The Shadow-Self is Divine


I’ve discovered something important along my personal process, and this discovery has come-about on the back of my own, what I perceive to be difficulty or inability to enjoy a smooth and free-flowing existence. To be blunt about it – I’m meeting my shadow-self in all of its ferocity.

I’ve been writing lately about how joyful and brimming my existence has been, and indeed it has been, but I recognize that that’s perhaps a bit narrow or one-sided of a view to give of my ascension process as it stands currently.

I say this because I, like all of you, also experience anger; frustration; uncertainty; the wish that things were just a bit easier or more in alignment with the higher realms I can only slightly remember.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t discuss the aspects of my personal process that would be easier to hide away from or deal with all on my own. It’s easy not to talk about the catalytic sadness I feel at times, or the immense disappointment when things in my Life don’t pan-out the exact way I expected. Continue reading

Acknowledgements and Thanks As We Reach 2012’s End


Photo: Perhaps we will all meet up at this park one day… :)

This was written on December 8th, 2012, and I am posting it now as the 21st is but a mere twelve hours away from our current time here in Illinois. I hesitated to post this but seeing the recaps and acknowledgments given by others, it seems appropriate.

If I can be allowed to speak one last time on the 21st, I’d like to reiterate what is being said by some sources [such as the souls who Aisha North channels] and remind us that the initial bulk of energetic change we may feel could be just that; an inner, energetic change that we must attune to if we wish to feel, rather than some amazing event gracing us and getting the whole world’s attention.

Today and tomorrow, it is important to attune to the higher dimensional energy because, as with every alignment, it is our job to absorb the effects and benefits of this wonderful alignment. Namaste!

We are reaching the looked-upon 12-21 and already in the days before this date, the energy just seems to be so heightened and intense. From an energetic standpoint, all I can say is to hold on to your hats because it seems that things will get very interesting.

I could hardly sleep last night and the funny thing is that I was ok with it. I was filled with energy all night as I lay down in bed, and I could actually feel my pineal gland pulsing as powerful wave after powerful wave of energy came through and bombarded me, one after another. Continue reading

Many Aboard Tonight’s GLS Dreamflights!

Hello, my dear friends. I know that I am never around lately, but I wanted to bring to your attention the immense support that the Galactic Light Ship Dreamflights invitation for tonight has received, on Aquarius Channelings and on Ashtar Command.

Here is the link to the repost on Aquarius, the invite has gotten about 500 hits today. Lot of positive responses:

And here is the link to the repost on Ashtar Command, check out the comments! So many positive responses from a lot of dear souls who are going to be with us tonight:

Hope to see you guys tonight!! 🙂 🙂

Much Love,

Wes 🙂

The Last Great Day of May

Much Love to all of my dear friends here at this wonderful and beautiful website!! 🙂 🙂 

And so, the peeling and integrating continues. We face now the last day in this crazy energetic month that has been May, and I personally could feel as soon as we entered this month, that it would be a crazy rollercoaster ride of energy and emotion and in my own experiences this month, I have to say that boy, I was pretty correct!

The months leading up to May, very much like the year 2011, were for the purposes of building a foundation to lead up to the ultimate exposure and transmutation of our ego selves, of our proverbial ‘dark night of the soul’, and this month has certainly been a testament to the beginnings of this transmutation in the most intense forms that it has to offer. This is only the beginning! Continue reading

Wes – My Experience with the Light Ship Tulya

My experience with the Light Ship Tulya has been brief, but it has served to personally show me previously-hidden things about our Galactic brethren and the way they communicate with us and give us their energies in accordance with the purity we are able to absorb in any given moment in our experience.  We’ve heard through plenty of channeled sources, my own included, that there are and have been many dreamscape contacts taking place while our bodies lay sleeping, and I have only experienced and remembered a couple of these contacts. Continue reading

Wes and our Collective Guides: On Manifestation Efforts to bring Forth Disclosure

Gaia is beautiful

Dear wonderful friends of this beautiful site the Spirit Train Chronicles, I have mentioned your efforts in this article. ❤ 🙂 

Today, our Collective Guides and I would like to take a further look at how what we feel and think Creates the reality around us and how this relates to the manifestation of disclosure and so many other things that we have been hearing about from channeled sources for some time. This is a subject that has been touched on by myself and many others, and it is an important subject to continue to bring up so that it is soaked in and understood that we are the Creators and determiners of our reality. Continue reading

GoldWing: Distrusting our (Star) Families

I’ve noticed for a while now a push within the new age community to not accept help from our star families or to not trust them to be able to assist us…well I have a question for you? If their help is not to be trusted, why do you trust that you are indeed a starseed here to help humanity? Why is it ok to say we need to save ourselves, yet not ok to accept that those who did not incarnate here are doing their best to help help humanity, within the boundries that they can? Continue reading