More Balloons, Please!


I got back from lunch to find that every desk in the office had a yellow balloon tied to it’s chair!

I sure look forward to our Athabantian meet-ups!

Much love to you all… Leslee =D



  1. Not really sure where it happened… It looked like a combination of Africa and the Caribou, here in BC.
    I managed to get some more sleep, after I put the dogs out. Woke up with this in my head…

    At 11:11

  2. Went to sleep last night with what feels like a fever… sore throat, chills, metallic taste in my mouth, the whole nine yards. It took a great struggle to get to sleep. During dreamtime, I was a guest at a big party, wedding or some such celebration. It was rather nice, even though my dis-ease carried right into the experience. I sampled many different kinds of foods and talked to many folks, though I recall little of the exchanges. After a time I found myself off on another part of the estate/continent and feeling much worse. I spent much of the rest of the dream working myself back to the estate/hotel, all the while collecting others that were feeling much the same as I was. When I finally got back to the place I had many hundreds of folks following me. I found someone that worked there and asked about medical facilities. After some exchange and questions was told that what I was going through was caused by Nibiru and it’s magnetic field disrupting my molecules and systems and that it would pass.

    It was then that Roo started making some noise, wanting out. But it was about 6 am and far too early for him to be out waking up the neighbors. I tried to get back to sleep for a bit with limited results. It’s now 8:45 and I’m going back to bed. I still feel crappy, but will allow it all to pass.

    Oh, and another thing… Just before I fell asleep I was thinking about karma and the Bison burger I had for lunch. I decided to offer to take on some of the karma associated with the killing of that animal and those that performed the act, as they likely don’t know what they have done. It wasn’t easy but I do feel I managed to dispel at least some of it.

    • How powerful! Do you feel like you might have been in Telos, John? The party & estate sound like several dreams I had, which I think will be found in the May or June Astral travels thread… Oh, wishing you much healing, karmic and otherwise! That’s a supreme wish you have! Much love and light to ya!

    • ~And I Must Disclose my Dream of recent,(as per Guidelines 🙂 )…I Came Awake from a Sleep,( 2 days ago ,I Think) with Seeing a Huge Oval Craft floating above Trees…the sky was Beautiful Baby Blue…The Craft was Light Silver in Color…Massive size…It was in that “split-second” of awakening that i saw the Floating Vehicle…The movement was from Left to Right…I Remember the “Tail” End…Like a Huge Oval-Shaped Balloon~

      • How wonderful! I wanna see one! What I’ve been seeing this week are a lot of “auras” – for lack of a better word… Wow, maybe that’s why we call them LIGHT ships! You know how you can sometimes see auras around trees and objects, that are just slightly darker (?), or just “different”, although there’s OBVIOUSLY NOTHING THERE (hahaha, what a joke – nothing there – right…)? I’ve been seeing it so much, I’m beginning to truly feel that materialization is next… They are streaks, and bursts, almost like comet trails, but in different shapes, etc…. Ain’t life grand!

      • Dear Babajij, your experience is exactly like mine, I saw Umbro when I woke up from the lightning and this lasted one or two seconds I saw Him in the same awakening state like you did
        Thank you for sharing , Friend 🙂

        • ~I may not have written/explained that my Dream overlapped into my Awakening State…so the Dream Image of the Silver Craft was the first thing in my Mind when i woke up…sorry for any confusion~

  3. WOW, I am totally amazed! Les, i was in your office in dreamtime, when you were in hospital few months ago, I think my dream is posted somewhere in Astral Travels pages! I had a dream of the same hall/office….TOTALLY Shocked in the positive way, we are connected in such a wonderful way!

  4. I think yellow is significan, too. That was one of the colours my husband saw on the house by our place.

  5. 😯 (this little guy looks weird but this is supposed to be “shocked”)

    Hey your office looks very reminiscent of 1960s decor Leslee, matches the dreamflight photo…

    • …and Opry Mills, and Houston Galleria, and Lenox and Phipps, and…
      BTW, I’ve been meaning to ask DW – have you seen Maureen &/or the blonde lately? I sure wish I could email subscribe to your blog, because I can’t always make it over to Google reader… (hint hint…)

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