Council of Nine: Divine by Nature

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"Snowy Summit", acrylic on canvas, 16" x 20", Eliza Ayres, 2015. “Snowy Summit”, acrylic on canvas, 16″ x 20″, Eliza Ayres, 2015.

Council of Nine: Divine by Nature

We are the Council of Nine, one of many councils involved in the evolution and transition of planet Earth.

Today, you enter another new phase. The subtle energies of stars and planets has moved into another set of signs. These cycles continue often beyond your awareness, influencing your life. It is for this reason astrology was once considered a science, one of many. It will be that when once again science and esoteric knowledge re-discover that their seemingly disparate perceptions of the world are indeed mutually supportive in essence.

There is so much for you to re-learn about your world. Those tribes whom your leaders have called primitive resonate more closely to the rhythms and seasons of the planet than the populations cooped up in the large unnatural cities. Your forefathers were “encouraged”…

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Archangel Adrigon: On Breaking Through the Darkness

Blue Dragon Journal



Archangel Adrigon: On Breaking Through the Darkness

Greetings, I AM Lord Adrigon, Commander of the Pleiadian fleet, part of the Ashtar Command of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Even now, we watch your world, monitor newscasts, and observe the rising levels of awareness amongst your populace.

As some of the readers of this messenger’s work know, our First Wave volunteers from the Galactic Federation of Light will be ascending soon. These volunteers came from an assortment of aligned worlds, all with a desire to see humanity and the planet Earth return into the higher dimensions from whence they fell so long ago.

Our writer has demonstrated, at least in part the physical reasons for the decline in consciousness, as your planet circles a star, Helios, which in turn, circles around an unknown companion, creating the phenomenon of precession of the Equinox. Your scientists, working with limited consciousness and a…

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Council of Nine: On Love

Blue Dragon Journal


The Council of Nine: On Love

Greetings… we are the Council of Nine. We come to you today with the purpose of discussing love.

On your world, love is a controversial subject. This we find curious as love is the warp and woof of what you are made up of, the very fabric of creation. Yet, in your lower minds you have created a vast world of wants, needs and desires all tied up to some vague impression of what love is. We would inform you, gently; that, in most cases what many of you have actually experienced is what love is not.

Love can be vast and fiery. Love can be soft and gentle. Love can be tough. Love can scour all that is not yours away from within your being like a desert wind. Love can fill your heart to overflowing with an expansive ache.

You can feel…

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The Light Collective: On Self-Acceptance

Blue Dragon Journal

Skagit Tulips

The Light Collective: On Self-Acceptance

We are the Light Collective. Greetings, dear ones!

We have come today to address the issue of self-acceptance. It is quite endearing to us that you are so resistant to coming into full acceptance of yourself, as you are now, as you will be and as you have always been in your full multidimensionality.

To view yourself as being only a body or even a consciousness separate from everything around you is to continue to live in illusion, dear ones. For you are parts of the Whole and have always been so, even if you were not always aware of this fact of existence.

We understand that you have been conditioned to look outside of yourself for verification on how you should approach questions and circumstances that arise during the course of your daily life. And we are sure that some of you are now…

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Eliza and the Angels: On Embracing Transformation

Blue Dragon Journal


Eliza and the Angels: On Embracing Transformation

Note to Reader: I started this piece as one with my personal thoughts and experiences, but soon discovered another “voice” braiding into my words. It was my friends, the Angels, back again and eager to communicate with all of you. Many blessings!

Sometimes it appears that the Well of Inspiration goes dry. However, I have discovered that there are cycles to creation as well as destruction. One must let go of previous beliefs and conditioning in order to embrace new ones that enter your awareness. And so it has been for me, during the passage of the last three months of this extraordinary year of Transformation.

It is appropriate then that I should encounter Archangel Ezekiel, the Archangel of Death and Transformation. It might seem by chance or perhaps by clever design that I have encountered and now share this little known but…

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Eliza: On Earthquakes, Inner and Outer

Blue Dragon Journal

Lake Ida

Eliza: On Earthquakes, Inner and Outer

I woke up this morning feeling a tightness in the “gut” or region of the solar plexus, beneath the diaphragm. Yes, I’ve had some extra tension at work as a result of taking on a supervisory position, but I knew that this wasn’t a personal feeling. Something was going on in the world. A short survey of some news sources was all it took; there had been a large earthquake in the Los Angeles area.

Having lived in earthquake prone areas nearly all my life, I’m not frightened by the prospect of experiencing one. I was born and lived most of my childhood within miles of the San Andreas Fault. Yet when I lived there, we had no earthquakes. Likewise, my family lived in Anchorage, Alaska, in the late 1950’s. Again, we experienced a few very mild earthquakes, nothing to be frightened about.


