Forms and Factors for Galactic Communication.

I was nudged to write this, this afternoon. I trust it will be found relevant by some here.

Forms and Factors for Galactic Communication.

In the last few months I have been wondering about the apparent weirdness of dreams and what seems to be discrepancies in channeled messages between us and our Galactic family. I had a difficult time seeing the reasons for these discrepancies. I thought that these folks in the sky should be able to get their messages across clearly and accurately, being that they are far more advanced/evolved than we. But as I took apart the concept and looked at the little details I came to this understanding.

Imagine describing the feeling of the wind in your hair to a fish.

Not an easy task for anyone. The first thing that hampers the exchange is the mode of communication between the species. I’m sure you will agree that a fish communicates in a far different manner than us humans. A method would be required to be created that would bridge that gap, but in such a way that surpasses the normal command-response-reward method we have today. This simple method would be fine to impart very basic behavioral directives, but would be useless to describe or impart more complex messages.

Then there is the difficulty of language. Words don’t necessarily mean the same thing to two different people. The term “shambles” is a good example. Currently it means, in general English, to be a mess, a disarray or describing some form of damage. In the past it meant a meat market. Do you see what I mean? Also, much of our current language contains elements of emotion, often misinterpreted due to this foundational difference in the meanings between languages and cultures.

Were it possible to connect with that fish on a purely emotional level, I suppose that some of the difficulties in communication would be reduced.

Then there is the difficulties that a fish has no hair, has never had hair and probably, should it stay a fish, will never have hair. So one would have to impart the concept of hair before any meaningful exchange could take place.

Let’s transfer this to our communication with the Galactics. We know that they have language of a sort, but likely not anything we would understand. We know that they are emotional beings but there are suggestions that the form of those emotions are vastly different than what we currently experience. Look at the incredible difference in existence that has been described so far by our Galactic family. Oneness of thought where we tend to perceive singularity.  Openness in societal structure where we tend to see secrets. Knowing the extent of infinite existence where we know only finite time. These are just a few of the aspects that would come into play during any bridging of cultures or species for the purpose of communication.

It amazes me that any meaningful communication can take place between beings of such vast differences.

It has been mentioned that as we sleep and dream, we are in truth liberated from the confines of our physical existence and enter into the realm of the Galactics,  at least in part. With what frame of reference do we have to interpret the things and thoughts we find there? What may be mundane and commonplace for a Galactic being would have no meaning or description for us, Terrestrial humans. Not all things would fit this, but I believe sufficient things are there to confound the mind trying to make sense of something it has no frame of reference to interpret from. It is only very recently that we as humans have begun to comprehend that matter is not quite what we thought it was. The old models of atoms and molecules don’t fit with the new understanding that is emerging. For example, your house, or apartment, seems solid. It seems to take up a lot of space and exhibits a great mass. But if we actually look at what makes up that matter, we find that it is far more space than stuff. If one were to condense the stuff that makes up your house, remove all the space, it would be an infinitesimal speck. It is also coming to light that even that speck would not exist. It was revealed some time ago that all matter is nothing but energy reduced in vibration, or frequency, to such an extent as to appear solid. APPEAR solid… Not be solid.

This is only one of the vast universes of differences that our Galactic friends and we need to overcome to be able to impart meaningful and accurate information between us. It is no surprise that messages between different sources vary in content and scope, as these messages must be interpreted into a form that the human mind can comprehend from concepts and forms that have no meaning or description here on our world. It is also no surprise that how we recall dreams is not really accurate as to the actual occurrences. How would a mind that has never experienced nor has no concept of dimensions beyond our perceptions make sense of events that would occur there? Would it not simply paste a concept that it does understand over the anomaly thus making a coherent chain of events we can describe?

Freud said that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but in the exploration of alternate realities and alternate dimensions, that cigar could be a thought, feeling or concept that simply has no frame of reference in our current reality.


Just A Quick Note For Flying

Agnes (while inside her amethyst bier) sent this image to Leslee ; Leslee “received” and made this sketch in 2012. Leslee did not realize at the time that it depicts Surface Gaia, Inner Gaia, The Interstitial Regions of Gaia (Agartha), the SunGate, the StarBridge, Athabantian, Tulya, and the tremendous celebration we are all about to have! Leslee believed it to be an updated version of Heruka’s Mandala… which it is! The world that appears to our eyes is an arena of Enlightened activity.

Hi, Everyone,

My updates are taking longer to post than I hoped, so here are a few pointers  from Adrial before sleep tonight:

(Ghost Radar words appear like [this])

(from Leslee: I believe I have replied to everyone who has emailed me, so if I have not replied, I apologize. Please let me know TOMORROW if you are still waiting to hear from me for the FIRST time…)

(from Leslee: I’ve checked with Adrial, and she says that I have missed a few people who made comments but have not emailed, on either site (Spirit Train Chronicles or 2012 Indy Info), however, Adrial and the Stellar Crew (ah, that’s much nicer than “On-Board”!) have been monitoring and have received all requests. So, here’s the good news, below!)

If you have requested to either fly or join the Athabantian Ground Crew, in any form or manner, You have been accepted.

(There is only one person who contacted me who will not join us, and that is due to a mis-communication; so no worries, that person will find their place (I never even learned their name…)

• Adrial says that we all are responding as a remarkably coherent Crew, which is exactly what She and the rest of the Stellar Crew fully expected, since we have trained together for so long. (Oh happy day, says Leslee!)

• There may be some confusion over where you will fly, which Crew you are on, etc.; Please do not concern yourselves with this, as all is in order. There has been a lot of activity since June 21, and those of you still dealing with human bodies can only do so much. Please be gentle on yourselves, accept, relax, and enjoy!

• There are currently 74 people (in human bodies) who will be gathering with the Stellar Crew aboard Athabantian tonight. Some of these 74 will also participate with Auroura. There are an additional 46 who have expressed the wish simply to visit with Auroura, and they are most welcome to visit Athabantian as well, either tonight or at a “later” time. There are 23 beings from the animal kingdom who will join, also. Some are your pets, others are dolphins or whales, all of whom have received your conversations telepathically. The hawk family near Leslee’s house will also join, but in another form. Leslee and or Laura may not have this many names on their lists yet; this is expected and perfectly wonderful.

