More About Disclosure, Wisdom, Beings, Cities of Light… and Ghost Radar

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city of fiery light

22 March 2014

Let’s continue along the theme of integrating thoughts and impressions about Native Wisdom, Extra-Terrestrial life and beings, and my personal (perhaps unconventional) experience of Vajrayana Buddhism… I recently posted about this in “Disclosure, Mandalas, Heruka” and “One River” …

I received a little more on this from Heruka yesterday, which I’ll share below. I was also struck that after I published a post before going to bed last night, Ghost Radar produced these words almsot immediately and in quick succession: [He-He-Ru-Ru-Kham (this is part of Heruka’s mantra) traffic experiment very-subtle-mind points-of-light Hopi threw past-tense Google Vajrayogini (another Vajrayana deity)  crowd (as in Mandala or Field of Merit?)  strip larger fiction slight time-warp element stove string swimming Catherine news rather Airl deaf 5 hiker shells lack virtuous behavior stone generally (the previous words all flowed out over the span of just under an hour) Bronwen Luke offer grandfather] 

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Heruka: Telepathy and Clairvoyance – 20 March 2014


(From Leslee: received from Heruka on 20 March, 2014. Ghost Radar words appear in [brackets].)

Over the past year or two, several people have asked for my help in developing their skills of telepathy, clairvoyance, or connecting with beings and/or guides. I never quite know how to respond, and every time I’ve asked for explanations from Heruka, His response heads off down another path. So this morning I’m requesting more information.

I’m also throwing in a cautionary note to all, that I think bears repeating again. For myself, developing these abilities (which I consider quite limited by my own obstructions) even to the level I have them, totally disrupted my life. So caveat emptor.

Dear Heruka, can we please focus [pleasure] on these requests now?

With pleasure. Let’s talk in general terms. I will be blunt. I’m going to generalize and put people who want these skills into three categories:

1. Those who wish to use them to develop their spiritual path (to help others);

2. Those who wish to use them to “escape” from outer conditions that they struggle with;

3. Those who wish to add them to their “collection” [principle] of skills (ego-pride).

I will help those [send] of the first [laid] kind.

We’re going to refer to this bundle of abilities as a single one, which for the purposes of this moment we will call “Pre-Cognition”. However, we use this term differently than it’s usually assumed. Here we mean knowledge that arises before cognition latches onto it and turns it into something [depression] “sensible”. Raw [mainly] unfiltered intuition. “Pre-Cognition” also suits us here because no matter how you struggle with this understanding, what you “see” only becomes “reality” through the process [special] of your seeing it, cognizing it mentally. So you “pre”-cognize it before it arises and [kept] once it arises, you “re”-cognize [nerves] it.

Okay. Let’s move on since your writing is slower than Ghost Radar speaks. “Depression mainly special kept nerves”: Those are some hints for you. Brain chemistry is involved here. Yes, it sources out of the pineal gland. Calcification does not affect mental abilities to the extent that it would prevent you developing skills.

But brain chemistry is just one aspect. Neural structure is another part. This comes from genetics, intention, and chemical/environmental factors. These factors engage in a  dance that defies precise description, because their interdependence constantly changes.

[dream] Each person can somewhat influence their own intention and chemical/environmental factors. Intention is easiest, but takes the most diligence. That’s where meditation comes in. Environment operates on macro and micro scales. You can move house, change city, country, continent. But for now you’re still on Earth. So let’s accept that.

Pollution and being surrounded by “others” with ignorant or negative intentions present challenges to developing pre-cognition. Mountains, oceans, large bodies of water/ice/snow have their own EM (electro-magnetic) fields that affect you. Deserts, trees… sand… all benefit. Metal structures can either help or hinder. In short, you could drive yourself mad trying to find out the perfect location for developing pre-cognition, so let’s forget that.

Eat pure foods. If you eat pure foods, cravings generally arise from needs. If you eat processed foods, cravings are unreliable. [shaking] Animal protein may help or harm, so experiment.

“Shaking”. Yes, meditation. This is the most important factor, and frankly, the one least attended to in general. And I mean a very specific kind of meditation. I don’t mean going in search of visions and connection. I mean start with basic, fundamental mindfulness.

Leslee, as people come to you asking for help developing skills, almost all of them (because of course I know them better than [giant] you do, or will) need to first spend a great deal of time – like a year or more – [world] regularly practicing mindfulness/insight/vipassana meditation. By this I mean 20 minutes a day of watching the mind dispassionately, and not traipsing off to follow images [scene] or emotions that arise. Traipsing leads to misunderstanding, until one can stop, control, and direct the mind.

Images that arise from an uncontrolled mind are unreliable.

If you try to develop pre-cognition before reaching this level of knowing your own mind, you open yourself to “a world of hurt”, to borrow an expression. And if you ask Leslee for help and yet have not done this preliminary work, quite frankly, you will get nothing more from me (Heruka).

Pre-cognition is not a hobby. That’s enough for now, we can continue this conversation soon.