Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…The Gift…Part 16…

He dwelt in the dreams of night…lost
In thoughts, overwhelmed by what had
Happened and by what he sensed was
Yet to come. And dreams gave him
Glimpses, just brief visions that his
Mind’s eye caught when his feelings
Went numb. It seemed like it would
Never end, only continue until the
Mystery could find the one who could
Chase it the way it had to be.

Jon woke in the morning recalling
Hazy images of faces and places…
With a strong pull to the west. But he
Had no time to think it through right
Away, he had to get moving. There
Were chores to do, there were always
Chores to do. He went to breakfast
And ate quietly, no one said anything
About the night before. His family
Had short memories at times, especially
When eating. Only the coming day’s
Plans were discussed quickly, then
Everyone left the table one by one…
And Jon went off to do his work alone.

Jon took care of the animals while
His father and grandfather tended to
Plantings for crops they needed. It was
A typical day, nothing unusual. By
Mid-day he took the goats out for grazing
With the horses this time. And while he sat
And rested beneath a fir tree he found
The time to think things over once again.

The visits, the dreams…they were
Building more and more. But to what
End? He thought of Mira and Baja’s
Words…about the dark winning so
Much, and good winning in the end.
It was a lot to think about. And still
He fought his place in that. It made
No sense, he was no one…just some
Village farm boy with simple wishes.
If only those simple wishes could come

But he resisted dwelling on things too
Much. It was far more peaceful fussing
Over the animals. They were innocent
And kind, they never hurt anyone. His
Geese however could be very loud and
Protective, he always laughed at that. A
Goose and a goat were his favorite friends.
And the horses…animals sure knew people
Better than anything.

Time flew fairly fast, and as he
Watched the sun he knew the time…
Then brought the animals back home
To the barn before dinner. They ate
Early then, so that by dark everyone was
Ready for bed…to be up by dawn for
The next new day, and the whole process
Would repeat all over again.

Days passed this way. And then yet again,
An odd feeling filled the air. It was a foggy,
Dismal Friday night that started with a
Slow sprinkling rain…then thunder, then
Finally, a light steady soaking rain.
Everything just felt wet and soggy.

The family had eaten dinner and went to
Bed…. And as Jon lay in his own bed,
All that he could do was lay there quietly
Listening to the rain…and the loud
Snarling sounds of his grandfather snoring
From his room across the house. How
Could anyone sleep with that awful
Noise? He was surprised a man of
His age could even produce such a
Sound…the crackles of the thunder
Earlier were more welcoming. And their
Dogs slept in his grandparents’ room…
The poor animals must either think
Some giant bear had entered the house,
Or the man was deathly ill or something.

And finally, after what seemed like
Forever…his grandfather’s snoring
Ended…along with the rain outside,
Maybe it was nature’s way of demanding
Silence, enough already. Jon was about to
Pass out when his ear caught a new sound
Somewhere near. Very slight at first, then
Building…it sounded like tree branches
Bending or being moved just outside…
And then came a pause of absolute silence….
A sense of something knowing that it
Was heard, a presence. Jon’s eyes flew
Open, they twitched darted back and forth
Thinking, feeling, noting every little thing.
He waited but did not move. No, nothing
Was IN his room…he knew that much.

Then slowly, there was the sound of
Something scraping across his bedroom
Window outside…like a branch almost.
But there was no tree close enough
To his window to strike it in such a way.
And then his mind thought, ‘claws?’
No…. he had to or wanted to dismiss
That idea. He sat up fast and stared at
The window. And there it was again,
The scratching and scraping, only more
Pronounced. He struggled to see in the
Dark but it was pointless. So, he rose
And went to the window and looked out
Blackness…There was NOTHING.

He stood there for a few minutes
Watching, waiting to see something…
But all that he could see was the
Emptiness of the dark night through
The glass. His mind struggled to
Tell him to simply go back to sleep
And ignore it, but his legs wouldn’t
Move. All that he could do was stand
There and look out staring in a daze.

Then it came, a low whisper. ‘Come
Outside. I wish to speak with you.’

Jon leaned back at the dull voice,
That only gently made itself audible
To hear. He was confused yet intrigued.
Someone WAS there…He turned fast
And went to the kitchen in his nightshirt.
Then he grabbed one of the stick candles
From the cupboard and lit the wick
In what embers still glowed in the
Stove by blowing and fanning a flame
To life on it. Then he held the candle
Up and went to the door and went outside.

He stood just a few steps from the
Doorway in the dark…holding the candle
Out before him looking every which
Way, but saw nothing. He didn’t have
To wait long before the whisper came

‘Over here…come over here, I wish
To speak to you…’

Jon’s eyes shot right to the sound and
Focused intensely on the barn. He
Cringed with hesitation. How could
It be in there? He fought to make
Sense of it. This did not feel like his
Familiar stranger, nor anyone else he
Knew or had ever met. No, this felt
Different, this felt new. And with each
New moment felt heavier. But he had
To know now…Who was it, who
Was it this time…in the middle of the

Slowly Jon took cautious footsteps
To the barn. He focused on every little
Thing that he could…the sounds, the
Movement. The animals gave no noise
Or commotion, that seemed important.
Why was everything so quiet with this
Following all the ruckus of the storm
Earlier…. Had the storm brought something,
Or it had it been a warning of something
To come?

He was about to open the barn door
When he slipped in the wet dirt beneath
His feet and fell face flat in the mud.
Yet somehow, he managed to hold his
Hand up and save the flame of the
Candle from going out. He groaned
With embarrassment. Yes, that just
Had to happen. Then he rose to his
Feet and tried to wipe the mud off…
A worthless attempt in the dark.

Then the whisper came again…’Just
Come inside…’

Jon’s eyes raised, his brow arching
To the voice. He had to know, so he
Went on…opened the barn door and
Went inside. He looked around, none
Of the animals moved or made a
Sound. But their eyes caught the
Light of the candle when they saw
Him…they bulged so wide, they
Were terrified. He moved farther
Inside slowly…. he was about to move
To pet one of the horses when his
Eyes caught the form of a figure
Standing in the far corner of the barn
Opposite him. He froze.

‘Hello Jon.’ The form said from the

Jon just stood frozen watching and
Said nothing.

Then the figure took a step closer,
Then another and another…until
Finally, it was close enough to reveal
Itself in the light. It was a man, he
Appeared middle-aged with yellowy-
Blond hair…well-built and proportioned.
He had almost a handsome face…had
It not been for the solid black eyes that
Blinked with blaring red pupils as he
Watched him.

Jon was taken back by what he saw
That he held his breath fast. Those
Eyes! The darkness that they held
Was beyond description.

‘I wanted to speak with you.’ The
Man said with a clearer tone now.

Jon just stood motionless saying
Nothing…an overwhelming instinct
Taking over telling him what to do.

‘Do you know who I am?’ The
Man said slowly smiling to
Reveal a chilling set of perfect
Teeth set on jet black gums. His
Features were just so menacing
That it was impossible to ignore.

Jon waited for the words to come…

And the man hid his teeth beneath
A casual smile, then looked around
At the barn and the animals. ‘Hmm…
A nice simple place you have here.’
He arched his head strangely upwards
Taking on an icy pose then he turned
And stared into Jon strongly. ‘I wanted
To see you…Ah well, it is pointless
To waste time. So, allow me to introduce
Myself…My name is *****…’

Jon’s eyes bulged when he heard it.

‘Ah, so you know the name? It’s not
What you expected…is it?’ The man
Said calmly as if it were nothing. ‘It’s
From Genesis…in the Bible…’ He
Sighed. ‘A Great BIG Tower was built
And named after me. Though no one
Pronounces it correctly…You have to
Know HOW to say it you see, But I’m
Telling you, so now…you know. You
Must never reveal this to anyone. Do
You understand? But I am telling you…
So you may call me…And I think you
Know why.’

Jon said nothing, only listened.