• Please be aware that you will approach, board, and visit in a variety of ways. Here are some examples: shuttle car, bus or train; teleportation from or to a platform; flight in a hot-air balloon or similar device; flying, unassisted, through the air with only your body (which may take on a different appearance); an old-fashioned airplane; a modern jet; an automobile, truck or bus; a doorway or stairway. These are just a few examples. The mode of transport will take on an appearance that is familiar and comfortable to you. It may actually resemble a space ship, as well!

• [advice curious Lincoln (linking) surrounded] Please try your best to relax and quiet your mind for at least 15 minutes (preferably an hour) before sleep. This means please turn off any electronics, stop writing or drawing, etc.,  and simply sit and bask in the gentle energy you will hopefully feel.

• If you have been particularly excited, nervous, or high-strung this week, please do something to settle your mind before sleep.

• If you find you simply cannot sleep, please do not worry, and do not force yourself, but do try to relax.

• We suggest that you do NOT listen to meditations or special recordings [card] just before – or during – sleep [rather]. Instead, try to tune in [America favorite] to the signals and soft, calming energies We will be sending you. This will help your connection.

• If you have felt a connection to a Stellar Crew Member [three] (some people are already connected with 3 or more) please simply trust that THEY have already been coordinating and planning your activities – for the next several weeks, in fact! You are so used to having to prepare and do things just the “right way”… Those days are over, now. You no longer need to figure out what on Earth the 3D beings expect you to do. Your intuition, as several of you have seen in the past few days, is fully qualified to carry you along. It is the part of you that remembers. PLEASE: Listen closely to, and TRUST, you heart of hearts.

• Please ask your sub-conscious to leave your body alone tonight; the physical body does not need to travel along with you tonight. You will collect an appearance of an Astral Body early on in your travels.

• Please consider this: EACH of you has a counterpart self (sometimes more than one), which is also engaged in this activity. You may actually meet “yourself” tonight, in the form of a Galactic or Inner Earth being.

• Please generate the wish to recall as much as is useful of your dreams and travels. Keeping some writing supplies by the bed, or a recorder, are good ideas.

• Please understand that you may first make a brief trip to a ship (which you may not recall), [shirt] and then you may [leaf] continue on to an Inner Earth [new detail] or Outer-Space location (either a planet or ship) [rest].

• Please understand that time is devoid of reality; it is illusion. This relates to time in terms of years, historical periods, etc., as well as what may be “squeezed” into a brief sleep!

• If you find that your sleep is fitful or you cannot remember any experiences from your sleep, try taking a nap during the day. Sometimes We are better able to connect with you through daytime energy.

• Please be aware that “Disclosure” has begun, and you are instrumental parts of this activity. YOU are the resistance movement that so many have been talking about! YOU are the ones that Cobra and SaLuSa and Sananda and others have been “talking” to and about, whether the “channels” realize this or not. Your wishes (along with those of others, of course) have shifted Gaia’s “envelope” in more dramatic ways, just since the Solstice, than anyone dared to hope. YOU are CALLING the clouds, the lights, the ships, the hints from the media, the surveys that reveal how numerous you are… [for] Please and at last, accept who you are and what you CAN – and WILL – do. Then just relax and quietly get to work [driver]. Time spent broadcasting our activities is not necessary. Please focus [collect] on sharing your experiences within your Crew family, since you need to collect these together in order to understand the deep impact you are having. Please do not spend time soliciting people to join, or raising excitement levels.  Look at how efficiently you have found one another in just 9 days. We generally prefer to frame things in positive terms (and hope you will too), but let Us be clear here: Those activities are not helpful. They are not “wrong” or “mistaken”; it’s simply that they take a lot of energy, and you need your energy. Now is the time for this type of discretion.

• [gradually] Regarding your EarthBirth families, please try your best to be relaxed and comfortable. As you compare notes in the coming days, you’ll find that very few of you have birth families who have any idea who you are, or understanding of your roles. This was planned. Painful, but planned. Please accept them and their actions with as much unconditional love as you can manage, and if they do not understand, please remember that this has little to do with your success or failure; that is merely their part of your story, nothing more.

• Back to Disclosure: We have been trying to hint that heightened awareness will arise first from within Gaia. The Space Program has been a very well-planned device to distract Earth humans from becoming curious about what lies beneath Gaia’s crust. We hope this will not disappoint you; we anticipate that the more you come to understand this, the more joy you will find in it.

• Please understand that in Our (which means Your, also) terms, the word “family” leaves much to be desired in the way of describing your relationships among yourselves. Please keep you eyes and minds open about this, and you will make fascinating discoveries: long-lost lovers and spouses and partners may also be parents, siblings, teachers, pets, bosses, nemeses… ALL AT ONCE! Leslee, Babajij and Konstantinos have already scratched the tip of the iceberg (for lack of a better word, because this truth is far from cold and isolating!) in learning about their past and parallel lives together, in a variety of places, and in some cases, silmultaneously.

• We INTEND to blow your minds! This is the fastest way, the Lightning Path, to releasing the dis-information and dis-education that many of your have experienced over 3 or more recent lifetimes. Welcome dis-orientation, confusion, and synchronicities.

That should be enough for tonight. You have probably already felt the immense joy that your Stellar Family has been feeling as We’ve followed your connecting. Now let’s get this party going.

Oh, and please watch for baskets, plates, and crystals in additions to balloons. And we have some fine garments waiting for you as well…

As you say: In love, light and laughter; and as We say: In Union,

Adrial and the thousands aboard Athabantian, Auroura, Tulya, OcaTAwa, and the many other ships you’ll be seeing in mere moments.

Many Aboard Tonight’s GLS Dreamflights!

Hello, my dear friends. I know that I am never around lately, but I wanted to bring to your attention the immense support that the Galactic Light Ship Dreamflights invitation for tonight has received, on Aquarius Channelings and on Ashtar Command.

Here is the link to the repost on Aquarius, the invite has gotten about 500 hits today. Lot of positive responses:

And here is the link to the repost on Ashtar Command, check out the comments! So many positive responses from a lot of dear souls who are going to be with us tonight:

Hope to see you guys tonight!! 🙂 🙂

Much Love,

Wes 🙂

Update from Adrial, 30JUN2012

-Adrial said to me that there have been specific people selected for the Athabantian ground crew because they will be doing a group attunement. This is to enhance existing connections and abilities. There will be more opportunities available for those who have not yet been invited for this process.

