HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our super heroine captain LISA



This DOUBLE 9 has no way to be forgotten, the BIRTHDAY of our lovely, loving & courageous Lisa !!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!

I guess I’m not the exceptional one who am getting trough some kind of transitional state where I feel somehow vacuum. The eccentric things keep occurring. My mind, even heart somehow get quite calloused, owing to………. Nevertheless, all the thoughtfulness have been realized, even appreciated.

Lisa’s LOVE, super ALTRUISM, STEADINESS, FIRMNESS, along with TENDERNESS mean so much for………..Taking advantage of this occasion, I want to thank you again!!!!!!!

As the last time, I would like and have to charge these songs with my blessing et al…..for the gateways of Mid-Autumn FULL MOON, then Equinox !!!


Happy birthday to Ray, our lovely Ben Naga

source : http://www.simplebites.net/how-to-set-up-an-outdoor-buffet-in-a-canoe/

This day is not forgotten, and how much we want to bring you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! What the amazing day this is, even in the sense of numerology !!! I’m sorry for this writing might look awkward owing to my long silence, being so affected by the waves and the circumstances. Searching for the pictures, I feel like I could finally take a rest to take an wonderful excursion !!!


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I’ve been asking myself how the past days, months, year felt like??? At least, watching the young vlogers’ sharing, I realize how much I’m much older than. Though I’m still so curious about the known and unknown, that curiosity is already so different from that in my own youth and the ones in youth right now.  Watching them and their sharing, I can finally become more  and more optimistic about their capability to make this world better in an incredible sufficiency, for there are already so many resources, such knowledge, skills, crafts being left on purpose by the good ones. Though I don’t deny that I’m still mad for the reality that there are still so many resources being monopolized by.


When I read or watch the materials accessible for me, it feels so distinct that how powerful the knowledge and the language which carries it can be!!! We all see which language is that dominant one. The more ones use it, it can be applied and developed in the more subtle way. It can become a more and more developed vehicle and carry more and more people to the realms where they could hardly imagine they can reach one day. On the contrary, when there are where there are things forbidden to talk,  publish, even to reach for years, even centuries, you can imagine how that writing culture can become and what there is to left to the next generations. So the young ones who can be so amazing for they know how to get what interest them and can help enrich their knowledge and skills via the treasures that were left by. I guess the role of schools will change a lot in the future, for there are more and more resources which are available for the interested ones to get to have self-learning. Something which is seen and foreseen, that how easy the digital can be held up, even destroyed even over night. So for the sake of the future generations, we have better to leave those on papers.


Recently, the images of various kinds of bird just keep popping up, particularly the parrots and Toucans which seems urging me to speak. However, that blockage in me is so hard to break on my own. So, thanks for this precious birthday of Ben Naga !!! Honestly, I once typed the key-word Naga birthday cake, you guess what were brought up to me??? The White Dragon of the HBO show, Game of Throne. Now….for healing my own wounds in all senses, I would rather to charge this sweet donkey to bring that awkward, but sweet greetings & blessings !!!

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Besides, may the persistence of the adorable girls cheer you up, just like they made me !!! While watching it, I asked myself, if it happened to me, I would behave like the younger or older one???  Guess what’s the outcome it turned out to be???









HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our superstar, TROY [Dreamwalker444]!!!

First, I thanks to Ben Naga for having brought these remedies at this timing, and started such uplifting discoveries and conversation. This is a moment when I cannot stop questioning myself for everything I thought, did, spoke, wrote and I don’t know how to stop this kind of self-torment.  As Troy, I’m so done with such almost constant drained state. I felt being drawn to some very entangled knots, and am so tried of this madness of longing for the moment when finally getting the exit to release myself from all the mess.

May this CAKE full of the flavor of SPRING bring that uplifting and soothing energy of hope and strength to the STAR OF BIRTHDAY & ALL!!!


May the wounded/ill ones not only get healed, recovered soon, but also become stronger and stronger that we can enjoy well this lifetime together !!!




Dear Leslee,

I hope I didn’t catch the wrong day for this precious day of your Birthday. Being so affected, even hit by these waves of the up-coming solar eclipse, I’m somehow faint and absent-minded. Trying looking for a decent cake for this PARTY, THE BIG ONE, however, I finally could only be CAUGHT by this one, for you are that ALICE who just dare to try, not only own that talent, connection, imagination, but can also reveal, represent thoses wonderlands with your magical hands into various kinds of forms of ART !!!

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though this looks rather a SUMMER one……


The Arcturians- Synchronization of Lighthouses, Rays and Flames Uniting. October 29,2015.

Lightlover Journal


The Arcturians- Synchronization of Lighthouses, Rays and Flames Uniting. October 29,2015.

The grids have balanced at a higher frequency than expected and are stable and prepared for the next incoming Evolutionary Wave from Source (11:11), to assist in this magnificent Shift of Ages.

As per Natural Law, the Principle of Rhythm is constant in this Universe.
There will always be “another” incoming wave.

In increasing evolutionary, (ascension) cycles, they speed up to assist creation and as frequency increases, they become closer together.
DNA evolution requires intensifying photonic Light blasts to cause genetic changes.
Each wave affects ALL Beings differently, since each life has its own particular DNA and energy signature and their own personal ability to take in The Light.

An energetic body can only absorb the most it can absorb FOR itself (without “blowing” itself up to extinction), it constantly balances energy intake and output.
The more energy one…

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More beautiful coners on earth to be glimpsed thanks to the group “Green Renaissance”

Green Renaissance : https://www.facebook.com/greenrenaissance/timeline

photos picked from this site…


Beautiful panorama Of Guangxi Province of China.
Photo: Trey Ratcliff
Via – https://www.facebook.com/Avantgardens.org
— avec Hsin-hui Kao et 17 autres personnes.

