A difficult piece of wisdom for me was actually “stop making choices”. Of course as humans it’s almost impossible.., but then you might begin to value the “priceless” choices you are capable of making!

As the equality movement continues, it becomes harder to maintain hierarchy such as a corporation. Although the strength of the corporation is its ability to provide a framework to manage complex systems and structures. This too is intelligent energy, and like any other creature behaves well when treated well, and poorly when treated poorly.

Darkness to me is not evil, because evil is simply a manifestation of ego. Darkness is lack of knowing. When you know, you are no longer in the dark. And darkness – not knowing – is actually what we’re here for… Because as eternal essence, we can only be in a state of knowing everything. So we should remember to cherish that which we know, as well as what we don’t know.

The human experience is a rare opportunity to be relatively oblivious… 😉


Pinocchio: Our Story

Reading the recent wingmakers article, I realized that the story of Pinocchio  borrowed heavily from the Sumerian origin story.

Gepetto = Annunaki, who created the “puppet”
Humanity = Pinocchio
The Blue Fairy = The Blue Star (Sirius), perhaps directly representing “unseen helpers”.

I was “told” that the difference between humanity and Pinocchio is that when we tell a lie, our noses don’t grow. We grow older. This includes lies that we tell to ourselves. Sometimes we are controlled with strings (i.e. contracts), other times we give in to temptation. To become “real”, we need to be true to ourselves and others.

I’ve always wondered why Pinocchio would want to give up his puppet-form to become human. It seemed to me he had far more benefits as an autonomous wooden puppet, since he never grew old, and would never die. He seemed to have far more freedom than humans typically / currently enjoy.

Something else I understood is that this is-and always has been- a story. In storytelling, the storyteller creates characters to illustrate a larger concept / truth / idea, but the “basic” story is fabricated. This is alluded to in the Wingmakers material as well. It is “just a story”, used to illustrate a broader concept.

Dreamwalkerdiaries: Manifestation 101: ONE MILLION DOLLARS

(paragraphs marked with > are my comments)

[Triangle diamond] (this is a “handshake” symbol – I saw this as a diamond superimposed over a triangle)

This is Adama.

>Hi Adama, how are you?

I’m fine, Troy. It’s nice to talk to you. It’s been a bit of time, from your point of reference.

You have had some success in manifestation. You have discovered the necessary vibration, to visualize one million dollars. It is the feeling of that idea that you want to use. You will be able to identify other vibrations that correspond to different patterns/templates within your reality, and you will notice the desired outcome based on that vibration. And the key is to focus your intent on that vibration, rather than focusing on the outcome or the thing itself. It’s the FEELING of that thing that you want to focus on. That’s all. It’s really very simple.

I know you have many questions about how others might bring this to reality for them, but it is somewhat different depending on the situation, and different for the person doing the visualizing. For some, the idea of this thing – one million dollars – is too hard to grasp, since they are unaccustomed to what this represents. Do you see the dragon curling around a gold hoard? All along, it is not his to give, but yours to feel. From your perspective, simply do what works for you. It is really not the task of the way-shower to show others their path. You are on your path, they are on theirs, but the help is in knowing that such a thing can be accomplished. If they wish to benefit, it is their own choice to do so.

Other businessmen – especially those who are household names – have discovered this trick and have walked a similar path. Every morning, they wake up and visualize a million dollars. The expression “I feel like a million dollars” is a good idiom to follow, but it could take the vibration and externalize it. They internalize this feeling in their chest/heart area. And they JUST visualize a million dollars. They have discovered that the visualization is not complete once they start thinking about HOW, or WHY, because that limits the manifestation.

>I’m curious, Adama… can you tell me why there seems to be a random “negative” manifestation that appears with every “positive” one? How do I limit the negative to accomplish my original intent?

This is the price of duality – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

>Would I be better off not visualizing money, since it is often said that the money I’m visualizing has negative energy attached to it?

Not necessarily. When you start to ride a bike, usually the bike you start with is not the best bike, but rather the one you are comfortable with. I think you are beginning to see how parasitic energy works, but remember this is your – and only your – visualization. If it helps you to “cleanse” the money first, visualize light surrounding that money, if you wish. But really it is the simple feeling of the essence of the money that you are needing to use.

