Eliza: On Walking in Bliss

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Eliza: On Walking in Bliss

This is a funny title for me for my life as I view it might not look too blissful for people looking in. I live alone… or rather I share space with my furry family, Lilly and Ivory. I work at a prison and get to sit down at a small table with murderers, rapists and whatnot, assisting them in looking through their records. My general health has been good, but I’ve been profoundly slowed down dealing with the incessant (and blessed) onslaughts of cosmic and solar energies, as well as various manifestations of ascension symptoms. And yet I’m able to feel the love that underlies all of the challenges. It is the love that I feel during a brief exchange with an older lady at the grocery store or the moment of compassionate understanding of a co-worker’s situation at home or a moment gazing…

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