Photo : Beautiful panorama Of Guangxi Province of China.
Photo: Trey Ratcliff
Via - https://www.facebook.com/Avantgardens.org



This Eccentric House Represents The Art of Sustainable Architecture
Embraced by the impressive savage hills of the West Virginia mountain, a little home saturated by dreams a desires hides between the lively forests. With a budged estimated Afficher la suite

— avec Abdullahi Danladi et 26 autres personnes.

Photo : This Eccentric House Represents The Art of Sustainable Architecture
Embraced by the impressive savage hills of the West Virginia mountain, a little home saturated by dreams a desires hides between the lively forests. With a budged estimated to be no more than 500$, the inspiring photographer Nick Olson and his wife Lila Horwitz, build their little enchanting retreat snuggled between the lush wild nature of the Virginian mountains. A true celebration of sustainability and nature-oriented architecture, their innovative house design has become a one-of-a-kind project and inspiration for the future of Eco living.
Via - https://www.facebook.com/jamiesgardenshop




Beautiful Open Air Bedroom, Little Kulala Camp, Namibia.
Love to be there right now to watch the super moon in tonights sky.
— avec Barbra Paschall et 12 autres personnes.

Photo : Beautiful Open Air Bedroom, Little Kulala Camp, Namibia.
Love to be there right now to watch the super moon in tonights sky.



Outdoor bath. If you could would you like to bath outside like this?
Location – On the Mozambican side of Lake Niassa, one of Africa’s Great Lakes, stands one of the best kept secrets in Africa. Its name is Nkwichi Lodge.
— avec Adela Perez Galvez et 34 autres personnes.
Photo : Outdoor bath. If you could would you like to bath outside like this?
Location -  On the Mozambican side of Lake Niassa, one of Africa's Great Lakes, stands one of the best kept secrets in Africa. Its name is Nkwichi Lodge.



Beautiful Fruit
Real fast food.
— avec Adem Karataş et 26 autres personnes.
Photo : Beautiful Fruit
Real fast food.
Amazing Cob Kitchen by Várzea da Gonçala, Portugal.
via www.facebook.com/RocketStoveScience
— avec Sergio Aparecido Barbieri et 31 autres personnes.
Photo : Amazing Cob Kitchen by Várzea da Gonçala, Portugal.
via www.facebook.com/RocketStoveScience
Turn an old birdcage into a beautiful planter. — 和 Miemie van Loggerenberg
相片:Turn an old birdcage into a beautiful planter.
Nature the great painter.
Beauty is everywhere.
—  Chatcha Buanak
相片:Nature the great painter.
Beauty is everywhere.
Hobbit Home
Hobbiton is a fictional village which appeared in the novels: “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” by by J.R.R. Tolkien. Hobbiton village was built as a set (for the films which were based on the Novels) is located on a farm near a little town called Matamata in northern New Zeland.
—  Aneci Silva





About “TELEPATHY”, a very very awesome speech by Rupert Sheldrake : The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence



We have been brought up to believe that the mind is located inside the head. But there are good reasons for thinking that this view is too limited. Recent experimental results show that people can influence others at a distance just by looking at them, even if they look from behind and if all sensory clues are eliminated. And people’s intentions can be detected by animals from miles away. The commonest kind of non-local interaction mental influence occurs in connection with telephone calls, where most people have had the experience of thinking of someone shortly before they ring. Controlled, randomized tests on telephone telepathy have given highly significant positive results. Research techniques have now been automated and experiments on telepathy are now being conducted through the internet and cell phones, enabling widespread participation.

Speaker: Rupert Sheldrake
Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D. is a biologist and author of more than 75 technical papers and ten books, the most recent being The Sense of Being Stared At. He studied at Cambridge and Harvard Universities, was a Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge and a Research Fellow of the Royal Society. He is currently Director of the Perrott-Warrick project, funded from Trinity College Cambridge.

Krystal Kaleidoscope by Lisa Renee

source : http://www.energeticsynthesis.com/index.php/resource-tools/news-shift-timelines/2471-krystal-kaleidoscope


June 2014

Krystal Kaleidoscope


Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

Returning from a deeply transformative Planetary Emancipation Gridwork project from a distant country, we have been burning the midnight oil to meet the requirements of an extreme effort being made now. No matter where we are at in our human or spiritual development, many feel the weight of the changes and intense pressure building in the environment. When there is applied pressure from the field there is greater chaos, and the environment has been filled with these chaotic forces.

This effort is made in preparation for yet another new level of color frequency spectrums being projected as radiant light holograms into the planetary core manifestation architecture. A Krystal Kaleidoscope of plasmic light mirrored architecture is emerging into physical quantifications of color that project entirely new spectrums of light, frequency and time code. (What this means is that the particle wave manifestation of new color spectrums on planet is being observed, as well as the source code of its emanation generating from the Krystal Kaleidoscope from the Aurora time continuum.) These reflective bands of coded plasmic light are being woven into sequential circuits into certain geographic areas of the planet. One purpose is to build multiple access points in our earth timelines that may potentially resonate in “reflectional symmetry” with the upcoming convergence happening in the Trans-time continuum.

The Krystal Kaleidoscope is being described as such because this architecture operates similarly as to what we can understand from our human perspective as when looking into a kaleidoscope. A Kaleidoscope operates on the principle of multiple reflections, where several mirrors are placed at an angle of degree to one another. Typically there are three rectangular mirrors set at 60° to each other so that they form an equilateral triangle. The 60° angle creates several duplicate images of the objects, five at 60°, and 2 at 90°. As the tube is rotated, the tumbling of the colored objects presents varying colors and configurations in a beautiful symmetrical pattern created by the reflections.

