Dream 16 March 2014 – Quetzal

Quetzal, the bird of Guatemala (from uknown internet source, please identify credit if you know it!)

Quetzal, the bird of Guatemala (from uknown internet source, please identify credit if you know it!

An Image of Quetzal, City of Light

An Image of Quetzal, City of Light

(From Leslee: Just now getting around to posting the longer version of my dreamflight from last week… Ghost Radar words in [brackets])

Dream 16 March 2014

I’m in a place with two female friends. One I recognize as a very dear friend I have known physically in this life [planned fighting] (I’ll call her M). The other is a woman I also know [national] very well and love very much, but while waking I cannot relate her dream appearance to anyone I have met in physical. However, I’m [blood] quite sure it’s Feilla/PinChu, based on energetic imprint (I’ll call her F). [accept] We are all three accustomed to working together.

In this place, [frequency] the other two women have been there for some time and are accustomed to how things work here. I’m new and still getting acclimated, learning my way around.


I arrive in the midst of a construction and relocation process. We are in a large warehouse or store-like place, reminds me of a Home Depot or Lowe’s [hill] store where one gets or stores construction materials and building supplies. M, F, and I are in a back room, waiting for something to be done out in the larger area, before we can do the task we came here to do. In the outer warehouse, people (mostly men) are moving goods as well as taking down walls and shelves and equipment. They’re packing it up and loading into a large transport, and from there it will be relocated.

While we’re waiting, we chat and discuss logistics about how we will perform our work once the time arrives. We go through the steps, and since I’m new, I ask a lot of questions, because the procedure seems very complicated. M and F leave to go do something else for a brief time, and then, on some signal, I’m supposed to go outside and join them. I feel quite uncertain and disoriented, but I’m not very worried.

We’re also sorting through our own possessions, choosing things to take with us. Mainly, we’re packing clothes, and it’s kind of playful the way one of us will hold up a skirt or a scarf and say to the others, “What about this one?” and then we laugh. It’s much like little girls playing dress-up… M and F also seem to have little pet dogs with them, which they take with them when they leave the room.

So they leave, and I busy myself with other things in this very cluttered back office space.

(As I’m writing this, I can almost hear a voice, a presence here with me, and it feels like Feilla. In fact, it’s so strong, it almost feels like she is choosing the words for me to type so that she can best translate them. It’s like a soft, faint echo in the background…)

The scene shifts as I move into another dimension to do some other work while I’m waiting in the first dimension. I can’t recall much, but I know it has to do with helping people find a way of being in more sympathetic resonance with their own nature. Sort of like helping them find themselves. I get a strong sense that so many people have been affected by the culture they’ve been living in, that they have sort of wandered off track. These are people who are not completely lost; they just need some slight re-direction and encouragement to help them gain confidence in following their own inner wisdom.

Eventually I return to the dimension of the cluttered back office, and I notice it’s been a long time that I’ve been there. It feels very quiet and late, and I’m wondering where M and F are, why they haven’t returned yet. I go outside, and see that the huge room is completely empty, everything has been moved. Oh no, have I missed the transport? I move quickly through the room to get outside and look for my friends.

Outside feels like a huge docking area or hangar, and I can tell it connects to a vast space that appears to have no end… It seems dark, like nighttime. Or perhaps we truly are “out in space”, within a ship. It also seems a bit colder than inside.

I find M and F sitting on top of a large raised platform that apparently is like a trailer in that it can be connected to a vehicle that will move it to other locations. I can’t tell if it’s floating, or if it’s sitting on wheels or something like that. They have all of their things and are waiting for me, ready to go. They laugh and ask “Where have you been? We’ve been waiting, and everyone else is gone. Let’s go!”

I panic a little, flustered because I missed a cue or lost track of time. I rush back to the office to get my things and hurry to join them on the platform. A theme persists, of sorting through belongings and deciding what is of value…

Once I am on the platform and we prepare to move (the larger crew and vehicles with all the materials have already left), my consciousness shifts again. But this time M and F come with me.

I’m aware that one aspect of ourselves is still on the transport, now heading for our destination. But another aspect is elsewhere, having a different experience.

We walk out of a large structure, out into the open. There is daylight here, and the energy feels very light and healing. This structure feels like a building set on ground. Behind us, the wall of the building we are leaving is very high. I think it’s Heruka’s mansion, but Portadeo tells me it’s actually his.

There is soil and vegetation in the near distance, and a slightly upward sloping bank, leading up and away from where we are coming out. This bank feels like a rampart or a levee. It feels like there is a vast rich valley beyond, richly and peacefully inhabited.