‘I am known as The Great Conqueror
And Divider…That is what I do. I
Divide and conquer nations. And they
Serve me…whether they know it or
Not…. I have been to many places, I
Am here now. And soon, I will go to
A new land…flowing with milk and
Honey…to the west. And I will make
It my own…And then others, until
They are all MINE.’

Jon could say nothing.

‘Really, Jon, don’t look so surprised.
All stories come from somewhere…
Even those in the bible.’ The man
Paused watching Jon intensely. ‘You
Are VERY interesting Jon, very
Interesting…. Not many things interest

Jon could only listen.

‘I am going to make you an offer. You
Leave me alone…and I will leave you
Alone.’ The man told him in an
Eerily kind way. ‘Because I will have
Things my way Jon…OR, I will have
My servants make you miserable and
Attack you…Do you understand?’

Jon watched him with blank
Expression only.

The man eyed Jon up and down then
Met his eyes sharply. ‘Their souls are
Mine, they will be mine…That is what
I do…. I will divide and conquer them
One by one…They won’t even know
It’s happening…one land at a time, until
I have the whole world. Then I will
Divide it again and conquer it AGAIN…
And rebuild it as I want. It will happen,
Oh, it will happen.’ He stared harder
Into Jon. ‘Oh I have many forms…to
Each nation…Ah, but you sensed that

Their eyes met each other’s like walls
Of ice.

‘To the End….’ The man told him as he
Started walking out of the barn. ‘They
Will worship me in one way or another…
With some mysticism or promise made…
Some hope they made up…Right to the
End. They won’t know which way to
Turn, just as long as someone is promising
Them…something. I will push the very
Nature of them to their limits…. They
Will look for answers in the end…and
They won’t find them…The Great
Conqueror and Divider.’ He gave out
One loud laugh for himself, and was about
To leave the barn when he paused once
More and leaned back to say… ‘If they
Attack you, or when they do…That’s the
Sign The End is Coming, Jon. It’s coming.’
He held onto the barn door watching him.
‘You know…you and I should learn to be
Friends, Jon. Because I will do all that
I have told you…and you will watch it
Happen, you will. Just wait. But if you ever
Choose to surrender…You know my
Name…We really should learn to get
Along…’ Then he walked off and was

Jon let out a long deep breath and panted
For air. After everything, now THIS?
What was happening? He panicked
As his mind raced in every direction…
To form thoughts, to form ideas of
What to think…this BEING was REAL?
There were no doubts…his heart raced and
Felt like it would pound out of his chest.
Then some revelation struck him…a
Flash of Light, of lightning filled his

‘Wait,’ Jon thought to himself. ‘The Angel,
God…God is real, the Angel was real. This
Is real. Of course, the Dark would be real
Then too. This visit was for a reason…but
Why? What could he do?’ Only more senses
Filled his head…’There must be something
This being knew or wanted, something he
Was hiding…dividing to separate secrets
And sacred beliefs…A giant puzzle? Some
Must know this, but how many? Only a few?
There must be so much more.’

Jon patted the animals then and staggered
Back into the house and into his bed in
A daze. He didn’t even think of cleaning
Off the mud. Sleep came some time after
That…without the dreams or words…
And when he awoke in the morning the
Proof was in the dirt caked dry to his skin
And clothes. And when he saw that, again
There were no words to think.

And with the morning, breakfast came,
Jon said nothing. Everything was numb.
He moved onto the day finding the will to
Continue through habitual chores trying
To think as little as possible.

On and on this went, the afternoon and
Then the night. For days he managed by
Habit only, routine chores that kept
Things going. No one noticed much that
He didn’t speak, his family just
Assumed he had finally learned
To be quietly obedient and they
Were very content with that.

But a dismal oppressive feeling
Began to grow and spread, not just
In his house but in the entire village
As well. There was more talk of
Unrest, people were arguing more
And more…over the smallest
And most irrational things. Times
Were tough all over and everyone
Fought to compare who suffered
More…whose loss was greater, who
Hurt the most. It really just seemed
As though people just wanted to
Fight…as if something was dividing

And there were ACCIDENTS…
Lots of them…with everyone. Most
In the strangest ways, and some with
Tragic consequences or endings. From
The loss of livestock, to bizarre
Calamities that burned homes and
Barns…to illnesses that struck the
Young, the old and weak and took
Loved ones…It just kept happening.

Even at Jon’s home, in fact
Especially there…a series of accidents
Plagued the family. His father, in
A fit of rage, struggling with their wagon,
Fell and had his legs crushed
Beneath it…crippling him. His
Sister became seriously ill…predators
Ravaged their flocks, their herd and
Their crops. His grandmother suffered
A series of heart attacks mysteriously
In the night…The family just
Could not keep up, and this
Continued for months.

This meant more work, twice as much
For the able-bodied to do. There was
No choice, if you could stand then
You were fit to work. There was no
Time for anything else. Jon’s grandfather
Became a tyrant, full of rage with
The demand to do more…but at his
Age he was more of a burden than
Any help at all. With three seriously
Ill family members and a farm to
Care for…life became hell. Months
Went on this way…and there was
Nothing to do about it but accept
What it was.

The fall harvest came with
Pitiful results. With such small
Yields, they would be forced on tiny
Rations or starve in the coming
Winter. Life felt utterly conquered.

The Christmas Season came with no
Joy or enthusiasm. There were no
Sweets or songs…the family was
Thankful just to have bread, a
Slice of ham for breakfast…and
A potato a day. Tough times made
Them learn to be grateful for every
Small thing.

And then, on Christmas Eve…beneath
A bright starry sky, Jon’s Christmas
Visitor came again. She appeared as
Always bathed in a ring of white
Light, sitting on his bed, with a smile.
But this time when she saw him
The light of hope she had, turned
To horror. ‘Jon, what happened?’

He simply turned to look at her
With a half-smile and said
Nothing. He had no words to offer.

She sat there studying him, a
Beautiful vision…now so confused.
She thought she knew so well…
It was written all over her face,
That sense of knowing…it was
All gone. Somehow, a lot of fine
Details had been lost in how she
Monitored him, and this clearly
Frightened her a lot. Something was
Seriously wrong.

As he lay in bed watching her look
At him full of concern silently he
Suddenly heard voices outside of his
Bedroom door. The door was wide
Open. And then he wondered, ‘Wait,
How did she get in?’

But before he could ask aloud, he
Heard the voices outside more clearly…
‘Just wait, just listen.’ A man’s
Voice said – a voice he knew!
‘I have to hear this…’

‘Oh look, a mouse!’ A woman’s
Voice exclaimed outside the doorway.
‘Oh, how sweet! He is adorable.’

‘Ceres, will you please pay attention.’
The strange visitor instructed.

‘I was watching the mouse.’ This Ceres
Replied fast. ‘Why am I here? I
Want to go see the animals in the barn.
They have goats, geese, horses? I want
To see them.’

‘Ceres!’ The visitor he knew said.

‘Don’t tell me what to do.’ Ceres snapped,
Their silhouettes occasionally
Moving into view. ‘Look here, look there…
The mouse sees more. To gain an insight
Expand your views. If you want to see
Then see for yourself.’

‘Ceres!’ The familiar man said. ‘You
Know our time is limited. Please say
As little as possible so he won’t hear

There was a brief pause before she
Answered. ‘Shall I squeak then? Or
Hide until the time comes?’

It seemed as the familiar man was
Rolling his eyes with frustration. ‘Why
Is the timing always this way?’

Finally, Jon could not take it any
Longer. ‘Who is that? Are you ever
Going to tell me names?’

The lady smiled as she sat with Jon,
Then sighed as if to say it was time.
‘I’m Kyrie…And that is my sister, Ceres.
Ciri…as my father called her.’




Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 27APR2019

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (27 April 2019) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships. You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Ceilidh
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean,  Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, GLS Resolution, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…The Gift…Part 15…

A secret moment had arrived, but
So few knew it. There was an
Overwhelming sense of everything
Turning inside out with a convergence
Of reason as if guided by the
Stars. And there above rising
Through the trees to beckon the time
Was a full Spring moon…

Jon’s eyes widened to see the
Silver sphere rising, he squinted straining
To understand what his mind saw in it.
The moon was rising so early. ‘It’s getting
Late. I really should get the goats home
Before my family begins to wonder
Where I am.’