Aurora FlameThe Krystal Kaleidoscope functions in the same way as the more recent architecture that has been placed on planet since the end of 2012, the Krystal Cathedral, Krystal Spires, and the City Four Square operate in mirrored reflection symmetry. What this means is that a figure which does not change its core energetic form, and is capable to hold integrity within itself, upon undergoing a reflection with the Krystal Kaleidoscope, has mirrored reflectional symmetry. Additionally, the mirrored reflection symmetry adjusts any rotational axis of symmetry into the core DNA template of the being. This means if the “reflectional symmetry” exists, that part of the reflection will expand its symmetry pattern throughout its entire DNA unwinding in any existing timelines in the holographic dimensions. This is reclamation of all Krystal Identities on earth to be returned for rehabilitation to the Aurora Founder Dimensions in the Trans-time continuum. This does not mean we drop the body. What it means is we are connected to the Founder’s Krystal Consciousness identities in the Trans-time continuum in order to make the load out of earth humans to the Aurora time continuum in the future. This is the GSF Ascension timeline hosted by Krystal Star.

What this also means is that if there is no mirrored symmetry present in the reflection of that figure or form to Aurora colors, they will not perceive the Krystal Kaleidoscope design, source field of actual identity or any of its creations. This means it is essentially invisible to them because it simply does not exist in their lower dimensional perception of reality. This will eventually present the choice between eviction with the Vandal-Fallen NAA groups, annihilation of their species memory or genetic rehabilitation monitored under Krystal Star host on another globe chain.

Time Vectors hold Fire Codes

The upcoming Gemini influence and other cosmological arrangements around this June’s Summer Solstice are projecting a deep process of saturation of primary Aurora color coding through the Krystal Kaleidoscope. The Aurora Rays are plasma wave patterns building layers of kaleidoscopic color coded shields which geometrically intersect with the Aurora time continuum. The Aurora time continuum is accessed within multiple time vectors located in the Trans-time fields.

Time Vectors are time codes which relate to fire codes or fire letters which are directly a part of activating planetary and human DNA. Through the activation of fire codes in DNA one shifts timelines, one can bypass timelines, one can eliminate destructive timelines and one may remember or view cellular memories in other timelines.

When one is observing cellular memories from another timeline, it allows participation with the choices made that had impacted the past, present or future, through changing or clearing those memories that were made in those timelines. This is referred to as “rehabilitation of the timeline” which is made through the repair of genetic damage that was caused by the time vector code that holds the historical record of those accumulated cellular memories.

Color Correction = Changes Cellular Memories

To be permeated with the Omniversal Primary Ray Colors of our Founder’s original blueprint being holographically projected from the Krystal Kaleidoscope in the Aurora time continuum is to say that many of us are undergoing a massive color correction to all of our Ray bodies. Also, the Ray attributes and aspects of color waves that have resulted from previous distortions in our manifested creations throughout timelines are in a process of color correction.

Color correction and frequency saturation changes cellular memories and shifts timelines because it simultaneously shifts causal events that led into distortions or genetic damage made to our consciousness bodies.

This process of Aurora color wave saturation brings with it our original Ray bodies that design our consciousness blueprint, the colors of which our many auric layers were formed. These are Ray attributes of our higher identity cellular memories which penetrate the subatomic layers of our energetic blueprint in this “now self” identity. Unstable forces and extreme polarities buried within our subatomic layers are surfacing now similar to the smelting process in metallurgy. Alchemical processes are applied sequentially to decompose the carbon slag and miasmatic debris layers to extract the purity of our true essence (gold) from the body. The tempering of our personal mettle extracts the pure elemental substances that forge the crystal diamond heart to birth within our golden body.

Of the seven metals known in antiquity only gold occurred regularly in native form in the natural environment. This is because our physical matter is made from the base chemical element of gold and so is our planet. It is strange to think that gold coins became the representation of the external value of our selves, because when the Aliens came to this planet they coveted that gold. Therefore, they coveted humans.

Shifting Subatomic Layers

The current evolutionary theme ending with the recent Taurean transformation is the process of spiritual integration of the reassembled parts the inner spirit has newly created in the energetic layers of the body consciousness. For many people this time has required polarity integration between the newly reassembled parts of these required patterns being synthesized into one’s consciousness.

Although many people on earth cannot sense the physical perception of these new color frequency spectrums, these Krystal Kaleidoscopes are color rays that deeply penetrate cellular bodies and stimulate the cells. The deep cellular change to our subatomic layers has polarizing impacts to our sense of identity which physically manifest in our life experiences. This is a great inner purge occurring, all the hidden demons, devils, egos, aliens and their foreign substances and machinery in previous timelines are being ramped up to the surface. Most people in the masses are very confused by what they are looking at, and if it threatens their belief system, they tend to use an ego defense mechanism such as repression, suppression or projection in order to cope. (Learn more about common ego defense mechanisms here)

This can stimulate the person’s hidden distortions to explode, or it can stimulate the person’s purity from their inner spirit to congeal within their body. One may feel inner peace and comfort, or feel explosive and tumultuous, or ride the roller coaster of both experiences until energetic synthesis of the mind, body, and spirit is complete. This is a part of the Magnum Opus of Spiritual Alchemy.

As we persevere the strength of our inner spirit is the fortitude and strength of our character to cope with the challenges we face with humility, in a flexible and resilient way. Our ego does not have strength to cope with extreme pressures; it is our inner spirit that always prevails to strengthen our character beyond our wildest imagining. The spirit knows if you give up you will have to do it again in some other form or way. Being on the earth during the ascension cycle can be a tough commitment!

