Wes – My Experience with the Light Ship Tulya

My experience with the Light Ship Tulya has been brief, but it has served to personally show me previously-hidden things about our Galactic brethren and the way they communicate with us and give us their energies in accordance with the purity we are able to absorb in any given moment in our experience.  We’ve heard through plenty of channeled sources, my own included, that there are and have been many dreamscape contacts taking place while our bodies lay sleeping, and I have only experienced and remembered a couple of these contacts.

One remembrance I have of inhabiting a Light Ship of some kind, was also extremely brief and difficult to remember. I remember being in a terminal of sorts, and I found myself facing a white gate with strange symbols written on it. There were people everywhere in this terminal, and it seemed just as normal and inhabited as any airport terminal on our world.

My fiancé has also had a very intense and real dreamscape encounter and contact with our Galactic brethren and been invited onto their ships. She was in a familiar neighborhood in her dreams and claims that I was with her, when beautiful Lights were seen in the sky and a ray of what can only be described as ‘beautiful shadow’ washed over the land and as this ray reached my fiancé and I and passed us, the surroundings changed to that of the interior of a Light Ship.

There were small men and women in what seemed to be spacesuit-type suits inhabiting this Light Ship, and they were very happy and nice to both of us. That is about all she has remembered from that encounter, and besides being directly contacted by a Pleiadian soul in the dreamscape who came down from the sky in their mothership and visited me, I have not had a plethora of experience with actually inhabiting and remembering these Light Ships in the dreamscape.

Lately and especially on the days that I have channeled or given readings, upon going to bed I can feel many streaming-forth energies coming through myself, and attached to these energies are messages and thought impressions from my guides that I feel in my own mental channels and thoughts, but don’t quite remember upon waking up the next day.

Lately this interaction between my guides and I has been getting stronger, to the point where upon going to sleep and upon waking up alike, I am beginning to remember these subtle conversations with my guides and recently, this contact seemed to be taken to a new extent though only briefly. My own personal opinion of the reason this happened is because of my brief re-familiarization with what my good friends over at the Spirit Train Chronicles are doing.

Many on my own blog have read the ‘Galactic Light Ship Dreamflights invitation’ and suffice to say this is a part of what the good folks over at the Spirit Train Chronicles have been doing. Since the Neptune ‘event’ and probably before, these people have been working on establishing, planning ahead of time and making efforts to remember dreamscape trips to various Light Ships, such as the Neptune and the Tulya.

We’ve been told numerous times by our channeled sources that our collective power is most important in bringing about that which we want out of Life, and the collective effort being displayed to have and remember these contacts has garnered positive results for these souls, all of which are documented on the Spirit Train Chronicles website. These souls have discovered a very pure form of communication and contact with our Galactic brethren, through our out-of-body travels that everybody undergoes upon sleeping.

I’ve just gained a taste of the experiences these souls have been having with my own dreamscape experience of inhabiting the Tulya. My memory of this event is very vague and fuzzy, but just the fact that the day of this experience was the day I began talking again with my friends ridin’ the Spirit Train, seems significant to me as the Light Ship Tulya is one ship that they have done much work on, in the dreamscape. I guess I should set the stage for my experience.

I am falling and fading into sleep as normal. Also as normal, I begin to feel and receive numerous, seemingly random thought impressions in my mind, giving me guidance and advice along with streams of pure, beautiful Love. It all feels so wonderful; the advice and guidance along with the Love, along with the ever-stronger feeling of sinking, falling away into complete, sleepy-headed bliss.

There is of course, always a certain point along our transition from waking state to dream state, where we begin to forget we are conscious and lose such consciousness. This was happening to me, as my usual black surroundings with the colorful, dotted energies dancing around my perceptual vision as I fall asleep as I am used to, began to transform into what can only be described as the interior of a Galactic ship.

Despite the realities of this occurrence and my own inhabitance of this ship, I remained calm and everything around me remained calm and wonderful. The general feeling that rose over me, was one of the same calm, flowing manner and mood that I feel when channeling and when feeling the communications from my guides upon sleeping and upon waking up. I was certainly still chatting with these individuals telepathically despite my clear transportation to their ship, and it was like the outer surroundings and settings simply conformed around the discussion we had already been having for a good minute.

One moment of lucidity, of realization of what was truly going on and it’s wonderful implications as I was continually chatting with these beings, was all I received and is all I can remember from that amazing encounter.

However, again even when the setting was taken away and I regained consciousness, upon falling back to sleep the communications in my mental and emotional channels, the majority of which I can no longer remember, continued and of course upon beginning to wake up the next morning, the communications were as strong as ever.

I must skip back a bit in the story, to right whenever I gained lucidity and woke up as a result. I knew that I had just been on a Light Ship, and maintaining the calm that I had expressed throughout the whole endeavor, I politely and calmly asked for the name of the ship that I had just been on.

