Konstantinos: My Arcturian Family-‘Child+Adult=Completion’

We are addressing  you as ONE. We are sending you our warmly greetings. We Love you a lot. When each one of you gets to the point to communicate with his/her Loved Ones who were, and still are, his/her family (to another planet of the Creation or another dimensional frequency), then he/she experiences a case and a way through which, he/she can feel this Love.

The same thing happens when a child gives you a hug. The gentle ‘chill’ that you feel, while this feeling meets with your Heart, is the transmission of Love from the Source to your Inner Child.

To your world, when an ‘adult’ hears the word ‘child’, spontaneously it comes to his/her mind, the word ‘innocence’. But the ‘adult’ instead of perceiving the Force and the beneficial Power  that exists to this characteristic, he/she perceives it as a ‘weakness’.

The ‘adult stage’ is important for a grown incarnated human, because at the same time, his/her capabilities and perception grow too. But these two can be blocked when they overshadow your Inner Child. Now, we are going to address you separately and while we are doing this, try to feel the energy of each one of us.

IlthEos: Entering to a world of Duality, the times you are connected with your Real Self, are when you represent the Innocence, through thought and action, by being a child, Biologically and Spiritually. But as a white surface’s appearance can change when it is soiled from ink, the same thing happens when a child’s inner purity is blotted from the Dualistic nature of its environment. By this way, the Inner Child is get aside and get replaced by the Serious Adult. Those of you who can recognise the value of their Inner Child, they know that the best ‘cleaner’ is the return to the Innocent, Pure, Unconditional Love through Self  Consciousness/Awareness of the Self. Do not be/live  to the ‘automatic pilot’.

MonEn: Asking questions for the world around you and for your Self, you begin to use your critical thought. By this way, you do not let anyone to control and direct you. But this can happen if you use ONLY your Linear Mind and your Linear Logic. By this, I mean that you get yourselves more and more in the Materialism forgetting that you are Spirit. You lose your task . You deny your Self.

SilEsio: By doing this, you emerge with your ‘role’ and forget the existence of the Purpose: the Awareness of your God Self through your experiential journey. You accept only  what you can materially perceive, ignoring the fact that there is more than that and also, that this ‘idea’ is already in front of you. Your Science  ‘discovers’ things which are already mentioned to ancient texts of specific civilizations of your history. And that happens, because  these people put limits on themselves by separating  and analyzing. It is one thing the beneficial organizing and another the limitation of the Self. See for which of these two, benefits you more. Feel it.

AnOn: We are mentioning to you what we observe and surely, what you observe too. It is not in our nature to judge. With the limitation of your Self, you ‘put in chains’ your Inner Child. You hobble the Source of your Love and Cure. But literally, at least the most of you, how would (do you) feel if you saw a child limited and put in chains? There are these kind of examples  in your world.

TherAl: We are not telling you to feel sorry for the ‘less lucky ones’, because by sending sadness , you burden them with more low energy.  Neither we are telling you to not feel compassion for them (which is different), because you know that these souls are fulfilling a life contract the conditions of which, they decided with their Guides’s help. Finding here the subtle distinction, you find Ballance.

AnrAl: And Ballance is very necessary to an, for centuries, imbalanced world. Behind this imbalance of course, there were Free Will and Purpose and then, comes a time for this situation to change and transmigrate to its opposite. This is Evolution and Return combined.

RAnlAn: So, by getting spiritually emergent, you return to your God Self and you emerge (again) with your Inner Child. Taking care of it, as you do literally with a child, you take care of your Self…the God in you. And so, the Teacher reborns. That happens already, and in an increasing rhythm, the last 12 years and same goes for Mother Earth. This so wonderful Universal Jewel of the Creation is transmigrating to the Newborn, to the New Child who will represent your return to your Inner Child…inside you.

Now we are addressing you again as ONE…and we are informing you that when an Adult and a Child exist as One, then you are completed…enlightened…Gods…consciously! And as some of you can feel, something like that cannot present any kind of disadvantage, but only the choice to represent FULLY and ONLY Unconditional Love. That is where Gaia and You are heading now and that is so, because you are (co)creating this. Continue like this and you will get to the point to experience forever in the Now, Happiness, Awareness and Innocence as a Child and an Adult together.

We are leaving you for now, although we are constantly with you (laughs)! By the Love of the Child and the Wisdom of the Adult that characterizes us/you, we are telling you that you are making it…you are VERY CLOSE…there is no return.

IlthEos, RAnlAn, AnrAl, MonEn, TherAl, SilEsio, AnOn from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

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  2. Thank You so much all of You and Konstantinos
    Dear friend KP, MonEn looks quite like a Being that i met too, it came a few months ago in a vision…as far as I remember it appeared when I was waking up one morning, I have already shared the experience here in STC
    Love and Light

  3. Thank you dear KP !!
    hugs and love! It is so valuable what your talent for drawing allows you to do!! 🙂

  4. Is there any way we can talk about arcturians ans visions of them on email!? I’ve only just tarted having dreams of them and believe I am from Arcturus area. Can we talk?

    • Hi Kiki – welcome to Spirittrainchronicles! Unfortunately Konstantinos is no longer around, and he’s removed his site and shut down his email. 😦 But I know he’s still here in spirit. But anyways, you are welcome to share your dream experiences anywhere on this site you wish. We have a dreamflight post on the home page that takes place every Saturday night (rain or shine!). You can certainly post dreams there if you wish. My address is cloesclausen (at) gmail.com – and you might try talking to Wes Annac: http://cultureofawareness.com/

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