Update from Adrial, 30JUN2012

-Adrial said to me that there have been specific people selected for the Athabantian ground crew because they will be doing a group attunement. This is to enhance existing connections and abilities. There will be more opportunities available for those who have not yet been invited for this process.

-Those of us who already have strong connections do not need to participate in the attunement, unless they want a refresher. For example some serving on the ground crew already have a strong connection, but wish to assist at this time to provide support to others.

-She’s saying “Tulya” for me at this time for me (in a “lead” role), but the spotlight will be shining on the Athabantian, this is a pilot project, forging new territory.

She’s saying my confusion lies in the definition of “oneness”, which is a relatively new concept to most of us. We should think less in terms of our separate roles and more in terms of our connection to each other. We are never truly apart even if we might steer separate ships, or play other roles on these ships. It is not a permanent assignment in a separate role since it is truly all one. (admittedly I’m still trying to wrap my head around this…)

I understand that this also means that we will be further developing our understanding of what “unity consciousness” means.



  1. ~I must Acknowledge that the Current New Wave of DreamFlighting is an Excellent Primer for future “hands-on” Galactic & Inner Earth relationships…I see a degree of confusion as a Sudden Tidal wave has reached the shores on STC…and this too is Enabling Us to Sort things out and reach a clear mind-space…what is happening here is rather avant-garde…as We experience this present process here with Athabatian,Aurora,Tulya, me thinks We will be in Better Form when Circumstances on Earth also progress~

    • You hit the nail on the head, Babajij! we are all the leaders as well as the guinea pigs at the same time, lol! We are creating a powerful model for all to inspect, learn from, and share. Namaste. (-_-)

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