Dreamflight – Leslee – 9 March 2014

Dream – 9 March 2014


I drive my vehicle into a garage, as if to get an oil change. Ordinary-looking people working there…

I don’t recall getting out of the vehicle, there’s a bit of a skip in the dream as next I find myself sitting in a room in what resembles a doctor’s office. People work there wearing scrubs, things look sterile, and I sense that I’m in a small part of something that’s quite huge.

There’s a woman in scrubs sitting at a table or desk with me, and we’re looking over a floor plan drawing. It’s quite rough, looks like an old photocopy. It seems like my memory enters this part of the dream in midstream: she and I are already discussing that when I arrived in my vehicle, I was also carrying a stretcher on which lay the body of a man who had just died.

She was giving me instructions for where to take the body… Pointing out in the plan: “So, first, you get back to the vehicle by going this way, then you get the stretcher and take him here (her finger tracing the plan), and then after you drop him off, you go back this way, and go here.”

I got the idea that this man’s death was unexpected, and we needed to take care of him first. Then I could carry on with the reason I had come there. I have the strong impression that he was my guide or driver, and that since he had died I had been forced to complete my journey there alone, without quite being sure of what I was doing.

He was a late-middle-aged man, average to small height and build, with very light gray hair. He was dressed in dark blue pants and a light blue shirt, like a car mechanic would wear. His death had not been violent as I recall… And now his body was just a corpse on a stretcher, covered with a burgundy blanket and strapped down.

I repeated the map instructions back to the woman, to make sure I understood. The plan was quite maze-like and a lot of the corridors looked the same. She left the room and I sat for a moment, continuing to study the plan.

Then someone wheeled a gurney into the room where I sat. They locked the wheels and quickly left. At first I thought it was the same stretcher with my companion on it, because the man on this one looked remarkably like my fellow. But as I looked closer, I saw this fellow was smaller, wiry, with darker hair, very tanned skin, and his face was creased with many wrinkles. He looked like someone you might see lying in a street, worn from being homeless for decades. His features seemed Hispanic.

As I watched, though, this man grimaced and moved, and it was clear that he was alive, just sleeping or unconscious. So I knew I still had to follow through on my task of delivering my companion’s body and showing up at my assignment.

That’s all I can remember of the dream.

When I woke, I started sketching the floor plan, what I could remember, because I knew there was something to learn from that. I began with the little offices and corridors and the garage… And on the garage side, I recalled a bit of the approach, as if through a neighborhood with houses and low buildings.

But “behind” the garage, the building continued on and on… And as I sketched I sensed huge spaces and thick walls and curved boundaries… Air locks and gaskets and vertical shafts, thick many-layered walls… Could be Heruka’s mansion, or a “ship”…

Then I explored the boundary between the neighborhood/ garage area and the inner spaces of the larger construction. There was no clear boundary; it felt like a shimmering, fluid, transparent film that pulsed and oscillated.

As I’m posting this I realize this dream is like so many I’ve had on Chimera: one layer appears as ordinary world, while there’s an alternate layer that seems ship-like, other-worldly…

Does it imply something like a hologram? Which side of the boundary is “real”? Perhaps both?