Ultimately, the spirit awakening inside each person must choose their personal attributes and beliefs as their way of being in this world, no matter what the external people, places and things are doing. This is making the choice of spiritual-energetic authority every day, whether one believes this is happening or not. The choice is made in the measurable form of what one values and gives power to in their world. The belief systems based on deception and ego defense mechanisms are breaking apart and that dismantling results in many people suffering. Mental pain is created from the inner confusion of being shown that what one actually thought was truth is not, and it is later revealed to be a level of great deception.

Through our ego’s dark ignorance we suffer from not understanding the reasons why we feel we have been deceived and therefore, betrayed. When humans hurt from constant pain of deception-betrayal cycles, they tend to blame something or someone on the external for the deep pain they feel.  The more attached we are to the material world, the more we think that we were in full control of our lives, the worse we suffer when we approach the spiritual phases of ego defense dismantling.

The current convergence into Trans-Time, a sequential result of the bifurcation in time, amplifies lower polarity collective thought forms and dark energies for those beings that hold more percentage of that density in their body. Generally, this is technological mind control and the genetic damage from alien machinery and alien hybridization that these groups of humans are totally unaware of due to the hidden NAA agenda. The bio-neurological genetic damage is a mental sickness that is spiritually abusive and destructive to the self and others, with intent to harm.

Studying Archontic Deception (AD) Methods

As the descending matrices amplify in certain areas on planet, and those groups of people subscribe to its forms of behavioral hatred and killing, they are mercilessly used by forces they do not understand. Many humans of all age groups that hold high percentage of darkness are taken over by these feral forces by acting out the NAA archontic methods of the consciousness war against humanity. By studying the profile of Orion Groups and the NAA factions, (See Archontic Deception Behaviors) one can easily chart this collective anti-human behavior and its mind control playing out in the unconscious masses. One AD strategy is to program trauma and death patterning into children as young as possible. Children become unresponsive to death and killing as if it’s of no consequence or importance. This is a biological warfare strategy to mind controls a race of people into automatons and psychopaths. Recently, in the collective we can see an increase of teenagers and young adults being manipulated into committing mass murders of their own family members or schoolmates.  These are levels of possessions, such as thought-form possession and entity possession that use archontic mind control thoughts to manipulate what that person perceives as an external reality.

Once one has context for the AD strategy, methods and behaviors it is a survival tool to refocus, clear and switch these behaviors off when you are exposed to extreme stress and chaos. To improve peace in a largely dysfunctional world, we require attitudinal behavior guidelines to overcome the insanity of the Archontic Deception and their anti-life forces. All decisions one is able to make from an informed position by identifying Archontic behaviors as they happen, and refusing them from controlling your behavior, will increase personal discernment and energetic resonance of peace in one’s life. The only thing any person can change is themselves through their heart responses and behaviors. The change starts within.

These NAA factions are weary and desperate of what they can measure as the quantic energy yield that is changing hands in their control. Yet, many are still not aware of the current implications.

Through Trans-time convergence, the complete erasure of the Orion invasion timelines on earth is the potential that the Krystal Kaleidoscope Architecture holds inherently in its mirrored reflection symmetry.

Trans-Time Continuum Convergence

As we move into the Trans-time continuum cycle the potential to access all 12 Planetary time cycles through each of the 12 previous Astrological Precessions is occurring. This potential opened from the combination of:

  • Universal Galactic Core aligns with multiple Omniversal Cores in Ascension Neutron Window
  • Universal Founders Threefold Flame sparked into matter fields (1D-2D-3D)
  • Four Pillars of Man activated its tetrahedron structure into 12 Pillars of the Guardians through Inner Worlds
  • Guardian of 12 Pillars anchored into all Three Parallel Universes in the Triune
  • The 12 Pillars tetrahedron in the Triune formed the Geometric Tesseract of the Cosmic Cube Matrix of 144,000 architecture is built from schematic held by Oraphim
  • 3D Earth has contact with Aurora Time Continuum, GSF Ascension timelines
  • Earth has opening in Trans-time to access Omniversal Founder Codes that bond the entire Personal Christ identities to the Founder DNA.
  • Earth has potential in Trans-time to access Time vectors the replace Fire Codes that shift timelines that erupted from Orion Invasion causal event of the NAA over 208,000 years ago.

Additionally, this is made possible from the massive sound pillars that have been secured on planet and are able to reinforce various level of the Krystal Star architecture in the four main areas of Easter Island, Jerusalem, Norway and Peru. Secondary and tertiary architectural fortifications are being held in small planetary bodies that lay in the periphery of the “Ring of Fire” in the basin of the Pacific Ocean. These Aurora rehabilitated pillars when activated into their tetrahedron structure (four triangular faces) are also called the 12 Guardians of the Tribal Shield which are created from the consciousness network referred to as the Four Pillars of Man. Ultimately the tetrahedron structure forms the base of the Geometric Tesseract which is the Cosmic Cube Matrix of God’s 144,000, which is the architecture held by the Oraphim for City Four Square.  The Founder Guardian Oraphim are the Keepers and protectors of the City Four Square schematic in its geometric Tesseract design (Cosmic Cube Matrix). These are the Omniversal Time Code Keepers that we are capable to interact and communicate within this dimension of the earth timelines during the Trans-time continuum opening.

This Trans-time continuum cycle reaches its peak in mid-July within a six year cycle of Guardian projects established to override NAA architecture that was/is pushing future timeline events into the Alpha-Omega or 911 Agenda.  Six years ago the Guardian Groups were working in the preliminary layers of the timelines in the four planetary rounds infected with alien machinery to meet this current window of opportunity in the Trans-time convergence. Reviewing this timeline in 2008 will give clues to current revelations happening now as we move deeper into the Krystal architecture and timeline repair.