-Those of us who already have strong connections do not need to participate in the attunement, unless they want a refresher. For example some serving on the ground crew already have a strong connection, but wish to assist at this time to provide support to others.

-She’s saying “Tulya” for me at this time for me (in a “lead” role), but the spotlight will be shining on the Athabantian, this is a pilot project, forging new territory.

She’s saying my confusion lies in the definition of “oneness”, which is a relatively new concept to most of us. We should think less in terms of our separate roles and more in terms of our connection to each other. We are never truly apart even if we might steer separate ships, or play other roles on these ships. It is not a permanent assignment in a separate role since it is truly all one. (admittedly I’m still trying to wrap my head around this…)

I understand that this also means that we will be further developing our understanding of what “unity consciousness” means.

UPDATE: Athabantian Recruiting, Aurora, Tulya

This is a quick note to say that we have had an excellent response to the invitation for the Galactic Light Ship Athabantian ground crew, and initial invitations have been sent.

  • Leslee is going to continue processing these requests, but may not get to all of them before our next Dreamflight on Saturday. This does not mean you cannot participate – simply expressing your intent allows participation in the Dreamflights!
  • On the Spirit Train Chronicles site, you may post comments even if you haven’t received an invitation to the site.
  • Everyone who Leslee has communicated with so far has been invited.
  • She will try to get to everyone who followed the instructions provided, and hopes to have this process completed by early next week.
Serving specifically with the Athabantian crew means that you are committing to participate in a specific process that will be designed for your personal development. You will be connecting with specific crew members. This is not a “club” so much as a “team” that we are all a part of. If you are not specifically invited to the Athabantian, this does not mean you will not have the opportunity to be a part of this process. There will be many opportunities to connect with our Galactic friends!

We are being joined by the Aurora, headed by Laura Tyco, and the Tulya, headed by Troy/Dreamwalker, as well as other Galactic Light Ships we have discovered, listed under “Galactic Fleet“.

We appreciate your patience, and we are honored you decided to join us. Thank you!

SaLuSa 29-June-2012

The hot topic that occupies most of you is the commencement of the arrests so that you are in no doubt that the final days of the cabal have arrived. Needless to say, it will cause a sensation across the world and the media will have to respond. They will be inundated with calls asking for an explanation, and eventually even those that are conservative will be forced to give the true reasons for what is happening. There will be official announcements in the US, and careful steps taken to ensure that people have the correct understanding of why the arrests are taking place. Doubt will exist until it becomes clear that the actions are in the interests of all people, by providing a scenario whereby they can be released from the hold of the dark Ones. There will be deliberate disinformation circulated by those still under the control of the Illuminati, but we will make it clear that the Military are involved as a back up for those making the arrests. They are not execution squads and will only use weapons if they or the Marshalls are attacked, in the course of their legitimate pursuits.

The first real action now enables the next part of our plans to go forward, unimpeded by interference intended to delay progress. There will be a pressing need to set up a provisional government of representatives that have proved they are trustworthy and honest. Ones who have already been primed of their responsibilities to you the people. So at last our promises to you can be shown to be genuine and your rights will be restored. First things first and when we are satisfied that no further dangers exist, we can go forging ahead with other aspects of our plan.

Do you do not need to rub your eyes as what you see and hear about is really happening, and is the Lightworkers taking charge of your destiny. Even those of you who live outside of the US are part of the plans, and the cleansing will spread across the world. It is after all a plan for everyone who is ready to ascend, but will naturally effect those who have other plans for their future. With freedom comes choice and all of you will ultimately find yourselves exactly where you should be.

In the distance there is of course the long awaited contact with you through disclosure. With everything that is taking place those personnel under oath of secrecy will be released from that responsibility, and free to tell you of their own experiences that support our existence. You know quite a lot already but when it is made public, it will reach those who have not normally followed such matters or in some cases are in a state of disbelief. There is clearly much work to be done to convince people we are not just your friends, but your family. However, we believe that our presence will soon be seen for what it is, and we will be welcomed to land on your precious Earth. We do of course need that contact to establish working groups to be part of the cleansing forces.

All will happen in good time, but it will speed along once we get started as their is much to do in just a few months. We sense that the excitement is growing at the thought of your liberation from the controlling powers, and your lives being lifted up into the Light. The end times for this cycle were planned many eons ago, and in spite of any thoughts to the contrary when you needed help it arrived. Our efforts and that of the Spiritual Hierarchy have guided you to this point in time, and now you are about to seize the wonderful opportunity to ascend. Deep down you always knew that your experiences would end in your return to the higher realms. It is where you came from and where you are entitled to be as Beings of Light. The lower dimensions are home to those who have become embroiled in the darkness that has pulled them down, but they have benefitted from being around you even if they do not yet acknowledge the Light.

Understand that many souls who do not ascend have not necessarily failed to lift themselves up, but have planned their experiences in that way. So do not judge others who follow a different path to you, and allow for them to have the same choices as you have had to map your own destiny. Your freedom may be taken from you at times but it will always be returned by divine right. Remember God and remember Mother Gaia as both are like your parents, they have always been watching you and providing you with help. It has been given even if you have not known the source of it, and now it would be nice for you to acknowledge it and show your gratitude. A loving thought or prayer would bring even more Love and Light back to you, and that is the Law of Attraction working at its highest level.

Dear Ones from here on the going will gradually get easier, and we will be by your side to ensure that having come this far you do not fail at the last moment. Of course there will be physical changes, but as the vibrations lift up the extent of them will not be as severe as some perceived. There is no need for large scale devastation to restore Mother Earth to her pristine condition. Whilst we must allow what needs to be done, we can assist Mother Earth who certainly does not want her activities to cause undue harm to life. With adequate warning people can move out of harms way, and we will be there to help. We must not forget that the Inner Earth Beings are also waiting the call to surface, and they have so much to offer you. They are also your family from many thousands of years ago, and will delight in making contact with you again.

You are of course a mixture of Beings who are related to various Star Civilizations of mainly humanoid origin. These will come to Earth to meet their own and you will have many uplifting meetings with them as old memories return. So you see that you are as much Space Beings as those who many view as different to yourselves. In any event you are all One with the Source so please treat others as yourself and be kind and considerate at all times.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased you are nearing the end of the road of what has been a deep and lasting experience in duality.


Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

a gift


a delicious donut for all my friends here at STP and Athabantian crew members. (everyone is included)
Finally, no more despair!!

