White Cloud Woman: Messages Are All Around You

>White Cloud, I am here if you wish to chat.

Cloud…I we you no see


I am white cloud woman

>Hello white cloud woman how are you?

The legions of the sylphs which I oversee are victorious. There is no need to fear that which you cannot control from the ground, for we control the skies.


I am watching you from the skies now, Troy. I only wish to make my presence known at this time, and to introduce myself by way of the White Sisterhood.

Whether you speak to me or to the collective, it does not matter, but we come forward individually when there is a need to do so, and so that you may benefit from feeling the individual energies that make up the whole of our collective. It is like seeing different parts of the body of a human being – the hands, the feet, the head, the legs, all are connected to the whole, and all has a unique function to play within that whole. So is the case for all of humanity. You are all connected to the source and have a unique role to play within it. As you know this is the law of variation. Perhaps for a time two specialists may even team up to play one role, but all are unique paths and roles to play.

>Thank you white cloud, I appreciate your protection and attention.

It is you who has shifted focus and attention to me, I have always been in many ways sending signals where needed. Those signals are not always heeded; the disconnection of mother nature is one such channel which has mostly been cut off in favor of the high-rise appartment building. In favor of the 8-lane highway.

This is not to say that one cannot shift attention and still benefit from the message that is being given, but if more were to pay attention to the message they would ensure that many more messengers were available to send the message. I speak of course of the animal kingdom. Such dear messengers, they do so selflessly, and mostly ignored. Currently, appreciated by few, considered a nuisance by many.

But more are learning their talents now as they understand that there are many different ways to connect to the source. In fact as awakenings occur more will see themselves in their surroundings for each part of their surroundings is a part of them. But also from a multidimensional perspect each has had at least one animal incarnation and so might closely identify with a particular species. This is however not the focus of the White Sisterhood, this is a way to further identify and focus on our energy should you need to do so. And some may wish to take our energy and nurture a connection with us, this is a primary reason we are here.

You may find images of an amalgamation of our spirits, well this too is an accurate depiction of our inter-connected-ness. And if those who contain this energy wish to identify themselves for the purpose of way-showing, this would honor us at this time.

The source is all around you and you are a part of that source in a very similar way to how a fly in a web can easily be detected by the spider – because the spider and the fly are both connected by the threads of the web. This example may not often be used for the predator – prey relationship but this is also an example of how one’s focus can be shifted to many different parts of the same event, which may represent different lessons. A very efficient way of communicating, but the message is only there for those who are ready and able to see it. And so one is easily able to communicate with all-that-is using the same principle.

Goodnight now but we will see you in the skies, and all around you.


Channeled by dreamwalker | dreamwalkerdiaries.blogspot.com