then I hear someone walking up the drive way looking toward the drive way I see my daughter in law walking pushing the twins in there buggy.

    Next I hear “There are three Box’s which one will you choose?

    Then this comes through as I am writing the above.

    Have you ever wondered where your loved ones go when they leave this 3D realm.

    Imagine a vortex (A mass of whirling fluid or air, Whirlpool or whirlwind.) what you see is a spiral, a spiral moving and in this spiral emanates pure white light which draws the eye. Then a feeling so profound begins to flow from your centre you become aware of a golden cord and attached to this cord is you = vortex this cord flows in the figure 8 then your soul detaches from its 3D vessel returning through the vortex.

    Imagine a mirror but instead of it being solid it is fluid, you place your hand into the mirror and it can not be seen by your 3D eyes although it is still there but in another dimension. To explain how this works is beyond my scope and place in 3D.

    As I again begin to dream I am in a room being told I am expecting my fifth child a women approaches and wants to examine me. She starts to touch my stomach and looks at my weight saying this is not right she is out of balance. Next I am in a hospital being taken to room 1. I am told the procedure will cost 380 dollars what procedure when I look down I am in a gown young and slim. I wake up.

  30. A workplace dream for me. Standard office environment, with desks and tables and computers and lots of wires. But it was outdoors in a town square. When I arrived I had trouble finding a parking place for my car, which was pretty much the car I actually own. Then I had trouble finding a place in the office to work. There were 3 choices for me, none of them a great work environment, but I did pick one and got involved with the team that was in that area. As the work began, my dream ended.

    No oceans, no spaceships, no sharks. 😉

    • Hi, Pete, I see a synchronicity in your dream with those dream of mine when I was a student in class but all the desks were outside by a noisy street and we were having a strange lesson – art and geometry mixture, and like you I was experiencing inconvenience because I did not have scissors and tore the paper by hand and behind my bag I had a spy 🙂

      • Great! We’ll have to keep our eyes open for inside situations taking place outside. I’ve still got a clear image of that town square in my head, so I’ll certainly recognize it if I go back.

        • Thanks, Pete, your point of view is really interesting, I agree 🙂
          You mean that we start to create from inside into the outside! and it is time to look for the manifestations into our reality , this totally resonates with me 🙂

  31. I do not remember my dreams from last night. However I asked if I could remember something about it, and immediately there was a sharp pain in my lower left arm below the elbow and wrist. Oh! Something like a small shark had bitten my arm. And I recall that we had celebrated this (even though I felt kind of silly) because what this meant was that the shark had been able to see me in astral form. Apparently I had startled the shark in the process of doing whatever it was I was doing, and I had appeared to him seemingly out of nowhere. Now think about that for a moment. That shouldn’t have happened! In some cases this does happen, it is a similar thing to how a cat might freak out when it sees / senses someone from another dimension.

    So at this point I’m not sure if this is a rare happening or an indication of larger things now taking place. Others may wish to pay attention to the animals around them – are they becoming more sensitive / or reacting to things that aren’t there?

    • Troy, I woke up this morning with the dream slipping away from my memory, it is so each time…I think ” I do not remember anything, wait…wait, please, try to remember”, then some piece of a dream, a detail emerges, I catch it and try to pull out the rest of the dream as I am pulling a rope and the thread unfolds, I start to remember
      But at the first moment my memory is empty while I remember how I was waking up during the night with clear images from the dream

  32. Hello, everyone 🙂
    This is my dream of 2nd September 2012

    I had a feeling of traveling but do not remember details, just traveling
    Next – I am again at the sports ground and there are many teens there, this time the sports place is down and I am looking at it from a higher place, it is something like a stadium but without benches, I am sitting on the stones around the sports place, my sweatshirt is red and I have taken it off and put it near a stone next to a red leather jacket belonging to someone else. When I decided to take my
    sweatshirt I saw that only the red leather jacket was there and while I was wondering where my red sweatshirt is, I saw it again there.

    Next part – I am in a sports hall in my old high school and in the hall there is a big red Persian carpet , again there are the teens and there is a rehearsal taking place in the hall, a rehearsal for a major event. Then a colleague of mine comes to me, she is a tall woman who has given me the previous day a notebook with a kind of essay in it, the essay and the notebook resembled so much that notebook of Leslee where she writes down notes and draws
    The essay /manuscript/was a very important work/connected with our project we had a rehearsal for/ and was written by this colleagues` sister, I remember reading it with a great interest the previous night and there was a drawing there done with a blue pen
    We were discussing something concerning the essay with this colleague of mine while we were in the hall during the rehearsal for the big event that was about to occur


  33. Quite a few dreams last nite, and the more important part that I want to share was definitely this morning, Sept 1, as a I woke up. Remembering that there had been several scenes thru the nite led me to realize that some of those scenes were places I’d been to before in other dreams, possibly over many years. That thought triggered memories of some other scenes that have been visited once or more over the years. These memories didn’t last long, but I’ve never experienced anything quite like this before. Definitely made me feel that there’s some bleed-through going on due to thinner veils! Gave me the sense of a whole dreamscape out there that I have visited over the years.

    And do you suppose that any of that was related to a session I had with a very awake friend yesterday? Who said she definitely felt an ET vibe about me? And who intuited that the Big Issue I’m working through now stems from 5 lives ago on another planet?

    Hope to see everyone tonite, whether aboard ship or in the oceans!

        • When I “borrowed” Umbro, I walked down a hallway, at the end of a hallway was a windowed area that looked out on a forest, it has a tropical feeling to it.

          Here is the closest I can find to what the hallway looks like (the carpet is a different color)

          Maybe your dream was on the Tulya? It seems strange (resonating) that you and I have met this way, I wish I remembered it!

          • Yes, When I was on TULYA the colours were the same – metallic, grey/white and Umbro was wearing a white astronaut costume and again was the old wizard
            In fact in this dream I was in two identical ships – definitely two, Umbro was on one of them and then I went on board of a twin-craft and I saw the pregnant woman in the same astronaut costume and the young man in the same costume, the woman was in front of a screen/deck modulating someone`s feelings and name

            • Later/in other dream/ I was in the green area of TULYA and I was sitting on a tree, there were trees there and a very beautiful light
              the colours of GLS ALGIZ are violet and green, there is blue too and brown, more natural colours while on TULYA the colours are white/grey and metallic/ green house excluded :)/

            • Hey now that you mention it I remember the white astronaut outfit too! I wonder why it was so important that I press the red button? I suppose it was simply a confirmation that I was there, maybe?

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