‘No, just stay a while.’ Raya reassured
Him patting his hand. ‘I will have my
Grandsons go and watch your flock
For you.’ Then she waved to the two
Teenage boys to go and do as she asked
So they could keep Jon just a while longer.
‘Jon, I think you need good company for
Just a while longer. Just be calm.’

‘You look like you need a lot of good
Rest.’ Her daughter Mira insisted with
A stern nod. ‘But I believe you are not
Finding much peace in sleep.’

‘No.’ Jon confessed with his head held
Down. ‘When I sleep, I dream…and
See things I don’t want to…or don’t

‘You dream about things before they
Happen.’ Raya said in an eerie tone.

‘Sometimes.’ Jon admitted.

‘You know which ones will.’ Raya added.
She studied Jon’s face carefully as he said
Nothing. ‘And this upsets you.’

‘Lately its been happening more and
More.’ He said.

She grinned. ‘The gift of a seer…. You
Know for ages it has been a highly prized
Gift…coveted. We have discussed this,

‘Yes, I remember.’ He nodded.

‘You know the gift comes with a price…
For those that really have it.’ She said
With her head tiled down with a sad
But kind expression. ‘They see their own

He met her eyes slowly and silently.
He just couldn’t find the words to reply.

‘I understand, Jon. I do.’ Raya told
Him as she took his hand in hers. ‘Others
Will never understand this…Most just
Laugh and dismiss it…All they want
Are fortunes and promises of love…They
See a price in coins, that’s all they see,
Nothing more. Not fate…not the toll that
It takes or how it comes…They just want
The shortest and easiest answer.’

‘So why do it then? Why have this way
Of life?’ Jon asked, begged. ‘I still think
It’s a curse.’

‘Its not a choice.’ Mira insisted gently.
‘Its different for everyone. But for us, my
Family…It is something that we wander
And search for. To search for answers as
Well…Why? How? To help someone, a
Few…and find an answer in that someway.
But you can’t do that for everyone. That’s
Impossible. You have to help yourself
First. You have to learn how to stand before
You can walk.’

‘And there are different gifts. With each
One comes a different road.’ Raya said
As she looked about their wagon and her
Family. ‘You learn things over the years.
If a group is too large its chaos…Like a
Herd of beasts, a lot of little things get
Lost…Important things. Smaller groups
Work better, they can work wonders.
But again, that depends on the road you
Travel…We have seen so many things.’

‘And people.’ Mira added with a laugh.
‘And the more we meet, the more the
Stories sound the same…everywhere.
Its funny really.’

‘You learn to be creative when you
Speak.’ Raya said. ‘You have to be…
Its kinder that way, and more valuable.
If, when good fortunes are told…The
Best way is with a story. They are
Priceless this way…Good stories are
Supposed to teach, impart a message
And have very relevant prophetic
Verses…People remember them that
Way…and tell others.’

‘Isn’t everyone ALWAYS trying to
Tell a story?’ Mira asked him. ‘Aren’t
They in some way? Only most say
I…all the time…or me, what about me?’

‘And that’s when I say,’ Raya added
With a raised brow and serious tone,
‘What about you? What…about…you?
Everyone struggles, has pain, loss….
You can’t have all the answers, there
Would be no point in going on…we
Overcome each obstacle and become
Stronger for the long road…beyond
This. Because there must be more,
More than this…there must be.’ Then
She took a deep breath and sighed.
‘You tell them what you can, as best
You can…you give them some hope
And truth…and hopefully that’s a
Little more than they had before.’

‘But sharing visions isn’t an answer
For everyone. How can it be?’ Jon
Asked. ‘Doesn’t it make you tired,
When they ask so much of you?’

‘I have dreams of meeting people
And talking to people, sharing
Fortunes. So that is what I do.’ Raya
Just smiled.

‘The funny dreams are the romantic
Ones.’ Mira laughed. ‘Or the erotic
Dreams we hear…Those are the ones
To dismiss, so many have those…so
Many.’ She said shaking her head. ‘I
Can’t tell you how many people come
With stories about them…it’s something
Most never stop thinking about.’

‘Mine aren’t like that.’ Jon told them.
‘Something must be wrong with me, I
Don’t dream about romance or anything
Like that…I see things…sometimes broad
And sometimes small…I don’t dream of
Love or of legends…. I see things in
Dreams that scare me. Messages, symbols,
About being swept away into, or onto…
some kind of journey that I did not want…
and can not control. Why?’

‘Jon…I’ve sat here with you, I know
You unlike others…Now I have to say…
There is obviously a bigger plan at
Work for you.’ She said. ‘I know you
Do not want to hear that, but you have to.’

He fought to accept her words and
Bit his lip before admitting it. ‘I’m
Trying to.’

Mira arched her head slightly then at
Him. ‘The stars in the sky at night…
The way they move more and more…
You notice them, don’t you? Everyone
Does, more are noticing them. We
Hear about this.’ Then she looked at
Her mother, ‘What he saw…those lights.
Something is coming soon.’

‘We all sense this.’ Raya agreed. ‘And
More are wondering about it. How can
They not? And the fear and uncertainty
Is bringing out an ugly side in some…
And the best in others. That also says
A lot. Its almost like a judgement

‘There are so many ideas about these
Things…but most are afraid to discuss
It…out loud at least.’ Mira nodded.

‘And some talk way too much about
It.’ Raya’s husband said seriously as
He could not help but wander over
And join their conversation. ‘Sometimes
Too much talking is just that, too much.
Faith and devotion say much more…
Those that push too much for a fast
Answer find nothing…Some answers
Never come, maybe they’re not meant
For everyone…The wisest wait.’

‘Patience is also a gift.’ Raya smiled
At her husband, proud of his words.
Most of her family gave sound counsel…
Well, most of the time.

Mira turned to Jon curiously. ‘You
Saw these lights up close…The little
Men that you described…and this light
That was put in your head…. What do
You think it means?’ All of them
Then stared intently at Jon eager to
Hear what he had to say.

He held his breath a moment at the
Pressure…But then, as if some
Mysterious insight inside him took
Over…’I never thought of those
Things before. They always scared
Me. But I think, I believe…they are
Here waiting to see which way this
World is going to go. It’s a turning
Point somehow. They know there’s
Something different here now…that
Could bring a shift. I’m not sure if
They are competing for it, or trying
To control it…but I do know they
Are watching and waiting.’

‘But what are they? Who are they?’
Mira asked. ‘You have been so
Close to so many strange things…
Just as we have. What do you see?’

‘Yes.’ Raya added eagerly. ‘What
Do you see?’

‘You won’t like my answer.’ Jon
Told them.

‘No, no.’ Raya replied. ‘Believe me,
I understand…. The hardest things to
Hear…are often what you need to
Listen to the most.’

Jon watched their faces, their eyes…
And saw the respect they were
Giving him. That was so rare for
Him. The only one who had ever
Admired his views was Heinz…he
Missed that. And in that respect, they
Gave him, he found his way to speak.
‘Some are not from here…And some
I believe are from another time and
Place somehow…And they are trying
To influence things…to shape this
World. One is trying to move it in
A dark way….and another is trying
To prevent that…It feels, territorial.’

Raya’s eyes opened wide. ‘That
Feels precisely true. I can not
Understand why…But when you
Say that, I can feel it now.’

‘The real question then becomes…
Who will win?’ Baja asked them.

‘In stories Good always wins….
In the end.’ Mira speculated.

‘Those are stories, fairy tales.’ Baja
Scowled. ‘That is what we are led
To believe…But in truth, if Good
Always wins…then why is the world
This way? No, it seems more that
The Dark has won more in the past.’

‘She said Good wins in the end.’
Raya responded. ‘This is not the end.
This isn’t even the beginning, maybe
Just somewhere in between.’

‘So, when is the end then?’ Mira
Wondered. ‘Is that what we have
To wait for…to see if Good will
Win? What time would that be?’