Quoted from August 2008, “Illusions Shattered”:

There are four (4) evolutionary rounds of three (3) Planetary Cycles totaling 12 dimensional timelines that comprise the particle and anti-particle Universe. The Ascension cycle is about accelerating through a gradual particle/antiparticle merge of these 12 timelines. The four rounds within each Age of the 12 dimensional time cycles are approximate 26,000 year cycles. These rounds (Astrological Ages) are also known as the “Precession of the Equinoxes”, which refers to the precession of Earth’s axis of rotation with respect to inertial space.

Within each cycle there is more nested cycles, currently we are in a multiple cycle convergence which creates windows of opportunity for access into other Trans-time dimensions. Now it is possible that we meet the co-resonant vibrational points in the timeline that cross into other timelines beyond when the last Universal Ascension Cycle transpired over 208,000 year ago. This co-resonant vibrational access point in the Trans-time continuum is converging with the Triune of Universal cycles beyond 312,000 years ago. There are three parallel universes which intersect on a Triune Scale which impact all of the Universal Timelines and evolutionary rounds. Beyond the combined meeting point of the triune of time vectors from 208,000 years ago the DNA template and Founder 48 Strand Shield are accessible through the Trans-time continuum by Oraphim levels in this current identity station.

Why is this Important for Humanity?

This timeline is before the Orion Invasion which resulted in many timelines of cataclysm which further required wormhole caps and frequency fences related to NAA intruder invasion timeline events and other direct causal events relating to alien hybridization, both from agreed upon hybridization contracts and those created from forced alien abduction.

Accessing this timeline brings a whole new level of finding, accessing and downloading the original angelic human race cellular memories that belong to the entire Personal Christos gestalt of consciousness. These are huge amounts of Christ Consciousness identities that are located throughout many different timelines in the Triune of Universal Scale simultaneously.

Restoring the original cellular memories of the Personal Christ Consciousness template for every human being that is incarnated in this timeline is made possible through a vibrational access point in this trans-time continuum convergence. The unknown factor is where the embodiment will take place at group soul levels, however, this means that many humans in the current process of soul death or fragmentation will have another chance at Krystal rehabilitation beyond the astral plane. The Astral plane is in the process of dying because it has to, from what has occurred there.

This Trans-time opening is converging with Oraphim Founder consciousness from the higher Spectra God worlds to collaborate in building Krystal architecture (shields) that bond the entire Personal Christ identities to the Founder DNA.

Krystal Kaleidoscope

** Last Ascension cycle for human race – enslavement begins
*** Trans-time Continuum Convergence

Note 1: Astrological Precession rounded to 26,000 year cycles for easier charting. Please use as a guideline only.
Note 2: Triune Timelines accumulate as planet has access to their memories. There is 864 Timelines representing 864 Time Vector Codes for a total of accessing 1728 Christos Identities. (Christ Consciousness)

Triune Scale of Particle Based Time

The first section of the Triune is the Particle Universal Scale of Time. (See Triune 1 Timelines) This is the external reality we experience in physical matter on 3D Earth including the nature of timelines that exist at the Particle Universe level. We can call that the particle timelines. Right now we can access up to the 12th Astrological precession which includes 288 organic timelines. The second section of the Triune is the Anti-Particle Universal Scale of Time. (See Triune 2 Timelines) This is the Parallel Universe of which contains an antiparticle mirror (or double) of our Particle Universe. The parallel or anti-particle earth holds the exact mirror opposite to the time cycles we have on particle earth. We can call that anti-particle timelines or Parallel Universe timelines. Right now we can access up to the 12th Astrological precession in the anti-particle timelines which includes another 288 organic timelines totaling 576 timelines. The third section of the Triune is the Universal Inner Worlds Scale of Time or the In-between Spaces. (See Triune 3 Timelines)  This is the domain of the Inner Worlds which intersect between the Particle Universe and the Anti-Particle Universe. The Universal Inner Worlds Scale of Time holds both the architecture of the particle timelines and anti-particle timelines. This means both combined timelines and their cellular memories can be accessed from the Inner Worlds, such as the Inner Earth Domains. Right now we can access up to the 12th Astrological precession in the Inner Worlds timelines which includes another 288 possible organic timelines totaling 864 timelines and ALL of those cellular memories. At certain points in the time cycle when merges occur, new architecture can be created which impacts the particle and antiparticle time field. This time is now. (The Inner Worlds are the access key to creating the Universal Ascension timeline known as Ascension Plan B.)

The reason that this is very important is that this convergence is accessible in all Triunes simultaneously, that impacted the particle timelines on earth and it goes beyond the last Universal Ascension Cycle over 208,000 years ago where meeting points occur. These meeting points across parallel universes of timelines are called Trans time continuums to describe timelines that merge together from multiple points in time.

Each section of the Triune of Universes intersects at a 45 degree angle of respective particle spin which moves diagonally. This usually creates a buffer zone between them which keeps spaces closed off. However, that buffer is dissolving and during this phase of Trans-time convergence and the Triune of Universes timelines are merging. This creates “entry points” at several layers of the Trans-time field or dimensional plane of which can be intersected, to access timelines and collect all cellular memories and clear cellular memories that impact genetic record. As we clear these damaging memories related to the original timeline of Orion invasion, and alien hybridization memories we can pick up time codes and pick up Founder coding for DNA fire letters.

This is a phenomenon that only occurs during a certain phase of the timeline within the Ascension Cycle. For those of us as energy gridworkers, this merge provides an advantage to create some vast changes and corrections in the energy architecture which impacts past and future timelines. This is a window of opportunity.

