With regards to the Soul Contracts, Timelines, Pyramids, Gxxx Keepers…….

My precious Tribe:

I’ve been missing you so badly & can imagine how uneasy the circumstances are for anyone of us. I’ve been aware of the issues of TIMELINES, repeated patterns in our life both in individual & collective scales. The last days, it even becomes the subject that I have no way to bypass any more, but face up to, even deal with.

There was a very impressive dream that I have had in late 2018, that I didn’t realize till the last week that the key persona who did something very malicious & harmful to me lately in this timeline would in fact be met in not only few other timelines. Along with so many films, fictions, manga, or animations adapted from the last, which all have much to do with the repeated patterns in the various parallel timelines, and all these relentless suffering plots feel like the very “traps” that the protagonists have been trying hard releasing themselves from in any timeline; this video popped up to me at last weekend in such an incredible synchronicity. Lucky me that I didn’t bypass it. May this message help all of us BREAKING THROUGH the unwanted patterns, charging us with the FORCE to create, reach, fulfill WHAT WE WANT !!!!!



  1. So NICE to see your message with such a BRIGHT VIBE, particularly in such difficult global circumstances, dear David Bear! You are likewise the one who are used to bring WARMTH not only to us, the Tribe, but also to the World. The other messages brought by that boy Sam are worth taking a look, too. There are lots very discussed Subjects which give relative clear interpretation as a good reference. I cried while finished listening to those about the Loxkxxx Glaxx, having to do with Tixe Lxnes, which not only dissipate my victim-hood, but also reminded me of HOW IMPORTANT this TIMING is for us, as KEYS are still hold in our hands & our dedication would MATTER that much. Dear David Bear & ALL, pls take care. How PRECIOUS your being is!!!!!

  2. Very interesting. I haven’t been able to follow along with current esoteric events & messages in years but this was very enlightening. Glad I watched all the way through maybe felt called to. It happens from time to time – a good slap to say Hey Hello You need to Learn now!! Time to wake up for a minute.
    I peer from my darkness at a bright shining light with great hope of …
    …too many ways to finish that. I strive to be better and see that bright light. That light of love gives me hope.

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