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Eliza: On the Language of the Heart

Blue Dragon Journal


Eliza: On the Language of the Heart

A former minister told me the other day that my language is poetic and visionary. As such, it is also paradoxical in nature, in keeping with the flow of the language of the heart within. Keep that in mind if some of what I present disturbs you. These are my thoughts. If you dispute what has been said, look to your own heart for truth. It is all about resonance and personal discernment. What one author writes will not and cannot cover “it” all. It’s simply impossible. However, never one to linger in the shadows long, I share my thoughts, humbly…

The heart has no language as we have known it in the Third Dimension. Language has served to divide and to keep people separate. Yet it wasn’t always so.

Words have power. Most people are not aware of that fact, yet Universal…

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Eliza: At Play in the Fields of Divine Mother Father God

Blue Dragon Journal


Eliza: At Play in the Fields of Divine Mother Father God

Between receiving love pats from an affectionate cat and being disturbed by rising Kundalini energies within my own body, I woke up out of a pleasant dream and lay awake in the dark before dawn. What to do? Realizing that I wasn’t going to sleep, I started to call on the rays of God and go into what I call an active meditation.

Most light-workers know the basic Seven Rays: 1) golden-yellow for crown; 2) deep blue or indigo (3rd eye; 3) light blue or turquoise (throat chakra); 4) gold, green and white (heart); red and gold (solar); deep purple / violet (sacral; and crystalline (root or base). No, these are not the traditional colors seen on a chakra chart; they are higher vibrational color rays that overlay the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple (base to…

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The Council of Nine: Time for Reflection and En-joyment

Finally a message after a long “dry” spell. Yes, these energies have been challenging! Much love, Eliza

Blue Dragon Journal

Shi Shi

Council of Nine: It is a Time for Reflection and En-joyment

Greetings, this is the Council of Nine, one of the intergalactic counsels overseeing the Ascension process of Gaia and humanity. We are here to present you with a missive as you emerge from the powerful energies of the recent Equinox and full moon.

Many of you have remarked to each other that the past month, indeed, the past three months have contained some intense, strange and discomforting energy. Know that this was done, by Cosmic Intelligence, for the purpose of allowing more of you to release some of the deepest held sorrows, shame and secrets, sometimes from lifetimes spent on the planet. We understand that many of you feel that you have been both literally and figuratively been through the cosmic wringer (bringing forth the image of an old-fashioned washing machine).

While you may have questioned the need, we…

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The Council of Nine: On Self-Mastery

A new message from our Pleiadian cousins:

Blue Dragon Journal


The Council of Nine: On Self-Mastery

Channeler: Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara)

We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine. It has been some time since we last spoke through this scribe on our “own”. Yesterday, as our scribe was returning home from a refreshing walk in the country, she noticed a grouping of cloud-ships in the western skies. Yes, we and many other Star Nations, have ships in your skies, all busy on various missions and for different purposes.

Many of the awakened ones of GAIA wonder why we have not yet landed upon your shores. We understand and feel your pain and frustration and desire for change to manifest instantly, but we cannot remain long in your environment as yet nor would you be comfortable for very long in ours at your current frequency level. It is for the similar reason that your cousins, the Lemurians, have not…

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The Light Collective: On Embracing Love

Blue Dragon Journal


The Light Collective: On Embracing Love

Great winds of change are currently sweeping around your globe, reflected in some of the most violent and unsettling weather patterns of recent years, if not decades. You are now well within the transitional zone betwixt and between one paradigm and another. Yet still do the powers that controlled the old paradigm seek to hold back humanity and the planet from going forth into ascension.

As a mighty tide cannot be held back, so does the sweep of the solar and cosmic rays continue to penetrate the miasma perpetrated by those who would keep the illusion alive. The darkness cannot prevail and only continues due to certain portions of the population refusing to let go of their preconceptions and old belief systems, either out of fear or disbelief that change is possible or desirable.

Yet, though darkness seems to prevail especially in some areas…

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Journal Entry 02.02.2014 – Leaving the Warrior Behind

Blue Dragon Journal

Zumwalt Prairie 7 Devils

Eliza – On Leaving the Warrior Behind

Yesterday I had a Timeline Clearing with Master Thoth. I love it when I can express such things with a matter-the-fact kind of air. Master Thoth was channeled by Christine Meleriessee or Mel as she is called, of Walking Terra Christa, a spiritual teacher based out of Mt. Shasta, CA ( A timeline clearing passes through all 144 levels of your multidimensionality. It is a powerful process that takes but a half hour or so to accomplish, considerably shorter than it took me to get to the place where I could face the revelations.