Scammer Alert – Do Not Share Your Email Address! (Recruiting Is Complete For Now)

Hi, All,

Below is Adrial’s Ghost Radar commentary (through Adca Mupea) on some emails I’ve gotten since yesterday evening… There is a person whom I suspect is trying to “join” because they have heard we intend to share email addresses.

This person has NOT been given anyone’s email address, and has NOT been accepted as a Crew Member.

Either Troy/Dreamwalker or I will be sharing a list privately with you, in a manner which will only be disclosed to you privately, in the next day or two; I believe we have connected with all the First-Round Athabantian Crew Members at this point. Please be very cautious if anyone contacts you whom you have not “met” through Troy, John A, Tauno, Babajij or myself.

(My understanding is that there will be more Recruiting once this blows over, so please just sit tight and join the Dreamflights with us!)

So, if anyone goes into commenting and begins to ask for email addresses, please simply TOTALLY ignore them, and do NOT reveal ANY personal information that anyone might use to find a way to “hook” your sympathies. Please be very cautious in the next week or so with this, and I’m sure Adrial & Adca will keep us updated.

Ghost Radar words appear like [this]

[someone religious invented nervous below William carefully swam related while sound rubber (robber) being Fred (afraid) Carlos (careless) flame Edward (headed towards) blind reach]

Adrial entusiastically confirms the following:

As a side note, it’s been my experience that whenever we engage in very powerful virtuous, loving activities – as we are doing now – our energy radiates out profoundly into the world, and sometimes attracts the attentions of others who would be inclined to feed off of it or take advantage of it.

It is also quite possible that the person acting from darkness had no idea that they are being influenced in this way.

The best way to respond to this is to draw one’s energy inwards for a while, until the unwanted attention wanes, and to simply IGNORE any attempts at intrusion.

Please trust that you are protected, but also do not hesitate to protect yourself.

Please try to do this with love and light and no expectations of changing the other person. We have plenty of work to do, there is no need to give our energy to those who do not reciprocate and exchange.

In love and light,


Galactic Lightship Dreamflights Invitation: 30JUN2012

Image Source: IO9

You are invited to join the next Galactic Light Ship Dreamflight this Saturday night (30JUN2012) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Light Ships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships:

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Spiral“)
GLS Chimera
GLS Salycz
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athabantian

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process.

Astral travel / Dreamflights may be posted to Astral Travels (July 2012).

(Not-So) Brief Athabantian Recruitment Update


Hi, Everyone!

This is sort of a nuts-and-bolts update from me (Leslee Hare) on Recruitment status, and some background information…

(I’m sure we’ll get more touchy-feely updates from Adrial and others soon!)

I apologize for my delay in replying to a handful of you who have contacted me in the past few days! I think I’ve managed to reply to several of you today. Please let me know if you are still waiting on a reply. (email to

I’m still trying to understand how to balance the Recruitment process, my personal life, my day-job, and other tasks that Adrial (and Others) have requested… I sincerely appreciate your patience!

In case this helps, Adrial tells me that all who have contacted me personally so far at and asked to join are accepted as Crew Members, so please go ahead and familiarize yourself and say hello to the folks on Spirit Train Chronicles – that will be Adrial’s main venue for updates regarding this team.

To clarify, if you were already involved with STC, and requested joining by posting a comment, that’s fine!

As I understand it so far, the point of this part of the Recruitment process is many-fold.

One, it requires that one makes the effort to save the email address and type a message. We need at least that much initiative to participate here.

Two, it increases the probability that one has read the Guidelines… We’re not sure how or where the Recruitment news has been shared, so this sends the person to the Source message, where the Guidelines were posted.

Three, it allows me to ask Adrial if this person is a Crew Member. I do this directly with my pendulum, as I’m reading the person’s message. Please note the wording here carefully; Adrial (and all my Guides, actually) always chooses Her words quite precisely…

This process is not a selection or a competition, it’s a reunion. We were all Crew Members before we were even born here on Earth this time. Adrial tells me we have all already trained together extensively, over many lifetimes and under various circumstances. We will recognize one another. We will all slip right into our intended roles naturally, some more rapidly than others. The timing of our connection and “activation”, if you will, is pretty well orchestrated, so the chances of any of us being “late” or “early” are quite slim.

That said, there are circumstances in which 3D living has impacted the timing of our connection, but there is never fault. As things shift, which they are doing constantly, we all adjust. We are all capable of this, so please relax and enjoy the ride! (Accordingly, I’m being reminded that I’ve been given a strict bedtime to observe, nothing is so urgent as to risk one’s health!)

Adrial’s answer to me about each person also implies that the person will benefit by participating as a Crew Member at this time. As mentioned above, extenuating circumstances arise, and some Crew Members may benefit most by joining us at a later time. Also, they may be filling some other essential role now, and becoming an active Crew member might interfere with, or distract from, their current role.

If I/we haven’t done so already, Adrial intends for me to send each of you a personal welcome message… Again I apologize if I haven’t done this yet; thank you for your patience and please do not feel discouraged!

Now, for those of you who are newly joining, I’ll explain a little about some resources available for our use. Some of us have been working together on this gathering (although we didn’t realize it!) since January 2012, and have set up a few things that might prove helpful.

As a personal anecdote, I began writing All About Enlightenment in May 2010, and from when the book was finished until the end of 2010, Heruka and Lhamo Dorje asked me to reserve about half a dozen internet domain names. One day at the very beginning of 2011, I was “ordered” to start a blog by midnight that night. I had no idea what I was doing, but somehow, just before midnight, my personal blog was online.

Then, in Mid-2010, my Guides asked me to reserve several blog names. I had no idea what they were for at the time. They are now STC, BUTTA, Raging Pandit, Bandaid Buddhist, and a few others whose purposes are still not clear to me.

In May of this year, when I connected with Mark Kimmel and Adrial, Up2the5th was born.

Also, I haven’t heard all their stories yet, but DreamWalker, Babajij, Lisa (Wolfke74), John A, and of course Laura Tyco all have at least one blog or site.

In January of this year, a group of us who had been hanging out at 2012IndyInfo started talking about trying astral meet-ups during dreamtime (Y’all step in and correct me if I mis-speak here, or if I leave something out!). Laura was having some issues with comments over at 2012IndyInfo, so we were discussing how to share our meet-ups. One day, Lhamo Dorje told me that was what the Spirit Train Chronicles was for. Whoa. Okay, let’s try it!