In the creational structure of Harmonic Universes there are two timelines per dimensional octave which equal 24 simultaneous timelines in each Astrological Precession. So within our Harmonic Universe of 3D earth, within the three dimensions, we have six timelines. When we energetically evolve and move up in octave, being initiated into higher frequencies, we are exposed to more dimensional octaves, therefore more potential timelines. Within these dimensions of future timelines are “stations of identity”, commonly called “soul”, “oversoul”, “higher self”, which comprise body parts or whole spiritual bodies of our “forgotten” selves. These are spiritual energetic bodies that hold our intelligence matrices, our mind matrices, that make up our spiritual identity, and of which we are designed to reclaim during these “timeline collapses” transpiring during the Ascension cycle. This is why those on the ascension path continually experience their energetic healing by meeting the cellular memories and the events that happened in the multiple timelines. We have to move through the series of timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality such as Alien machinery and harassment from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.

Unwanted Visitors

As this area of the timelines is opening up for access, some of us will sense unwanted visitors or displaced entities. Most of the theme will be around memories involving alien wars, militarized invasions, alien hybridization, and forced breeding, consciousness memory erasure and their various types of enslavement technologies. In some areas of the time fields there are aspects of our identity that may have had our consciousness memories drugged, taken, erased and attempts made to “delete the file” where the memory was stored. These are forms of bio-neurological control used to suppress, fragment or wipe memories which is the bio-warfare strategy of the NAA factions and their controlled human military in the future timelines. As we regain our consciousness we regain memories, from the past, present and future and that may bring access into other realms or awareness of higher identities. As an example, in the future timeline of your now self, you may have a timeline attached to your aura that opens memories that your future self is enslaved by the NAA on another planet. These are memories you are recovering now in the Ascension cycle so that you can change that future timeline to the ascension timeline, to be freed of alien enslavement in the future.  We have the power to witness the memory, command our personal space, commit our authority to God-spirit and to remove contracts, agreement or consent to any satanic, luciferian or alien force. The key is in compassionate witnessing of the events and the command of authority to change the timeline and the time vector to your Christos and God Self.

If we have been intentionally hybridized, we can petition the Aurora and Christ families and relay our interest in learning the Law of One and that we have made a decision to forego satanic and luciferian belief systems on earth to rehabilitate our consciousness to learn how to become a Krystic being. A Krystic being is a sovereign being freed from mind control and other forms of spiritual control or imprisonment.  However, a human being must make this spiritual commitment in total sincerity and make the required changes to stop satanic ego behavior and luciferian manipulation of others in service to self. One must learn to function in the Law of One tenets, and practice appropriate ethics to acquire spiritual virtues. The integrity of ones words, actions and behaviors must be congruent in the self. There are no shortcuts.

Gemini Influences

As the Galactic Zodiac is working its alchemy upon our planet from the Gemini constellation transmissions, during these weeks it may surface all hidden memories and buried issues relating to sex, gender, partners and relationships. This goes deep into the core wounding and may feel to hit “below the belt” for those of us embroiled in scenarios of gender reconciliation, alchemical unions or any kind of intimate bond relationship. All of these issues are up for grabs and although it can be painful to address, this is the time to get some very deep work completed on sexual trauma, marriage trauma and partner relationship trauma. Many times we have looked to others for our own validation that we are lovable and wanted, and believed this was true love. Of course, all hidden motivations we may have for sexual attention, self-validation, or other forms of attention seeking in relationships must stop in its superficiality.

Superficiality, being unwilling to look deeper at issues and red flags, promotes self-deception in our lives. Many times people keep their mind focused on minutia and petty crisis so they can avoid dealing with the real conflicts. This is why when we are being superficial or “avoiding conflicts” about our problems, things will explode! In the spontaneous change and explosion we may feel a huge amount of pain, as that pain will push us hard to make different choices and to do some deeper emotional work in our life that expands our consciousness. Avoiding conflicts, accepting abuse and attention seeking through relationships is not unconditional love. As we face conflicts we must let go that which existed as an image or storyline we had previously clung to. That storyline does not exist anymore and its illusion must be shattered. Only you can decide when you can let it go and be freed of its painful attachments. Many of us are learning the art of letting go, and it’s a big painful pill to swallow. This time too, will pass!

Gemini constellation has been manipulated by controller forces to intensify the sexual misery program in order to destroy the concept of sacred marriage, hieros gamos and what the average human being could imagine as “healthy sexual and intimate relations” between loving couples.  One current propaganda as a mass marketing strategy is to sell heavily in the media the idea that any kind of marriage/relationship is outdated and impossible to be happy and fulfilled in. In the new age commercial strategy it’s to market the astral version of free love in the polyamorous lifestyle. This is to destroy experiences of deep bonded intimacy and label marriages as purely businesses and utilitarian.  There is so much distortion and painful confusion in our view of relationship, marriage, and mixed gender relationships.

We are reviewing all of these things now and discovering new ways to be in honest and loving relationships. As an example, there was a male friend of mine who is on consciousness path, and through a very advanced lens, he came through a massive realization that during all of these years that he had fantasies that were sexual in nature, these thoughts he had maintained certain images and were only contained in his head. He started to realize the whole bowl of astral energy he contributed to by being into pornography and holding sexual fantasies of women he didn’t know. And literally this is a new revelation for him and he has traced it back to his father and the men in his life. This has been a perfectly acceptable behavior that if you didn’t act upon it, this pornography was not a big deal.  A guy could look, fantasize, and that was not contributing to anything negative. In his advancement, this is a complete revelation that pattern was operating in his subconscious; impacting his sexual relationships and that had been a distorted thought pattern. It took him this long to see that this was a mental implant and belief structure that he was contributing towards, of which he had no idea was creating schism in all of his relationships, pain in his female intimate situations. He had no idea he had that pattern until he looked at this particular mental implant honestly and removed it from controlling him into addictions.

