Konstantinos: Iltheos-‘Awareness and Change’

Your world is changing. It’s like the palms of your heart. You can feel them, but for some, the feeling has been taken for granted. Consequently, some people do not live with awareness of themselves, of the ones around them and of their environment.

Respectively, some get ‘on the air’ a feeling that something ‘big’ is about to happen, but then, this shining of their intuitive abilities goes away, because their spiritual eye is not get exercised, as it happens in the case of  a  muscle of your body. Remember, that the change comes from (your) INSIDE.All the world, every world is a cellular of God. And that is the less that can be said. The Infinite Multiverse exists in different  morphes and scales. Same goes  for the ‘kinds’ of the Creators too.

The Universes inside you are like the Universes that seem to be out from you. And each one of you, is the Creator of his/her inner Creation. Respectively, the Universes ‘out’ from you, are the ‘inner’ Creation of the Creator, who is responsible for the creation of All and Everything. And at the same time, All and Everything are the Universal Intelligence which consists the Creator of the Holon. And that is the less that can be said.

So, when a change happens on you, in you, this influences the Multiverse ‘inside’ you and simultaneously, it is reflected to the Multiverse ‘out’ from you. You have heard this again in different ways. So, implement it (if you choose to do so)in a way that it will be beneficial to you. As for the ones who already do this, please continue as the Gods you are.

There is no difference between us and same goes for the so called ‘Dark Ones’, who move through a path in which the ‘currently virtuous ones’, meaning the ones who have chosen a different path, have also experienced on ‘previous’ lifetimes. God does not make distinctions, as the Uncoditional Love He/She/It is, and same goes fot the Beings of Light, who feel and act normally the same way.The same ability and nature exists to you too,dear people of Mother Earth.

The torch of your inner flame is ready to shine more than ever, as you are getting nearer to the end of this year. Ad there are many reasons for this. Some of them are known to you and some others, you are going to discover in the imminent future. And that is, because you have pulled it through your Intention. Continue like this.

With Great Love and Respect,

Iltheos from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

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