STC has grown very organically, and at this point, I’m not sure whether the newer folks are loving it or cursing it! We “old-timers” sometimes know where to find what we want… and sometimes not (speaking for myself…)

In general, every MWF, someone posts the new Mike Quinsey SaLuSa message, and there the comments section serves as a discussion board.

Also, every Saturday night, we share our Astral Dreamflights. Troy usually posts the invitation. These invitations point back to the Astral Travels page. On that page, you’ll see a link for the Dreamflights sub-page for each month. On these sub-pages, we post our dreamtime experiences… You may find some amazing synchronicities there!

That said, sometimes in our enthusiasm, we post our dreams wherever we land! But we usually try to shepherd them back to the sub-pages… Some of us also use our personal pages to gather our dreams.

Personal pages! Each Crew Member will eventually have their own page (and category), where they can also create sub-pages (and categories…) about whatever they like. Look around at the ones already there, and you can get an idea of how we’ve used them so far.

At this point, we’ve managed to create some pages for some of the new members… There’s no method to it, we just haven’t gotten around to making them all.

So, if you accepted your WordPress invitation to STC, please feel free to jump in and make your pages (and categories)! Or create posts, of course!

If you haven’t received your invitation yet, please let us know… Most of our regulars have the ability to send one, as long as they have your email address.

You’ll also see we’ve got pages for topics: Beneath the Surface (Gaia & Hollow-Earth related), Artwork, Galactic Fleet (a collection of ships we meet or hear about), etc…

The About page also has several sub-pages that have may help you find your way around.

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Leslee Hare

SaLuSa 27-June-2012

Action is taking place but as you have realized it still does not hit the main Press outlets, but the news will become so important that a point will come when it can no longer be hidden or ignored. Governments like to be in control and have always tried to cover up news about demonstrations or rebellions amongst the people. However, once the media gets hold of the real truth behind what is happening, they will take the side of the people. Naturally there will still be those who take a defensive view of the happenings, fearing that the changes are going to seriously affect them. People do not want to face the idea that they are about to lose their power, or in some cases their ill gotten wealth. No one will escape the financial changes or sharing of wealth, which shall be even greater by the inclusion of Trust Funds set up for this occasion. Be assured that immense planning has gone into ensuring that this immediate period allows for everyone’s needs to be considered. It will take time to cover everything but first the old system must be rid off and a new one put into its place.At the last moment there are inevitably stumbling blocks, but in the context of the whole mission they will not cause any undue delay. However, the pressure is mounting on those in the front line to get matters completely under way. It does require a lot of co-ordination and although we are mainly in the background we can nevertheless exert our authority to move things along. In fact in certain instances such as the cabals attempted false flag operations, we have been very much at the heart of matters. As always we do encourage you to take the lead as it was never intended that we did your work for you. The reasons are involved with karma, and you are expected to clear up problems created by yourselves. They do in fact go back a very long time during which periods you have met the same conditions throughout many lives.

Certainly you have made much progress since the turn of the century, but even so have had to make a supreme effort to stop the plan of the Illuminati reaching fruition. We have been part of the movement to enlighten people as to the threats against them and their liberty, and it has been very successful. Prior to that time you were being lulled into accepting the changes that were insidiously introduced bit by bit, that were removing your rights brick by brick. Thinking that they were infallible has allowed us to use the arrogance of the dark Ones to turn the tables upon them, and they have been taken unawares.

You should savor the coming times as you claim back your sovereignty, as it is nothing less than you deserve for having been treated as slaves for so long. As individuals it does not matter too much what you may have done in the past, as you came to Earth to experience duality. All of you have had your ups and downs and it is what you are today that really counts. It comes down to having learnt the lessons that you needed to evolve, and you will all know how you stand in that respect. If you consider yourself to be of the Light you are undoubtedly on that path, and are unloading any baggage that you have accumulated. You are beginning to understand your true self, and live up to your desire to be of the Light and you will know better than anyone else how you are doing. Be of good heart, compassionate and loving to all souls and if you are able to do so, you are well on the way to ascending.

Times are approaching when communities may need to come together to assist those who may well be confused by what is about to happen. It will seem as though the world is being turned upside down, and the future uncertain. Some areas may be inconvenienced by shortages due to normal services being restricted. So it is important that you care for each other when the need arises. The problems will only be temporary with no long term difficulties, as we are well prepared and already know where help will be needed. Face the future with cheerful anticipation and help maintain the peace that is essential at this time.

We of the Galactic Federation are so pleased for you that at last you can really see the outworking of all the efforts, that have been put in to bring an end to the restrictions that have blighted your lives. The Controllers are on their way out having been severely restricted in their ability to fund the vast operations they ran. When the banking changes are made that will further reduce their power, and no longer will shady or illegal deals be possible. Dealings that are open and transparent will be the order of the day, and possible because the rogue dealers will have been removed. However, much has come from the top establishment and that also will change with more accountability. You have capable people who know what needs to be done and we will work with them.

Your consciousness levels continue to rise and that is a good sign and your assurance of reaching a level high enough to ascend. The advantage is that you are now less likely to step backwards and it will become easier to keep your focus on the Light. You are getting immense help and the pathway through the final months has more key points to come, that will assist your upliftment. We continue to confirm that in spite of delays, everything proceeds well and we are ready to spring into action at a minutes notice. We are in fact present on Earth in ways that are not immediately apparent, as we have bases that give us useful access to our allies. We can also more easily keep track on certain members of the Illuminati that are trying to avoid having to surrender.

We wish your media would drop their hesitation to report the real news, as if it were carried out honestly it would reach more people who as yet have little idea of what is about to happen. In the meantime we look to you to spread the news where and when possible, and soon we shall arrange that our allies are given a voice that will reach the general public. Communication is very high up on our list and you shall see that a new system will be introduced far superior to what you have now. We want everyone to be able to use it and it will involve the use of free energy.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank you for your ongoing perseverance.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

Thank you, Fran & Sananda!
This message really seems to resonate for a lot of us right now! The number of synchronicities we’re seeing is phenomenal, and what I love about it is that it’s keeping us all so busy, it’s easy to forget that “C”-word altogether! 😀


Sananda 6.25.12:

Greetings, fellow Lightworkers! A new era has begun, a new beginning for you; it is only for you to embrace it.  Many things behind the scenes are transpiring. You will be able to feel it if you go into your heart. You do not necessarily need to know all the details, but if you can accept it in your heart, you are well on your way to a new life, a new beginning.

