The Council of Nine: Time for Reflection and En-joyment

Finally a message after a long “dry” spell. Yes, these energies have been challenging! Much love, Eliza

Blue Dragon Journal

Shi Shi

Council of Nine: It is a Time for Reflection and En-joyment

Greetings, this is the Council of Nine, one of the intergalactic counsels overseeing the Ascension process of Gaia and humanity. We are here to present you with a missive as you emerge from the powerful energies of the recent Equinox and full moon.

Many of you have remarked to each other that the past month, indeed, the past three months have contained some intense, strange and discomforting energy. Know that this was done, by Cosmic Intelligence, for the purpose of allowing more of you to release some of the deepest held sorrows, shame and secrets, sometimes from lifetimes spent on the planet. We understand that many of you feel that you have been both literally and figuratively been through the cosmic wringer (bringing forth the image of an old-fashioned washing machine).

While you may have questioned the need, we…

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