Matthew’s Message – September 1st, 2012


Message from Matthew

September 1, 2012

Ascension process on target; Earth’s destination fifth density; ongoing ET assistance; disclosure process; Hatonn: Obama reelection key to ET arrival, Golden Age master plan; fear deters soul evolvement

1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Such excitement is in the air for all lighted souls—the countdown to the threshold of Earth’s Golden Age is months and weeks, not the decades, then years that followed the onset of her ascension!

2. Especially among newly awakened souls, but also some long-time dedicated lightworkers, there are differing perceptions about two aspects of this accomplishment that is unique in this universe:ascension itself and disclosure.  Some view these as singular, unrelated events while others consider ascension to be a process and disclosure an event. We shall speak about our perspective of these ongoing processes as the two sides of a coin, so to say.

3. By your late1930s, economic depression had taken a heavy toll on your society and the rise of Germany’s Third Reich was leading to invasions of nearby countries.  Gaia, Earth’s soul, knew what was brewing in her energy field of potential.  She knew that her planetary body, which was nearly bereft of light, was too weak to survive the inevitable World War II and other savagery that would ensue due to the hold of darkness on her humankind’s consciousness.

4. That is why—and when—she cried out for help.  The immediate response was the massive infusion of light from distant civilizations that enabled Earth to jar loose from deep third density and slowly start rising into a higher, yet still very dense, energy level.  That was the beginning of her ascension.

5. Now we shall fast-forward to this year at hand. During its last days and the early days of 2013, the planet will travel through the celestial window between third and fourth densities, where the energy wisps of both densities briefly comingle, and it will enter fourth density, where Earth’s Golden Age begins.

6. But that glorious milestone is not the end of her journey. Ascension will continue until the planet is securely within fifth density, where Gaia originated in antiquity and so did her planetary body.  After eons of being in the low densities that were commensurate with the collective consciousness of successive civilizations, Gaia’s body will have returned home.

7. Indeed, Earth’s exiting third density will be heralded throughout the lighted universe!  However, knowing that this brilliant process will continue for long years to come will prevent despondency from befalling those who are expecting a dramatic event to occur on December 21st.   When nothing of dynamic proportions happens that day or any other in that same narrow timeframe, how sad it would be if those who are counting on something spectacular become so depressed that they decide at soul level to join the others who also choose not to remain on the planet for different reasons.

8. Now then, let us speak about disclosure. Because this has been tied to an official announcement about your universal family’s presence, many lightworkers feel discouraged that this close to the end of your year 2012, still no such acknowledgement has come forth. 9. Although the Illuminati’s former power base has been shattered, they still have strong influence in some areas, and one is the media. By suppressing information they do not want known, they have prevented the majority of your populace from learning that souls from spiritually and intellectually advanced civilizations are surrounding the planet in thousands of ships or working side by side with you or living in Inner Earth. Thus, most in your world have no expectations whatsoever about meeting members of our universal family. So, in the collective consciousness there is a dearth of truthful knowledge about them and very few thoughts about welcoming them.

10. That, combined with the dark ones’ tenacious hold on some military sectors that can pose risk to you and landing parties, continues to delay an announcement and landings in numbers. But most assuredly, this has not diminished one iota the ongoing assistance of your brothers and sisters!

11. Essential strides in progress are continuing covertly on the ground and ships’ crews are continuing to use the technology aboard to reduce toxic pollution and block the functioning of powerful weaponry. They’re leveling out the effects of earthquakes, decreasing wind velocity and steering major storms away from heavily populated areas while still permitting the same amount of negativity to be released.  Constant coordination between land and sky intelligence units is thwarting Illuminati “black ops” attempts such as organized terrorism and lengthy power outages or interruptions in communications systems.

12. So that you won’t dim your personal light by negative feelings because there has been no “disclosure” to date, we ask you to expand its definition, exposure or revelation, to include your expression “coming to light.” That is exactly what has been happening ever since Earth started her ascension course!

