a gift


a delicious donut for all my friends here at STP and Athabantian crew members. (everyone is included)
Finally, no more despair!!



  1. Dear Cheri, I don’t mind re-posting this info at all!

    I have never been able to “meditate” either, but have discovered active meditation, which is where you multitask your brain to do meditation while you’re doing other things. I sometimes do this when I’m driving but I have to be careful to not rear-end someone! 😉 This method might resonate with you; it also helps pass the time when we’re stuck doing mundane tasks (i.e. like folding laundry).

    One suggestion from Jay Bland (he no longer updates his blog)

    Visualize a number as a 3-D shape in your head, then turn that number so you can see the back of it, then to the front, so it rotates slowly 360 degrees. So start with 1, then 2, and so on, up to 10. See how high you can “count”, turning each number, before getting distracted.

    Others might have other suggestions, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do it.

    Tauno suggested flower meditation and Leslee mentioned crystal meditation, there are many, many other ways!

    What you experienced in your dream was, I think closer to “astral travel” than meditation. You intended to go somewhere, and you did!

    Meditation, from what I understand, is “focused awareness”. Sometimes when you’re working on something and you’re “in the zone”, this is actually, I think, a “form” of meditation. But it is not “zoning out” so much as “tuning in” to your environment. Being aware of the details, the energy, and everything around you. Or just being very aware of one thing, like a crystal, or a flower. You may have a favorite painting that you like to look at, well that too is a form of meditation.

    Mudras can also help some people; these are hand gestures or placements that represent something. In my case I found a “mountain” mudra. But make up your own, if this resonates, it may help you to focus.

    This is turning into a much longer page! 🙂

    I have also been aware recently that we may be attuned to certain elements. For example, water is one, but you may prefer earth, wind, or fire, or something else entirely. (Sound?) Knowing this might help with your meditation.


  2. 🙂 I’m learning my meditations too (still a beginner). I’m sure Dreamwalker posted some tips, as comments, somewhere in the site..

  3. Hello to all my Family! I have a couple of questions on my meditation…I have prayed to our Father in Heaven for as long as I can remember, but the meditation thing is a little more difficult for me. I’m not sure how. I tried to look it up, and again, I can’t seem to find my “nitch” for meditating. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    On Tuesday night, I fell asleep with my crystal in my hand, had my water on my headboard, and said to myself, “I want to revisit my friends in the sky”. I’m pretty sure I met someone, not sure who…He was tall and maybe in a nice suit? I remember hard wood floors and also maybe a staircase. So, is that meditation?
    confused! (Cheri’)
    Peace and hugs to all!

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