Raya thought carefully…remembering
A night years ago when a strange
Visitor appeared with a message
Before she gave a young girl a fortune.
It was as if lighting struck her…A
Special baby…Then she stared at
Jon…but was too terrified to say
What thoughts struck her mind…
She could only mumble the words,
‘Every 4-500 years it happens.’

‘What happens?’ Baja asked.

‘Some celestial…message or gift.’
Raya answered, her eyes seeming
To stare far away.

Jon squinted at her words. How could
She have said that? Then he felt a
Shiver up his spine. ‘But a lot have
Gifts though.’

‘Puzzle pieces.’ Raya wondered aloud.
‘Some do have gifts, yes. But different

‘So, are you saying,’ Mira said turning
To her mother,’ ‘That we are on this
World…just like some players on
A game board? On some one or
Some things territory?’

‘It appears that way.’ Raya could only

‘Still,’ Baja added, ‘If this is not
The end…then that can only mean…
The Dark road is not over. That
Should tell us who wins now.’

‘Have hope, Father.’ Mira pleaded.

‘Everything just seems to be
Getting so big so fast.’ Jon said.

‘The world is large, my friend.’ Baja
Told him. ‘To have hope in such a
Large world…its better to know fewer
People then.’ He laughed.

A tense moment of silence. Then
Raya took a deep breath. ‘There
Are those that believe in one
Absolute creation…In God, one God,
And that this world is all there is…
Yet to look up at the stars at night…
How can this be all there is? No,
There has to be more…it makes
Sense. Someday there will be
Answers on this. What those answers
Are…’ She looked at them with a
Heavy brow, certain about what
She was saying, ‘It would be best
To be open to any answer…no
Matter how it sounds.’

‘A man once told me…’ Jon said
Very carefully. ‘That…we…are
Not from here…. And that we have
Family,’ he looked up and pointed
With his eyes to the sky and the
Stars beyond, ‘Out there.’

They all stared at Jon with keen
Expressions…a little shocked,
A little scared…but absolutely
Believing him. Somehow his
Words did not seem so far-fetched
At all. ‘I really should go now,’
He said standing fast, ‘My family
Will really wonder where I am.
They will be angry.’ He started
To walk off when…

‘Jon…Who is he?’ Raya dared
To ask.

‘Who?’ Jon answered.

‘The man, the tall man that comes
Sometimes…then vanishes.’ Raya
Said boldly, desperately trying
To read more from him…. but she

‘I don’t know what you mean.’
He responded avoiding her eyes.

‘Yes, you do.’ Mira said.

‘I can’t give you that answer.’
Jon only said. ‘I really should go
Now…I hope…I will try to
Visit you once again before you

‘Be well my friend.’ They each said
To him kindly. ‘Please stay well…
And Safe. Take care of yourself.’

Jon left quietly, their eyes following
His every step until he was out of
Sight through the trees. Then he
Went to the meadow and met Raya’s
Grandsons as they watched his goats.
He thanked them, then ushered the
Flock away back home. When he
Arrived back at his house, his family
Was already sitting down to dinner.
They were upset waiting for him as
He expected…His father was the
First to speak as Jon entered through
The front door. ‘Where have you
Been?’ He asked angrily.

Jon had already planned his
Explanation, he dare not tell them
About the gypsies…that would
Make things so much worse. ‘I
Fell asleep in the meadow. I passed
Out…I was so tired…I’m sorry.’

‘Asleep?’ His father snapped. ‘Too
Much work watching the goats graze?
That is too hard for you?’

‘Please Helmut.’ His mother begged.
‘The boy is not well, he has been ill.’

His father held his tongue for now,
But fought giving his son a good slap.
‘Next time pay more attention to
The time.’

‘You would be much better off
Getting married.’ His grandmother
Had to say. ‘Someone to care for you…
Children to help around the farm…
Don’t you want to be a good son,
Make your grandmother happy, and
Give me grandchildren? What
Is a family without sweet babies
Running around?’

Jon froze…stood there watching
Them eat. Years of memories
Flashed through his eyes. What was
There to remember? Nothing sweet.
Then something rose within him
And the words just came out. ‘I
Am NOT getting married and having
Children just to make you happy…
What, for more children to slap around?’

Everyone froze in shock and looked
At him. Even his father was
Stunned. ‘Jon…what you said
To your grandmother! What a
Worthless brat you are!’ His
Grandfather growled. ‘You apologize

‘I’m not sorry I said it.’ Jon
Said strongly, even coldly.

‘That attitude of yours,’ his father
Responded hard, ‘needs to be
Broken. I didn’t raise you that
Way…You don’t need to eat tonight.
You go to your room and get to
Bed…You need to think more about

Jon said nothing, he simply turned
And went to his room as requested
And shut the door, shutting
Everything out. But inside he felt
A quiet victory…and felt a
Little stronger than before. Then
Suddenly he didn’t feel as sick
Either…as if something rising
Within fought it off.

Hours passed until darkness came.
He lay in his bed quietly, not a
Thought in his head…he simply
Stared at the ceiling…waiting.
Once he felt the house was
Absolutely quiet with everyone
Asleep…there was a slight shuffling
Sound, a soft footstep. Then the
Stranger emerged from the shadowy
Corner of his room…out of

‘I knew you would be there again.’
Jon said.

‘I know.’ He replied.

‘Why are you doing this to me?’ Jon

‘Jon, I’m not doing it.’ The tall
Stranger answered. His face had
The kindest expression…wise,
Patient and knowing, even though
He said so little. ‘I am here
To help you, that’s all.’


‘Because no one else can.’ The
Stranger said watching him. ‘They
Don’t know how…that’s why I
Am asking you to listen to me.’

‘I keep thinking about Jeff. Why?’ Jon

‘There is a connection there. That’s
Why.’ The stranger said.

‘He’s like me?’ Jon asked.

‘Similar, yes.’ The stranger said. ‘But
He went through something much
Worse. You can never talk about
That, not ever…An Angel gave
Him a gift too…only his came
At 3 in the afternoon.’

‘I told him what you said.’ Jon
Went on. ‘He has other gifts,
That’s why.’

The stranger nodded. ‘We need
Him for something. Many were
Selected with tests…only a few
Passed them.’

‘Is this about me or him?’ Jon

‘Both.’ The stranger said, then
Looked around Jon’s room as he
Walked around his bed…and slowly
Stopped to meet his eyes. ‘They
Were warned once about particle
Accelerators…about the universe
And life elsewhere…to respect their
Neighbors…or there would be
Consequences. A certain amount
Of time was allotted for this.’

‘What is a particle accelerator?’
Jon asked.

‘Well…it is basically about power,’
The stranger said, ‘But it affects
All natures of things…properly
Managed it is a wonderful
Energy…poorly managed…it can
Tear a universe apart…even
Dimensions…Even a small accident
Creates ripples…and can be felt
In worlds and universes far far
Away…One bad ripple can really
Anger some things.’

‘I don’t understand.’ Jon could only say.

‘What it means, Jon, is…’ The stranger
Said mysteriously. ‘The universe, or
Rather higher aspects of it…responds
To such things to correct it…
And if it can not correct it,
Or is not allowed to…then
One day all hell is going to
Break loose.’


Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 20APR2018

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (20 April 2019) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships. You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Ceilidh
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean,  Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, GLS Resolution, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…the Gift…Part 14…

1559 Nuremberg, Germany

Returned in the night from an impossible
Journey through a dream, that was much
More than a dream, Jon seemed to fall into
Bed as though he fell through a void. But
He rested still fast, comforted quickly by
A guided hand and the strong presence
Of the mysterious stranger. He simply
Closed his eyes as they were filled with
Hazy images of the past, present and
Future…A collision of impressions
Engulfing his senses by a slip in time.

The mystery man remained close to
Watch him carefully to make sure he
Adjusted alright. ‘Rest Jon.’ He told
Him kindly as he slept. ‘Just take it in
Let it go. You did great. That’s all you
Need to know right now.’