13. In those earliest years there was no evidence that anything unusual was happening, but as Earth’s journey continued and the light intensity increased, it started revealing despicable activities that formerly were known only to the malevolent perpetrators and those who were directly affected. As the long-time entrenched darkness was coming to light, without realizing that they, too, were responding to light’s vibrations, the peoples started opening their hearts and minds.   14. Consider the worldwide change in attitudes about war. The allied forces’ unity of spirit during WWII—it is patriotic to kill and honorable to die—has evolved into global rallies and meditations for peace.  Consider how much information has come to light about corruption in governments from community level to national, and in multinational corporations and financial institutions. Pedophiles have been identified in the priesthood and in organizations that at one time were considered havens for your children, and individuals once thought to be mentors or idols have fallen as their dark characteristics have been revealed.       15. Now put those disclosures and all others into their proper context—an integral aspect of Earth’s ascension.  As the planet traveled through successively higher energy planes, more and more areas of criminality and abhorrent conditions that once were hidden have come to light. This was imperative so the peoples could see how darkness was controlling their lives, and in light of that realization, they were motivated to bring about benevolent changes.

16. The light energy of your civilization’s growing awareness, aspirations and actions has been lifting the collective consciousness all along Earth’s ascension journey.  Only seventy-some years ago she was in death throes!  Her transit out of deep third density to the point of imminent entry into fourth density is a universal achievement unprecedented in speed and scope!  17. By seeing disclosure as the essential and inseparable part of the ascension process that it is, there need be no disappointment or discouragement because official recognition of our family’s presence has not yet happened. Be assured, it will!  Their public reception by specific world leaders will be the crowning point of the entire disclosure process, and like you, we are eagerly anticipating that momentous day!

18. We do understand that knowing When? is very important to you, and I have asked Hatonn if he can give us an update on that.

Thank you for asking me, Matthew.  First I want to say that I concur with everything you said about disclosure and why an official welcome is still on hold. And I thank you for explaining that our crews in ships are doing whatever they can to help you while they’re waiting to land and our ground crews are holding up their end too. We’ve been in readiness for a decade to get this show on the road!

But getting on to when we’ll be “announced,” safety still is an issue, of course, but the new key is the November presidential election in the United States. It’s essential that the Obama presidency continues. This has nothing at all to do with politics in that country or any other! It has everything to do with the Golden Age master plan!

The plan is according to what Gaia, Earth’s soul, wants.  She wants a peaceful world with everyone having a fair share and everyone respecting all of her Nature realm. The highest universal council chose as a major player a soul with highly evolved spiritual status, ancient wisdom and world leadership experience in many lifetimes. That soul is Barack Obama.

He was born with and has retained Gaia’s vision of Earth, and he has the inspiration and qualifications to achieve it. His reelection is imperative to the plan going forward because his opponent isn’t capable of or interested in making the changes the plan requires.

We are totally apolitical and we’re NOT belittling Mitt Romney! It’s that he and those who share his views aren’t motivated to change the status quo where money’s concerned, and that gross inequity of the few with billions and the billions with little or nothing can’t go on and it won’t.  Earth will not allow that imbalance to continue.

I think more of the big picture is needed here. The master plan included that some individuals would cause the various kinds of suffering that gave many, many souls the chance to wind up their third density karma and balance other lifetime experiences so they could go along with Earth.  When that part of the plan was completed about ten years ago, those individuals were supposed to join the light forces. They didn’t, and that’s why wars, prejudices, corruption, greed, divisiveness, terrorism and other destructive third density conditions still are going on.     According to the original plan, by now all of that would have been long gone.  It was intended that when Obama became president, he’d have worldwide support in unifying people of all nations and leading your world into the Golden Age.  The plan called for you and us to meet up ten years ago and work together to clean up the mess on your planet caused by greedy, uncaring power players.