You may also wish to analyze your feelings towards this money. Negative energy that you put into this money may also manifest. All I’m saying is that it’s a worthwhile meditation, to focus on the essence of that vibration, without the surrounding values you might place on it. Strip those away, and you might find more success with your manifestation. In time you will discover other significant manifestation vibrations, and you’ll want to take a similar approach to those.

For example, how do you feel towards a pretty girl. The pretty girl might see her lot in life as both a blessing and a curse. But really she is just she, and you are just you. Whether you see her as cursed or blessed, doesn’t change the essence of who she is.

>There was a time when I trusted a pretty girl less, but of course I let that go because, as you say, the essence of who someone is, is pretty much who everyone is.

Yes exactly. [smiling] I will let you go, if you wish, Troy.

>Thanks Adama. I appreciate our conversation together.

Have a good evening, Troy.


[Note: the highest printed currency in the U.S. is $100.]

Removing the Shackles: The Roles of the past, and the “Blame” that is external.

[I am posting this as a followup to a recent conversation regarding the so-called Annunaki discussion that Vlad encouraged through his video compilations. I feel “D” expresses some very good points worth considering. As Gandhi once said, an eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind. It is time to stop blaming “others” and start taking responsibility for ourselves to be ourselves in every moment.  -Troy/Dreamwalker]

Originally posted by D on Removing the Shackles

This morning, after being offline for 3 days (soo sooooo busy in the community right now!) (and yes, an update is coming very very soon!), I had mountains of skype messages to go through, and was afraid to even open my email, lol.

One of the first messages on skype that I read was from my “big brother”, and it immediately triggered one of those conversations that comes from deep within.  The words that tumbled out illuminated quite brightly for me, so I will post my thoughts here (edited for the sake of privacy).

The two main thoughts that really came out this morning were,  who we ARE vs who we WERE, and the perception of the external “blame”.

*Note: as usual, I am giving my OWN personal perception and opinion.  My comments are a mirror of my own journey and my inner resonance with the knowledge that I have been seeking.

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Understanding the Dreamtime by Judith Kaylara

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This article is about the inspiration that an Indigenous lady imparted to me. A few months ago I wished to have friend that had integrity, someone that I could learn from, someone whom understood the ‘Dreamtime’, ‘Dreaming’. Firstly, in the lore of the Original People of Australia there is no such thing as time. So we are speaking here about a timeless state, so we call it ‘Dreaming’ (with no time). I realised that I dreamed her into my life. This is what she taught me.

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Buddha statue at Niagara Falls Bird Sanctuary

Buddha statue at Niagara Falls Bird Sanctuary

Sit for a short time; then take a break,
a very short break of about thirty seconds
or a minute.

But be mindful of whatever you do,
and do not lose your presence
and its natural ease.

Then alert yourself and sit again.
If you do many short sessions like this,
your breaks will often
make your meditation more real
and more inspiring; they will take
the clumsy, irksome rigidity,
solemnity, and unnaturalness
out of your practice and bring
you more and more focus and ease.

Gradually, through this interplay of
breaks and sitting, the barrier
between meditation and everyday life
will crumble, the contrast between
them will dissolve, and you will find
yourself increasingly in your natural
pure presence, without distraction.

Then, as Dudjom Rinpoche used to say:
“Even though the meditator may leave
the meditation,
the meditation will not leave the meditator.”

Sogyal Rinpoche

Medicine Cards: Horse Power


“Stealing horses is stealing power,” was a statement made frequently in historical native America and a reference to the esteemed role which Horse played in the native cultures. Horse is physical power and unearthly power. In shamanic practices throughout the world, Horse enables shamans to fly through the air and reach heaven.
Humanity made a great leap forward when Horse was domesticated, a discovery akin to that of fire. Before Horse, humans were earthbound, heavy-laden, and slow creatures indeed. Once humans climbed on Horse’s back, they were as free and fleet as the wind. They could carry burdens for great distances with ease. Through their special relationship with Horse, humans altered their self-concept beyond measure. Horse was
the first animal medicine of civilization. Humanity owes an incalculable debt to Horse and to the new medicine it brought. It would be a long walk to see one’s brother or sister if Horse had not welcomed the two-legged rider upon its back. Today we measure the capacity of engines with the term “horsepower,” a reminder of the days when Horse wasan honored and highly-prized partner with humanity.