The answer came to me almost instantly, and I could feel the impression of the answer in my mind and heart:


I got such strong impressions of the Light Ship Tulya, and it struck me as interesting that I garnered a contact with these beings on their ship after having chatted with our friends at the Spirit Train Chronicles the day before.

Something interesting that I noted when communicating with these beings be it on their ship or when I was back in my body and bed, was the pure and encrypted manner in which their energies and communications were brought forth and presented to me. They communicated to me clearly, but not with long, flowing messages like what I would be used to when channeling.

Rather, they were communicating with me in short yet informative and eye-opening phrases and such, and along with this flowed their energies so beautifully, in a manner so pure that I had not yet received and remembered doing so. It was so very indescribable, and so different from my usual known and felt manner of communicating with these beings. It truly served to show me that there is much we still do not know, in relation to many things about our Galactic brethren and ascended guides.

I look forward happily to more contacts of this nature, to the point where I may make deep meditation in which I attempt to contact these beings, a necessity right before bed. We invite you all to make it your intent to be with us on Saturday, April 14th, for a visit to multiple Light Ships while in the dreamscape. Even if you don’t garner a specific memory from this attempt, it is still good to make the effort and has certainly seen results for the souls planning such trips, and for myself as well.

This is one important facet of the collective willpower needed to enact change and bring forth that which we have wanted and waited for. I think we can all agree that we would Love to check out the inside of a Light Ship and communicate with the Crew of such ships, well it turns out that there are some of us who are already beginning to do so. Let’s all make this effort, together!

Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC




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  1. …Hurray!…WelCome Wes & Brandy!…MotherShip Tulya GLS is Grand!…Konstantino’s Sharing of SpaceWave has Provided me with a Deep Healing… 🙂 …Minds Have Been UpGraded,at Our Own Personal Speed…It Is Very Good to Hear of Brandy & Ur’s Experience…We Are Now Over the Tipping Point…Our Minds Manifest as Quick in Relation to the Power of the Intent (Intensity)…iBless You…

  2. Awsome experiences Wes, I am so glad you are OnBoard our Spirit Train Chronicles. Or should I say: Our Spirit Galactic Fleet Chronicles 😀

    Love and light to everybody who comes by 😀 the more, the merrier.


  3. this is Brandy hi all just wanted to mention Wes forgot to say that in my dream when we where in the ship they kept saying something about wanting to shrink me but the caption said its not time yet and within seconds i was awake also just wanted to say i took that beautiful picture up there hehe it really dosnt matter that i get creadit for it i just wanted to mention that

    • ~It’s been a Quiet Time for me,since last October…Slight Activations and Lots of Soul Connections… 🙂 …We still Got Left-over SnowBanks Up Here!…and iStill need to Turn on the Heaters at Night…a Slow Spring,yet Lots of Good Energy…Be Well & Laugh Often~

  4. wow its crazey to hear of people still haveing snow the summer hear seams to be hiting way to fast 😦 not a summer person but on the good side it has felt amazing the past few days just chilly enough to need a light jaket and that is perfict for me so glad to hear of lots of good energies there its been qwit a mixture of energies hear but been mostly good 🙂 o and the be well and laugh often thing its like you can tell i needed to hear that or something i mean all people need to hear it but i still get the fealing that you knew i did just my opinion 🙂

    • ~Ur Getting to Know me More,Brandy!…hehe…Yup, a Good Laugh Clears the Room and Adds to the Pure Higher Frequency… 😀 …iLike the Photo of the Trees that Ya Took,Up There…A Perfect Place for a PicNic Table…IKinda Like the Cool Weather,here…Altho iAm Waiting for Nicer Days so iCan Start Planting Flower Seeds Outside…Makes the Summer more Interesting,Taking care of PlantLife…All in Good Time,iGuess!~

  5. i agree they should have a picnic table there 🙂 i really have not been laughing enough in the past few days but thanks to your reminder that i havent i will be more 🙂 speeking of plants since we have no where outside aloud to plant things we have decided to try to grow a cupple plants in our basment sounds crazey but i have hope wes is planting a apple tree and peppers and im growing a midevil herb garden and strawberrys

    • ~By All Means,where there is Just Enough Light,water and Human Attention,Lots of Life will Thrive…in each of my Basement window,there are Many Plants growing…I Say Hi to them when i Go down there and water them…Growing Strawberries Is a Great Idea!…if iFind some Seeds from a Store,iWill Grow them,too!~

  6. the strawberys where actualy the only thing i found at a store and it was one doller for the seeds and a small pot and dirt to grow it in the other plants came from an online store

    • Hi, Brandy! I’m so happy to see you here, I’d been hoping you’d join us!!! I think I’ve missed a lot of posts – where can I find the photo of the strawberries? Lots of love, Leslee

  7. hi there lesleehare how are you? yes it has been a wiel since ive been on hear 😦 there is no photo of the stawberys yet they finally just barley spouted this morning 🙂 about time tho i was begining to think they would never grow iv never before got a plant to grow even outside not that iv tryed much eather

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