Well, we’re still waiting and Obama’s efforts to get reforms going have been blocked by his foes in the Congress or the moneyed individuals who control most members.  Through either death threats to his family or bloc voting, Obama has been forced into decisions that are against his conscience and his world vision. After he knew that he and his family had our protection, his mind was relieved of that deep concern, but he still has had to deal with unyielding partisanship and blatant lies or distortions of facts.

That’s what’s on center stage in the US right now and whatshould be there is how that nation will cooperate with other countries to fix the sorry state your world is in! If our making an appearance becomes pivotal to Obama keeping his position, we’ll do that in sufficient time before the election.  If we see that his reelection is certain, we’ll show up soon afterwards.

Again, this is NOT political!  Once we’re there, political differences won’t be an issue in any country. The truth about us and many other situations that will be disclosed will be.

Matthew, that’s as close as I can come to a date when we’ll be “out in the open.”  Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak.

19. Hatonn, we thank you for explaining the situation so clearly and for the assurance that whether shortly before or shortly after that election day, the official welcoming of our universal family is soon!That ends our concerns that souls might choose to leave when nothing dynamic happens December 21st—the spectacular drama will come with the introduction of our “space” family!

20. Beloved lightworkers, we know that your sense of urgency for public acknowledgement of other civilizations goes far beyond curiosity. It is your heartfelt desire for war and widespread suffering and acts of random violence to end.

21. As we have stated in prior messages, the continuance of those circumstances is due in large part to the prevailing vibrations that are magnifying duality’s characteristics and behavior—“good” gets better, “bad” gets worse.  And in keeping with what Hatonn said about timing in the master plan, it called for only “good having become better” at this point.

22. While the extra years of darkness caused horrendous adversity to many people, the greater importance is how their souls have been affected. When a short lifetime, trauma and severe hardships were not part of persons’ contracts, divine grace gave them evolved spiritual status, and when the perpetrators’ acts were outside of their contracts, their status devolved.  That is, the cycle of the eternal life of the soul was not adversely affected during those extra years of darkness, and many, many millions of souls took leaps forward spiritually and intellectually.

23. We feel that it is important to once again speak about the needlessness of feeling fearful about anything. You have seen that concerns about terrorism during the Olympic games were for naught.  We urge you to put all other fear-filled claims and predictions and reports in the same category—they will not come to pass!  This does not mean that the Illuminati have no intentions of trying to cause fear.  It does mean that just as their previous attempts have failed due to the intervention of our space family above and on the planet, so shall all of their other plans meet that fate until all darkness has been vanquished.  And soon it shall be!

24. This far along in Earth’s ascension, even the fears of many individuals cannot delay her steady pace or detour her course, but it can do that to the individuals’ growth in spiritual and conscious awareness. We are embracing all of you in unconditional love, that most powerful of all energies in this universe. If you will but accept this, you can be fearless about what is ahead and look forward with joyousness and excitement to the remaining days of this year and all years to come.  Oh, let us “edit” ourselves here—there are no linear time designations in the continuum that you are fast approaching, so instead of years, we say all lifetimes to come. 25. Throughout your long journey in this lifetime, we have been traveling with you in spirit, and we are rejoicing with you that each footstep brings closer your victorious entry into Earth’s Golden Age.

______________________________ LOVE and PEACE Suzanne Ward

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Konstantinos: My Arcturian Family-‘Child+Adult=Completion’

We are addressing  you as ONE. We are sending you our warmly greetings. We Love you a lot. When each one of you gets to the point to communicate with his/her Loved Ones who were, and still are, his/her family (to another planet of the Creation or another dimensional frequency), then he/she experiences a case and a way through which, he/she can feel this Love.

The same thing happens when a child gives you a hug. The gentle ‘chill’ that you feel, while this feeling meets with your Heart, is the transmission of Love from the Source to your Inner Child.