The man stood there a moment watching
Him sleep with a smile. Then he looked
Slowly around his room, at the furniture…
The architecture…How simple everything
Was, so simple…yet such a harsh world.
The idea and the chances of words to
Say were ridiculous to measure. But then
He blinked and smiled once more and
Looked at Jon and said, ‘Jon…I’m going
To tell you something. It won’t make any
Sense to you I know…but…for a word
Somewhere in time it will.

In the universe there is creation and logic…
There will always be a contest between
The two…creativity is a variable that
Creates…And logic is the understanding.
There will always be two…If the universe
Was ever to send a message…It would be,
If you push control of creation, there will
Always be something new…It doesn’t
Happen very often, maybe every 4 or 500
Years, but it does happen…Sleep peacefully
Jon.’ And then the stranger vanished.

When morning came Jon awoke surprisingly
Well rested, even invigorated for some
Reason. He remembered the dream and
Strange words very clearly—even too
Clearly, as though they were more real
Than being awake. He got dressed and went
To breakfast cheerfully, his mood even
Brightened up everyone in the house…
Even the sun shined brighter that day,
And the sky was clear shade of blue. It
Was almost as if the weather mirrored
His feelings. But maybe it was too crazy
To think that way. The entire day continued
This way, and things didn’t seem so bad
At all.

A week went by very calmly, just
Chores and daily boring routines
For Jon. But that strange dream haunted
Jon in a good way…He could not get
That Jeff out of his mind, he almost
Looked like he could have been an
Older brother of his somehow. But he
Had never seen him before ever. He
Had only met him once so briefly,
But it seemed as though he had always
Known him…there was just no
Explanation or sense about it.

And then, almost exactly to the day…
One week later as he was eating
Breakfast with his family, there
Was another knock on the front door…

Knock Knock…

And before the door even opened,
Jon just knew that was Mr. Kingsman
Back for another visit. His family
Greeted the man very kindly…then
He asked to speak to Jon outside
Alone, away from everyone of course.

Mr. Kingsman was very polite
And smiled as they walked away from
The house, a safe distance for a
Private conversation. ‘How are
You Jon? I just had to come see you
Again, I could not stop thinking
About you.’

Jon held himself surprisingly well,
Very calm…that dream experience
Had given him fuel. ‘I’m alright,
Sir. How are you?’

‘Oh, I’m good, I’m good.’ Mr.
Kingsman said carefully looking
Around eyeing the property. ‘I
Just wanted to see what you
Thought about my offer.’

Jon stood quietly a moment looking
Down at his feet, the ground, the
Grass. His mind just needed to
Keep it simple, as simple as
Possible. ‘Oh, I don’t think so, Sir.
I appreciate your offer, I really do.
But I’m just me, just quiet boring

Mr. Kingsman laughed kindly as
He eyed the farm again sizing it up.
‘Yes well, you know I do not make
This offer to anyone. People usually
Beg me for a job…You would not
Believe how people beg, the things
That they will do…’ Then he looked
At Jon and smiled carefully. ‘You
Know you could really go places…
Everyone wants to go places Jon.
The things they will do…I have a
Good eye for things, you could go
Places…I know people…They would
Really like you…’

Jon smiled politely back and looked
Around at the farm. ‘Maybe…but
I like this life. I always wanted a
Farm of my own…some place safe
And quiet. I just see the world getting
Crazier and crazier…. Everyone wants
So much all the time. I love the animals,
I swear some times I think animals
Are better than most people.’

Mr. Kingsman laughed. ‘They are
Amazing…Of all living things in
All their diversity…Such simple
Creatures bring such peace, and
Contentment. And yet in their
Design nothing is more efficient
With little demand…Like the birds.’

‘I love birds.’ Jon smiled as he
Watched some wild doves fly by
Overhead just at that moment. ‘They
Just spread their wings and fly, and
Soar….And so many kinds, some
Sing…some dance.’

‘And they are the most efficient
Hunters as well.’ Mr. Kingsman
Added as they watched the skies
For birds together. ‘A bird of prey
Can spot its target from towering
Heights and dive strike so fast…
And an owl by night with its silent
Wings…you will never hear it
Coming…Great hunters birds are,
Such GREAT hunters.’

‘And the patterns of the feathers.’
Jon added. ‘The detail, the artistry…
Reflect all sorts of things in nature.’

‘There’s a lot to see in so many
Ways.’ Mr. Kingsman said with
Respect. ‘A lot of clues there…
You have a good eye for things,

Jon half smiled recalling a
Strange memory, ‘Did you know
That hummingbirds appear in
The summer…and they sometimes
Fly right up to my face and just
Hover, staring at me. It’s like
They’re seeing something…
Something that…’ He caught his
Breath and shied away from saying
More. ‘I don’t know, maybe it’s
Nothing. My family always says
That I think too much.’

‘Some people do.’ Mr. Kingsman
Nodded with a gentle laugh.
‘Some people think too much, and
Don’t notice anything. It’s all in
How they speak…No, I think
You are just fine, Jon.’

‘So, what is it then with the
Hummingbirds?’ Jon asked. ‘Is
It magic or something?’

Mr. Kingsman just grinned slyly.
‘No, animals notice things…. And
Magic?’ He let out a loud laugh
At that word. ‘Let me tell you
Something about magic, Jon…A
Little secret that most people will
Never know…’

Jon’s interest peaked as he thought
About the gypsies and what they
Told him.

‘There’s all kinds of magic in the
World, Jon…. all kinds.’ Mr.
Kingsman said very seriously, and
In a way that spoke from experience
And not ego. ‘Now the thing about
Magic is…IF magic was available
Freely…everyone out there in the
World would want it, Jon…
EVERYONE. You would see all
Sorts of little peddlers and shops
Of all kinds selling potions and
Spells and little totems, making all
Sorts of claims EVERYWHERE…
Do you have any idea of how
Dangerous or crazy the world would
Be if just anyone could just go out
And randomly buy magic? No, No…
Real magic is rare, and found in a
Precious few…You can not buy it,
No matter what anyone tries to tell

‘But the gypsies come every year,
And they do incredible things.’
Jon said.

‘That’s different.’ Mr. Kingsman
Said. ‘It’s in some of them, yes.
But they don’t sell it, they share it.
You are not supposed to sell magic
Ever…. Now you can share a gift
In part for a price, but you aren’t
Selling the gift to people. No, no…
With true talents and skills you have
To train, to hone them…and learn
From a master…as an apprentice. And
That takes YEARS. And even then, the
Master MUST BE careful and diligent
With whom he chooses to teach
And share his skills with…’

Jon nodded, he could see his point
Very well. It did make perfect
Sense…For that’s what he learned
From Raya and her family not so
Long ago.

Then Mr. Kingsman laughed. ‘Not
Unless some great fantastic light
Came down from the sky and put
Itself in your head.’

Jon’s eyes widened and he kept
Perfectly still and mouth tightly

‘So, you see, the thing about magic
Is…Masters know how badly people
Want magic, so that is why they
Made sure that none of the true
Secrets ever got out…or would get
Out to just anyone. There’s a lot
Of responsibility there. A lot of
Responsibility. Because IF everyone
Was out there buying magic…then
Everyone’s wishes would be
Coming true…right?’

‘True.’ Jon agreed.

Then Mr. Kingsman lifted his
Head to stare up far at the sky,
An expression on his face pondering
All sorts of things. ‘Sometimes I
Think the Masters saw far ahead…
Far ahead…Putting bits and pieces
Out there for people to chase…
For the right ones to find, and for
The rest…to waste their time…
Perhaps a test…or a distraction.’

‘A distraction?’ Jon asked as
He listened intensely.

‘Distractions play a key role
In important times. They reveal
A lot.’ Mr. Kingsman said, his
Words almost seemed strategic.

‘I always thought inspiration was
A good thing.’ Jon tried to say
Carefully. ‘I like to draw…I wanted
To paint angels one day…I did
Try once…but very few wanted
Them…Or it was like they wanted
More than what was in the picture.’