Dreamwalker, a medicine man, was walking across the plains to visit the Arapaho Nation. He carried with him his pipe. The feather tied into his long black hair pointed to the ground, marking him as a man a peace. Over the rise of a hill, Dreamwalker saw a herd of wild mustangs running toward him.

Black Stallion approached him and asked if he was seeking an answer on his journey. Black Stallion said, “I am from the Void where Answers live. Ride on my back and know the power of entering the Darkness and finding the Light.” Dreamwalker thanked Black Stallion and agreed to visit him when his medicine was needed in the Dreamtime.

Yellow Stallion approached Dreamwalker next and offered to take him to the East, where illumination lives. Dreamwalker could share the answers he found there to teach and illuminate others. Once again, Dreamwalker thanked Yellow Stallion and said he would use these gifts of power on his journey.

Red Stallion approached, rearing playfully. He told Dreamwalker of the joys of balancing work and heavy medicine with the joyful experiences of play. He reminded Dreamwalker that he could better hold the attention of those he taught when humor was integrated with the lesson. Dreamwalker thanked him and promised to remember the gift of joy.

Dreamwalker was nearing his destination. The Arapaho Nation was close at hand. White Stallion came to the front of the herd. Dreamwalker mounted White Stallion’s back. White Stallion was the message carrier for all the other horses, and represented wisdom in power. This magnificent horse was the embodiment of the balanced medicine shield. “No abuse of power will ever lead to wisdom,” said White Stallion. “You, Dreamwalker, have made this journey to heal a brother in need, to share the sacred pipe, and to heal the Mother Earth. You have the knowledge through humility that you are an instrument of Great Spirit. As I carry you upon my back, you carry the needs of the people on yours. In wisdom, you understand that power is not given lightly but awarded to those who are willing to carry responsibility in a balanced manner.”

Dreamwalker, the shaman, had been healed by the visit of the wild horses, and knew that this purpose in coming to the Arapaho was to share these gifts with them. In understanding the power of Horse, you may see how to strive for a balanced medicine shield. True power is wisdom found in remembering your total journey.
Wisdom comes from remembering pathways you have walked in another person’s moccasins. Compassion, caring, teaching, loving, and sharing your gifts, talents, and abilities are the gateway to power. If your ego has gotten in the way, you may have failed to notice the lack of respect you have been receiving from others. You may, on the other hand, be struggling with others who are abusing their power. “Should I say something? Should I fight my desire to put them in their place?” you may be asked. Remember the times in your own life when you have fallen out of grace with Great Spirit, and then have compassion for the brothers and sisters who are now doing the same. If you are overpowering another or feeling overwhelmed, Horse medicine in both the dignified and contrary positions is a simple reminder of how to balance your shields.

In allowing all pathways to have equal validity, you will see the power and glory of the unified family of humanity. This is the gift of the Rainbow Warrior or Warrioress. The “I” has no place in the Whirling Rainbow that comes from the Great Mystery and is replaced by the universal “we.” All colors of the rainbow and all pathways are honored as one.

Apply this knowledge and reclaim the power you have given away by forgetting to come from compassion. Untangle yourself from the present situation and understand that every human being must follow this pathway to power before galloping upon the winds of destiny.


Perhaps more than any other animal, the horse has been humanity’s closest partner in the animal kingdom. In ordinary reality, it has carried its rider over distances and made communication possible. It has helped to shift heavy loads, and in the tilling of the soil. In non-ordinary reality, the horse has carried the shamanic journeyer to communicate at other realms of existence, to shifts of consciousness, and to till the soil of deeper levels of the mind.

American Indians honored the horse as a sacred animal. In Britain and Northern Europe, magikal fraternities once practiced both the natural and supernatural powers associated with the cult of the horse.