We are responsible for all of our thoughts, emotions, and where we place our energy. This makes it clear to us that if we want to accept our sovereignty as free multidimensional beings, we will have to accept this responsibility at these sexual layers, in relationships, as they are core parts of us. It is these behaviors and addictions the controllers use to keep us sexually miserable and unconscious, wounded or enslaved. So this time is about masculine and feminine reconciliation and there is a lot more of this coming up for review in all ways we relate, our intimacy, our sexuality. As the female god principle is becoming embodied on this planet as the prophet of the ascension cycle, the female is the main ascension forerunner at this time.  For those reasons, respectful and honest dialogues need to be initiated and confronted between the male and female, in a safe and calming environment.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker.

I am the Cosmic Sovereign law Made Manifest. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

As we progress in the Ascension timeline it is necessary  to have larger context to terms being used. The Ascension Glossary may be supportive in deeper comprehension of context, which is the key to shifting out of personal painful patterns. When we know the cause of sickness, we can cure ourselves of that sickness.

Ascension Glossary References:

Who is the Aurora?

What is the Four Pillars of Man Grid?

What are the City Four Square and Cosmic Cube of 144,000?

Who are the Oraphim and Threefold Founder Flames?


Global Focus / Meditation for Japan~ TODAY March 30, 2014 ~ Mount Fuji ~ Third Eye chakra of Gaia ~ Fukushima ~ North Pacific Ocean near Japan

source : http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.fr/2014/03/global-focus-meditation-for-japan-mount.html

Hi everyone,

I am organizing a Global meditation to focus on Japan. We will especially put a deeper focus on Mount Fuji which is the third eye chakra of Gaia, also on Fukushima and the Northern Pacific Ocean near Japan .Join our Focus and meditation for Japan each Sunday for 3 weeks long at March 30, April 6 and April 13 at 9 PM CET Time (or GMT +1 Brussels), 8 PM GMT time, 12 PM PST time and 3 PM EST time. Where? in your own heart space

Facebook event, please join in at: https://www.facebook.com/events/296000903891069/?context=create&source=49

This video that I have created, will assist you in the vizualization through this guided meditation. I invite all of you to join in this focus and vibration of Love at the given times and dates.

Do not worry if you cannot make yourself free at that time, you are welcome to join in later on any time and space that suits you best to perform this meditation on that day. The more we unite at the same time, the more our intention and focus will be amplified.This meditation also consists of Light Language in co-creation with the Lemurians, The dolphin Collective and Saint Germain, that assist us all in this formation of a grid and unification. I hope to feel you all at these times and dates, we connect in the inner heart

♥ I will update afterwoods, what is been given to me during it and after the meditation and let you all know. Please feel free to share yours as well as comment on my page or by e-mail.Truly appreciate you all and thank you so much for assisting and being there. Feel free to spread around as far and as much as you can. We are grateful ♥

the music is by Thaddeus and can be purchased at http://www.orindaben.com/catalog/music_singles/

Namaste Méline Lafont



Would you give your jaket to Johannes? SOS Children’s Villages

For English, choose English on the captions icon in media player.

What would you do if you saw a freezing child?

We set up a hidden camera and placed Johannes at a bus stop, in Oslo, Norway. This is what happened.

The film is made to raise awareness of the situation for children in Syria, and to raise funds to SOS Children’s Villages is their winter-campaign. Children in Syria are freezing and you can help by dontating. For more information: http://www.sos-barnebyer.no/Mayday/Syria

Teleportation : Communion of Worlds by Sandra Walter

source : http://www.sandrawalter.com/teleportation-communion-of-worlds/



Teleportation: Communion of Worlds

IMG_6958Teleportation is the transfer of physical matter without the delay of timespace. Because we are taking on a more photonic (light) state, it is becoming possible to transmit the particles of our physical beingness to another location.

We prepare ourselves for a new experience by transmuting the density out of our bodies and energy fields, pulling in more light by activating and exercising our crystalline heart intelligence, and connecting with the Source-point of our true self. Our vibration is rises, the platform for our experience (4D Gaia) amplifies, and all is aligned to take the next step.

Teleportation experiments are happening now as preparation for lightship visitation and physical interaction on the ground with a few off-world races who are dedicated to assisting our ascension.

In this now moment, some gatekeepers/wayshowers are preparing for physical contact with our Star Families and Galactic Teams. This is exciting to me because up until now it has been via visions, dreamstate, lightships and telepathic communication. While beings will present as sparkly fields, or a pillar of light, or in orb form, we haven’t had much physical contact. The plan at this stage is to begin to create interdimensional spaces where grounded folks and higher realm team members may interact.

In order to create a space for interraction/teleportation, an energetic platform is first set up on the ground.

Let me share a basic portal setup from the Pleiadian-Sirian alliances, which is modified depending on the interaction’s intention:

We plant crystals in the ground in a specific pattern. Pleiadians are very detail-oriented. Sirians are master engineers and precise in their creations. Some of the crystals I have been shown to use are way out of my reach financially, so they are represented by a smaller version with a more powerful encodment. As always, we do our best to represent in the 4D what is actually occurring in the higher 5D/6D planes.

Sometimes the crystals show above ground, sometimes not; it depends on the location. They may follow sacred geometry patterns, or a combination of patterns similar to a crop circle – this is specific to whatever kind of interaction is going to occur.

encoded crystalThe main anchor crystals are light-encoded before the structure is set up. (See photo.) The encodements look like light language or symbols planted right in the crystals; you can see them inside the crystal itself.

These main crystals codes may contain: energetic support the intention of creating an interdimensional space, the light-signatures of higher beings, energy signatures from Gaia’s 5D core via the grids, activation codes for future interaction, or aspects of my own higher levels (go team).

The crystals change the vibration of the area where the pattern is set up, connecting to the crystalline grids above it and tapping into the many Earth grid systems below it.