Mr. Kingsman stared far off,
His mind measuring his experience
With the words to use…The man
Had seen A LOT. He wasn’t a bad
Man, just shaped by circumstance,
Continuing roles. ‘People do not
Want anything that makes them
Feel bad about themselves, Jon.
Who does?’ He laughed again.
‘You shouldn’t paint angels, Jon.
You should paint garbage. That’s
What people really want.’

‘What?’ Jon nearly spat the word.

‘Oh, I am not saying literal garbage,
Jon.’ Mr. Kingsman sighed. ‘No, I’m
Saying work that doesn’t make you
Think…You shouldn’t waste your
Time on such things. You’re young,
There are plenty of things to do…
Places to go. You should develop
Your skills in other ways. Because
I am telling you…People will
Chase the garbage more than they
Will noble work…Believe me.’

‘Not everyone is like that.’ Jon
Tried to tell him, or hope.

‘I bet it happens.’ Mr. Kingsman
Had to laugh. ‘I bet if you pursue
Quality work, people will chase
The garbage instead…. That’s
How the world works.’ He looked
Down and then started to turn. ‘I
Should go now. I have to check on
Some property.’ Then he looked
Once more at Jon with a keen
Interest. ‘There is something about
You, Jon…I like you…. Think about
My offer, please?’

Jon nodded quietly. Then Mr.
Kingsman smiled and walked to
His horse and rode off…And
Jon just stood there watching him,
Watching the sky…the trees, the
Land…as another flock of doves
Flew overhead…. His mind just
Raced as he stood there in the
Stillness. How could the world be
Growing so big when he had barely
Done anything at all?

For hours Jon worked and did
His chores lost in thoughts,
Thinking of everything Mr. Kingsman
Had said and all that had happened.
He would never be able to put
It all down in words to explain to
Anyone…There was too much
Senses could not convey ever, it
Was just impossible. There was an
Aspect of simple continuity in
How things worked…and simple
Work maintained this, but for a
Few others secrets opened
Limitless ideas and possibilities…
And discoveries, and realities.

But as evening came Jon felt a
Growing queasiness in his gut,
A sick feeling that would grow
And grew until it became a slow
Rolling pain. By the time he climbed
Into bed to sleep the pain in his
Stomach was unavoidable, and all
That he could do was huddle and
Squeeze himself tight like a ball
To cope…Something was very
Wrong. Then he began to succumb
To tremors and a cold sweat…and
Then waves of heat, then back to
Cold again…. This went on all
Through the night, until he finally
Passed out.

When morning came, he felt terribly
Sick, and could barely move. Even
His family noticed and became
Nervous…Such a strange illness to
Come on all of a sudden…out of
Nowhere. He was forced to stay in
Bed, much to the dismay of everyone
As he was needed to do a lot of
The chores…

Weeks went by this way with
Jon suffering from this strange
Illness. No one knew what to do.
And all that Jon could do was
Sleep and try and get as much
Rest as possible to cope…He
Could barely eat, and what he
Could eat he could not keep
Down…He fell into a dark place,
Trapped in bed and dreams and
Visions of things he could not
Understand…of a world made of
Steel and stone, with a lot of
Angry people ranting and yelling
Things that made no sense.

By the time early spring came Jon
Was forced to cope with his condition.
He had farm work that needed to
Be done, there was no choice…so he
Learned to swallow the pain and keep
It silent…Life became miserable.

When the first blooms appeared
Word spread among the villagers
That the gypsies had come again.
So, Jon took a chance and sought
Them out in the meadow that he
Knew in the hopes of finding some
Familiar faces…And fortunately
He did.

The gypsy caravan was set up
Exactly as he remembered it, in
Almost the same spot, just a
Little different…with Raya’s
Family leading it. But when he
Went into their wagon circle to
See her family, he found that Raya
Was also sick…ailments from her
Age and their travels were getting
To her. While her family did their
Work about the camp, he saw Raya
Sitting with her daughter Mira doing
Needlework off to the side and went
To them.

When Raya saw Jon her eyes
Bulged, she could immediately
See that something was terribly
Wrong. He was pale and thin, with
Dark circles under his eyes…She
Waved for him to come close
And stood to give him a hug as
Her family came to surround them
And greet him all the same way.

‘What has happened to you?’
Raya asked almost in tears as
She studied Jon fearfully.

Jon held himself as strong as
He could as he sat with them
Then…He struggled to find the
Words to say as inside he
Wondered to himself how he
Kept going. Something inside of
Him just wouldn’t let him stop…
‘I don’t know, I don’t know.’
He could only tell her. ‘I just
Got so sick…So much happened
Since I saw you last time…’
Then he told her everything, about
His dreams, the strange visitors,
And the angel and the light…And
Then about his latest visitor Mr.

It was so much to take in…Raya
And her family just listened with
Strained faces as their mouths
Hung open. They had never heard
Such tales before. People have
Some stories, but not so many
Altogether like this…Raya thought
Fast as her daughter held her
Mother’s hand nervously. Then
Raya took Jon’s hand to connect
With him…Only one who had
Seen and then sensed it up close
Would understand, no one else
Ever could. And outsider could
Only make fragmented guesses,
And those were usually more
Harmful than good. Then she asked
The family to let her speak to
Jon alone, insisting that only
Her Mira stay close; for unknown
Reasons. She needed to think
And speak very carefully, she
Did not want to frighten Jon
More than he already was. ‘You
Became sick…after this last

‘Yes.’ Jon told her. ‘I even
Coughed up this strange…
Black oil once…it was awful.’
Raya’s eyes shook. ‘Jon, I
Think you were poisoned…
Somehow. They…knew
Something special happened…
They sought it out, tried to
Control it…They destroy what
They cannot control…’

‘What?’ Jon said with horror.
But he had to admit, he had
Suspected something similar.
‘But why? I didn’t do anything.’

‘That doesn’t matter.’ Raya said.
‘All you have to do is be there…
For them to sense it, and attack
You. You don’t have to do
Anything. If you have something
They want, they will do what
Ever means to get it or silence it.’

‘But I never ate or drank
Anything.’ Jon said. ‘None of
My family got sick.’

‘Are you so sure?’ Raya asked.
‘Maybe it was something else…
Or…you are reacting to
Something that you came in
Contact with.’

‘But how? Why?’ Jon asked.
‘Why would I? I haven’t told
Anyone else but you.’

‘You don’t have to.’ Raya
Explained. ‘Opposites attract
Jon…it is in their nature. If
You have something Good…
Then you are going to attract
Something of the opposite,
Something Dark…That’s how
Things work. And often times
They are vicious and they
Destroy anything and everything
To get to what they want. That’s
Why things are so hard. That’s
Why so many struggle…Especially
With dark things…Dark things
Always attack this way. There
Have always been stories about
This…Fairy Tales, legends…’

‘Really?’ Jon wondered aloud.
Then he felt a strange new strength
In knowing this…sometimes the
Best medicine is found in the
Company of a true friend that
Understands. ‘If there is ONE
Thing that I understand now…
Its if the universe wants something
To happen, it happens. Logic
And reason don’t apply. It doesn’t
Care what the dark wants…If it
Wants to make something happen,
It will…I just wonder how many
Are ready for that.’

‘When the time comes,’ Raya
Said softly, ‘I agree, I don’t think
It matters.’ Then she hugged him
Again, kindly assuring him. ‘Why
Don’t you stay with us for a while
Now…We’ll talk some more,
Share some stories…and try to
See this through.’


Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 13APR2019

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (13 April 2019) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships. You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
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GLS Ceilidh
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean,  Auroradreamflight2)

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Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

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Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…The Gift…Part 13…

1559 Nuremberg, Germany

He looked into the light and saw
Things beyond reason and words and
Measure. There was no fear nor
Bravery there, just the overwhelming
Need to do. Some celestial instinct
Had been placed within his mind, guided
By time and a mysterious intuition…
Forever changed.

Jon lay in his bed asleep but not asleep,

Put in some undefinable state. It was like
He was another person, or many in one.
It was there within him…and when it
Woke, his eyes flew open before the
Sound came.