With what I learned or had verified confirmed much of what I have connected with through recent years of inner clearing work. I have been a warrior, both female and male, in many lifetimes upon this planet. And since a short difficult life spent in Lemuria, I have carried…

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The Light Collective: On Waves of Light We Come

Blue Dragon Journal

Granite Peak

The Light Collective: On Waves of Light We Come

via Eliza Ayres

We are the Light Collective and we come to you upon waves of light. Feel the love within your heart that resonates with the frequency of this transmission. Feel the love that you are.

With much eagerness we come to you today, in celebration and recognition of the masses of humanity who are now coming awake. Like the princess locked in her deserted castle, these people are stirring from a long sleep as they have been kissed awake by the cosmic rays penetrating the thorny forest of the matrix surrounding them.

As the frequency of the planet increases, your frequency also rises. If there is resistance, there will be souls who choose to leave. There is no judgment for each soul has its own lessons and own timing.

Have you begun to hear the voiceless voice within your…

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Eliza: On Walking in Bliss

Blue Dragon Journal

Are We There Yet?

Eliza: On Walking in Bliss

This is a funny title for me for my life as I view it might not look too blissful for people looking in. I live alone… or rather I share space with my furry family, Lilly and Ivory. I work at a prison and get to sit down at a small table with murderers, rapists and whatnot, assisting them in looking through their records. My general health has been good, but I’ve been profoundly slowed down dealing with the incessant (and blessed) onslaughts of cosmic and solar energies, as well as various manifestations of ascension symptoms. And yet I’m able to feel the love that underlies all of the challenges. It is the love that I feel during a brief exchange with an older lady at the grocery store or the moment of compassionate understanding of a co-worker’s situation at home or a moment gazing…

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Mother Mary: Be Love in Action

Blue Dragon Journal


Mother Mary: Be Love in Action

via Eliza Ayres

Good morning on this first day of your new year. I AM Mother Mary, but you can think of the One that I AM as the Mary Energy, a part of the Divine Feminine that came into embodiment some two millennia ago on your timeline.

When you embody, beloved, you leave so much of your Self behind. This other part of your Self is your full multidimensionality, of which you are now becoming aware. As you attain and can sustain a higher vibration within your body vehicle, you will become reacquainted with that greater part of Self, because now you will be able to hold more of You within. And you will begin to communicate with your guides and mentors who are ever with you, even if you have not always been aware of their presence.

As has been communicated, beloved…

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The Sirians and Higher Self: A New Year – A New Self

Blue Dragon Journal


The Sirians and Higher Self: A New Year – A New Self

via Eliza Ayres

Note to Reader: This piece began as a journal entry but became something quite different. For those who have questions about my manner of channeling, it is more a blending of the energies of those who are communicating through me and what is called my higher self. I had no concept of what was going to be presented before sitting down to write. While I realize that many channelers have specified times where they deliver their messages, it is not so with me. I first feel the energies like they are pressing in upon me, as if I am going to give birth. I sit down with my laptop and begin to type and the words flow like a spring full-force from the mountain-side. And so I flow with them, as concepts and words are…

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The Sirians: Greetings from your Star Kin

Blue Dragon Journal


The Sirians: Greetings from your Star Kin

Greetings! We are the Sirian emissaries of whom our scribe has written in recent weeks. We come in peace and with greeting of joy as you reach the end of one year and enter a new one. And as you enter a new world and leave an old one behind.

We know that this past year has been a difficult one for many. The rate of change and the thrust of different agendas have torn countries, communities and families apart. Change will continue to dominate your awareness, although it may take on a more refined appearance or strain the very edges of your ability to hold your center. We encourage you to all embrace whatever change emerges into your world and to open up to the possibility that challenges mean new opportunity, both for growth and experience.

In this new year and the…

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The Sirians: Out of the Heart of Darkness

Blue Dragon Journal


The Sirians: Out of the Heart of Darkness

via Eliza Ayres

Out of the Womb of Creation comes the beginning of a new race, a composite race, the new HuMan. From many races came the seeds for your beginnings, nurtured deep in the breast of the Mother, you have remained in potential until now, as the increasing energies of the Cosmic Rays are triggering the etheric portions of your DNA, unleashing the codes within.

We are the Sirian emissaries and we come in peace, with words of remembrance, from those who are both kin and mentors. Among the many star races that have given birth to humanity, we are but one, but one with close ties to planet earth, for many of our finest chose to incarnate there in preparation for the coming harvest and beginnings of a new Cosmic race.

For those of you who are ever awakening to…

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