Redondo Seaweed

Just outside the walls is a walkway or ledge that runs continuously around the perimeter. And just against that is a moat. It’s filled with a translucent golden liquid. It’s built with straight lines, and I realize it’s very similar in some ways to a moat that I saw in a dream last year. Its walls are vertical (a little over 2 meters high) and they and the floor are made of gray stone. The moat is about 2-3 times as wide as it is deep, and the golden liquid fills it to within 30 cm of the top of the wall. Inside the moat there are a few creatures like fish, and a few very large broad leaves of a plant that looks like seaweed (insert pic from redondo beach). But mostly the moat seems empty. However, drifting around (not swimming or propelling themselves) are some couples of beings that seem bound together. They seem unconscious, as if they are in stasis. I’m aware that this is not a bad thing, it’s part of the healing process. They are here to resolve something that has gotten thrown out of whack. It’s a continuation of the other-dimensional work I was doing earlier in the dream.

I stop on the bridge that crosses the moat, and tell M and F to go on ahead, I will find them later. I understand that I need to stop here and work with these people for a while.

My job is to spot them in the fluid, and do something with them energetically/telepathically, that allows them to understand how to get back on track, to find themselves once more. The most important part is for them to find the spot in their lives (the lives being lived by the bodies depicted drifting in the fluid) at which something happened such that they made a choice that did not resonate with their deeper selves, and this caused them to get lost in the woods, so to speak. Then I can somehow help them to re-work those decisions and retrieve a part of themselves that was “lost”. This will allow them to re-focus and get back on a path that resonates with them more harmoniously.

I do this with a few couples, and the way it works is that they levitate up out of the liquid and become unbound. Then their aspects (usually adult) gradually dissolve/disappear/fade…and as those aspects fade, another aspect gradually appears, standing on the grass lawn just beyond the moat. They are usually in the aspect of children, having been taken back to that point which was so crucial to them. And now they are free to go on with their lives in freedom [public]. These children seem content and carefree, unconcerned with whatever expectations may have been placed on them.

Then, just near the stone bridge where I’m standing, another couple drifts or rolls out from underneath a seaweed leaf, and I recognize them as my older brother and myself, bound together at the waist, blindfolded and gagged with seaweed. We appear to be in our early teens. I levitate us up, and watch as we transform as the others have.

The last thing I remember of the dream is watching myself, about 4 years old, walking away on the grass. I’m going off to do my thing. My hair is short and blonde, and I’m wearing comfortable little trousers and no shirt. As I watch I recall the freedom I felt at that age and how much I loved to run around with as little clothing as possible (it gets quite sticky and hot in the South in the summer). I remember being told at some point that little girls were supposed to always wear a shirt, no matter how hot it was. I smiled to see myself happily going about my way, shirtless, communicating with my “invisible friends”.

Portadeo tells me that in this dream I visited a ship/place named [structure] Quetzal [Ashtar Sheran vertical] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quetzal). [arrangement fed controlling her]  Portadeo says there is also a connection with Vesú. The connection is that both places are cities of light that are located in spots that are currently appearing as oceans.

Quetzal is somewhere off the eastern coast of South or Central America. I believe it somehow has a relationship to Guatemala.

Feilla and I have corresponded briefly about Quetzal this week… I think we both feel we share lifetimes here or nearby. I suspect others of our friends may find they recognize some aspect of it too.

I’ll share some images I have seen 0f it. I hope to make the time to create an image of how the part that seemed like a “castle” looks, too.

Quetzal Suspended, Floating in the Ocean

Quetzal Suspended, Floating in the Ocean

Quetzal's "Feathers"

Quetzal’s “Feathers”

Inside Quetzal

Inside Quetzal


Dream 21 March 2014 – HAPPY EQUINOX

I am Arachanaï

This the view you have when I told my parents a tornado was coming. The apartment block behind the yellow tree, there was the tornado coming from and torn of that roof and it was flying towards us. This is in Hasselt where I used to live. This the view you have when I told my parents a tornado was coming. The apartment block behind the yellow tree, there was the tornado coming from and torn of that roof and it was flying towards us. This is in Hasselt where I used to live.

When I woke up this morning, wow, I was saying, what a dream. I also had a lot of visions, but they are too hard to describe.

In my dream I was back in Belgium, in Hasselt. I just went for a walk with my parents.  Back in the apartment I see that the ceiling is higher and has now a square dome on top of it, with windows.

The scene changes and I am standing in my bedroom looking out of the window. (we have windows that goes down to the floor) and suddenly I hear a loudly boom. Here I could…

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