Eliza: On the Language of the Heart

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Eliza: On the Language of the Heart

A former minister told me the other day that my language is poetic and visionary. As such, it is also paradoxical in nature, in keeping with the flow of the language of the heart within. Keep that in mind if some of what I present disturbs you. These are my thoughts. If you dispute what has been said, look to your own heart for truth. It is all about resonance and personal discernment. What one author writes will not and cannot cover “it” all. It’s simply impossible. However, never one to linger in the shadows long, I share my thoughts, humbly…

The heart has no language as we have known it in the Third Dimension. Language has served to divide and to keep people separate. Yet it wasn’t always so.

Words have power. Most people are not aware of that fact, yet Universal…

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