To your world, when an ‘adult’ hears the word ‘child’, spontaneously it comes to his/her mind, the word ‘innocence’. But the ‘adult’ instead of perceiving the Force and the beneficial Power  that exists to this characteristic, he/she perceives it as a ‘weakness’.

The ‘adult stage’ is important for a grown incarnated human, because at the same time, his/her capabilities and perception grow too. But these two can be blocked when they overshadow your Inner Child. Now, we are going to address you separately and while we are doing this, try to feel the energy of each one of us.

IlthEos: Entering to a world of Duality, the times you are connected with your Real Self, are when you represent the Innocence, through thought and action, by being a child, Biologically and Spiritually. But as a white surface’s appearance can change when it is soiled from ink, the same thing happens when a child’s inner purity is blotted from the Dualistic nature of its environment. By this way, the Inner Child is get aside and get replaced by the Serious Adult. Those of you who can recognise the value of their Inner Child, they know that the best ‘cleaner’ is the return to the Innocent, Pure, Unconditional Love through Self  Consciousness/Awareness of the Self. Do not be/live  to the ‘automatic pilot’.

MonEn: Asking questions for the world around you and for your Self, you begin to use your critical thought. By this way, you do not let anyone to control and direct you. But this can happen if you use ONLY your Linear Mind and your Linear Logic. By this, I mean that you get yourselves more and more in the Materialism forgetting that you are Spirit. You lose your task . You deny your Self.

SilEsio: By doing this, you emerge with your ‘role’ and forget the existence of the Purpose: the Awareness of your God Self through your experiential journey. You accept only  what you can materially perceive, ignoring the fact that there is more than that and also, that this ‘idea’ is already in front of you. Your Science  ‘discovers’ things which are already mentioned to ancient texts of specific civilizations of your history. And that happens, because  these people put limits on themselves by separating  and analyzing. It is one thing the beneficial organizing and another the limitation of the Self. See for which of these two, benefits you more. Feel it.

AnOn: We are mentioning to you what we observe and surely, what you observe too. It is not in our nature to judge. With the limitation of your Self, you ‘put in chains’ your Inner Child. You hobble the Source of your Love and Cure. But literally, at least the most of you, how would (do you) feel if you saw a child limited and put in chains? There are these kind of examples  in your world.

TherAl: We are not telling you to feel sorry for the ‘less lucky ones’, because by sending sadness , you burden them with more low energy.  Neither we are telling you to not feel compassion for them (which is different), because you know that these souls are fulfilling a life contract the conditions of which, they decided with their Guides’s help. Finding here the subtle distinction, you find Ballance.

AnrAl: And Ballance is very necessary to an, for centuries, imbalanced world. Behind this imbalance of course, there were Free Will and Purpose and then, comes a time for this situation to change and transmigrate to its opposite. This is Evolution and Return combined.

RAnlAn: So, by getting spiritually emergent, you return to your God Self and you emerge (again) with your Inner Child. Taking care of it, as you do literally with a child, you take care of your Self…the God in you. And so, the Teacher reborns. That happens already, and in an increasing rhythm, the last 12 years and same goes for Mother Earth. This so wonderful Universal Jewel of the Creation is transmigrating to the Newborn, to the New Child who will represent your return to your Inner Child…inside you.

Now we are addressing you again as ONE…and we are informing you that when an Adult and a Child exist as One, then you are completed…enlightened…Gods…consciously! And as some of you can feel, something like that cannot present any kind of disadvantage, but only the choice to represent FULLY and ONLY Unconditional Love. That is where Gaia and You are heading now and that is so, because you are (co)creating this. Continue like this and you will get to the point to experience forever in the Now, Happiness, Awareness and Innocence as a Child and an Adult together.

We are leaving you for now, although we are constantly with you (laughs)! By the Love of the Child and the Wisdom of the Adult that characterizes us/you, we are telling you that you are making it…you are VERY CLOSE…there is no return.

