Konstantinos: A parable from my Arcturian Family-‘Light and Dark’

Our warm greetings to you Dear Ones!

The parable we are transferring to you trough this message is about the story of a 32-year-old woman, Jill. Jill was a lawyer. You will see later why we are saying ‘was’. From a young age, particularly since she was 3 years old, Jill had as an intense characteristic the often laughter. Her family was happy about it, till they realized that she was doing that without looking at them, but at the ceiling!

You see, her parents and other relatives had not realized, neither had been nurtured to believe to something beyond their physical senses, that Jill was able to ‘see’ things. No, she had not hallucinations or the ‘natural phase of having imaginary friends’. She was communicating with the spirits of Nature’s elements, her Guides and also, with angelic entities.

But as she was growing, her parents by being concerned of her ‘strange’ habits, they tried to ‘conform’ her through contacts with doctors and psychologists. Her gift had partly limited when she was 13 years old. That was the period when she started to realize a totally different ‘invisible’ presence.

For 7 years she was listening only its voice, which seemed to come from behind her. The voice was hoarse, mean and was forming very intense insults and threats of any kind. Jill did not wish to talk to relatives and/or friends, because she was feeling that she did not have any of these both…

They won’t understand. They’ll think I am crazy‘ she was thinking and crying. ‘Go away! Stop it! ‘ she was shouting to the voice and was trying to cover her by listening soft and calm music. This ‘trick’ was offering to her peace, but always temporary. But with the passing of time, she accomplished to limit the voice and she was hearing it only once per day.

She was remembering all these, while she was taking care of her recent cases. She believed that by helping others through the lawyer’s path, she could somehow resolve her own ‘problem’ too. But this ‘problem’ was not only about the voice anymore, because when she became 20, the presence started to manifest to her with the form of a dreadful creature with multiple hands, legs, tentacles, faces with angry eyes, mouths with very sharp teeth and a skin in the color of a swamp. Their first meeting was in a dream…in a nightmare to be exact. Later, she could see it in front of the mirror or anywhere she could see her reflection.

Although she did not wish to go through the phase of consuming pills, as she did back in her childhood, she decided to return to this method, in order for her to limit the presence of the dark creature, which seemed to be always ‘stuck’ on her back, like a Siamese twin. ‘I wouldn’t have the need of these pills, if my friends hadn’t give up on me ‘ Jill thought with grief. She was referring to her ‘invisible’ benevolent friends who she had known since the age of 3. Intense feelings of frustration filled the inner world of Jill, while she was walking at home, till that some seconds before she unlocks her apartment’s door, a beautiful and soft male voice came from behind.

 I do not think you are alone miss ‘. By turning around, Jill saw a tall handsome white man with brown hair. His bold blue eyes and his district, but reassuring, smile, made her able to trust him and to invite him to her apartment for a cup of coffee. ‘I don’t usually do that with strangers, but I feel that I don’t have to be afraid of you ‘, she said.

Indeed, but why do I seem a stranger to you? ‘ the man asked. ‘But I haven’t seen you before, I don’t know even your name ‘ said Jill with surprise. ‘You can call me Mark. Also, I wish to acknowledge you the fact that, though you have not seen me before with this form, you have felt me’ said the beautiful man by smiling. ‘You have felt me as a very close friend , relative and guide, since you were 3 years old, remember? ‘.

But how do you know about it? And why do you appear to me like this..and why NOW?! Where were you and the others when I was asking for your help?! Why did you leave me to the hands of my relatives and doctors? ‘ shouted Jill with indignation and agitation. She started shudder.

Jill ‘ said Mark with calm voice ‘Me and the rest of your friends are always with you and when you do not realize our presence, it is because YOU chose to get enclosed to yourself and take the path to desperation. You were not able anymore to hear and see us. So, you gave space to another part of yourself to be manifested…yes, I am referring to the creature that insults and terrifies you ‘. Mark made a pause for a while, in order for Jill to assimilate what she had heard. ‘But my parents, doctors and psychologists were the ones who insisted for the pills and the visits! I was helpless! ‘.

Jill, all these would not influence you if you had not choose to forget us. Alternatively, your strong will would play the role of the bridge of our communication, which would continue, though the distress you would experience. In reality, our communication never stopped, only your human part was not able to realize us anymore. In these meetings, between us and your Divine part, that you do not remember, we agreed for a more open help. That is why I am here. To help you ‘.

Jill started to feel more comforting. She hugged Mark and then she asked ‘How can I get rid of  this hideous thing that has stuck on my back? ‘ Mark said ‘Only if you accept it.Acceptance is not like Fear. Consequently,  you will not empower it anymore and it will decide to go  away for places with vibrations that are more suitable for it. Give Love to it, try to see the positive side of the situation ‘.

Positive?! ‘ asked Jill surprised. ‘You aren’t in my position that’s why you’re saying so ‘. Mark smiled. ‘But really, I was once in your position and as you can see, I made it ‘. Mark got a little aside and Jill saw another dark entity, similar to hers, standing to the edge of the hall. ‘Do not worry‘ said Mark. ‘It cannot come closer because there is no fear from my side. Furthermore, we are not alone ‘.

And suddenly, Jill started to see, like when she was 3 years old, the full of Light silhouettes to appear and form a protective field around her and Mark. ‘Are these beings the ones that abandoned you? ‘ Mark joked. Jill started laughing with tears. ‘Oh my God, you are all here! ‘ she shouted happily.

We had never left you Dear One. Now that you can realize us again, we can manifest together the removal of your dark part.  Additionally, we must help you to accomplish your mission ‘ said the entities as ONE. ‘My mission? ‘ thought Jill with wonder. ‘They will give you explanations when it will be appropriate ‘ said Mark. ‘Now I have to go. I did what I had to. Remember that you are never alone ‘. ‘Mark wait! Don’t go! ‘ shouted Jill.

But as she opened her eyes, she saw two of her neighbors looking at her, while she was lying on the floor out of her apartment’s door. ‘You fainted my dear girl ‘ said the first neighbor. ‘And who is Mark? ‘ asked the other one.

Later, after a refreshing shower, Jill took a big decision. ‘Friends, I wish for us to start ‘ thought Jill with confidence. So, Jill managed in a little time to remove the dark creature, which could not stand her high vibration. Now, Jill organizes public channeled sessions and she has written some books on the faith of the Self, the Enlightened Forces and the New Energy…that is why we mentioned initially the term ‘was’, because she left the job of the lawyer as it had stopped fulfilling her. And to her new path, there was on her side a tall handsome white man with brown hair and bold blue eyes…her husband..Mark!

And so, by finishing this parable, we wish to point out its teaching: The sincere and without judge awareness of yourself, can direct you to the path of the True Love..for you, the people around you, your dark part..EVERYTHING. And consequently, your Inner Light exports. You are not alone, because you are surrounded by the constant Love of the Source and Its Enlightened Legions.

Be Blessed. We Love you constantly and indescribably a lot.

RAnlAn, AnrAl, MonEn, TherAl, SilEsio, AnOn from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

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