Dear friends, there is so much you still are not aware of and the coming days will reveal more and more to you. Take it in stride and remember to stay centered and in your heart. Whatever is puzzling to you, just run through your heart like it was a decoder device. Allow it to sift through and come to awareness there.

My dear beloved Lightworkers, you don’t even realize as yet the enormity of…

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SanJAsKa: Starship Contacts and the Integration of Lower Energies


SanJAsKa: Starship Contacts and the Integration of Lower Energies



Your ongoing processes thus far have been those of continually expanding and opening yourselves to new experiences and possibilities that you can now transform and bring into your reality and your perception of just what can and can’t be possible within your realms of experience. For so very long on your world, the general collective of humanity have been holding themselves back in that they perceive of a reality that is so very constricted, so very limited in the face of the true and pure realms of experience, consciousness and perception that lay just beyond the ever-fading horizon between your experiences and those of the unfiltered higher realms.


So very many of you are now realizing the extent to which we are making personal contacts using our starships during your night time, and suffice to say we are still acting within the freewill grants of every dear soul whom we choose to appear before, both in the night time and during the day time.
Before the very recent grants of authority that we have been given to increase our sightings to those awakening individuals who can find themselves open and able to receive such contacts, our showings were those of appearing before mass crowds of people during certain times. We have made ourselves known to those of the city of Phoenix [Arizona] multiple times in very undeniable ways, and we are now beginning to step up the personal contacts that we have been given the authority to make.



There are still very many unawakened souls in very many areas of your world who would not be able to handle such contacts and as is so with the visible neutralization of chemtrails, we can only perform these nightly and daily showings in certain areas where the collective energy is not too dense and heavy with the energies of fear, judgment and mistrust, and we can only make ourselves visible before those who can be open to our presence and to the reality that is our presence around your world, from our ships and underground in the beautiful landscape of Agartha.


To those who are beginning to become open to seeing us regularly, we say that we are beginning to give many of these souls a training of sorts, to ready them for the inevitabilities of their role in our Resumed Contact with your world. Many of you who are finding yourselves viewing our ships more and more as you make your requests to see us, will find that your own measure of belief in how real and genuine these experiences are will in many cases, be a measure of how boldly we expose ourselves to you.


This is because we do not want to put anyone, especially our awakening Lightworkers, in a state of shock that would be difficult to repair, for we have so very many things to show you that are going to expand your perceptions of reality, but we must be careful with how apparent we make ourselves and our presence on your world, even to those who are awakening for even many of you dear beautiful souls are still shedding and integrating the layers of your own ego selves, and you are finding that while you have been in the thick of this process for some time, the results that you have so dearly hoped and wished for are beginning to be achieved.


Many of you are finding that the openings which are taking place in yourselves and in your bodies at this time have been difficult and have garnered unintended heavy feelings in yourselves as you recognize those former feelings, mindsets and heart sets that you have been used to on your world for so very long but that are indeed very far away from a true, unfiltered higher dimensional experience, and as you find yourselves opening up more and more to the experience of pure consciousness, you find you are not resonating any more with anything around you [which is] still based in the fading physical Earthly paradigm.



You are finding a low tolerance for nearly everything that you once found as normal and acceptable, and it is in this time now that complacency is being eradicated as complacency has always been an essential tool for your egos to make themselves known and to dominate your complex, while you let ego do such a thing through feeding your own preset complacencies.


You and your higher selves have pre-installed these complacencies within yourselves in accordance with your learning of lessons in the final lifetimes within the lower Earth matrix that you are all undergoing, and the viewing of us and our ships that we are performing carefully yet in some cases, quite boldly at this time, will see the sense of complacency and the sense of a limited reality vastly broken down in all who have fed such energies and feelings for so very long.


You are reaching very pure strides along your individual and collective processes and the Earth Herself is ready to be rid of all of the densities that are still fed on a daily basis upon Her surface.


Dear Mother Gaia wishes to see the burning and destroying of body complexes of any kind come to an end, as humanity cannot Live in Peace with the animal and plant kingdoms if the mindset of humans being ‘bigger’ and deserving of using the complexes of such souls for any reasons needed, is fed and [this mindset] is to be coming to an end in place of a respectful understanding of the sacrifices that the animal and plant kingdoms have given.



We must say that only in the lower dimensional structure and matrix, were any creatures of any world meant to be feeding off of each other.


In the higher realms, all is harmonious and sustenance is not needed, and humans were indeed never meant to consume animals but rather plants, as every soul who incarnates upon your world as a plant knows the sacrifices that they will be making as many plant-souls incarnate as specific plants that will be used for the benefit of a human Earth soul, but the respect that is deserved for these souls is not felt by the majority of humanity and this, dear souls, is what we and Gaia alike wish to see come to an end.


Indeed, plants knew that they would be utilized for the benefit of those who are experiencing a different and more able state of consciousness on any given lower dimensional planet that such plants would be on, and on the majrity of other lower dimensional planets, even the souls upon such worlds experiencing limited states of consciousness can still learn quite easily to respect and Love the plant-souls whom are giving their structure to such souls.


As your planet and your bodies alike increase in frequency and purity along your continually expanding and excelling evolution processes, you as well will no longer find a need to utilize plants or animals or physical things of any kind, for any aspect of gaining nourishment or sustenance as you will find yourselves completely capable of gaining any type of nutrition or sustenance that you may feel you would need.


We say that you will be feeding off of an ever-increasing supply of pure Logos energy that you will be continually realizing you are, in a slightly distorted form, and you will certainly never need any type of food or drink to satisfy oneself or to gain any type of nourishment.


Along with never again needing any type of nourishment for a complex which will no longer be based in your physical reality, you will find as well that the potential for any type of stressful or frustrating situations will never occur again within your experience.


You will be and are growing away from such things and transmuting them by experiencing such things in the most intense and seemingly-heartbreaking of ways that they could offer, and as this happens we must always stress the importance of not holding on to the pains and frustrations manifested whenever a difficult situation is presented before you.