Knock knock…

Morning. His family was awake early,
They had no idea of what happened to
Him just days before; he kept it secret.
Then he heard his sister call out…

‘Jon, there’s someone at the door for you.’

His eyes moved fast back and forth as
He sat up in bed and pulled on his pants
And put on his shoes. The air felt different.
He listened and heard his family talking
To someone at the front door very merrily.
That was odd, they were always friendly
To everyone but this wasn’t right. The
Air was heavy, very heavy.

He went out then once he was dressed
To see who it could be. His father and
Mother stood at the front door chatting
Away with someone, just laughing as
Though it was someone they had known
For a long time. When his father saw
His son, he turned and smiled at him.
‘Ah, here he is now. It’s about time he
He showed up.’ He had the biggest
Smile on his face that Jon had ever seen.
He held his breath fast. Just what
Had come over the man?

Jon just made a puzzled expression then
Stepped up to the door with a grin. But
When he looked out the doorway it
Was no familiar face he saw…It was
Some very tall stranger, about 6’5” or
6’6” with silver hair, built wide and
Solid looking…smiling as though he
Were an old friend.

His father patted Jon on the shoulder,
‘This is Mr. Kingsman. He’s come
To see about buying some of your
Pets for his family. Why don’t you
Show him some of the livestock and
Be neighborly.’

Jon nodded and shook the man’s hand.
But he was so taken back by the man’s
Size…He was so tall, he had never
Seen an older man like that so tall.
It almost reminded him of that time
In the city…by the river, those men.
He swallowed awkwardly and tried
To dismiss it. ‘What did you have in
Mind?’ Jon asked. ‘Goats, rabbits…
Some ducks?’

‘I was thinking…doves.’ Mr. Kingsman
Said. ‘I like birds. Birds are a hobby
Of mine. They’re remarkable creatures
Birds. You can train them to do all
Sorts of things.’

‘Doves?’ Jon laughed. Yes, he had
Some. He loved birds. Most people saw
Them as a nuisance. But to him birds
Flew so high and free and saw so much,
They were amazing. ‘Yes, well I have
Some. I can sell some.’

He led the man to the barn where he
Kept the cages for his animals. But with
Every step his insides began to churning,
Burning. He just smiled it away for the
Moment. ‘Are you new here?’

‘Ah well, yes…sort of.’ Mr. Kingsman
Said. ‘I just moved here…For now…
Up the river there.’ He pointed with his
Eyes as they went in the barn and Jon
Showed him the dove cages. ‘I’m just
Here…looking around, managing the
Area.’ He stood next to Jon towering
Over him admiring his doves. ‘These
Are real nice doves that you have here
Jon, real nice. I will take some. I need
Them for training.’

‘For training?’ Jon laughed. ‘Doves?
What for?’

‘Oh, I have some hawks I train.’ Mr.
Kingsman said.

‘Hawks?’ Jon asked nervously.

‘Oh, I won’t hurt them.’ The man said.
‘No, no…see I like to train them, to
Train things. That is what I do.’

‘Oh.’ Jon said as he watched the birds,
Then slowly looked at the man through
The corner of his eye…His words
Struck a chord within him some where
Deep inside…The man was a GIANT.

‘I will take 3 or 4.’ Mr. Kingsman said
As he pulled out a gold coin from his
Pocket. ‘You take good care of them.
They’re real nice, Jon, real nice.’

‘Thank you.’ Jon said as he took a
Small crate and slowly grabbed a
Few doves and put them inside for
The man. He did have a lot of birds,
And Mr. Kingsman swore that he
Wouldn’t hurt them…. But inside his
Mind could not help moving so fast,
No words just a strange feeling.

‘You know, Jon….’ Mr. Kingsman
Started to say slowly. ‘You would
Make a great assistant. I haven’t
Had one in a while, I’m very picky.
I’m very hard to please. But I really
Like you.’

Jon hesitated. He barely met the man
And he was being offered a job? He
Felt like he was being sized up. ‘I
Don’t know. I have a lot to do here,
I don’t see how my family would like

‘Oh, your family likes me Jon.’ Mr.
Kingsman said. ‘I wouldn’t worry
About that. I know what I like.
Everybody loves me, Jon, everybody.’

Jon froze. Those were words that he
Had heard before…by a bridge by
A river…It was as if time stopped.
He looked down and thought for a
Moment then something else too
Over. ‘Oh, no thank you.’ He smiled,
Then grabbed the crate with the doves
And handed it to him. ‘Here you go,
I hope they do well for you.’

Mr. Kingsman smiled and took the
Crate then handed Jon the coin.
‘Think about my offer, Jon. I don’t
Make this offer to just anyone. I
Like you. How about you think
About it?’

Jon grinned politely and nodded.
‘Sure. I will think about it.’ Then
He turned and started walking out
Of the barn for the house…

‘Hey Jon?’ Mr. Kingsman said as
He followed him. ‘You know there’s
Some very powerful men in the
World…They would like you. Think
About what I said, alright?’

Jon just smiled again. ‘Alright.
I have to go now.’

Mr. Kingsman smiled. ‘Yes, I do
Too. Think about it…Be careful
What you say. You know how it
Goes. Just think about it.’

‘I will.’ Jon nodded. ‘’I have to
Go now.’ And he smiled very
As did Mr. Kingsman…then he
Watched as he took the doves and
Rode off on his horse. Jon waited
Until they were out of sight before
Going into the house. His parents
Were very pleased, but he told them
Nothing. They would not understand
Anyway. He did his chores that day
In silence, haunted by the memories
From the past and watching everything
Carefully through the corner of his
Eyes. The world seemed to be getting
Smaller somehow, like something
Was closing in upon him.

He withdrew to himself quietly for
The remainder of the day, avoiding
His family and thinking as little
As possible. But his mind just kept
Whipping flashbacks through his
Eyes…of faces, feelings, and
Conversations. No matter what he
Did he could not fight it. Still he
Tried to forget, but it was impossible.
He was kidding himself at every
Turn…chilling feelings would not
Go away.

Evening came, and with that the
Usual family supper. Everyone
Talked but Jon. No one noticed,
They all liked to do most of the
Talking anyway. Then after the
Meal he retired to his room, again
Quietly with hope…A wayward
Attempt at finding some peace
And maybe some more comforting
Sleep that night.

Once everyone else in the house
Had also retired to their beds and
Found their own rest in sleep…Jon
Just lay in his bed with his eyes
Wide open. He tried forcing his
Mind to remain blank, but it was
Impossible. He felt numb yet aware,
Caught in some state of knowing and
Worrying memories. Hours seemed
To pass this way, so slowly it was
Hard to measure. Only the darkness
Of the night and the star light
Outside told him the time. The
Entire world seemed surreal. And
He just lay there listening to all the
Tiny sounds that he could hear….
An owl outside, the occasional gust
Of wind or cough from someone
Turning in their sleep. There was
Some ominous sense of just

As he tried to squeeze his eyes
Tight to force himself asleep and
Block everything out…he heard
A shuffling sound from the corner
Of his room. Then a man’s voice
Said, ‘Jon?’

His eyes flew open and focused
Straight at the shadowy form
Standing in the corner. He knew
The voice, he had heard it in dreams,
Met it once from a man in the city
Who had mysteriously appeared
Out of nowhere. Jon felt a chill,
Then went numb. He watched as
The man emerged from the shadows
Into the slightly more illuminating
Light from the window by the
Stars. It was him, the tall pale
Stranger with creamy hair and
The mesmerizing eyes. ‘Hello

Jon winced, then looked again.
The man was still there. ‘Hello.’

‘I’ve come to talk to you.’ The
Man said strangely, very calmly.
To describe him was nearly
Impossible…Tall, intimidating,
Charming…a good looking man,
With a powerful presence. He
Dare not ask how he got into his
Room, the man was filled with
Mystery. ‘I need to show you
Something now.’

Jon could only say. ‘Alright.’
Was there a point in arguing? Maybe
He was dreaming.

‘Now, I need you to come with
Me and do as I tell you…exactly,
Please.’ The man said.

