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(This post consolidates material that Adrial gave while answering questions from Vlad Kudin.)

Adrial confirms your understanding, that Athabantian and Nibiru are closely related. Nibiru is a planetoid ship/station, comparable in size to a small planet or asteroid, and is composed of remains from Tiamat. Athabantian manifests in conjunction with Nibiru, yet vibrates at a higher frequency than Nibiru. You might say that their “spatial locations” overlap, and they are able to do this because they are in different dimensions. However, please note than Athabantian is smaller than Nibiru, and if Athabantian were to manifest in 3D, she would approximately fill the hollow inside Nibiru.
Gaia/Terra/Earth formed her body partly from debris from the destruction of Tiamat. However, it may help to explain further that this matter was, at the time of Gaia’s creation, in very elemental particles of matter AND energy. Gaia also drew into herself matter and…

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I am Arachanaï


Hi all, I made a group in face book. My personal disclosure. What about you?
You can write your own personal disclosure here, in any form you want. Writing, video, singing, dancing, photographs, music and so…. any media you can find!


It would be nice to spread this message , so that we have many personal disclosure.

Submitted by Earthchic
Your personal Disclosure message is BEAUTIFUL!
I also wish to make MY personal disclosure and welcome our Galactic Brothers and Sisters!
WELCOME WITH MUCH LOVE! We are ready for YOU to land on our planet and be welcomed with open arms!
Maybe if enough of us from the ground will respond to this message from Lisa and add our own “WELCOME”, it will speed up Disclosure. Let’s try it!!

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