As a power animal, Horse, is primarily a message carrier and is often concerned with traversing “gateways.” It is associated with the power and responsibility that comes from exercising authority, and the wisdom required to use it in a balanced way. On an emotional level, Horse is connected with the need for compassionate understanding. Horse is related especially with the power of knowledge and wisdom and with communication and sharing. Communicate. Honor your medicine. Stand tall. Use your talents. Own who you are becoming.

Source: Sams, Jamie and Carson, David. Medicine Cards (Santa Fe: Bear and Company, 1988).

Attacks Are a Call For Help

[Translated by PinChu/Feilla2013 from an original Chinese source]

It’s in fact very difficult to get that “Attacks are in fact the sign for asking for help”  because at that very moment, our negative mood also gets evoked. The solution is to experience a sense of well-being of our own existence .

I in fact heard  by accident from a friend that : [ attack is in fact a sign of asking for help.] The first time when I heard this, I was just startled, having no more idea about it, and just wondered : attack is undoubtedly malicious, besides, it injures people or even provokes self-defense. So how would it possibly be the sign of asking for help ? Asking for help is on the contrary a sign of goodwill, it has to do with reliance and the will of doing exchange.

Later on according to what I got in the course of doing consultations and my personal experience of getting along with my family, I could make out this gradually. When one of my female patient told me how her husband was vexatious, blaming her for her irreverence to his parents, it occurred to me that : her husband was in fact asking for help. It turned out that her husband was in fact desperate for the bad relationship between his wife and mother. So this kind of behavior was asking for her help in the circumstances that he felt so painful and helpless, and would like his wife can understand his emotion and consideration towards his parents, and treat them as he does. However, how many people in the world are capable to express pertinently their own helplessness and as well as to ask for help? Most people turn directly this kind of mood into anger, even attacks. Via attacks, they push the very ones to make out their own critical situation and change these ones to satisfy their expectation.

However, most people show an armed state to do self defense or to prepare to defense, as their instinct. I that circumstances, the mood behind it becomes very complex, such as grievances, sadness, anger and helplessness. IN all lifetime of most people, this kind of communication mode may repeat again and again. Some other ones may turn this kind of behavior into Cold War, such as indifference, few conversation, less contact. All these are for avoiding more quarrels that are thought to cause more harm. However, at the same time they are so afraid so of becoming strangers to each other.

In my own recent case as being mad with my own family, I found that when I was in a very anger, complaining that my family neither understand, nor support me, I suddenly found  that I was in fact asking for their help in distress. Since my work pressure gets enlarged, and it’s the very course that my work is at the very crossroad of changes, I need much more their understanding and acceptance. However, since my childhood, I’m not used to ask for help from the people who are closed to me, I just skipped from that kind of mood to anger, dissatisfaction and attack. Realizing this, I confessed to them that I did have such a pressure; if they feel being attacked, it was in fact a misunderstanding, as I was asking for their help, longing for getting their support and unconditional comfort.

But at the very moment when we are the very attacked object, it becomes more difficult to realized that attack is in fact a sign of asking for help. Because  at that very moment, our own negative mood gets evoked, and we are blown away by it. We hence cannot calm down and make out “what’s going on exactly?” What we can see is only the ruin of the appalling battlefield, the wounded ones who respectively fall their own back, licking their wounds lonely. The wounds may even still get bleeding.

The solution hence lies in a sense of well-being, that of security and confidence to some degree. When you can center your mind, at clearness and ease, you won’t be easily blown away by this furious mood. On the contrary , your wisdom will be generated ; besides, your mind will be as clear as a mirror, reflecting what’s hidden behind those malicious attacks. [ Aha ! It turned out that he was in fact asking for my help. However, I should have been unaware of this, even had thought that he looks down on me, hates me. However, the truth is that behind this tough facial expression, he is actually asking for my help ! ] When you see this truth, your tears would drop, and you will finally get that, [ it’s in fact not owing to my fault, but that he was showing his helplessness.]