Indeed, many of you are beginning to remember and feel the higher dimensional experiences that you once danced upon and existed with and as quite peacefully and harmoniously, but whilst you are on this Earth it is important that you maintain a healthy measure of the Earth experience with your continual unfolding higher dimensional experience, as while you are on Earth learning past the lessons that will see you United once again with your higher self, you’re still undergoing such lessons.


This is why many aspects of the higher realms that are now readily available to many awakening souls on your world, are still not yet attainable to some awakening souls as such souls are still feeling blockages in themselves that are keeping them from experiencing various aspects of the higher realms that they would not yet be aligned with until going through the catalysts and events that see them better integrating the lessons behind such events and feeling the resulting alignments and openings in themselves that would see them in a better state to receive the abundance of higher dimensional wonders that are being made readily available to many at this time.


We encourage always, your participation in meditation and in the continual mass rituals of the Light which are being performed at nearly all times for your world now, as with every alignment and celestial event that graces your world and your physical [body] structures, we are ourselves in meditation and are aligning your Earth with the celestial alignments of continual purity that have not yet been reached, while at the same time helping to adjust your world and your bodies alike to the previous alignments, which the effects from are still being felt and the lessons from are still being absorbed and integrated.



Each and every ascended soul assisting your world is playing a specific and key, needed part in the ascension of your world, and suffice to say we all assist each other with the various lessons and challenges that we are given in relation to the ascension of your world and to the ascension of every dear planet within this Galaxy and Universe.


We have been working increasingly as of late with the beings within the astral realms of your world who are of the Light, to help you to clear out the influence of those dark souls within your astral realms who have been attaching themselves and their influence to anybody who will become open to such influence if even for a moment, in a last-ditch attempt to increase their own influence and presence on the surface of your world.


Every soul upon your world who feeds these beings and who feeds every action and emotion that garners their influences, is now finding it increasingly difficult to ward off the influence of these beings and this is because unless asked to be taken away from, these beings will continually come to any soul who they feel they can influence and in many cases, the ‘attacks’ from these souls are continually occurring.


This is why we encourage at any time one feels one may be in the vicinity of such beings, to openly, vocally and if you can, loudly, proclaim and affirm that only beings of the absolute highest and purest Christed consciousness be with you and around you, at that moment and at all times, and vocally affirm as well that you would like [higher dimensional] assistance with neutralizing the energies and influences of such lower beings.


These beings are able to reach you through your chakras and through the ever-fading ego-realities that you have installed within your chakras and that make up your everyday ego and identity-based existence. The lower souls within the astral realms of your world use the patterned and copied influences of your own ego to come through you in a way that is filtered by your mind, to an extent that it is quite literally a lower aspect of yourself who has not yet been transmuted, coming up to you for review, Love and transmutation, with the [unwitting] help of these lower beings.


As you transmute those parts of yourselves, these beings are themselves experiencing less influence and being transmuted little by little.


These beings that we speak of are quite blind to the fact that they are literally assisting in the accelerated transmutation of the ‘dark night of the soul’ of every Earthly person who is experiencing these fading-away parts of themselves coming up for final review and transmutation with the help of lower beings, and these souls instead assume that they are ‘taking the power back’ in mass ways with their near magnetic attempts to attack any soul who is experiencing their own ascension process through the fading-away of their former ego selves.


You are all very important to the ascension of this world and to the continual tearing down and integrating of the physical experience, as the emotions that you garner and feed every single moment are the most important determiners of what happens next on your world.


Were you all to get together and meditate on a mass, collective level for the manifestation of the many events set to precede the ascension of your world, we do not exaggerate when we tell you that you would be manifesting these events to happen to the collective, in the very next moment of your experience.


This is why we have encouraged our Allies to plan and set up many mass meditations on the important alignment dates, as these meditations are serving to tear down and transmute the influence of the lower dimensional beings as an infinite mount of higher dimensional beings are arriving in every moment now and in increased numbers, and on the important aligning dates and events especially.


Such souls are now arriving and assisting tremendously in the transmuting of the lower structures of the beings that have been usurping the energy away from any dear soul who even slightly becomes open to their energies.


These lower entities that we speak of again, represent those lower patterns and structures of ego that are still needing to be faded away and transmuted upon your world and it is only through the continual, repeated feeding of the various aspects of the ego self, that these souls are able to come through and influence anybody.


Do you see, dear souls, how the very presence of these souls acts completely in accordance with your collective and individual growth?


If one made an effort at all times to feel only pure and balanced feelings, expressions and emotions within themselves, they would never again find themselves bringing through the influence of a lower astral entity.


Surely, you will all be tested upon your Life paths to give up the need for frustration or for feeling any types of negative emotions and many of you are undergoing this testing in quite difficult ways at this point, but when acting in a pure and balanced manner one can feel and realize when this testing is coming forth and as a result, be much better able to navigate through this testing as it becomes very apparent that one can easily pass the many tests you are being given by remaining balanced and centered when such events are brought forth before you.


While you have played around within your physical Earth suits and worn your various ego personalities, the majority of you have experienced the lower dimensions in any and every way that they could offer and you find yourselves now immensely experienced and knowledgeable because of your going through such endeavors.



This was the intent all along and now that you have indeed went through every type of lower experience, you are integrating the various ego personalities brought forth from such experiences as you find your true self, your beautiful higher self who has always been with you, within your Earthly temple and within your spirit complex as you went about your various ventures and experiences.


We have all been there with you and in many periods of your history which you have not been told about, we have made visits and contacts with you and this goes for quite recently in your current society as well.


There were many souls in the period of your 1940s who we chose to contact, and such contact was in fact very well documented and has simply been suppressed to your current day within the government project known as Project Blue Book.


Even beyond this, we have made many contacts with many ancient civilizations of your time and one can look back in your history and notice many sudden booms in the development of many ancient cities and societies, wherein they seemed to suddenly develop art, philosophy, science and spirituality.


We say that in many cases, this is because we made contacts with these souls along the dates and alignments within the Cosmic and collective cycle of growth of these souls and of the civilizations which they inhabited, to [help them] experience a higher and more pure state of consciousness.


We must stress that not every advancement in every collective Life plan along the Cosmic Calendar were greeted by our visit, but there were many civilizations whom we initially felt could handle such visits and some of such visits went on to prove that they had not quite been ready for such a contact.


Whenever a collective civilization reaches the appropriate time along their own growth cycles, they have the opportunity to experience a collective state of pure consciousness that they could all begin to absorb and benefit from in various ways, if they prove able to handle such expanding experiences.


