The Results of a Sincere Wish and Focused Meditation

Proof that it is worth the effort to develop one’s concentration!!!

A picture paints a thousand words – what greeted me in the breakroom at work this morning:


Seven – count ’em, Babajij, SEVEN!!! ; (after I ate one…)

10 comments on “The Results of a Sincere Wish and Focused Meditation

  1. Amazing! Thank you dear friend =) .
    PS: Did you eat the missing ones? What was their flavor? Hungry again =) …

  2. (rubbing hands together) Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FWIW safeway now carries these amazing donuts which are cinnamon rolls with caramel glaze on top. I can only eat half of one they’re so rich… must be a few thousand calories right there…

  3. ~Wish Fullfilment via WorkPlace!…what are those little paper White Hats?…we don’t have Krismy Kremes up here,so it’s the first time i even see on how the boxes look like…7 is Magic!!…and Ya ate # 8!… 😉 ~~

    • Hahaha, I’ve been working at home this morning, but apparently they had them again today! I’m kind of glad I wasn’t there… Nando, what’s the closest thing to doughnuts in Chile? There are a lot of Panaderias here in Atl, but they don’t make anything like KK, and I’m sure Chilean is different…?

      • Well we have Dunkin’ Donuts in Santiago, are they any good? honestly i eat mostly fruits, but.. “give me some sugar baby!” it’s so addictive, i like plain donuts the most (just like those in your picture) aah panaderias make delicious pan (bread)

        • Dunkin Donuts are pretty good, but they are known for their cake (baking powder leavening) donuts which are more dense (kind of like those conchas at the panaderia)… Krispy Kremes use yeast and are light as air (dipped in oil, lol!)…

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