IlthEos, RAnlAn, AnrAl, MonEn, TherAl, SilEsio, AnOn from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

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My Twin on Asension and New Earth Transitions

Posted on September 2, 2012 by 

Laura: Hi Guys! I have had an intersting conversation with a friend of mine. I have asked my twin flame’s Higher Self a few question on Ascension.. and I think it is worth publishing it, as I have never had so clear answers on this before. Please note that my twin is incarnated on Earth at this time.

QUESTION #1 Will there be an Earth Split ?

ANSWER 1– Everybody on Mother Earth will ascend provided critical mass is made. This is the delay we know now.. waiting for critical mass to be achieved. No split as such, or rather not a permanent one. It is possible that what you and others are seing are temporary Earth frequency variations. By this I mean that the Earth will not make it in one go, and same is true for her inhabiting species.. There will be a temporary period of flux, of in between states, as a matter of fact we are in this period right now.
This period is a temporary transition when EARTH and indigenous life switch from 3d to 5d and back again a few times until 5d can be retained permanently.

Once all are in 5d, there will be no sheeple a certain level of candor and innocence is welcome in 5d also. Once the souls have purified themselves form past karma, and stains, they are allowed rejoining their mother ship of origine
o and they can chose whether it is best for them to prolong the 3d experience in order to facilitate loved ones transitions or wheter they wish to regain their original 5d bodies permanently and return home on the ships, access to all possible futures, and parallel lives realities are shown, considered
all options are carefully analysed. Nothing is left to chance.

So there will be a temporary split but it is only in order to facilitate final permanent transition in 5d. The New Earth is currently already born. However, as a new born it will take her time to adapt, grow and funtion on her own in 5d. Some of you visit the new earth while in your dreams, on Aurora and Inner Earth is already all 5d ascended environemnt but both dimensions can coexist under certain conditions and circumstances. I hope it is clear now ?

QUESTION #2 Is 12/21 going to be just another day. Same old stuff? Or will we have a big burst of light and ascend fast. Total change?

ANSWER 2– It is already answered in 1 more or less…no real sudden change, the energies are permanently received and increasing in magnitude. However when the tiping point or critical mass have been achieved, all will be sudden from then on. We are in the slow build up to critical mass now but once this is acheived, all will transform suddenly.

There is no precise date as such …it is all in your own making as creators and how far you can envisage and create the changes needed. 21 12 12 is yet another portal, and once can chose to ascend on that day indeed. However, there will be no forcing anybody towards ascension. People will have to decide for themselves ultimately. Many of you can ascend when ever they decide if ready after 21 12 12. It is just another gate opening. Whether you chose to walk through it is an individual decision.

Once enough have gone through the gate/ portal critical mass can be achieved
and the entire Earth can go through the portal.
Those who wish to remain in 3d will be redirected on to other 3d planets once they have ascended temporarly. They will have some “time” (althoguh no such thing as time exists in 5d) to decide for good whether 5d is right for them or not.

If they prefer not to ascend, they will be relocated
and all their 5d memories will be naturally erased through the birthing process usually taking place on all planets when one incarnates.


QUESTION#3: Are the airlifts true, or is my team directing me to this info just to keep my mind occupied?

 ANSWER 3: Not really such thing I am afraid. Perhaps for Ashtar’s crew only.
Lightworkers are needed on Earth to bring about the much need critical mass.
Just think of it rationally..

If lightworkers are removed.. who will help Mother Earth ascend??
We can all visit New Earth, that is 5D Earth when in sleep or deep meditation, or even better when we are in touch with our light within.
New Earth already exists inside of us all.
Here and Now, it exists. Look for it within your heart and you will see it.
Don’t forget that we are all multidimensional beings, just by our birth right as human.

Once Mother Earth Ascends, of course, there will be many who will be indeed be picked up by their original star families and starships.
3 waves of lifting up? Perhaps a lot more, but only once critical mass is achieved and ascension has taken place.
Once again, I do hope it helps.

Message Channeled by Multidimensional Ocean/ Laura.


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