When you get this, the next time when someone attacks you, you won’t first think of defense, fighting back, guilt, even revenge, but ask “What cause him this way, and what I can do to help him get out of this. ”

Source: Hsu Tien-Sheng, “The remedy on reassurance /setting our heart at rest.” (title translated)

Dreamwalkerdiaries: Telepathic Message from the Galactic Federation 26SEP2013

The primary reason for our minimal contact, or at least our apparent holding back of this “mass landings” event, is primarily because humanity tends to shudder in fear at pretty much the drop of a hat. Not everyone, of course… but consider the event 9/11. Even though this happened to a relatively small percentage of the population, many were concerned (had the real thought) that it would happen to them next. Others went to the conclusion that an invasion would take place. Terrorists would take over the country… even though there are few other humans on the planet with as many resources as those in the US. So the negative intent… jumping to conclusions… is what we are concerned about. This has less consequences for an abstract event such as 9/11 as it does for a collection of Galactic souls. There are those at this very moment who would take up arms against us, simply on the idea that those who are “other” are here to “take over”. The possibility of voluntary assistance, for these people, would be fairly low on their list of considerations. Understand that this is not a judgment on our part based on assumptions, but rather based on empirical evidence gathered over many years.

With each new challenge we see there are more individuals who are taking responsibility for their own thoughts and actions. This, in a nutshell, is what we are waiting for.

We are telepathically gauging the outcomes and monitoring the collective consciousness of humanity. This is not to say that we are snooping on your thoughts – but rather, you as a collective broadcast your intent throughout the solar system. You are not a “quiet” population by any means. And we can sense both the collective and the individual thoughts, particularly of those who you might consider “loose cannons” – because there is minimal conscious connection between ego/self and spirit/self. For those of you who  have succeeded in “quieting your mind”, that is noted as well, and you begin to notice that you can hear what we hear. And, for that matter, you may be able to hear us.

There are others on your planet in the animal kingdom who are also very telepathic and we understand that their treatment is to some degree out of your control due to unconscious living. There is indeed a connection between unconscious living and the prison system – it is just easier not to think about it, and you are conditioned to think in this way. Again this is not a judgment – it is something that we very much wish to help with when the time is right, and when conditions are right that our assistance will be welcomed.

To address concerns that the Galactic Federation might be a primarily “military” operation… each member volunteers their assistance as an opportunity to be a part of a collective of beings with similar goals and interests. Individuals within humanity will have the opportunity to join us in our tasks if they wish to do so. Within that collective your individuality and diversity is celebrated, because diversity is a key part of the “divine plan” and a key to evolution. Hierarchy only exists in so much as it facilitates communication and it makes sense in a particular situation to do so. But this again is part of your collective process in accepting who you are, and your own process of growth. Does our every action conceal a hidden agenda, or are we your brothers and sisters, wanting to help our loved ones in whatever way we can? Only you can decide. Look within your heart, and you will know the truth.

You are fine… and know that we love you.


Pleiadedolphininfos: Bundles of Joy, by Azar

Greetings. Due to the plethora of inaccurate information, and intentional misinformation, having been disseminated amongst the population of Earth in ‘time’ past and present, causing titanic confusion, we have chosen to release the following information into the collective consciousness in this format with the goal of clearing up a most fundamental issue once and for All. What follows is an admittedly crude and oversimplified explanation, yes. However, it shall hopefully open many minds and hearts to the Higher Truth of what you call ‘your existence’ and ‘origins’ and ‘true identity’, etc. Higher Truth, like any Aspect of Truth, unfortunately cannot be communicated via the clumsy and hopelessly incomplete medium of human language (or any material-realm language of any virtual world for that matter). Higher Truth in its pure form can only be experienced. But on with today’s communication.

