1. I believe the only thing that changes moving from 3rd to 5th dimensional being is our perception. I move between them all on a daily basis as I try to understand the changes I am making in myself. The things I look at or put my energy into are not changing, as they exist on their own outside of me, however they way I see what I am focusing on is certainly changing.
    The way I operate mainly out of love now, rather than judgement and negativity (which I do revert to still while I try to maintain a loving perspective) tells me that the 5th dimensional state of being is becoming my home more often than the 3rd dimensional state of fear, negativity, and judgement I have been used to.

    I am happier now than I ever have been, and I can perceive far more beauty in life and this world now than I could before, although it looks the same as it always did. I just couldn’t see it before from my 3d perspective.
    People are also reacting to me in a much stronger, more positive way, and I am able to manifest my reality much easier coming from the love of 5th dimensional being. The 5th dimension exists in me.
    Love to all, Namaste

  2. Vlad, I’ve noticed a lot of conflicting information in the physical descriptions of the “fifth density”. This might be because humans are not single-dimensional creatures – we only believe this to be the case because our consciousness is primarily focused on this dimension. And for the most part we believe what we are told, that this is “real”, and that other place “over there” is “imaginary”.

    This information might be helpful from the Law of One but I wouldn’t recommend taking it as the “only” source.


    Another area of confusion is that the words “density” and “dimension” can be used interchangeably, and the concept of “density” is also defined in different ways. And “vibration” also plays some kind of role in all this, but this too is not well explained (in my opinion).

    Maybe I am just too “dense” to understand it… 😉

    Good questions.

    I believe these multi-dimensional / multi-densities are going on all at the same time. We assume that there is a linear progression of time from one to another, similar to how one would go through grade school to university. When in fact our experience includes these other dimensions and densities right NOW. And in fact we are aware of this and can experience it. For the most part we (humanity) just choose to ignore these experiences.

    • Thanks – dreamwalke
      I do not understand how physically equipped
      fourth and fifth density – measurement (Parallel World) (and
      how get there)?
      How there in physically look like in this worlds , and I can not find a description of
      what namely there ?
      As I understand it – the earth will get into fifth density DIMENSION
      (from third what is now)There is a higher frequency,
      Now I’m interested in how it all looks like – this fifth dimension ?
      if there is a stars? vacuum?is there any planets?
      is there any evil as here on earth? is there a galaxies? metagalaxy?
      if anything it is not – then what is physically there?

      • On the one hand, I can tell you that I have been there and it is no different from here.

        On the other hand, you are asking to define heaven.

        I feel this is for each of us to discover, in our own way.

        Namaste my brother.

      • So yet another perspective is that, as Jason says, there is very little difference between “here” and “there”. The physical properties are the same yet they can be influenced by thought.

        So perhaps the greatest “veil” is that we are led to believe that we are in 3d, and struggling to achieve 5d… when in all likelihood we have had 5d all along….

        This one’s fun:

        • I’m just jumping in at this point to say that I’m still not sure I understand it very well… How we fully arrive in 5D… But I do know that sometimes I feel really great, loving and carefree, and I feel that’s at least our model or glimpse or something like that…

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