Michael H.

Good day to you all! I wanted to tell you a bit about my self. I wanted to tell you how I woke up and how I got here! I was aslpeep for quite a long time with no clue of what was going on around me. There was no one there to help wake me up, just my wife and my self.

We started to wake up about six months ago, we began to “PREP” because we both had this feeling, deep within us, that something was not right. We started to get our affairs in order, we thought that there was something terrible was on the horizon. We, along with many other people in this world, knew that something was happening, we could feel it in the air! I started to ask around, seemed to me that everyone I talked to had that same feeling, but did not know what it was.

I started to dig, we had been prepping for several months at this point and we were really starting to become quite the conspiracy theorist! The Gooberment is doing this! The Gooberment is doing that! We started reading on the FEMA camps, and all the horrible things that our countrymen were planning to do with and to us. After serching the web for months and months, feeling so alone, it ws my wife and I against the world!

I came across a site called 2012scenario.com and started to read. Now, I truly believe that nothing in this beautiful world is just a coincidence, there IS NO CHANCE. I came across this site because I was meant to, because it was my moment to wake up. My wife was a bit apprehencive about it, but she has always been a god loving woman. I, on the other hand, had not. I have always been “spiritual” and believed that there was a great creator, that we did not come from monkeys, but could not really explain myself.

When I woke up it was instantly! As soon as I read some of Steven Cooks work, it brought me to one site, after another, after another and before you know it, I was WIDE AWAKE! I knew it was right in my heart and in my soul. that feeling of impending doom was gone, the fear that the  mass media created was gone, just like that. I was a happy man, but I got hurt at work really quite bad and had started to loose myself, in depression and anger.

Once I was awoken it all melted away, the love that was so buried in my soul had come to surface at last. My love for my fellow man, woman, everything and everyone, was coming to fruition. The love that I had for my wife is now flowing from every poor in my being.

We are all destined to walk our paths, but I must say, what a trip! It is quite a sensation waking up, but frustrating at the same time.

After waking up, watching all the people that are still asleep, shuffling about in the zombie like state that we were all once in. I care so much for every soul that I was starting to make my self sick. Starting to worry about EVERYONE else, trying to wake them all! But a wise person told me, “You can not bear the weight of the world on your shoulders, every soul must make the journey individually, and you can not feel blamed in any way for not waking them up. Plant the seeds of opportunity when the time is right, and you will feel that moment, and all you have to do is create the possibility in there mind that there could be the slightest of chances that we are not alone.

I now understand where and who we are, I now understand that as loving beings of this lower vibration, we the lightworkers will each find our times of calling, and we WILL be called to service to help our fellow brothers and sisters to end this slavery that we have been in for so many life times.

I just wanted to tell you a little bit about who I am and how I felt. I love each and every one of you with all of my heart and soul, I know that we will one day be together, all of us, with our family and friends from long ago 🙂

With an endless amount of Love and Light, may peace be with each and every one of you.

Your faithful friend and Brother,

~Michael Hall