Konstantinos: Iltheos-Looking Up

  The lower energies of your world continue to faint more and more. This may not be easy for some to see and realize it, because of the phenomenical manifestation of specific sentimental situations, like misery, agony, sadness, frustration and other similar feelings.

  But as you already know, at least some of you are aware of it consciously, a change of great meaning cannot do otherwise, but be side by side with the inevitable upheavals. From the different kinds of upheavals, the most painful and able to infect and damage indescribably fast, is the inner upheaval.

  The reasons for this kind of upheaval are many and vary depending on each one’s case. These ‘earthquakes’ are very harmful indeed, but not invincible. By this, I mean that you can handle them and also, to prevent them, before they will make their presence known.

  You do this through different ways, but really, HOW many of you have been raised? How many of you have looked up? What does this mean? By this, I mean if the high energies are recognizable by many of you or not.

  Does it need a specific ‘amount’ of souls to be raised, in order for them to move on, collectively, beyond their present level of conciousness? All  parts have their significant role and yes, it is necessary a sufficient ‘amount’ of souls to choose to transmigrate to new, higher experiences of thought and living. By this, this collective consciousness makes known how seriously it wishes to evolve as a race.

  How many of you look up? How much trust do you have to God, to you, to the ones around you, to Holon? Have you lost any hope for something? Is there lack of trusting and if yes, why? Do you live consciously with awareness each time of yours, whatever is that you do? The answers to these and other questions are variable, but the point is, do you wish FROM THE BEGINNING to answer? Do you wish to be raised?

  Looking up, literally and/or figuratively, goes with desire, trust, nostalgia….and maybe, among other things… with optimism? For what? A task, a desire, is made itself known and makes the mechanism of its manifestation work, by starting initially from INSIDE. From YOU.

  If your desire has already come true inside you, regarding the result and not the way to get there, the only thing left, is to ‘meet’ that result on your path of your linear perception. In the case of the physical contact between Earth people and Enlightened Galactics, the so called ‘First Contact’, this happens already. You only have to ‘meet’ this event. Do not stop pulling to you this event. Honestly, you will not regret it, as you do not regret your meeting with  loveable friends and relatives.

My Love, Appreciation and Respect to you, dear ones.

Iltheos from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

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21 comments on “Konstantinos: Iltheos-Looking Up

  1. Thank you for your words of Love dear Michael and Vee.
    Yes Michael, I really wish to meet you and our friends in the physical and as soon as possible.
    Glad you liked the message of Iltheos dear Vee. By the way, the first letter of his name is ‘i’ (-_-).

    Much Love to both of you and our common friends. Love you all.

  2. Beautiful! Thank you, Iltheos and Konstantinos! Many of these questions have been going through my mind as I’ve begun my journey West… I’m so thrilled to be going to the conference, and to experience Pagosa and all the wonderful people there… And I’m hoping to learn more about exactly what we might expect in the coming days.

    I keep hearing that I just need to focus on envisioning what lies ahead, and sending energy to manifestation… It really keeps me on my toes as far as mindfulness goes! Much love and light to you all!

  3. Glad it resonated with you dear Leslee. Hope thing are fine for you in Pagosa. And yes, we have to keep sending Light energy , in order for the manifestation to happen. Much Love to you, dear friend (-_-).

  4. Thank you to you both for this message. It helped me today to find myself in writing after sitting out in the rain. Much love dear IItheos and Konstantinos.

  5. Me and Iltheos are very happy that this message helped you, dear Crystalineblue. Much Love and Appreciation to you.

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