Iltheos-Our Great Reunion

You are a part of us as we are a part of you too.

Together we are part of this Universe, which is also a part of another one and same goes for the rest of the Universes.

All the Multiverse is part of  our collective inner Multiverse, since all souls’s molecular and cellular structure, depending on which dimension and frequency each aspect exists in each version, is an infinite series of Universes.

Life is everywhere and Life is everyone.

Try for just some seconds to feel that….

Oh, so amazing it is and so indescribable for the  limited  3D dialects and perception.

Of course that is not for no reason. Or should I say that this was so, till the exceptions of the Earth population started to arise and be more, some decades ago.

Souls like the so called Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children played their part to the awakening journey (and continue to do so) too.

And now here you are, all of you. Returning, each one by his own rythme, to your True Selves.

The ones of you who has been on the awakening path for some time now, expect among other things the great Reunion.

The Reunion with the families, friends and partners you left behind for a special purpose, but we continued to be with you during all this journey of yours.

 I/We could say that this Reunion has already started to the ones that has achieved their Reunion with their Heart and their Divine part. This amount of awakened souls, to whom you who read this and other similar messages are already belong, has experienced by a variety of ways this Reunion.

But yes, your human nature wishes also for a physical Reunion  and that is understood and very desirable from our side too.

This will be done, be sure for that.


Use your Intuition for that. What’s the answer ? Hear carefully…

Do you feel that our physical Reunion needs more time in order to be manifested?

Do you feel that this is possible, since so many changes and small type ‘disclosures’ has started to take place for some time now?

And yes, the people of the so called ‘Cabal’ experience their ‘worst nightmare’ which is simply their Fall…and maybe their beginning in order for them to return ‘one day’  at Home. This will be also a Reunion for them.

But till this Reunion happens to them, our physical Reunion will have already started and this world of our Creator’s dream will start to faint more than any time before…and your new reality will be more Real than the previous one. And yes, more joyful, but with great responsibility.

This term will not have of course the sense of  fear it has now, but it will be felt by you as the chance for you to show your greatest vision of Love into manifestation.

Please, continue to show a little more patience, it won’t be for long. Days pass faster than ever and that’s because you have done it dear ones.

It is you after all, that are responsible for the opening of your inner gate through which, we expect to hear again your call….for the last (or first) stage of our great Reunion.

And holding each other’s hand we will walk again the path of Truth and Love.

We were/are never away from you than a thought.

Our Love and Respect to you Brave Souls.

My personal Love and Appreciation to you, dear showers of the Light.

Iltheos from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:

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  2. Thank you Konstantinos, some really great confirmations here. Also that last drawing really pops, it is less a drawing and more an event in the here and now. It is really happening! Thank you.

  3. Wonderful message dear KP!! Please feel free to post all your channeled messages on indy info if u would like. PS: Please always write in title your name in some form, otherwise people assume it is from me.. and email me all kinds of question! lol ❤ I look forward to more!! 🙂 xoxo

    • Thank you so much dear Laura. It will be my pleasure to post my messages to your beautiful site. Love and Light.

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