What you perceive of as a ‘human soul’ is in Reality an amalgam, a blend, of ‘fragments’ or holographic ‘fractal aspects’ of various cosmically unique High-Energy ‘Oversouls’ (OS). We enjoy the term and image of ‘Bundles of Joy’ for this characterization, not in any small way due to its uplifting veracity, as Joy is one of the most magnificent qualities of Divinity. Regardless of the specific term utilized, each unique Oversoul is of a much, much too high of a vibration and sheer mass of pure Spirit Energy to ‘incarnate’ into a lower-dimensional vessel. If any entirety of an Oversoul attempted such, the material vessel – biological or non-biological, no matter – would simply be destroyed. Like running too many volts of electricity through a wire that is too thin for that volume of raw power, it would instantaneously ‘burn out’ the material conduit/container. Therefore, the idea of ‘stepping down’ the voltage of Creator Light was born (very long ago in ‘time’ of course) in order to manufacture and structure perceived worlds and realms where All That IS could create freely and joyfully, and then ‘descend’ directly into the perceived virtual realm in order to experience what It had created in a substantive, engaging, and enthralling manner.
Looking at the simple diagram above, it may now be easier to perceive how perplexing the concepts of ‘soul mates’ and ‘twin flames’ can be to an awakening human. For example, as you can clearly observe, one can ‘have’ multiple ‘twin flames’ (to one degree or another). Some incarnations may well represent a ‘less blended’ or ‘purer’ mix of fewer Aspects of an Oversoul, with one human possibly even being ‘made up of’ a single Oversoul frequency greater than 90%, with a relatively minor ‘amount’ of other Oversoul frequency(ies) – but never could any single human incarnation represent even 50% of the total Oversoul Energy, as that would still be too much for the physical vehicle to handle. This is why when the masters of the past ascended to merge back in full consciousness with their Higher Aspects, they left their physical vehicles behind in the virtual realities they were ‘leaving’ (albeit usually in a pristine, incorruptible state). One can also see how the other ‘fragments’ of one’s Oversoul can be spread out among many, many individual incarnations, both in time (past and future lives) and in space (concurrent multiple incarnations). Also, those who represent a very similar ‘blend’ of Oversoul fragments may resonate so closely as to feel like ‘soul mates’ and/or ‘soul family’ – which they most certainly are. Also, these ‘bundles’ or ‘blends’ that represent human souls can be ‘split’ into multiple identical and/or complementary ‘souls’. As you can see, things are much more complex (at these dimensional levels) than can be easily explained, much less assimilated coherently by the incarnated ego-mind.
The Divine reason for this manner of structuring lower-dimensional experience is as follows: In order to create an even more interesting and exciting experience, Fractal Essences of various Oversouls of different energetic frequencies could be mixed or blended together – again, in the worlds of perception – and interact with each other in magnificently entertaining and stimulating ways. These blends of various Oversoul ‘fragments’ would carry enough ‘amperage’ or Spiritual Energy to maintain a sufficient degree of consciousness to be perpetually ‘aware’ of Itself as Consciousness while playing within these virtual worlds – but not too much as to dissolve the ‘veil of forgetfulness’ as many term it, or ‘break through’ too easily back into Full Consciousness. That would abruptly ‘end the game’, so to speak, destroy the Illusion of Separation, you see. A large measure of Unity Consciousness could be and is maintained in most realms and created worlds to make the Grand Theater more enjoyable for All, and to guarantee that no soul got too ‘lost in the Illusion’. However, an alternate playground was also created and explored where a small group of intrepid Oversouls chose to ‘break off’ from the Greater Totality of Oneness (in the distorted perceptions of the lower realms), and take the game a bit further than ever before (in the illusion of time, of course). You as a collective are, of course, part of that blessed group. But we digress. Regarding the other aspects of your current realm, some ‘fragments’ were also created of a lower overall energy in order to populate ‘lesser’ kingdoms such as the animal, plant and mineral. Note that these ‘lesser’ Elements of your worlds are not ‘lesser’ in Nature, no, but only in perceived ‘quantity’ of Spirit Energy Consciousness – and even then, this too is complete illusion, for The Illusion (the material realms), and not an actual ‘reality’.
What must be kept in mind, however, is that this arrangement is ONLY a ‘reality’ insofar as the Illusion of the virtual material realms is concerned. In Divine Reality, We Are All ONE, of course, and this differentiation between souls and Oversouls and Collective Souls etc. is simply a convenient conceptual (mis)representation of the ‘lower dimensions’, utilized to help the ego-minds of self-conscious incarnate beings ‘navigate’ the Illusion with more confidence, grace and ease. For, as you can see in the above diagram, ALL Oversouls (along with their ‘incarnated fragments’ of course) are ‘contained within’ the Collective Soul – and that Collective Soul is ‘contained within’ the larger Creator Soul Body of the ONE that we all Are at even ‘higher’ levels of Reality. You see, there is only ONE of Us ‘here’. And THAT is the only ‘True Reality’. Again, any concept or idea or theory that posits less than Oneness can only be ‘true’ in relation to the local virtual reality – hence the term ‘relative truth’ — and, as you can now hopefully ‘see’ (perceive), even trying to explain this in written language presents major difficulties. Again, please do not take this material as even remotely ‘complete’ or ‘absolute’, no! Do not even consider it anything more than a compassionate attempt at explaining the inexplicable, a woefully inadequate, over-simplistic representation with which we are attempting to help clarify and diminish the rampant confusion, and ameliorate its resulting unpleasant emotions, surrounding this fundamental issue. By far the most important ‘take-away’ from this presentation, and all that really ‘matters’ in the end, is the most fundamental truth in all the Multiverse: ALL IS ONE. Reality is, as we hope you can see, actually quite simple!
We have only a single loving request: That you open your beautiful hearts and magnificent minds to this information, meditate on it in whatever peaceful manner you are most comfortable with, and submit it to your own ‘tests’ or methods of verification to your heart’s desire. The information you receive from Within is immensely more valuable than any that we or any ‘other’ entity can provide from ‘without’, of course, hence our strong encouragement in this direction. Our greatest and fondest hope is that you use the information we have provided as a tool, a stepping stone, that guides you to your own personal experience of Higher Truth — and all that entails. And when you do have that experience – and you will — you shall not only see, but feel and know, how anything less than That Truth is . . . well, just a tale after All.