‘Why?’ Jon asked as he sat up.

‘This has to happen right now.,
Right now.’ The man said in a
Tone that was gripping at once.
‘Please get dressed and come with

Jon’s eyes widened. Then he put
On his pants and shoes and did
As the man said. He had to admit
He was curious. He simply did as
He was told. Then went to him.

The man smiled at him. ‘Good.
Now I want to show you something.
I need you to do something for
Me. It is very important. Don’t
Ask questions, just do as I tell
You. It’s not bad, I just need you
To do this for me…RIGHT NOW.’

‘Alright.’ Jon said with a strange
Expression as he stood next to him
Trying not to study his face to
Much. It was hard, the man towered
Over him…and held the impression
Of chiseled like something from
Another world or time. ‘What do
You want me to do?’

‘Just watch, listen…and do exactly
As I tell you, alright?’ The man said
Carefully with a gently smile. Then
He took something from his pocket,
Some sort of thin black rectangular
Object with glowing lights on it.
He touched it a few times, there was
A bright flash of white-golden light…
It engulfed them both…Then all of
A sudden they were standing…
Someplace else…

There were trees lining a long
Road that looked as though it was
Made of some uniform flat rocks
With straight lines in yellow painted
On it…lined with tall poles that
Held these dark ropes…And at
The top of some of the poles were these
Bright lights that looked like they were made
Of metal. Jon was in awe. It was
Freezing but he didn’t mind, it was
All just so shocking to see. Jon
Just looked all around taking it all
In…Then the man nodded and
Guided Jon’s eyes to a pebbled road
That led into a dark tree line.
‘Come this way.’ Then they walked
Down the pebbled road up to what
Looked like some kind of house, but
None he had ever seen before.
It really was too dark to see details.

The man brought Jon to the front
Of the house where they stood for a
Moment quietly. He allowed Jon a
Minute to take everything in. ‘It’s
A house.’ The man said calmly as
Though it were nothing. ‘The year
Is 2012…’

Jon’s eyes opened wide again. ‘What?’

‘There’s no time to explain,’ The man
Said. ‘Now, I’m going to tell you something,
And I want you to do exactly as
I tell you. Nothing more, nothing
Less. Do you understand? We only
Have a little while. Now you must
Do this…right now.’

The shock was overwhelming. Jon
Told himself it had to be a dream,
It had to be. So, he just went
With it. ‘Alright.’

Then the man quickly and
Specifically explained to Jon what
He wanted him to do and say…
And NOT under any circumstances
Change or add a single word. Jon
Was so shocked he could barely
Think at all, making it impossible
For him not to follow these directions,
He simply couldn’t think a word beyond

The man went up to the front door
Of the house and went inside…
Everyone was asleep, that
Much was clear. Then a few
Moments later he reappeared and
Waved for Jon to follow him into
The house.

Inside was an even stranger sight,
The house was cluttered with all
Sorts of things beyond description.
Furniture, odds and ends that made
No sense…Only the paintings on
The walls caught his eyes, even in
The dark, he found them amazing
And intriguing. But there was so little
Time to take it all in, the man
Would not allow it. Jon looked
Around then saw the man standing
In a large more open room with lots
Of furniture and things…all dimly
Lit…with odd looking lights coming
From surfaces that seemed impossible.
And there, standing with the man in
The middle of it all, was another man
Seemingly half-awake, yawning
Looking like he was half asleep. He
Had loose, long dirty blond hair and
A medium build, and had a
Very similar height to the sharp
Dressed man that brought him. In
Fact, somehow in the dark, they
Seemed very similar.

‘Jon.’ The man carefully said, ‘say
Hello to Jeff. Talk to him…And
Tell him EXACTLY what I said. I
Will be waiting just outside for you…
Come to me when you are done.’
Then he left Jon alone with the

‘Hello,’ Jon said to this new person
He could barely see in the dark.

‘Hi,’ Jeff said to him half yawning,
He really appeared as though he thought
He was asleep.

‘He said I have to tell you something.’
Jon said as he studied the stranger.
He looked so familiar…somehow.

‘Okay. What is it?’ Jeff said as
He fought to be more awake. Then as
He studied Jon, his eyes began to
Bulge wider and wider.

‘You’re going to write stories for the
Internet.’ Jon said to him. ‘This
Is going to happen, it’s already
Happened. You’re going to do this for
7 years, write about your dreams…
You will be criticized, say nothing.
Then write this part right here.
(this part). You will do this. You
Already did it. Do you understand?’

‘What are you talking about?’
Jeff laughed. ‘What is this?’

‘You have to.’ Jon said carefully
Eyeing him, more intrigued each moment.

‘What? Why?’ Jeff laughed. ‘This is
A joke, right? Oh, sure it is.
Nothing’s going to happen.’

‘No, you will.’ Jon told him.
‘He said you did.’

‘What is this?’ Jeff just laughed.

Jon couldn’t think, he just could
Not help walking around and
Looking at everything. ‘He said
I have to tell you this right now.’

Jeff scowled and shook his head
Fighting to understand, but could not
Help studying Jon. ‘Who are you?
What is this?’

‘You know.’ Jon answered cautiously
Following his instructions.

‘This is NUTS. I’m not doing anything.’
Jeff laughed. ‘I’m done.’

‘You’re going to do this.’ Jon
Said, looking closely at the furniture.
Even in the dark, he could see how
Sharp everything was made.

‘You’re nuts. Do you have any idea
What the world is like right now?
HA! Forget it.’ Jeff said as he
Started to turn away. ‘I’m going back
To sleep.’

‘You can’t stop what has to happen.’
Jon told him.

‘What?’ Jon snapped. ‘You can’t make
Me do anything. I told you…I’m done.’

‘You will.’ Jon insisted.

‘This is nuts. I told you, I’m done.’ Jeff
Said angrily.

‘It will happen. It already did.’ Jon said.

‘Oh yeah?’ Jeff laughed. ‘Try and
Make me. There’s nothing you
Can do or say to make me, I
Told you…I’m done.’

‘You will.’

‘Bullshit.’ Jeff laughed. ‘After
Everything…’ He paused. ‘Never mind,
Forget…There is nothing you can say,
Nothing to make me.’

Jon turned and looked at him slowly.
‘There is…’

‘Oh yeah, WHAT?’ Jeff laughed. ‘Then
Tell me something about me that
No one knows, genius. Not some
Story, garbage about a dream about me.
Tell me something – ‘

Jon walked up to him and
Leaned in closely and whispered in
His ear. The words immediately made
Jeff freeze still.

There was a frightening moment
So tense the silence was painful.
Jeff took a step back
As Jon moved away just watching
The shock on his face. ‘I’ll do
Anything that you want.’ Jeff
Said then with a shaky voice.

Then Jon gave him specific brief
Instructions and said, ‘Now I have
To leave.’ Without hesitating
He left through the front door
Without looking back.

Jeff stood shaking a moment then
Followed Jon to the door and
Looked out to see the familiar
Stranger standing outside…just
Far enough away to escape details.
‘Who are you?’ He called out to
The tall stranger. ‘What is going on?’

And the tall stranger simply
Smiled in the dark and said.
‘Why you know me. We’ve talked
Before, and we will again.’

‘What kind of answer is that?’
Jeff half laughed.

‘You told him exactly what I said,
Nothing more?’ The stranger asked

‘Yes, exactly. Nothing more.’ Jon

‘Then you know all that you need
To right now.’ The stranger told
Jeff. ‘Now, watch and wait. And
Follow the instructions carefully.

‘But how will I know what to – ‘
Jeff started to say…

‘It’s happened already. You will
See.’ The tall stranger said, as
He guided Jon away.

‘What kind of answer is that?’
Jeff laughed, thinking of the
Strange things he was told not to
Repeat. Many would guess, but none
Would ever get it right anyway. He
Just stood there a while before going
Back to bed dismissing it as a dream.

The tall stranger then returned Jon
To his own room to return to sleep…
Where he too would try to dismiss it
As a dream…That’s simply how it was.