Metatron by J Tyberonn: Divine Sovereignty

Archangel Metatron Channel via J Tyberonn – 22 March 2014

Soul Braid- Merging Into SELF
Divine Sovereignty
Archangel Metatron via J Tyberonn

Greetings Beloved: I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and we welcome this gathering.

It is ‘Year Two’ of the newly Ascended Planet Earth. In this extraordinary phase of linear time on your planet there is a uniquely opportune juncture for self-review and chosen solitude.

Masters, solitude is the opens the richness, the bounty of truly knowing Higher Self. It is only lonely when the ego personality blocks the doorway, and in time solitude will prevail and purposely so. You will discover that a degree of loneliness totally disappears when you embrace the self that you are . Merging into Self occurs in solitude and in this state a sublime plurality of consciousness exists that allows the savant to understand that no soul is ever alone. The paradox is that this discovery occurs in seeming isolation.

Masters many of you, particularly those above the age of 49, the seventh 7 year cycle; find yourselves in a state of sovereign solitude.

Spouses have passed, children have left, relationships terminated and marriage contracts have ended and many of you find yourselves living alone. And although this path is at times quite lonely, quite difficult and may feel ‘unnatural’ for many of you, it is a seclusion of high purpose.

The solitude that often occurs in later years, is the connective chord that ties the beginning to the end.

You see in times of chosen solitude you are able to quiet the mental narration and open to Spirit …and in this process Angelic Gates open, and Spirit embraces you. The paradox is that in sacred solitude you truly are NOT alone. Masters, in detachment, however difficult, your separateness enables an un-entangled freedom for you to examine the self and your life expression in profound perlustration. And indeed that is truly requisite for all advanced souls. Places in the life stream for secluded contemplation are ever present on the Path of Mastery. It has always been so.

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Freedom Story : Tamara Davis Uses the OPPT Fillings Successfully in Court

By Tamara Davis

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I have been testing the new system/new paradigm/common law that we live in by manifesting getting pulled over under the best circumstances, which unfolded for me beautifully… the incident: I was pulled over for a headlight out, and got a ticket based on the fact that my license had not been reinstated. I was driving without a valid license, purposefully.

There is a plethora of reading material I have attached regarding the foreclosure of the government corporations that should help others in their court cases; I have studied this material over the last year and intensely for the last three months. The education I was lacking was court procedure… and I did manifest that into my life quite quickly, and got a great education on how to get the court to listen and take the information on a bases that is not of ‘opinion’ but of ‘Law’. I humbly thank my friend Brino for the introduction to Randy. Had it not been for Randy’s 15 years of experience in the courts, I would not have the confidence to work within the boundaries of the court’s procedure and protocols.

In this day and age, if you are connected to the internet, you are living in an information age… ignorance can no longer victimize you; ignorance is a choice at this point. Yes, we all do have our responsibilities to ourselves and our families…. which is why I am DOing what I am DOing.. I have a responsibility to my family and friends, of whom I love very much, and hold space to see them thrive absent limits.

When 911 happened, that was my trigger.. I woke up. I had always had a nagging voice in the back of my head before 911 that “things were not what they seemed on the surface”. It took 911 for me to look closer… and when I did, I was in horror of what was happening to us as a people all over the planet.

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