You are all receiving similar testing at this point, but the difference now is that the evolution of your world and of your complexes is assured at this time, as it has long been decreed to be so.


This is what all of our efforts have ultimately been aimed toward: the ascension of your Earth and of you dear souls who have had a very long ride within the lower dimensional structures of dear Mother Earth.


You have been hearing about the distorted nature of your history, and there is so very much about us that you have not been told and so very much about the extent of the contacts we have always been making with your world that you have not been told. This is why there have been so very many movies and television shows based upon the themes of alien invasions, as the very souls on your world who have suppressed the truths of our existence and contact with your world, have taken to making humanity fear us through the propaganda given and issued as ‘entertainment’ in the mainstream on your world.


Within the collective subconscious of humanity lays many dormant fears of extraterrestrials and of an alien invasion, and much of these fears are due to not only the propaganda that has been given in your current culture and society, but to the intense propaganda that has been given in many other societies throughout your history as well.


The cultures and collectives of souls who absorbed and believed the most propaganda were in most cases, the societies which we absolutely could not make contact with upon the arrival of the important dates along the growth of such souls, as the propaganda that had been given about off-world visitors in such cultures was too strong, to the point that we would likely be attacked in attempting to make such a contact.


This is why we have been very careful with the contacts we have been giving the souls on your world as of late, as there are many souls who are now and have always been so very close with us and a part of the Ground Crew of the Galactic Federation, who we would now like to begin making the initial physical contacts with and the beginning of this will be and has been, the initial contacts in your skies that we are making with you.


If and when many of you see us in your skies – and we can say that there is a higher probability of you seeing us if you make it your intent to see us very late at night – we will be attempting to get through to you and communicate with you in your mental channels and in your heart chakras as well and we strongly encourage you all attempt to become open to such a connection and sustained communication if seeing our ships.


We are trying to make ourselves known to you in any ways we can that will act in accordance with the freewill of every soul whom could even possibly be involved with such a showing in any way, and while the collective unconscious of humanity is experiencing the residue of the fear of outside things which are not yet comprehendible to the majority of the unawakened humanity, beyond this dormant and latent fear is the expansion that is taking place and the purity of energies that are being given with such an expansion, waiting again, just beyond the horizon to be felt and experienced by all of humanity.


Your dark have quite purposefully worked for generations to instill such fear s into the collective unconscious of humanity, as they knew these fears would be major obstacles in the collective feeling of the expansion and resulting Lighted and pure energies being given to the collective.


Your dark have worked and acted quite in accordance with the lower dimensional entities within your world, to the extent that the heads of your dark quite literally report to such souls.


These lower entities that have been discussed by many, have influenced the dark heads on your world to the extent that the dark rituals which are based and centered around feeding the realms of fourth density-negative, are centered as well upon feeding the specific lower entities residing within such realms, who presume themselves to be the ‘masters’ of your world and of the dark heads alike.


We understand this may be a bit confusing, dear souls, as even the dark heads on your world have installed and employed figureheads to disguise their very existence and the fact that they have been ‘running’ things on your world for quite some time, and the existence of these very dark heads [on your world] which we speak of, has been for the purposes of being ‘puppets’ for the lower entities; to be controlled to do the will of these lower astral entities.


These entities have pretended to be masters of the Annunaki race to gain the influence of the dark heads on your world, as the Annunaki are the original minds behind the installation of the dark heads, in the various forms that such souls [dark heads] have taken. It is important to continue to meditate and imagine the lower astral souls being cleansed away from the astral realms of the Earth, not just on the aligning dates that will see such efforts matched and broadened, but every single day as well.


We wish all of you to every day, make it a point to meditate and find Peace and stillness within yourselves, as the wonderful Joy and the higher dimensional feelings lay just beyond such Peace and stillness.


Once you find the calm and Loving energies in yourselves, we ask you to make it your attempts to first clear any residue of any lower energies manifested and fed within your own spirit complexes, as you cannot help to clear out the influence of the lower astral entities if you are still allowing them through yourselves via the energetic residue that the influence of these souls and the realms they reside in, leaves upon a soul.



It is very, very important that you find the purity in yourselves to be able to perform the ultimate energy work of clearing away and transmuting the energies of the lower astral beings, as they have gained quite a lot of power and influence through the many feedings on your world that such souls receive from the actions of the dark heads on your world.


There are mass collectives of ascended beings working with the clearing away and transmuting of the influences of these [lower] beings, and once you find yourselves able to continually clear out the energies that such lower dimensional entities have been attempting to throw out at all of humanity at this time, you will find yourselves in better positions to assist us and so many other beings with the clearing away of these beings.


The aligning dates and the dates of the various celestial events still set to unfold in your glorious and magical year of 2012, will see you better able to clear out the residue in yourselves and will see you better able as well to assist in the overall collective efforts of clearing away the influence of the lower beings once and for all, as they have used the majority of humanity to feed their own darker inclined ambitions of gaining the power and sustenance of energy that belongs to humanity and that is rightfully being given back to humanity now.


You are finding all around you now, many who are still quite unawakened to the entire event of your evolution which is unfolding in very real, pure and intense ways at this time.


Such souls that we speak of are themselves experiencing much density in this moment as they experience the continual tearing down of their ego selves, and as they are not yet ready to experience ascension in the purities that many of you dear awakening souls are, they are finding themselves in continual patterns of frustration as they find themselves unconsciously confused at all that is happening around them.


As always, it is encouraged that you all send and give Love to these souls for it will help them to be better able to navigate the lower dimensions.


There is still so very much that needs to be said, dear souls and suffice to say we will be happy to be able to come to you via an honest and open media when the time comes. Even our channels and communications given through souls who are wearing continually disintegrating filters in their minds, are to expand exponentially in the immediate period ahead as the telepathic abilities in humanity are opened up and expanded so very wonderfully.


The clearing away of the influence of the souls who have been spoken of on many occasions, will see the overall influence of the lower dimensions no longer inhibiting any souls in the avenue of experiencing your glorious and harmonious evolution and reconnecting with your Universal Power, in every way that such things are set to occur before you.


You have no limitations, dear souls and it is beginning to become known by even your dark that the collective Light being manifested by humanity cannot be stopped, even by the lower entities who employ your dark.



Thank you to SanJAsKa.