Dream 4 March 2014: Merlin

I am Arachanaï

Hasselt This looks like the building that I saw in my dream. This building you can find in Hasselt/Belgium

Source picture: http://www.eupedia.com

This dream was very hard to write down, as in this dream I am occupying a lot of people, like a traveler within somebodies mind, but not really doing the interaction myself. So it was hard because I didn’t know from what perspective I had to write, mine or the people I was travelling with and had their experiences. But in the end, we are all ONE.

The dream begins with me being abducted by an evil witch. The woman locks me up in a brick small building without any windows, with scary insects inside. Then it is like my spirit breaks free from this prison and find myself in the consciousness of my older sister. I encourage her to look for me. She encounters the woman who abducted…

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