There were several grid systems within the 3D Gaia which are still active in the 4D projection of that reality. 5D-8D grids expand outward around the planet. These grids were used to support the dimensional shift and continue to serve the merging of 4D/5D platforms (bringing Heaven to Earth).

With a 5D Gatekeeper activation, the portal anchors into the planet creating a sacred space. It is multidimensional, creating an overlap in frequencies – a shared space of higher frequency and lower frequency for interaction between dimensions.

Once it is set up and anchored properly, a lightship may hover above it and send beams of light energy through the pattern. It looks similar to what I do with Gatekeeping, where a 5th/6th dimensional gateway is established and then surrounded by golden crystalline pillars of light. The pillars of light hold a sacred space between dimensions. It is gorgeous to behold. This is not yet visible to the denser eye, which is purposeful as it would disturb too many folks. I have noticed the usual bird activity (birds love a portal) and more Master interaction since the spaces activated.

Last year when I was doing crystalline corridor work, I was learning how to interact with these gateways. Now these interdimensional spaces are being co-created to have contact in the physical with a higher realms of light: Star family, other races, the Masters, the Archangels, etc. This is the beginning stages of preparing for physical contact.

Inside the Gateway

In the sacred space of these portals, we merge our consciousness with the higher realms. It does take a lot of focus within that sacred space.  For me, it is providing a very deep understanding of unity consciousness. It is a very natural state of being once you get there. Heart-center focused (no mind or emotions) and quite different than what new age rhetoric has described.  I AM attempting to describe the indescribable here; the purity and complexity of this kind of interaction cannot be summarized in linear language.

It is a communion of dimensional experiences. No lower dimensional mind-level, ego or emotions. It is the resurrection of the Source Point; a direct link to all of your higher levels and the higher realms. We use the support of the pineal for vision and receiving information telepathically, but the key is in through the heart center. This is a level of spiritual maturity.

Ongoing experimentation

We are experimenting with how can we be in the same space in a physical way. We have to understand that as foreign as their state of consciousness was to us, our state of consciousness was also foreign to them.  On paper, it seems the higher realms know everything. However the grand experiment of a planetary dimensional shift with the Ascension of an entire race is brand new to everyone. They are as fascinated with this process as we are.

We don’t know how long it’s going to take, forget the linear schedule. I understand that many people will be having experiences of going on a lightship this year.

Lightship maneuvers

Teleportation has nothing to do with wanting to go on a lightship, get out here, experience other galaxies, moving to other planets, and so on. There is work to be done right here. This is about uniting the folks on the ground with the teams they have been working with in order to serve the acceleration of awakening. Let us remember this a co-creation; it’s not the galactics doing something to the planet, it is all of us co-creating the shift in consciousness. It always was.

Many lightships fly over energetic lines, lay lines, grid lines, sacred sites or vortexes because they are working with energy systems already in place. This why there is so much traffic at a places like Shasta and Sedona where a lot of grid lines crisscross or converge. It is similar to energy work on body meridians.

People that are getting flashed from lightships are receiving energy which is flowing right through you into the ground. You are a grounding rod for that work – wether you’re aware of it or not. Sometimes the flash or beaming may feel like love, grace or beauty. Sometimes it is recognition of grounded team members. Sometimes it is confirmation that your consciousness has expanded enough to be able to perceive them in that way, like a friendly greeting.

There is a deep humility in this experimentation, so the spiritual ego has to go. We choose ourselves along every step of this path. Our willingness to engage with the process activate our pre-agreements to serve in our own unique way.

Body Adjustments

The body flinches a bit with the brand new experience. Anyone who has had close-to-physical contact knows that there is a learning curve with physical interaction. The body has to deal with the lower levels (ego, mind, emotions) fighting for comprehension of something they do not recognize. Sometimes the flinch happens a day after interaction – like a delayed response. I AM getting better at it as I learn to maintain stability when it feels like my body is dissolving. Oddly enough, it is the Will I be able to get back sensation I have to overcome. We’ve all had that in astral travel before – adding the physical aspect is just so … physical.

The skill set for this job description includes communication skills, opening gateways and interdimensional portals, the ability to stay calm, centered and focused in the presence of higher dimensional beings, and the maturity to know when things can be shared and when they cannot.

Mastery is not served by impatience, nor is the body vehicle. There are a lot of adjustments to my energy fields and body as this unfolds. We have seen the affects of too much light on friends or family in this tribe – you can collapse physical structures (damage the nervous system) with too much light. True integration is a permanent change which takes heartfelt patience. There’s an article I probably won’t get around to writing entitled, How to lose your mind without losing your mind.

The Home Version

In addition to setting up these outdoor interdimensional portals, there is experimentation with a home version of sorts; something you can set up in your sacred space in order to connect clearly to your guides, higher levels and star family. I AM playing with that in the Ascension Course this month. It’s not something that is ready for public consumption just yet. Patience, beloveds.

The goal is to create sacred space where we may experience lightship level, as well as the physical presence of other races. Little by little, more of these experiences will be anchored in the collective consciousness. It allows the collective to get comfortable with physical interaction, raise the collective vibration, and create liaisons for the divine reunion of worlds.

It is an honor to serve in this way. Light servers with Galactic connections, ask your teams about creating these spaces. I AM consciously aware of 12 grounded HUmans working on this right now. Please don’t ask me – ask your team. I understand I AM showing up in many people’s dreamstate right now; there is a big mulitdimensional coordination for this acceleration. My best advice is to anchor your sacred space wherever you have been placed; we are spread out on purpose.

Know in the core of your heart that these experiences are unfolding quickly. Support it energetically with calm, compassionate and loving intentions for the highest interests of all concerned.
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