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dreamwalkerdiaries – Autism: Our Freedom Fighters

Regarding children with Autism… the “spiritual” interpretation of autism is that they are “indigo”. This refers to a “violet” tinge that you might see on photos. On the surface, children with autism are seen to be “difficult.” Uneducated people say these children are “spoiled” or “belong in an institution”. They say that the “indigo” label was created by new-age parents to somehow glorify a mental illness.
Autism manifests in random ways – it is different for every child. For this reason it is difficult to diagnose, and is often mis-diagnosed as another “mental illness,” or is not diagnosed because parents “take it personally” when someone suggests that their child is anything but “normal.” In a few famous cases, the children are “disowned” by their parents and institutionalized in a mental hospital. “That is not my child.”Some children go into a catatonic state, they “freeze up” or they have MAJOR tantrums. Sometimes the tantrum involves physically harming themselves or anyone within reach. They might have repetitive behaviors, and often have a hard time “fitting in” with their peers. They might have speech impairments, they can be extremely sensitive to sounds, and also can be sensitive “visually” to different things. There is currently no known “scientific” cause – but clinical research points to a combination of certain factors – including vaccinations, genetic disposition, and environmental factors (for example, food allergies).
There is a difference between “high functioning” and “low functioning” autism. High functioning means they can deal with most things in life but have “strange” behavior patterns. Or they might be considered “normal” but they might have a tantrum every once in awhile (something random might set them off). Whether or not they are high or low functioning, they tend to be extremely intelligent. They develop extreme interest in certain topics, and might have a “natural talent” in certain areas. Low functioning autism is similar to above, except often they have an extreme speech impediment or can’t talk at all. They tend to be “locked in” to a certain repetitive behavior. They may have a physical disability.
My position / realization on this is that, regardless of their diagnosis, children with autism are here to RESIST. What are they resisting? Well, pretty much EVERYTHING to do with the old paradigm. Who are they resisting? Their parents, their doctors, their teachers, and anyone else who continues to exhibit “old paradigm” behavior.
From this perspective, “treatment” might be to expose them to “new paradigm” behavior. A good example of this is “parallel play”. Instead of discipline and punishment, you might give them choices, so they know they are in control. Instead of yelling at them (this will get you nowhere), understand that they are doing this for YOUR benefit, not theirs. They are here to teach YOU, because the old ways of doing things are no longer valid. Time to try something new.
“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.” – Jim Morrison
These are our freedom fighters… and they are fighting a revolution to free us all.