Konstantinos: A synchronization and a communication

Hello dear friends. Yesterday, I felt an inner urge to go outside, particularly to a known place of the city’s centre. I felt the gentle nudges from a group of beings who are members of my Arcturian family.

So, while I was waiting for the bus, I was ‘hearing’ words, like ‘a big surprise’, ‘ensurance’ and some other phrases. When I got to the city’s centre, I sat to a cafeteria which was near to the city’s orchestra. They had set a stage and they were testing their violins and other musical instruments.

At that time, these beings agreed with me to communicate with pictures of their appearance and telepathy, in order for me to make their sketches, keep notes for their features, skin and clothing colors and also write down their names. While I was trying that, the band didn’t make any noise. So, I concentrated carefully and I heard them saying as one, that six of them will be introduced to me…the names I wrote down were: AnOn, SilEsio, TherAl, MonEn, AnrAL, RAnlAn. Then, at 7:40 pm, ‘the big surprise’ came in…

It was an amazing synchronization, a ‘sign’ from them to me. The band started playing (they were testing) a little part of the Star Wars theme. I was surprised thankfully of course. Then, at 7:45 pm they started playing wonderfully the whole Star Wars theme…it was really amazing what I heard and what I felt. After that, I needed round to 15 minutes to complete the sketches…I heard them saying that they would like a lot to be known to you.  Iltheos is part of their family, though the Arcturians generally do not perceive ‘family’ as tight as 3D worlds do. They told me that when I’ll have time, they will transfer a message through me.

When I came back at home, I drew them again and colored them. That’s their team portrait:


That’s all for now dear friends.

Much Love and deep Appreciation for what you do, in order for Gaia and Humanity to transmigrate to the New Age.

Blue Moon Effect on Gaia and Ongoing Ascension by Adrial- Message channeled by Laura (1Sep12)

Good day, this is Adrial. We have noticed many of Earthlings have been experiencing much unrest yesterday during the Blue Moon phase. The effects of the Blue Moon will continue for some time into this week we are afraid. See this as an opportunity for growth. While it is true that experiencing uncertainty, deep powerful emotions, even sadness or depression, doubt, projection of negative outcome in matters of romance and love is a trying experience for you all, we recommend you not to act on these strong impulses generated or being brought to the surface by this very emotionally loaded full blue moon.


Do not deny yourself the experiencing of what is being shown to you now, you would only be running away from your own reality now. It is possible for all of you to grow even more as a result of these emotional times. This is nourishment for your soul dear friends. What is shown now are the areas which need still you to work on in order to make it into the higher realms of consciousness. Use this raw material to perfect the Divine product that you all are.


Stay with what is shown to you during the coming days this week. Much of what is shown to you and experienced by will appeal to your consciousness. It will show you the worst shortcomings in your entire life. All the areas you and indeed your loved ones, your partner, or your twin flame have experienced in this life time. Please do not enter the judging game of others whose actions and feelings are affecting and influencing you. This will be a strong temptation for you to act and react to much of what is shown. Continue reading