Just Sayin’ Hi!

Greetings from Pagosa!

Hi, Everybody!

Well, Jason and I have both been talking an awful lot about posting, with neither of us getting around to it… This photo seems to provide the perfect opportunity to get around it doing it finally!

A friend took this pic last night, at one of the (sulphur-rich…. breathe in that gorgeous smell!) spring fountains along the San Juan river… Kinda funny – his attempt at giving me horns turned into a peace sign, and mine for him just looks like a single antenna…

I’ll just speak for myself, since I bet Jason will embellish in the comments…

We arrived a week ago today, and it has been a whirlwind since then! In fact, one of the reasons I have a chance to post is that I’ve come down with a slight cold, so clearly, Rest necessitates herself…

Housing secured – check!

Jobs secured – check for Jason! I had a nice interview on Friday, and hope for another tomorrow or Tuesday.

Mark Kimmel and Heidi Moller have introduced us both to a community of wonderful people, and their graciousness continues to warm my heart deeply. The word “Community” is deeply understood here, and I heartily look forward to sharing in the activities and coming-together that goes on here. I’m humbled and honored to be here.

I’m confident the day will arrive when I manage to post some pics of the breath-taking beauty here… Next week looks to be as hectic as this one, with moving and continued job-hunting (After all, it IS hunting season now…).

I miss you all terrifically! The mobile phone service is very spotty here, and internet access has been even more sparse… Hopefully once I get settled in, I can rejoin you all more regularly. My heart is with you all, even if there’s no “electronic” evidence… 🙂

On a Galactic front, I crave catching up on all the posts… Word around here is that there is definitely shift going on, and the world of 2013 will be quite different from now. The trick is: I got no details!

So I’ll sign off for now, and hope to be online with you more soon!

Much love and light to you all!