HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our superstar, TROY [Dreamwalker444]!!!

First, I thanks to Ben Naga for having brought these remedies at this timing, and started such uplifting discoveries and conversation. This is a moment when I cannot stop questioning myself for everything I thought, did, spoke, wrote and I don’t know how to stop this kind of self-torment.  As Troy, I’m so done with such almost constant drained state. I felt being drawn to some very entangled knots, and am so tried of this madness of longing for the moment when finally getting the exit to release myself from all the mess.

May this CAKE full of the flavor of SPRING bring that uplifting and soothing energy of hope and strength to the STAR OF BIRTHDAY & ALL!!!


May the wounded/ill ones not only get healed, recovered soon, but also become stronger and stronger that we can enjoy well this lifetime together !!!





  1. I just again learned a new word, MARZIPAN, from you, as one 1st tossed something amazing, and the other one pointed out that POINT. How can I forget that spark point of light !!! You don’t know how great it feels like to me, a non-Native English speaker, for I’m learning, feeling, being led in via your words, conversation. I adore cakes or pies made of almond flour. However, before leaving my mother island, I’ve never known there is such thing, marzipan. Then residing in the other side, I only learned, pâte d’amande, and I’m so happy to learn in this special day its significance and name in English.

    Thanks again you all the AMAZING GENTLEMEN who make the garden, and that in my heart FLOURISH!!!

  2. Marzipan is a great choice. Happy Birthday Troy, this is just the beginning of the beginning, of a long great and joyful life. BTW, marzipan is not for just anyone’s taste, it just so happens to be my favorite also, the coconut & almond paste is a must taste to ease into and blend with your flavonoids ready to quench and be satisfied. Short story, I really like marzipan, too.

  3. Many thanks feilla – a cake covered in marzipan is my absolute favorite! The ability to track birthdays is a gift that not everyone has. I really appreciate this gift you have and share with our community – especially today! I hope everyone has a lovely day as well! 🙂

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